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New Here, long time fan


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Hi! I started watching DOH when I was about 5. I remember going to my grandma's house on Friday evenings and everyone sitting around watching. I started watching it recently with my kids, ages 4 and 6 on CMT and they love it. My son does Rosco impressions :)

My favorite character was always Enos. I remember being so upset that he wasn't in any episodes from early season 3-4. I'd watch the opening and if it was Cletus (who I think is funny now), I'd just turn it off, lol. I was so upset with the 1st reunion movie (didn't watch the 2nd), I'd waited 12 years for Enos and Daisy to get married :(

Anywho...I thought I should say "Hi" because I've begun writing a (long) Enos fanfic called "Beneath the Hazzard Moon". It's on fanfiction.net, under my name WENN9366. Hope it's okay to mention that here.

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Welcome to Hazzard County!

We have a couple things in common.

Enos was my favorite character for many years. It was just a few years ago that I switched to Jesse. I guess that's because I'm getting older...LOL

...and, like you, I watched the show at my grandparents every Friday night. I was 19 when it first came out and I had to go down to their house because they got 3 channels and our antenna was only good enough to get NBC. I stuck around to watch Dallas afterwards. My grandparents weren't crazy about Dukes and I wasn't crazy about Dallas but they only had one TV so we tolerated each other's show because we enjoyed hanging out with each other. I could have left after Dukes but I'm glad I didn't because they were awesome grandparents and those Friday nights are amongst the best memories of my life.

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