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2012 Sprint Cup Series race reviews and results

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Well NASCAR.com has finally put up the final lineup for the Daytona 500...the top two positions were locked in with the qualifying runs on last Sunday. While the rest of the field was placed as to whe

I'm kinda depressed about David Ragen not being up there anymore. I understand it's because he switched teams and all but still it's getting me down and not making the season as interesting as it was

Dang I really don't get no respect around here, now do I? First Roger hijacks my football thread with baseball and now Hoss is hijacking my NASCAR thread with golf. Roger is somewhat forgiven since I

Well the Darlington race has just ended and JIMMIE JOHNSON has just won teamowner, Rick Hendrick, his 200th win! But boy that was a nerve wrecking finish with the caution that was brought out with Kurt Busch hitting the wall and taking Ryan Newman with him.

Though I am kinda jumping ahead in this...

Darlington has earned several stripes today as drivers bounced off the wall all night. Starting with Jeff Gordon. Another hard race for Jeff Gordon. He was in the top ten when his tire got cut, he got it fixed and five laps later it went flat again. He took it to the garage for 28 laps...and finished 35th. Am very disappointed with Gordon's finish, but am so happy JJ won. Rather it be Gordon, but if not Gordon, let it be JJ. (My biased opinion, of course.)

Kyle Busch had a strong race as had Biffle who went back and forth. Tony Stewart finished third and was a strong threat at the end despite having a clutch issue.

Though there was a few cautions, not the amount of cautions and accidents that Darlington is known for. Though that seems to be the trend as of late. As Darrell Waltrip has pointed out, thus far, everyone is playing nice. No rivalries. No fighting. Which is probably for the best though NASCAR likes it because it gains popularity with it.

Here is the top ten finishes:

1. Jimmie Johnson

2. Denny Hamlin

3. Tony Stewart

4. Kyle Busch

5. Martin Truex Jr

6. Matt Kenseth

7. Carl Edwards

8. Kasey Kahne

9. Marcos Ambrose

10. Joey Lagano

PS:Tony Stewart just said during his pre race interview that he ran out of gas on the last lap. Surprising since he pitted three laps closer to the finish of the race than Johnson who stayed out.

Well I just posted about no fighting...well Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch are now fighting with each other. One of Ryan's crew pushed an NASCAR official! Ironicly Kurt and Ryan seemed to be in agreement with each other with what had happened on the track...guess their crew don't feel the same way. Well DW got what he want...some fighting. A year after Harvick and Kyle Busch got into it. Found it kinda interesting when during the pre race show they tried asking Harvick about Kyle and he stated that he don't talk to Kyle nor talk about Kyle. Someone still seems upset...

Next race will be next Saturday night on SPEED...will be the ALL STAR race. No points are online but the winner will be taking home a million dollars. Y'all think there is any chance they'd share some of that money with me? LOL

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Well...some light has been shown over what the fight between Newman's and Kurt Busch's crew was about. It wasn't over what happened on track, but how Kurt had peeled through pit road and through Newman's pit stall...and hit Newman on pit road. Understand Kurt being upset and all, but really feel that was uncalled for and understand why Newman's crew was upset. Here is the latest article I had just read on the incident: Ryan Newman's crew vs. Kurt Busch.

NASCAR has stated that if they feel like punishments are due they will be handing them out later this week. Personally, I really hope they will look beyond the fight if they do hand out punishments and look at why Newman's crew was upset. Not condoning them fighting with Kurt's crew, but they do have valid reason to be upset, I feel.

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Well NASCAR has came back with their verdict for Kurt Busch and Ryan Newman's crew. Kurt Busch has been fined $50,000 and put on NASCAR probation until July 25.

Ryan Newman's crew cheif has been put on probation until June 27 and another crew member of Newman's has been fined five thousand dollars and put on probation until June 27th (for not complying with a NASCAR official).

Glad NASCAR saw Kurt Busch's part in it...no need to be throwing such tantrums on track like that. Understand Newman's crew being upset as they were, so feel like that was kinda uncalled for. But at least they got the light end of the deal...people could have gotten hurt with Kurt driving like that.

My two cents worth on the whole ordeal...

