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New Dukes of Hazzard Fanfic Contest

Brian Coltrane

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It's been awhile since we had one of these! And since MaryAnne is busy sorting out her handcuff collection, or who knows what, I figured I'd offer a challenge and see who's interested.

We've done fic contests and story challenges in the past based on certain themes, like romance, or Christmas, what have ya.

What I'm proposing this time, is a Dukes of Hazzard fanfic based on a Dukes of Hazzard episode.

Confused yet? Good. Simply put, this is your chance to take any episode from the show...and re-write it.

  • What would happen differently, in your version?
  • What would the ending be like?
  • Or, simply write out the episode as it stands.

You can pick any episode and decide how you want to work with it:

  • New characters? Ok!
  • Original cast only? That's fine!
  • Changing everything? Go for it!
  • Keeping it all true to events as we saw them? Sure!

Depending on the number of participants, and the type of entries, we'll have different levels of recognition:

  • Best New Twist
  • Best Adaptation of Episode to Written Story
  • Best Surprise Ending
  • Best Dialogue

We're also going to be more flexible on the deadline. I'm gonna shoot for March 01, but if you have a work in progress and turn in a mostly-finished work, we'll extend the deadline. I just don't wanna put it so far out there that nobody starts writing until the end of February.

Let's see what ya'll can do! Good luck, and happy writing!

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For the record, I was not sorting my handcuff collection.

I was busy with who knows what and we can just leave it at that. :-P

Now! About this hear fanfic contest... I can think of an episode right away that I woulda liked to have seen just a little differently. If I can pull it together, maybe I can get it done by March 01.

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I'll participate...not sure which episode to use, it's been a while since I've written a serious fic...but I'll come up with something (I hope)

That's the spirit! And this is the Dukes of Hazzard we're talkin' about, it doesn't have to be THAT serious. Unless you've got a heckuva re-write in mind!

We've got some real good writers in this group, so I'm looking forward to what ya'll come up with.

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I'm re-writing "Enos's last chance" (OK, an obvious choice for me), but I need more time. I'm a bit ... in confusion... lately.

Writer's block, unfortunately.

I didn't, I ran out of time.

waikiki, there is still time according to Brian's OP. So don't give up yet.

i1976, that is one of my favorite Enos episodes. Hope your writer's block clears up soon.

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Ok guys, I REALLY don't know where and how to send my fic. :wtf:

I tried to PM Brian, but there's no way to attach files using PM (:confused:).... and my document exceed forum's limit if I try to attach it here.

So I'm going to post my fic in a new thread (then Brian or MaryAnne could put it in a new right location) and on Fanfiction.net, so I hope someone read it.

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Hey, am I the only one here who wrote a story for this contest???? :-o

Where are you, guys?

You might be the only one who finished the challenge, at this point! Which would automatically make you the winner. Sorry I missed your earlier posts in this topic, I was out of action for awhile. I know MaryAnne has a process for accepting submitted fanfic and it's probably on one of the other threads. I know she's keeping an eye on my posts since I've been mouthing off, so hopefully she'll see this and chime in. If not I will follow up with ya.

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