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Video with our Favorite Muscle Car


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Great video! First time I've seen it. The Barenaked Ladies use a General Lee in their video One Week.

As for my favorite muscle car, its a pretty even draw between the Trans Am and the 69 Charger. My dad owns a 78 Trans Am similar to the smokey and the bandit one but it doesn't have T-bar roof or honey comb rims :p I plan to own both one day.


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I'd forgotten about the Barenaked Ladies' video. It not only features General Lee, but also the Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino - just like 'One Armed Bandits' all over again :). Having said that, there's no flag on the General's roof and it's a '68 not a '69.

Weird Al's parody of this song was Jerry Springer, which by a strange coincidence has just come on TV while I'm writing this. I also posted 'Jerry Springer' as a reply in the 'Word Association' thread earlier today - there's just no escaping the man. At least I have a remote to look for something better to watch - I think there's a Dukes DVD in the player :).

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