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They will be racing under the lights Saturday night in Charolette where there will be NO points on the line...every driver will be going for the million dollars that the winner will recieve. IT'S THE ALL STAR RACE!!!!!!!!! So with that said, the race will be different. They got the pit crew challenge tonight. Be interesting to see which team has the fastest pit crew...if I had to guess, I'd go with Kyle Busch. He has an awesome crew working for him. (Though in my opinion, Jeff Gordon has the best crew! HA HA) Also, there will only be 20 or so cars in the race...read somewhere that the rules have changed this year so I will have to read up on that tomorrow when I have a faster computer and more time to read things. But in the past there was a certain amount of drivers that qualified...drivers who won a race the year before, perhaps a pole. Something like that. There will be a shorter race before of the drivers who are not eligable for the All Star race and the first two drivers will drive their way into the race. And then there is one driver that the fans vote in...and since Jr didn't win a race this year (as of yet) or last year, if he doesn't get first or second in the pre race...you can assume he will be the fan voted in driver as he was last year. Or at least, I am assuming he will be the fan voted driver...

I don't have the list of drivers as of now...can think of a few of them that will be on the list, but don't have an actual list to type up. I will look that up and post it tomorrow. I should write this up tomorrow for you all, but felt like posting something NASCAR. So here is my pre-pre race write up. HA HA. Sorry for not more information, but as I said, will do more research and add on here tomorrow night or Saturday morning sometime when I have more time and a faster internet connection. Dial up is too slow and four am comes too early. :innocent:

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Well the Sprint Cup Showdown (the race to get into the All Star race) will start at 7:00 EST on SPEED (not FOX) and the All star race will be starting at 9:00 EST...once again on SPEED.

The All Star race will be seperated into five different segments. First four segments will be twenty laps. The fifth segment will be ten laps. The winner of the race will get a million dollars. Here is the link of the article I got it from if you want more information : All Star Race info. I pretty much summed up what Yahoo NASCAR editor Jay Hart had said during the two minute video that is half way down the screen. I love his pick to who wins tonight's race...JEFF GORDON.

Here is the qualifying order of the race:

1. Kyle Busch

2. Ryan Newman

3. Denny Hamlin

4. Greg Biffle

5. Kevin Harvick

6. Jimmie Johnson

7. Paul Menard

8. Jeff Gordon

9. Tony Stewart

10. Regan Smith

11. Trevor Bayne

12. Clint Bowyer

13. Carl Edwards

14. David Ragen

15. Matt Kenseth

16. Mark Martin

17. Kurt Busch

18. Marcos Ambrose

19. Brad Keselowski

20. Kasey Kahne

Those are the ones that were gauranteed a spot in the All Star race due to a win last year or one this year. A lot of new comers to the All Star race this year with the first time winners last year.

21. will go to who ever wins the Showdown race

22. will go to who ever comes in second in the Showdown race

23. will go to the fan voted driver (Most likely JR unless he comes in first or second in the Showdown race tonight. . .)

Don't know about y'all, but I am excited for the Showdown and the All Star race and to see who will win and how it will shape up. :popcorn: Y'all surprised? :p

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The Sprint Cup Show Down has just ended. AJ Allmedinger and Martin Truex Jr started up front...AJ had a flat tire before the race went to green flag! (I only saw the last twenty laps or so...) Ol June Bug came to life tonight and led a lot of laps...including the last lap. The real race was for second place. AJ raced hard at the end as he had fresher tires than everyone else. He came to second and fought hard with Jamie McMurray for a lot of laps until he was able to pass Jamie on the last lap. So...Dale Jr won the race and AJ Allmindinger has raced t heir way into the All Star race. (It is worth $70,000 dollars just to enter the race...if I remember right...dang I should enter my car for that price!)

Which leaves the fan voted driver for the race...which in the past few years, it has went to Dale Jr. Who doesn't need it today since he won his way into the race. The fan vote goes to (drum roll) Bobby Labonte! Bobby is a great guy and am happy for him...though am kinda sad to see Jamie sent home when he was so close to coming home second tonight.

Here is the three drivers that are now entered into the tail end of the line up for the Sprint Cup All Star race:

Dale Earnhardt Jr

AJ Allmindinger

Bobby Labonte

So excited for the All Start...about to do the driver introduction. Love the All Star driver introdcutions! #can'twait!

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JIMMIE JOHNSON JUST BECAME A MILLION DOLLARS RICHER! Jimmie Johnson won the first segment...and now just won the entire All Star race. (He is a tad excite...just said over the radio that he doesn't want to this week to end. HA) JJ has gave a great spin out and then gave team owner Rick hendrick a ride in the window. Too funny.

