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My shots from Canton Ohio Hot Rod Show with Tom Wopat


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Thanks so much guys. It was a great lil mini vacation I got to take with my 7year old. It was great to meet Tom again & this time I had a General Lee myself and only needed his signature to complete the surviving cast members of the show under my lid!

My buddy & my son & I were 7th, 8th & 9th in Toms line. It was WELL worth it.

Paid to have my items signed but Tom asked my son, "Hey want that shirt & hat signed?" My son curled his lips in and looked down, I guessed embarrassed and shook his head yes. Tom proceeded to sign both the shirt & hat. Yea I paid for them but I forgot & Tom had no idea I did and basically was signing for free those 2 items so heck just the offer was great!

on the way home out of the blue my son says...."Dad how cool is it that we just met Tom Wopat?! at that moment the trip was complete! LOL

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