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Shock Corridor

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Anyone seen this movie? I caught bits of it yesterday on TCM. Along with James Best being in it, it looks like a generally really good movie.

From wikipedia (spoilers included)

Peter Breck plays journalist Johnny Barrett, who thinks the quickest way to a Pulitzer Prize is to uncover the facts behind a murder at a mental hospital. So, he pretends to go insane and is locked up in the institution. While pursuing his investigation, he is sidetracked by the behavior of his fellow inmates. After a hospital riot, Barrett is straightjacketed and subjected to shock treatment. Barrett begins imagining that his exotic-dancer girlfriend (Constance Towers) is his sister, and experiences many other symptoms of mental breakdown. He learns the identity of the killer, and writes his story, but the damage to his mind is irreparable, and he never leaves the hospital. (James Best in one of the inmates)

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I'll have to keep an eye out for this one. According to IMDb the movie was selected to the National Film Registry, Library of Congress, in 1996. It also says that this 1963 movie was rejected for UK cinema certificates and remained unavailable until 1990, which may also explain why I haven't seen it.

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I saw it a long time ago. What I remember the most is the scenes that show the corridor. If you look closely, it's really a short corridor but they used perspective, matte painting, and short folks to make it look longer. LOL. And, of course, I remember Jimmie's role. I have some still photos from this movie somewhere.

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