Jimmie Johnson won the first segment. Then Matt Kenseth the second one. Brad Keselowski won the third segment...and then Dale jr won the fourth segment...then Jimmie Johnson won the final ten lap dash to the finish line.

Carl Edwards' engine blew, caught a fire a bit. He spent the rest of the race in the booth helping to announce the race. Love his attitude. Right after getting out of his blown car, he told the interviewer "This race has just lost a driver, but has gained a fan."

Later on Edwards' team mate, Greg Biffle's engine blew. But worse. His car was on fire and was very relieved when he finally got out of his car. Scary wreck.

1. Jimmie Johnson

2. Brad Keselowski

3. Matt Kenseth

4. Kyle Busch

5. Dale Earnhardt Jr

6. Kevin Harvick

7. Marcos Ambrose

8. Kurt Busch

9. Kasey Kahne

10. Ryan Newman

11. AJ Allmindinger

12. Regan Smith

13. Jeff Gordon

14. Clint Bowyer

15. Trevor Bayne

16. Paul Menard

17. Tony Stewart

18. David Ragen

19. Bobby Labonte

20. Denny Hamlin

21. Mark Martin

22. Greg Biffle

23. Carl Edwards

BTW...Jimmie Johnson's crew won the pit crew competition last Thursday night. Gave him the key pit stop on pit road today.

Next week the Sprint Cup will be back at Charolette (where they raced tonight) for the Coke 600 next Sunday night. Racing under the lights on Sunday at a track that was once known as Jimmie's house. My opinion is, I am excited JJ won two in a row, but this 24 fan is hoping his bad luck ends now and he comes home with the win next Sunday night. ;)

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LOL Maybe JJ will give me some of that money since I helped him win. After all I'm always wrong in my predictions and I recently predicted he would NOT win. (post #82)

Thanks for the updates Garrett. I've been so busy and it's always nice to log in and get the NASCAR news from you.

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LOL Maybe JJ will give me some of that money since I helped him win. After all I'm always wrong in my predictions and I recently predicted he would NOT win. (post #82)

Thanks for the updates Garrett. I've been so busy and it's always nice to log in and get the NASCAR news from you.

You are welcome, Roger. I enjoy writing them. Would enjoy writing them more if I could write about a dominating run and win by the 24 team, but enjoy them all the same. Perhaps one of these weekends, I'll be writing up a win for Jeff Gordon...I can only hope.

As for JJ and his money...I feel like he should share with me since I've been a secondary fan of his from the get go. After all my number one driver owns over half of his car so logic being is that some of that money ought to be handed to me. Or either that he can buy me one of the cars sitting on Jeff Gordon's Cheverolet Dealer lot and a ticket and trip to go see them at the night Bristol race in August. Would be nice. :rofl:

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Well the LONGEST race in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule is this Sunday night at Charlette (did I spell it right, Hoss? LOL) for the Coca Cola 600 (sure wish they woulda just kept it at Lowes...or perhaps they could name it Jimmie's House). It will be on FOX (just two more races are on FOX...and then it will be on TNT (I think?) personally I wish they would stay on FOX. Love DW and Michael in the booth as well as Jeff Hammond. But perhaps that is just me. . .).

Here is the top ten starting positions for the race:

1. Aric Almirola

2. Marcos Ambrose

3. Jimmie Johnson

4. Greg Biffle

5. Clint Bowyer

6. Mark Martin

7. Kasey Kahne

8. Denny Hamlin

9. Paul Menard

10. Regan Smith

Well at least I have five out of eight in my fantasy NASCAR team that is starting in the top ten...including Aric Almirola. Perhaps he'll bring home a win for the King and for me. HA. Though personally, would rather to see Gordon in Victory Lane at the end of the LONGEST race. :popcorn:

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Hey Garrett, since this seems to be rivalry weekend for us (see baseball thread), let's start a third competition and put a friendly bet on who finishes higher this weekend David Ragen or your man, what's his name again, Gorden Jeff?

*extends hand out to shake*

*Shakes hand* Well Roger, I do believe you need to get your eyes checked and your ears checked as well. His name is NOT Gordon Jeff. It is Jeff Gordon and he will finish better than David Ragen this weekend. :)

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Okay, we have a contest. It's best out of three. So far you're leading in fantasy baseball and I'm leading in the Pirates-Cubs series. It looks like this Memorial Day battle will be settled on the racetrack....sounds like the makings of a Dukes episode.

