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Had a Dukes flashback


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Hello. I remember my babysitter got me into this show!

This is probably an odd choice for a favorite show, but it was one of them with the Beaudry's (weren't there only two episodes) and I was wondering if someone could tell me which one it was and what box set it's on:

The episode I like is not the one where the Beaudry's get trapped in their own trap. I think they were doing something to Daisy (the other episode.)

All's I remember, the Beaudrys put up quite a fight. They weren't easily beaten like other bad guys were.

Thanks for all your help.

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Welcome to Hazzard County Savickster. We hope you stay awhile because this is a pretty cool place for Dukes fans like you.

I don't think that your choice for a favorite episode is odd at all. I wish the Beaudrys would have appeared in more episodes. Even though they were on the ornery side, I really liked the fact that they were genuine hillbillies from the Chattahoochee Hills of Tennessee. Since I consider myself to be a hillbilly too (except I might shower more often than the Beaudrys) I can really relate to their attitude of not caring about what the rest of society thinks of them, In fact, if they weren't so mean to the Dukes, I would have really liked those guys.

Anyway, I'm rambling. To answer your question, the 2 episodes that featured them are...

Daisy's Shotgun Wedding season 5 - episode 22.

Boss Behind Bars season 6 - episode 6

Just a footnote here...season 5 is the one with Coy and Vance but Bo and Luke came back in episode 19 so they're in Daisy's Shotgun Wedding. That's the episode I think you're looking for.

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You got me on that one. I can't remember if they ended the episode with them still in the ditch or not. I'm thinking that's how it ended. I'm sure someone else will let us know. Maybe that's why they never appeared in any more episodes. They're still stuck in there.

I'd better going. I'm heading up there to help them out. They're probably getting hungry by now.

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Hi Roger, thanks for the welcome (and to those others who welcomed in others posts as well.)

"Boss Behind Bars" is where the Beaudrys' truck gets stuck in their own ditch, right? Were they ever fished out and arrested in that episode?

Savickster, yeah that was the same show, see they frigged with jessie's car, so boss would get jailed and they could steel his moonshine still,once the dukes figured out it was the beaudry's, they chased them.

The beaudry's tired to trick the dukes through some of their traps, but at the end, the beaudry's ended up in their own trap.

" Oh, welcome to the club by the way.:P"

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