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The odd, the strange, the weird and the goofs!

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I dunno if y'all saw but I did a little thing about the Demise of Daisy's RoadRunner and the phantom head that pops up in the back of the car before it goes off the cliff. A sharp eyed Duke fan pointed that out to us awhile back. (Those of ya that didn't see it, there's a link on the front page of HNet)

Now I'm wonderin'....anybody ever seen any other odd or strange things in episodes of the Dukes?

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Hmm I'll have to watch that episode again on the computer so I can get real close to the screen and pause it. I've not seen anything like that at least I don't recall seeing any such thing right now but I did notice in one of the episodes can't remember which right now but one of the first few seasons John has on a wedding band on his left hand ring finger. It's the only time you ever see it so he must have just forgot to pull it off.


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There's a lot of inconsistencies, especially in the first season eps. Rosco would have a watch on in one scene, and later on it's gone. Same is true with rings.

I suppose if there was a pond-dunk scene coming up, Rosco would shed all the trinkets. Heh heh.

I'm gonna have to watch the Season 1 DVD's again and name some of the eps to look for.


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I know in Mary Kaye's Baby, during the chase scene after the boys pick up Mary Kaye, there's one point where we see Bo driving, then Luke, then Bo again. I don't think there's no indication that they stopped at any point during the sequence of shots that they switched places.

Rosco and his watch and rings, yeah. :) He started out with a turqoise ring which eventually became a black onyx ring which eventually became nothin'. LOL

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In the ghost of general lee, John is wearing socks when he goes to steal the clothes off the scarecrow.

I had to pause it to help my mom with something and I noticed that.

Generally when one goes skinny dipping they take off all their clothes, not take off everything but their socks.

No, I have never been skinny dipping.

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