Well Roger, since you had such a great baseball weekend, I will not feel bad in bragging that all my Hendrick boys had a better finish than poor Ragen. :D

For the longest race of the season...thought it was a good race all in all. Only one accident brought out a caution with Travis Kvapil and two or three for debris. Not much excitement accident wise, but it was a great race all in all.

Greg Biffle led a lot of laps, but faded a bit towards the end.

Tony Stewart had a pretty rotten race. Was having bad luck that turned bad when Brad Keselowski hit him in the back on pit road. Tony got mad and did a spin out on a busy pit road. Lucky for him he didn't hit anyone else.

Jeff Gordon started 23rd but was quick to make it into the top ten before he got off pit cycles but won the lucky dog to get back onto the lead lap. And for the first time in five races, he gets a top ten finish...coming home seventh! :D Not the win I always hope for, but with all the bad luck he's been plagued with, it feels like a win to me.

Jimmie Johnson had a good first half of the race and could have had a great finish but on the last pit stop, the tire changer dropped the car back on track (their signal for the driver to go), before the gas man had the gas can out of the tank. So JJ took off with the gas can still attached and still held on by the gas man. The gas man finally fell pretty hard and JJ got hit with a penalty to put him a lap down. A eleventh place finish for the 48 team :(. Not too bad all things considered, but unknown for his team.

Kasey Kahne went on to win his first race for Rick Hendrick. 16th different driver to win for Rick Hendrick...his third Coca-Cola 600.

Here is the top ten finishes:

1. Kasey Kahne

2. Denny Hamlin

3. Kyle Busch

4. Greg Biffle

5. Brad Keselowski

6. Dale Earnhardt Jr

7. Jeff Gordon

8. Kevin Harvick

9. Carl Edwards

10. Matt Kenseth

Rick Hendrick had all four of his drivers finish in the top eleven and Jack Rousch had all three drivers finish in the top ten.

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I noticed something is missing from your post Garrett. You didn't mention that my man David Ragen finished 35th. You did mention that your man finished 7th but now I'm starting to wonder if you didn't mention Ragen because at the time you posted the top 10, Ragen was still racing. I have to admit he was a mite slower than I expected. Oh well, he's young and already has a win (even though it was last year) so I'm going to give him time to develop. In the meantime, Jeff Gordon is almost as old as Jesse Duke and his reflexes are slowing down so it's only a matter of time before the #6 car will be keeping up with him on a regular basis...so enjoy this while you can.

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I noticed something is missing from your post Garrett. You didn't mention that my man David Ragen finished 35th. You did mention that your man finished 7th but now I'm starting to wonder if you didn't mention Ragen because at the time you posted the top 10, Ragen was still racing. I have to admit he was a mite slower than I expected. Oh well, he's young and already has a win (even though it was last year) so I'm going to give him time to develop. In the meantime, Jeff Gordon is almost as old as Jesse Duke and his reflexes are slowing down so it's only a matter of time before the #6 car will be keeping up with him on a regular basis...so enjoy this while you can.

Well Roger I have to admit...when I went to bed last night I had thought that about my post and how I didn't post Ragen's place. Would have done it today but you beat me to it. And no, it has nothing to do with Ragen being in the top ten. :( Sorry. Ragen is a good kid and a good driver if he had a better set of wheels underneath him. But since you want to get get technical with stats and all that...well here you are:

David Ragen is 26 years old with one win under him right now. Did learn that his dad, Ken Ragen use to drive too. David Ragen That is where I got my info at. Ragen has one win, 31 top tens, and two poles for the Sprint Cup Series.


Jeff Gordon who started in what is now known as the Sprint Cup Series (Winston Cup back then) when he was 21 years old. His first race, was Richard Petty's last race. His first race was in 1992 in Atlanta. First full season was 1993 where he finished 14th in points. In 1994 he won his first race at the same track, same race we raced last night (Coca Cola 600. Charlotte). The longest race...he won his first race at. At the age of 22 and a half years old. Jeff Gordon Where I got Jeff Gordon's info...interesting page. :D

As of right now in Gordon's career...he has 85 wins, 398 top tens, 71 poles

Well in order for your Ragen to catch up to Gordon...he needs 84 more wins, 367 more top tens, and 69 more poles.

Jeff Gordon will be 41 on August 4th of this year...that leaves David with 15 years to catch up with Gordon (which is 540 more races plus 24 more races this year). Gordon may be a bit older, but he is not Jesse's age nor is he slowing down any. That'd be Mark Martin who is 53 years old...be 54 next January. :D

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