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What's in your collection?

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In my collection so far, I have:

  1. The Dukes of Hazzard : Seasons 1-7 on DVD
  2. DOH T-Shirt : Orange with "01" & "General Lee" printed on front
  3. DOH T-Shirt : General Lee flying through the air w/Bo
  4. DOH T-Shirt : General Lee sliding w/ Bo & Luke
  5. DOH : Return of the General Lee video game for xBox
  6. Original 1981 digital DOH watch, plays Dixie
  7. Die-cast General Lee 1:25 scale
  8. General Lee w/lights and sound effects

And that's it for now, but I hope to add more to my collection over time! :p Preferably a REAL General Lee!

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Collection about The Dukes of Hazzard (Photo, DVD, Model...) and Plymouth, Dodge 1977-1978 (Photo, book, documentation, model...).

Hazzard County Rosco Badge, Sheriff Department County Patch, Sheriff Citation Ticket book Patch, Shirt Costume Sheriff, Two model kit Dodge Monaco Sheriff Rosco's Police car, 69 Dodge Charger General Lee 1/18, 1974 Dodge Monaco Police Car 1/18, "83522" Rosco Plate...


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Well having never actually written down what I have of things related Duke, here goes....

I have...

Seasons 1-7, Pretty much every movie and album John ever did, two of which are autographed and personalized to me (would take forever to write them all down), 3 different movie posters of John's (autographed), The Dukes Companion, a 1980 metal Lunchbox, the 1980 Board Game, 1980 Matchbox General Lee (worse for wear), 3 dolls (Bo, Luke and Daisy), General Lee keychain, 3 driving licenses (Bo Luke and Daisy), autographed pic of Sonny, autographed pic of James Best, zipcord General Lee, A GL model signed by John, my Collier and Co hat signed by John, My dukes hat signed by John, James, and Sonny, two albums signed and personalized by Tom, (a Chicago program signed by him too), A picture of a jump autographed by the stunt team, an 01 necklace made by Ben Jones's daughter, 4 autographed pics of John (one with me), an autographed pic of Elly (plus a pic of her and me), Two different copies of Collier(one of which I got from John's mom:))There's other stuff but I can't think right now...

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Went & met Byron & Chris & got their autographs in Carlisle.



Since then I have met Ben Jones, John Schneider, Catherine Bach, Tom Wopat, Rick Hurst, Don Pedro Colley, Sonny Shroyer, and some on more than one occasion & got many autographs on items.

Heres a few I have on display. Pictures are so much more fun to look at than words I think LOL. Enjoy



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My main bits of pride & joy!


Top left General is signed by Bo & Luke, top right is signed by Cooter.

Favourite one though is the very bottom right General with Black interior - started the re-collecting!


Love these three too.

Currently waiting on a few bits in the post to complete my collection of carded Mego 3 3/4 inch (small) figures!

Loads more stuff - watches, old small cars sealed up still, Danbury Mint General - just all stashed away at minute, due to lack of space!

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I have a lot of collectibles, the mego figures, the models, board games, watches, etc, etc. But I'd have to thank Jimmie Best for my most treasured memorabilia. He invited me to the set of the two reunion movies and all the photos and autographs I got from the cast and crew there are among my most treasured memorabilia that can't be replaced. Those times were a lot of fun.



HazzardNet Proprietor

Awww, I read what every one had to say, and what got me most is that you got to talk to James(Roscoe) and the hard time he had to make that scene work in the reunion....I wish I could have been there...

I have both reunion movies on tape, and recently(3 months ago), finally got the second reunion on dvd.

Sense we are on the end of the dukes< I forget the name now, where uncle Jessie got hurt, looking for the bounty hunter that Roscoe hired, how sad it was when bo was saying"wake up uncle Jessie", that brought tears to my eyes...

Or when everyone thought Bo and Luke died in a car chase and Roscoe had to tell the news to Jessie, now that was a safe cracker, I could not help it, I cried when I seen the change in Uncle Jessie's face......

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Hey Y'all

Just wanted to start this and see what everyone has collected on the Dukes. What is your favorite piece of memorbilia ? What are you looking for? ...maybe stuff like that...

Maybe , if the mods allow , we can start a topic to trade collectables....PLEASE :D


what's in my collection??? Hmmm, this town sucks when it comes to that....However, I purchased a '69 charger metal body Model 1:25 scale, bought the fake general lee model for the decals and started making my own model of the General lee.

I will post pics soon, I had to grind the roof of the charger since it was a hard top model, I used chrome tape to make the trim for the windshield and back window, and now I am working on the trim that goes around the quater panel and around the rear glass....

I went to the print shop , and got the letters made in blue and white, for the " General Lee " words, since the fake had black and white(eww), and used the flag and O1 from the other kit.

The flag is a little short, so I will be going to the print shop to make the right lenght. I also paid $20, to get the right licence plate for the General lee, sayin Hazzard on it and all, nice touch , I think.:)

The roll bars will be made custom(by hand) , using some of the parts from the other model, as the same applies for the push bar up front.

Can't wait to show you all, making my own model of the General, is almost as much work as what Bottom showed of his real General Lee...lol

*Note*.... I also have all the 7 seasons of the dukes of course, and movies...now what I want is a 1:16 scale PLASTIC model of the General Lee.:)

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forgot to mention an Item....
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