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I know I could put this in 'One Word Song Titles':

Rubberbandman - Yello

1991 track from the eccentric Swiss duo. My CD single came in a great 3D rubber sleeve:


I picked up some cool, limited edition CDs and vinyl back then. There used to be so many good record stores in London - maybe four major chains and over a dozen independents. When I went back recently I found that the only surviving major store, HMV, had closed one of its three large West End stores and there are only about three or four independents of the ones I used to visit. I guess this is the price we pay for MP3s. :(

While we're on 'rubberband' songs, I thought I'd also include Rubberband Girl by Kate Bush. I must dig the single out so I can rip it to my computer.

Brian Coltrane said:
I know how Hoss likes snappy outfits, so here's:

Thanks Brian, these guys could give Rosco's '10 Million Dollar Sheriff' suit a run for its money. :)

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Well, MaryAnne, I'm surprised you ain't posted this one yet:

This tune was also covered by Elivs.

Hoss! I didn't forget about you either. I share your pain with the disappearing independent music stores. There's a few stores in my neck of the woods that are independent, carry everything and anything, and also have a great selection of vinyl albums. New releases, re-releases, ect. One of these great stores, "The Exclusive Company" survived by diversfying and being as unusual as possible. Where else can you find new music by great undiscovered bands like "Deer Tick" ? Heh.

Unfortunately I don't think they'll ship albums overseas, and if they did it'd cost a fortune. Their web store only shows CD and downloads. (HNet has no affilate relationship with The Exclusive Co, and this is just more sidebar rambling by yours truly.)

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I'm not sure if we've had a classical track in this thread before (and I'm not going back to check). It takes a while to build, but it's well worth the wait.

I first discovered this tune when it was used as the backing music for the 1983 computer game Manic Miner. We used to stop into the computer shop on the way home from school and play it for ages. You can see a version with better graphics

. It may not have the realism of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but you do get chased by penguins and toilets :).

The original game ran on a computer with 48k of RAM and had to be loaded from a cassette!. If your current computer has 2Gb of RAM, that's nearly 44,000 times as much memory. It looked like this:


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