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Favorite Quotes???

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I copied these from two other threads started for this... before I realized this was a better idea...

"Some days, ya just can't jam it into second.... Even if ya don't clutch it." ~Cooter

"Breaker one, breaker one, might be crazy but I ain't dumb...any ya'll lost sheep out there on the Hazzard net come on?" ~Cooter

Cooter: What do you suppose ol' Burt Reynolds would do at a time like this?

Luke: I don't know. But I'm sure he'd be doing it with someone a whole lot prettier than you.

Cooter: If you can't make this thing go any faster do ya'll mind if I just jump out and run ahead?

"Give or take a few minutes cuz I ain't got no watch." ~Cooter

Cooter: (after seeing Rosco fall into wet cement) Thank you Lord for a perfect day!

"Ahhh! Ya'll done scared my dog....you want me just ta put a window up there so you can just climb right on threw?"~Cooter

Enos: Possum on a gumbush!

Enos: You wanna keep looking Sheriff or do you wanna go eat?

Rosco: Enos, just forget it okay? Forget it.

Enos: Okay Sheriff...This is Enos...forgetting it.

Cooter: I'd like to report a stolen car, it's a blue Plymouth...

Enos: We know what it looks like Cooter, we been chasin' the ding dang thing all day!

Rosco: Enos, why don't you go look at Daisy and lust in your heart?

Enos: Yes sir, sheriff! But I've been tryin' to taper off.

Enos: It's not that I don't trust you boys, but last time you hung me on the wall.

Enos: (Seeing Rosco hanging from a tree by his gunbelt) Gee Sherriff, you look like a poor little ol' sparrow with a hurt wing awwww.

Enos: I'm just following you Sheriff, isn't that what you said? Monkey see, monkey do.

Daisy: Does this mean you don't want my autograph Rosco?

Enos: I do Daisy!

(after counting all the moonshine jugs filled with water)

Enos - "Yep there's ten in each trunk"

Extra - "Are ya sure Enos?"

Enos - "Yes sir, I counted 20, then divide by 2"

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Thank ya!

This here's for you...

Daisy: Luke's got that look in his eye again.

Bo: Right after he gets that look he goes, "[snaps finger] I got it! Let's go, Bo." And I get in trouble.

Luke: [snaps fingers] I got it! Let's go, Bo.

Luke: "All hope abandon, ye who enter here"? Where'd ya come up with that little piece of sunshine, Rosco?

Luke: I shoulda knowed better. I mean, Rosco can't even go night-night without Boss burps him.

Luke: You get the feelin' this just ain't our day?

Luke: Personally, I'd like to win that race on Saturday, so A. we need that Richard Petty car to B. get the parts to C. rebuild the General so he can D. and E. enter and win... F. ... [points at Bo]...am I gettin' through to you?

[after Bo drives thru the barn]

Bo: That sure was a funny place to put a barn.

Luke: You try a fool stunt like that again, and I'll find an even funnier place to put one.

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Daisy's Song...

Bo- What're we gonna do?

Luke- Uh...uh...run!

Bo-We'll use the old Stonewall Jackson tactic. When they think you're runnin' away, attack.

Luke- Yeah, but Stonewall Jackson had the whole Confederate army. I've got you.

Bo-What's the charge?

Rosco- The charge is cohortin' with known criminals.

Bp- Sheriff, you know the only known criminals we consort with is you.

Rosco- You got a nasty mouth on you, Duke boy.

And some others...

Balladeer- When Boss Hogg says somebody gets arrested, somebody's gonna get arrested. And Bo and Luke are prime candidates to be somebody.

[in episode, Mary Kaye's Baby. Mary Kaye grabs her stomach and groans]

Bo- If that ain't indigestion, we're in trouble.

Boss Hogg- Now, Ace, you listen, and listen good, because YOU are stupid.

Cooter: Just remember... the bigger they come... the harder they hit.

