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DOH Fanvid ~ Daisy/Enos


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Hey everyone :) One of my passions is creating fanvids, but it's been a while since I've had time to work on any (that and apparently Powerdirector doesn't like my .avi's so I had to convert them all to mp4's first :-? ).

Anywho, here's a fanvid I've been wanting to do for a long, long time. This song just screamed "Enos" to me the first time I heard it.

This can be found on YouTube here:

or if YT gets cranky and takes it down, it can be found here permanently:


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See, we share a common passion (besides Enos/Daisy): making fanvids.

Unfortunately my channel on YouTube has been deleted 'cause .... copyright's infringment because of some of my AMVs (that is Anime Music Video, fanvid using japan anime.. since I'm a huge fan of japan anime; I tried to convince Youtube that AMVs are for fair use... pointlessy... stupid YouTube :evil:). I posted several Enos/Daisy's vids too, now lost with my channel (Well, I cherished all my videos on my PC, but nobody can see them anymore... unfortunately... or fortunately :oops:).

Sorry for my giving vent against YouTube..., anyway... keep up the great work

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Thank you very much. Several years ago I made several Enos/Daisy vid, and looking at them today they seem a but "naive" to me, so I'm goin' to choose some of them, fixing them and making them better as possible.

I think this one is cute (the song is from a japan singer... but in this song she sing in english, don't worry).


And this is the other kind of vid I usually make (AMV... the ones causing me to be deleted from YT :-o). This my last vid and I'm very proud of it, I hope you enjoy.


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Thank you very much, EnosIsMyHero (aka WENN).

I have a lot of videos on my PC, and actually I'm trying to fix them 'cause they're very old... and I'm not satisfied at all 'bout them. In particular I'm confusend 'bout music: it's not so simple to find songs that fit Enos/Daisy relationship.

Again 'bout fanart (and my "obsession with Enos/Daisy), look at this old thread. I hope you enjoy. ;)


BTW I think I've found a way to post videos on YT without being banned again (or a I hope so). My YT's nickname is Yukino1976

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