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Where was the country location in Ca.?

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I know that one of the several locations used is "The Golden Oak Ranch" in Newhall, Ca. I believe this ranch/movie studio is owned by the Walt Disney Co. I am not sure if this the the location which burned a few years back.

I have also heard through a friend in the film production business that some of the "Hazzard town square " shots were filmed on the Warner Brothers lot just outside of L.A. This location should be the same one used as the "old town square" for the "Back to the Future" movies.

You can get more and photos on this by searching "Back to the Future film locations" on the net.

Also - as you probably know the first few shows were filmed in Rockdale County - Newton County, GA. The town square is actually the Covington, Ga town square and it still looks about the same. The Boars nest was located just outside the Covington square area and I believe it is still standing. The hospital, jail, Cooters garage and other locations are all located around the Covington/Oxford/ Conyers Ga area. These locations are basically within a few miles of eachother.

Search "Covington, Ga" on the net for more info. . I believe the official Covington, Ga City webpage has a section on filming locations in and around the city. The same area - hospital, town square and other sites - was also used as the filming location for the "In The Heat Of The Night" tv series.

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Yes most of the locations are still intact down in Covington,Conyers. The Boars Nest is now a church.The town square basically still looks the same. The remains of the Duke farmhouse as far as I know is still standing too.It was going to be tore down but they discovered it was an original old log structure that dates back to the Civil War so the owner of the property has decided at least for now to leave it standing. I have been to all the filming locations down there in my General.

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yes I see few around after "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" in 1989 area like court house and etc what I remember past when first film in coming out then some move in open county area in CA... what I remember not that much.. :)

Oh, yes, I remember that one scene on that show on tv when I was 7 that time because I can remember my younger days at early age. :o I didn't know that about this! :D

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