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10 Random things about yourself


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As you can see Im really bored..so if your as bored as I am then post 10 random things about yourself :)

1. I love freckles <33

2. I have a shoe fetish

3. edit...its not my favorite song anymore

4. I love school ((I look forward to mondays haha))<33

5. I drink water 95% of the time

6. sometimes I talk to myself in a different accent ((lol you know its cool))

7. I cant fall asleep unless my hair smells good

8. I love spending time with my mom

9. I daydream way to much ((mostly about Tom of course))

10. I absolutly love the rain

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Ten plus Randon things about me in Random order

1- I got a B on my first speech in my public speaking class

2- I go to Philadelphia Community College

3- I pick up pennies from the side walk and say or think "find a penny pick it up and all day long your a penny richer."

4- I have four cats

5- I go to bed early (10 pm is the latest I stay up on school nights)

6- I'm a single parent of 3 kids

7- I like to travel

8- I've been to Germany about 10 times (I have Aunts there)

9- My closest sister is 14 years older than me.

10- I used to jump out and yell at cars when I was a teenage in the 80's

11- I have to fall asleep watching tv, usually Dukes or MASH

12- I drink iced tea mostly

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Ten Random Things about Myself.

1. My two favorite shows in 80's was The Dukes of Hazzerd and Knight Rider.

2.I have hazel eyes but I have both parents eye color.

3. I like watching Smallville , and like to buy the season sets when they come out.

4. I work at McDonald's doing the prep from 6am on.

5. My favorite color is Red, and I also like Black and green as well.

6. My favorite cars are in order, 1980's Pontiac Trans Am's, 1969 Dodge Charger's, Porshes(all models) All models of Mustang.

7. Movie's I am looking forward to seeing this year are The Fast and Furious:Tokyo Drifting, Superman Returns, The Knight Rider movie when it comes.

8.I this middle of three, single and not kids and have no pets.

9. I have a July 15th birthday which the number version came up twice on my receipt at work.

10. I like logging on to Hazzerdnet and Photography.

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Alright... since it's only 10 random things in random order, this sounds fun.

1) I hate bannana flavored stuff but I like real bannanas.

2) I only eat smooth peanut butter.

3) I like soft music when I sleep.

4) My mom's birthday is in the same month as mine.

5) I hate pulling my hair back in a pony tail even though I do it all the time out of convience.

6) I have an inflatable pet dinosaur in my room.

7) I like listening to oldies (music from 50's to 60's) even though I wasn't born any where near that time frame.

8) Pineapple is my favorite fruit and I like it on pizza.

9) I broke three catcher's masks when I use to play softball and made softball a contact sport.

10) Chevy is the best auto-maker there is. Period. :wink:

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Ten Random things huh? Well since I'm bored i'll share mine

1. I love anything and everything Dukes Of Hazzard and Smallville.

2. I love horses. I love to read, draw, and ride horses. I have my own Quarter horse/Arabian mare

3. I hate onions and peppers

4.When I go to bed at night I usually fall asleep watching either Dukes or Smallville.

5.I adore my four year old nephew

6.I love reading and writing Dukes and Smallville fanfiction.

7.My favorite kind of car is Dodge Chargers

8.I love hanging out on myspace

9.I'm very close to my Grandpa...have been since I was small

10.my favorite kind of ice cream is plain Vanilla

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Then things about me

1. I'm a history teacher in high school and crazy enough I love my job!

2. I love roses more than anything in the world

3. I'm singing all through the day (most of the time annoying all other people around me LOL)

4. I have a black belt Taekwon-do

5. I recently fall in love with a very sweet boy. (and he loves me to :D )

6. I have a bonsai tree

7.My favorite drink is Tia Maria

8. My favorite food is Pizza

9. My greatest wish is to become a mom (When the time is right!)

10. Is spend way to much money on everything that has to do with clothes, make-up, cosmetics en hairdressing.



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This sounds like fun so here I go...

1. My family is the most important thing in my life.

2. I graduated college with a Bachelor's degree and I got a job that doesn't require any college, but it sure did help with the payscale.

3. I spend all day working on a computer then go home to write fanfiction on my computer while watching DOH.

4. I love going to lawn and garden tractor pulls.

5. My weekend is not complete unless I see Carl Edwards and Earnhart Jr racing around a track.

6. Mexican is my favorite kind of food.

7. I LOVE country music! It doesn't matter to me if its the old classics or the new, I love it all.

8. I like to sit in my dad's shop and watch him and my brother work on engines and other things, but I don't know anything about mechanics except changing my own oil.

