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John Schneider's New Movie

Lisa Ann

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Well that's the story of my life! A day late and a dollar short it seems. Well I'll have to keep checking if he's coming back this way some time. All I saw on the website for Collier and Co was that they were showing the movie at Jacksonville but it didn't have any dates to it. Guess I was late on that one too. God this sucks!

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Wow!! I reach to see the film!! A friend bought the dvd for me.

Very very good and funny: John looks wonderful!

His car has the same registration number of the General Lee.

It's a pity that I can't understand all the dialogs but it's a very very good story!! Yeahhh!!

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I finally saw Collier & Co. I HIGHLY recommend it! It was terrific and fun picking out all of the Dukes of Hazzard stuff. And before I went and saw it I actually met him! He's the sweeted guy you'll ever meet. He's very friendly and welcoming. Doesn't make you feel like a stupid fan at all. He was really nice to me and I got a pic with him as well. Anywho, I had to drive two hours to see it but it was soooo well worth it. Go see the movie guys! ^_^

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You REALLY met John? Oh, lucky you! I'd want to!!

I have to questions about the film:

1)what type of medicine had to take JR's daughter?

2)his wife really call him "J.R."? Oh, this remind me J.R. of the soap "Dallas"!

Even in the titles he appears as John R.Schneider and not only with his 1st name as usual.

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