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I Went To Cooter's Dukes Museum


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Lol u guys r a trip. Thats my GL and the S&H is a friend Steve herein NJ apparently he has the largest S&H toy collection and that car is one of three ( 2 which are in The country ) from the a teal TV show. The cop car is Billys. We all just rolled out of Comic Con.PA. I tried to get a shot of us as well as BTTF Delorean and scooby doo van but they rolled out quick.

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By the way Brian, why are some things on posts coming up orange? (like license plate on post 52)

It's an automated link thing we're experimenting with. It's similar in principal to other ad links that you see scattered around here. So far it's not too obnoxious and it picks up a few nickles and dimes. (literally.) All part of keepin' the lights on in the house, if you dig my meaning.

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