9. I almost died when I was 6 years old and was in the hospital for almost a month.

10. My new office at work has a window and I catch myself looking out it constantly.

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1. I played little league and I am a girl

2. I made baseball a contact sport(I broke someone's nose)

3. I play Badminton for my high school

4. My car's name is Flash(I have a custom liscense plate that says FLASH72)

5. My dogs name is Brandy but I like to call her wierd names like Brando

6. I have a 1972 Volkwagon Super Beetle Convertible made in the porche factory, and it is orange with black trim and the interior is the opposite

7. My favorite tv shows are Dukes, Get Smart and Hogans Hero's

8. My favorite movie's are Smokey and the Bandit and The Pink Panther

9. One of my favorite actors is Peter Sellers

10. I'm 16 yrs. old

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OK... 10 things...

1. When I was a kid- (born 75) we hardly ever watched tv- there were 3 shows my dad let me watch- Dukes, Grand ole opry, and football.

2. I only got out of my bedtime curfew on monday nites if football was on...

3. Used to dream of being cooter- able to fix anything.

4. Have run my Derby cars painted as the general before- I don't care what kind of car it is.

5. GAVE my 67 Plymouth to my dad as a bitrthday present100_1842.jpg because it wasn't a 68-70 Charger

6. Bought a tow truck to look like cooter

7. Sold my Snap on rollaway to raise funds to buy a 69 R/T last year, only to roll into the yard and be told that it was no longer for sale...

8. I just bought a metal Dukes lunchbox on e bay to replace the one I had when I was a kid (what got sold @ our yard sale) Mine had all the paint worn off.

9. The waitress ( 6 years ago when i was 24) 86'ed me from the local bar for calling her Daisy too many times...

10. Will have a 69 Charger someday...

Crazy , but true....

Yeah, that's me...

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1 I only snore when I sleep somewhere other than home

2 I have a pair of bright pink/lime green checkerd socks

3 My dogs eat tissues

4 My car's named Betty, a 94 Ford Taurus

5 Today I got a $10 tip from a parent of a kid in my ski lessons

6 I have a little tiny graphite mark in my shoulder from where I stabbed

myself with a really sharp pencil

7 There's a dead antelope watching me

8 My hair smells like rasberries

9 I think I pulled a muscle trying to ice skate on the snow in my ski boots

10 I haven't had time to watch any Dukes in at least a month :cry:

That random enough for ya?! :D

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6 I have a little tiny graphite mark in my shoulder from where I stabbed

myself with a really sharp pencil

7 There's a dead antelope watching me

8That random enough for ya?! :D

I have a graphite mark on my calf from elementary school. I happened to have a pencil hanging out of my calf one day. I never knew how it got there.

and I have to ask, why is there a dead antelope watching you? :-?

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10 or more interesting things about me

1) I have a very,very,very good memory

2) I work with kids who have severe mental disabilities

3) I am in special education most of my day

4) I have hypersensitive senses (say that 5 times fast)

5) I go to bed at 1:00 or 2:00 AM on school nights

6) I'm currently writting a screen play about my friends

7) I was accepted for an acting job (asked for money,didn't do it)

8) I have 2 obsessions, star wars, dukes of hazzard (Of course!)

9) Physical touch by people I hardly know makes me uncomfortable

10) If my dad was born 33 1/2 years later than he was, he would be 1 day older than me

11) I was supposed to be born on Fathers day in 1991 but was born on May 30th

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. My all time favorite TV show is "The Dukes of Hazzard" and always will be. My second favorite TV show is "Dog Whisperer"

2. I have the same birthday as George Clooney (differet year ;) )

3. I have two dwarf hamsters, a cat, a fish, and a dog. My fish is Uncle Jesse, my cat is named Daisy, and one of my hamsters is Cooter. My other hamster is Toby and my dog is Lilly.

4. I use to watch and write C.H.i.P.s fan-fic before switching to the Dukes.

5. I am a big Cubs fan and a big Jeff Gordon / Jimmie Johnson fan

6. I have been on stage with Billy Ray Cyrus

7. I am a teacher assitant in a day care

8. I love to read and write...read lawyer/detective books - or anything Dean Koontz.

9. My favorite Movie is the first Smokey and the Bandit

10. I am listening to Keith Urban's latest CD "Be Here" of whom was the last person I seen in concert.

How's that? ;)

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10 random things about me hmm.....

1. The characters of DOH was my imaginary friends/enemies as the case may be in the 80's.

2.I have a 2 year old chiuahua named Hoss when I went through my Bonanza phase until DOH started showing on CMT.

3. I catch myself daydreaming about the Dukes and running my own episodes in my head.

4. We are looking for a new preacher at my church and the guy who tried out this past Sunday was named Luke and my mind immediately jumped to Luke Duke (bad me should have been paying better attention hehe in my defense I couldnt help it I'm a dukeaholic).

5. On a trip to gulf shores after thanksgiving this year with my two aunts recently widowed grandmother,two cousins and mom we played the alphabet game my 14yr old cousin on her round said she was going to LSU and taking Luke and when I asked Luke who out of curiosity she said Luke Duke and it's her brother who is the DOH fan.

