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" Oh ... Hello JJ I'm so happy you called listen JJ tell Jesse that Luke is sick ". He spiked a fever of 101 he is not doing well I came by the hospital to check on him but unfortunetely when I arrive

Lori sighed deeply, looking at him, wrapping her arms around him in a comforting manner, she rocked him gently her head nuzzling the side of his neck.

"Luke, it doesn't matter who you are on the outside, it's what on the inside that matters most in life sweetheart. The old Luke is still there, deep in your heart if you'd permit him to appear. As for taking care of me? You do take care of me, maybe not physically but emotionally you do... knowing that you care so much, and that you love me gives me a reason to go on...it works both ways, woman takes care of man, and man takes care of woman. Luke, I'll take care of you any way I know possible and you know it...and I know you'd do the same and you do."

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Lori watched him, laughing right along with him. She was glad to see him in a much brighter and happier mood than he had been in.

Hearing the giggling and the laughter coming from Luke's room, Cooter raised a curious brow. He had went to the Dukes in search of Lori having heard the fool stunt she pulled. He knew his youngest cousin was dense, but he didn't think she was THAT dumb. Cooter had picked up another friend along the way, JJ.

"Wonder what's going on..."

He more questioned.

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Nodding, Cooter followed her inside. Seeing the two he smirked cheekily.

"Well if'n it aint dumb and dumber...guess who's dumber?"

Lori raised up on the bed a little raising a brow at Cooter.

"Don't even go there Cooter..."

Cooter held his hands up in an 'I surrender' manner.

"Was I the one who drove her fist into a wall and shattered it?"

Lori narrowed her eyes at him.

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