Rosco-Everybody sues for whiplash. It's the American way.

Bo-I ain't perfect. Just pretty.

Rosco-Enos, can't you count faster, like Boss? His little fat fingers just fly.

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"High Octane"

Rosco - "ok you old coot where'd you hide it"

Jesse - "I don't know watch yer talkin about.....Rosco, if this car isn't put back exactly the way it was, I'm gonna sue the county!"

Rosco - "Uhje, you wouldn't"

Jesse - "Wouldn't I?"

Rosco - "Alright boys, put'er back the way she was"

Jesse - "Well, I'll just use this engine seein as that one's full-a water"

Boss - "Water!?"

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Jesse: (being pulled out of the General Lee) ONE OF THESE DAYS I'M GONNA TAKE THESE DANG DOORS OFF!!!!

Boss: Or you will be...

Rosco: The night rent-a-cop at the drive-in deli on Frontage Road.

Boss: Bingo.

Rosco: You owe me Boss.

Boss: Rosco...I done paid and overpaid any debt I ever had to you...

Rosco: When you married my fat sister.

Boss: When I married your fat sister!

Daisy: Well Enos, I guess you'll just have to call this one in. You disappointed?

Enos: I ain't ever disappointed to see you, Daisy. :D

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Balladeer: It was a good plan. And it didn't work worth a pitcher of spit!

(after crashing into a pond)

Bo: Hey Enos!

Enos: I can't open my eyes. Tell me, what's out there? Little naked babies with harps and wings or little red guys with horns and pitchforks?

Luke: How about a lap full of pond water and tadpoles?

(Rosco standing on Enos's shoulders)

Enos: Can I say something Sherriff?

Rosco: Enos, hush!

Enos: Can I say something?

Rosco: Enos! Will you push?!

Enos: Can I please say something Sherriff?

Rosco: Enos, would you hush?!

(Enos drops Rosco)

Enos: That's what I was trying to tell you Sherriff. You're too heavy to keep sitting on my head like that!!

Rosco: Enos, how would you like me to throw your badge in the Choctaw river with you still pinned to it!?

Rosco: You got your ears on little buddy?

Boss: Rosco, I'll be your little buddy when possums make love to hound dogs!

Boss: And if you mess up, you'll be the dogcatcher.

Rosco: I'll catch your dog, you fat little meadowmuffin.

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Rosco: (Boss on his hood) Kew, you look like a little fat hood ornament...oooh, that musta smarted.

Bo: Hey, you gotta dollar.

Cooter: That's a five.

Bo: Well five'll do. We might need gas.

Rosco: They took my keys and your car! What'd you leave your keys in your car for?

Enos: You left 'em in yours, Sherriff.


Balladeer: When Daisy found out about her car, well, she took it in stride...(as Daisy chases Bo and Luke with a frying pan)

Balladeer: It was good plan. And it didn't work worth a pitcher of spit!

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Lester Crabb: Enos. How would you like to go pinch Daisy Duke?

Enos: Pinch Daisy? I couldn't do that Sherriff. It wouldn't be polite, especially when I'm on duty.


Enos: Pinch Daisy? Well, maybe a little pinch wouldn't hurt.

Naughty naughty Enos!

Balladeer: You may have heard of Murphy's Law. Well in Hazzard, there's Enos's Law (Enos crashes into Cooter) in which if anything goes wrong, he's usually somewhere in the middle of it. But then their's Daisy's Law (Daisy chases bad guys in place of Cooter) which can usually be counted on to veto Enos's Law.

Bo: This guy Murphy, was he a race car driver?

Luke: Gotta be. Everybody talks about him.

Luke: I hope you like eggs

Bo: What do eggs have to do with anything?

(driving through a barn)

Luke: Where there's chickens...there's eggs.

Bo: That sure is a funny place to put a barn.

Luke: Pull that fool stunt again and I'll find a funnier place to put one.

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