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Problem with Season 4 DVD

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Has anyone had any problems with the Season 4 DVD? Just got a Region 2 DVD set from play.com and I found that Disc 4 would not play on either side from about 36 minutes in. I sent that back and the replacement arrived today. It's got exactly the same problem on Disc 4. It either skips and pauses from 36 minutes onward or won't start to play any of the later episodes. Have I just been really unlucky to get two faulty DVD sets or is there known to have been problems with that particular DVD?

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You're not the one: I had the same problem with the Season 2; most of the episodes in the b-sides stopped for some second and jumped some minutes after.

The 3rd is perfect and the 4th, too, but the disc 4 have little problems both on side A and B.

I hope to solve this problems watching them on pc.

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I have seasons 1-3 as German releases and 4 & 5 UK releases, and they are all fine. My husband and I have been able to watch 1-3 with no problems. We're now on season 4, but haven't reached the last disc yet. I did start watching some of season 5 episodes and those seem to be doing OK.

Sometimes it's not always the discs that are the problem, sometimes it's the players. During the past weekend, I took a movie to my in-laws to play, and the entire bass on the film didn't work, that is, we got only half of the dialogue, and the rest was like reading lips. I thought it was the 'tone' on the disc. Then I checked it on my laptop and it worked fine. I think that sometimes the players have quirks in them that make the discs a bit strange.

I do have a little jumping on one of my Quantum Leap discs, which annoys me, but it's on on one episode, so while that disc may be faulty, it wasn't enough to get into a tailspin about. Of course, if the eipisode was my favorite, then I'd be upset. ;)

At any rate, my Dukes DVDs seem to be OK, at least up to now.

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I noticed that they did the double sided discs with seasons 2-5 of what I have. I ordered season 7 from the States, and they aren't double sided. I prefer the discs that are only one sided, but that's just me. Are the DVDs in the US double sided or one sided?

I'm flying to Canada later this year, so if I can get season six as one sided DVD then I will probably go that route, even though my husband wants to see the episodes in German.

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Im guessing all these problems are from the DVD Player.

Not the DVDs.

Oh and by the way, my Season 1 is double sided.

Wierd how some have double sides and some dont....

My season one, two and three are double sided and I have the Ben Cooper version. I am wondering with many dukes fans who is Ben Cooper he sure does look alot like Ben Jones thow?

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Here in Canada I think the only seasons so far that aren't double sided are seasons 4 5 and 7. The rest are double sided. I watched them all, and so far haven't had too much of a problem. Some times the DVD player, if it isn't proggressive scan, gets a vapor lock and then there is the region where you buy the dvd in too.

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What is Vapor lock? Now I had to buy Knight Rider Season Two set twice which is also double sided along with the other three season and that thing is copy-protected and fragile I was beginning to thing Boss was working with wal-mart or something. Because for the longest time I couldn't find Knight Rider season sets in a Wal-mart until last year, Lol. Well anyways, back to the problem at hand I had three episodes on the season two set that froze on me and it was might've hit the floor maybe a few times. Just think about the one of the episodes of Knight Rider when Micheal drove through a testing site and then later, Rosco and company drove through the very same thing as well. And on either season six or seven of Dukes Bo and Luke are driving through a fire and in an episode of Knight Rider so does Micheal but his was in Cajun county Lousiana. Well, I did get a another second set of Knight Rider and I avoided dropping it on the floor so much and got to watch the episodes that froze up on me. And discovered something along the way, did you know the helicopter from Airwolf was on a episode of Knight Rider before. And the Battering Ram on Knight of the Juggernacht looks at like the Mean Green Machine on the fifth season of Dukes.

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Yesterday, I put the 2nd disc of 7th season, side B on my dvd player.

After some seconds, it tells me "no disc"; I tryed 3 or 4 times, but the same.

I thought "it would be the player that doesn't work!", so I put it in the computer and...same result!

The b-side of disc 2 doesn't work!!! I'm soo angry! I hoped not to have other problems, season 5th and 6th are perfect, and the 4th almost!

I asked to a friend if he can duplicate it, or give me the disc (he has 2), he has only the original version but I prefer to see it in english that don't see it at all

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