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Did anyone remember to watch the View today?

Tom talked about his new musical. He sang for like 30

seconds (man I just love his voice.) Then they talked

about Dukes of Hazzard and how the cast was tight

family. His face lite up when he talked about Dukes.

You tell he was proud that he was on Dukes.:lol:

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I watched it.

He did a nice job promoting his musical. Seemed to be in a good mood.

Personally though, I think he probably knew they were going to be asking about Dukes at some point, so he might as well take it in stride. He did talk about the cast as a family which I found insightful. I mean you are on a show for 7 years... he probably has many things come to mind when he hears the word Dukes...but that was the thing he valued most about it... I thought that was sweet.

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I seen it also.

and he did know that they where going to ask about the Dukes. and Joy asked him to sing a little bit. I Love his voice also, He's a great Guy. He also looked good.

I agree :D His music (rock and country) is the only songs I can sing to anymore...and actually sing it good! Not to mention, those eyes...heh he does look good too...looks better than good i'll say that much.

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It wouldn't matter to what he sing. I love it. Heck you can find the most borest book and have Tom read it. I still love it. His voice man there aren't words to describe his voice. :-P

I like his Country Cd from 1992 the best, but have his music on 45 record and have some pretty rare titles as well. I'll have to pull them out to check out the titles for Hazzardnet if anybody wants to know which ones I have. My dad has John's "It's Now Or Never" 45 record single and the only thing he has by John Schneider.

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