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Feedback For Dukes in Double Trouble


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Well, well, well. I have been reading this story for quite a while now. Today is the firt day I have read in 4 days as I have been out of town and away from my computer.

Normally, I don't register for these sites because normally I don't post. However, after reading some more of your story today, I could not remain silent.

Mostly I have loved your story. You guys were so good at keeping the Dukes and everyone in character and your story had a good plot.

However, after reading today, I will not be reading your story anymore. You guys messed up big. #1. The Dukes would never give up on anything, no matter how much they had been through. There is no way that Bo would die from marlaria due to the fact that he removed the IV and gave up. That's completely out of character because Bo would not give up like that no matter what! #2. You have messed up the time line. In the 2nd reunion movie, "Hazzard's in Hollywood", Uncle Jessie had passed on but Bo was still alive. Therefore, killing Bo off in your story does not fit the Dukes seriers story line as Uncle Jessie is still alive in your story. #3 Another thing about your story that used to make it good was the fact that you guys that didn't have any of that unrealistic crap in it, but now you have Bo talking to Luke as a ghost. I can't believe you all went there. That's dumb. There is no such thing as ghost.

Anyways, you guys had a good story untill you went to far and ruined it. I don't think I'll be reading any stories that the two of you write in the future.

Enough said.

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I'm sorry you feel this way. You've heard of literary license? That's what fanfiction gives the writer a chance to do is have some freedom to play around with certain situations. We know Uncle Jesse died first but what does that matter this isn't meant to stick with the timeline up through the reunion movies it could have happened one of the cousin's passing first. As for the ghost just because we put it in there doesn't mean we believe in them. I don't personally but that doesn't mean when you are grief stricken that you see things that aren't there.

My sister was so grief stricken when my grandfather who'd babysat her passed that 7 years later she had an instance where she saw him or so she says. This was after being married for 6mths or so and she'd never had this happen but was working 3rd shift and not resting enough and when that happens your mind believes strange things.

Again sorry you don't like where things have went with the story.

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I've been reading your story for past few weeks too! It prompted me to join the site recently :D

I never thought my first post would be to say you made me cry,........... Bo died :cry: LOL

I take fanfic for what it is....as you said....literary license! I love your strory & don't care about timelines & plots so long as it's well written & entertaining! Hope you both write LOADS more!

Love Tracy xxx

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Now that I've finished wiping the tears away and can actually see my computer screen... I have to agree that this is still a great story. It's fiction for goodness sake. I'm sure most of us readers love to read about the characters of Hazzard County getting into situations; some good, some bad; that are difficult to deal with. I myself don't much like when one of the main characters dies, but since you're the writers that's your choice. Even though you killed off good ol' Bo, I'll still continue to read this fabulous fiction. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to reading any other works either of you come up with!

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This is not a good peice of writing any longer. I don't care if it's fiction or not. Bo dieing has completely ruined the story. Not just because he died but also, his dieing means that the bad guys have won! Yeah, I know what you're going to say. You're going to tell me that the bad guys will be charged with and convicted of murder or that the Duke family and/or the townsfolk of Hazzard will get even with them or both, right?

Well, that doesn't matter, in Bo dieing, they have still won. Think back in your own story. The bad guys told Bo that they would get even with him if he told anyone what they was planning and that if he did he and his family would die. Well, now's Bo is literally and physically dead. As for his family, they are dead in a figurative sense because a part of all them died with Bo. Therefore, no matter what happens to the bad guys now, they have won because they got their wish. I don't care what defense you come up with, there is no way you can justify that.

Literary lincense you say? Yeah, I know of it. So what. You could have still written the story in some way where the Dukes had a miracle and Bo pulled through. That would have been far better and far more creative than killing him off just cause he was sick. Saying he died instead of writing about a turn around and Bo getting better all the sudden is simply laziness. Anyone can write that someone is sick and then they die. Where is the creativity in that?

The only thing that could possibly save this story now is if you guys wrote that either Bo or Luke woke up to find that this whole Bo dieing thing was nothing but a nightmare and he's still alive. However, I don't think you guys will do that. One, cause you seem to get more thrills out of being cruel and making people cry. Two, I don't think your creative enough to write it that way. Anyone who takes the easy way out in a story by writing that a sick person dies obviousely isn't very creative.

Thanks a lot for ruining what used to be a good story and thanks a lot for letting the bad guys in your story win. I don't understand why anyone would want to continue reading a Duke story that no longer has Bo, but I guess that's their perrogative.

If you want your story to be good, make this whole Bo dieing thing a bad dream that someone had and write that he's still alive instead of killing him and letting the bad guys win. Otherwise, the story IS ruined.

By the way, good writer's learn from their critics comments, both good and bad. So if you think that your good writers, consider my comments in how you could use them to make your story better instead of just reading your good feedback and simply trying to defend yourself to me.

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well thanks for your so called constructive critisism which acrtually i would call falming actually, and also sorry but you are outnumbered. And while we are flattered that other people are reading this and actually enjoying what we have done, me and B.L. are mainly writing this for our own entertainement but just to justify my point of view here goes.

having Bo make a miraculous turn around would be more silly than him making a mriicle recovery. Lets face it, people die from these illnesses and back then they had none of the high quality medical equipment and drugs they have today. No one is immune to dying from diseases, not even the dukes and not to be mean I am a little bit tired of miraculous recoveries. yes I hate to see a main character die as much as the next person, but where would Harry Potter be now if sirius hadn't died and then dumbledore? It would be like every other childrens book.

Why should we conform to what everyone else does just because you told us to. me and B.l. happen to feel that this is more realistic this way and if you dont like realism then thats fine, everyine us entitled to their own opinion. Thanks for yours but quite frankily we dont agree with them and nor does it seem do some other people.

All said and done, thanks for reading in the past, sorry you dont like what you have now read and good luck with any future projects you embark upon.

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2 points! LOL

1. I read fanfic to enjoy other peoples ideas & stories, so I go where they lead! If I wanted a story to go only one way, that I decided on, I'd have to write it myself! :-?

2. The baddies won!!!!!!!!!!???????? Hmmmmmmm Yeah that is unrealistic! That would never happen in real life would it? *Hopes sarcasm works on here* LOL *No offence intended, just my terrible idea humour*

Keep on writing & I'll keep on reading!

& BL I hope Lulu don't sing too soon! :p

Love Tracy xxx

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