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Looking to buy or to find somebody who can build me a General Lee


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since a long time i am looking for somebody who can build me a nice General Lee.

I came across many companies such as BK Auto, Smith Brothers, Dynamicautorestoration, Jakes general lee store, etc.

I have also found some Generals on Ebay but somehow i wasnt really convinced:-?

Does anybody have some good tips for me... maybe experiences with the above mentioned companies? The interesting thing is that the price varies ALOT.. i mean there is a huge difference between the prices i got from the different companies..

Any of you guys knows a good builder or anybody has a good General Lee for Sale?

Many thanx in advance.

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I wish I had a great answer for that= my fiancee bought his directly from Warner Brothers (they considered it a prop). As you can imagine there was a lot of red tape doing it that way and I am not sure if there are any more like that.

I suggest you ask on www.cglfc.com. There are more car nuts there than I can count and one of them might be able to point you in the right direction.

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