6. In the same game I took Bo to Biloxi then we met Luke at LSU LOL.

7.I have no idea who the rock/rap/pop singers are when I hear their names. I listen to nothing but country except a little of the oldies from the 50's and 60's

8. I at one time hated old fashioned petunias when they overtook all the other flowers in my flower bed but have suddenly grown sentimental about them because they were my deceased grampa's favorite flowers.

9.I am such a dukeholic that I have downloaded a doh desktop theme and installed it on my computer so I can still see and hear the dukes when I'm on the computer.

10.I can totally relate to things in Hazzard County,( lol I told my parents the other day that our county reminded me of hazzard with some of the things that happen here). I also could be a citizen of Hazzard by just the way I talk growing up hearing and using the same country sling they do.

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Okay, aside from being addicted to DOH, here is 10 other things about me.

1. My favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake

2. I've been told by many people that I am a good cook, but I hate cooking.

3. Summer is my favorite season.

4. Some day I want to move to California.

5. I like fashion/beauty mags and have subscribtions to Glamour, Self and Marie Claire

6. My fave comedian is Jeff Foxworthy.

7. I like to dress up for Halloween.

8. My first and middle name is Dixie Lee even though I was born and raised in Michigan, not the South.

9. I like to watch the original Star trek because I get a kick out of Spock and Dr. McCoy.

10. I love hot chocolate with a scoop of mint chocolate chip icecream on top. :p

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  • 3 months later...

10 things, that's all.

1- My favorite movies are the Pirates of the Caribean ones.2's better

2-My favorite color is red

3-My favorite TV shows are the Dukes of Hazzard and Supernatural

4-I like Enos Srate more than Bo Duke

5-I own over 100 movies and I own over 100 CDs

6-My 2 favorite country singers are Dierks Bently and Shania Twain

7- I think the hottest actor ever is Johnny Depp

8-I love reading Harry Potter books.

9- I love my family soooo much

10-I like eating salads

11-I'm 11 yrs. old, I'm a brunette and I have brown eyes

12- I have an obsession with lipgloss.

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  • 3 weeks later...

1. I love my boyfriend to death.

2.I am fiffteen, bo is 16(bo's my boyfriend and he looks like bo duke!)

3.My cousin's are my best friends even the ones who live in kansas.

4. I love all of my family.

5. I love to go skinny dipping, (with Bo).

6. I have 7 pets.

7. I play guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and strumstick.

8. I am an only child.

9. there are twenty five people on my dads side of the family.

10. i love ebay.

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1) I'm know sign langauge and can sign in fluentley

2) I've played piano for 10 years

3) I use to live in Minnesota

4) I want to go to college and my minor either as: Egyptianology or Journalism (ha ha. Yes, these are complete opposites)

5) I want to go to Africa and spend months there studying the animals and their behaviors and visit Valley of the Kings

6) I am a horseback rider

7) I'm a counsloer in the summer

8) I hate feet

9) Even though I love country, I'm also a Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble freak

10) I'm obsessed (obviously with Dukes) and Pirates of the Caribbean

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1) I'm know sign langauge and can sign in fluentley

Wow, I never knew that! :o

1) I'm deaf

2) Born in Cincinnati

3) born deaf and had mild celebral palsy

4) I know ASL because I sign a lot

5) I have a younger sister (b. August 7th, 1985) and 2 older half brothers - (b. October 2nd, 1970) and (b. December 5th, 1974)

6) I'm the first born of my dad's and third born of my mom's

7) I love aminals yes execpt snakes, skunks, bees no way

8) fav. color is red

9] I graduated hs at my deaf school in 2001

10) I love all the 80's tv shows like the Dukes are some of my favorites since I was younger.

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  • 5 months later...

Ten random things about me? I'll try to post the more interesting tidbits.

1. I was born in Texas but left the US on Halloween 1995 to move to Germany.

2. My husband of nearly 12 years was once my email pen pal.

3. I'm old enough to remember having watched the original Dukes of Hazzard broadcasts on TV.

4. I had a diehard crush on Enos / Sonny when I was about 10 years old, and am still a huge fan of the character (thus the handle).

5. My first trip out of the US was to Russia in 1992 to study the language. (That was the last time I actually said 'y'all' in casual conversation.)

6. I love to travel, and have been to 18 different countries in the last 15 years.

7. I have made over 100 teddy bears by hand, the smallest about 15 centimeters the largest over a meter in length.

8. I tend to laugh just like Enos, you know, that laugh when he's particularly feeling shy or nervous. :D

9. I can speak German fluently, though I do most of my writing work in English.

10. After moving to Germany, I lost my southern accent and adapted a more German dialect. I now speak English in a sort of mish-mosh manner. :wink:

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  • 9 months later...

Recently read a condensed verison on two acquaintances blogs. How cool to find there was already a thread archived here.

1. Favorite Color - Gray

2. Favorite Flower - Daisy

3. Favorite Jacket Color - Purple Suede

4. Most collected item - bandanas.

5. Favorite healthy food - Romaine lettuce, strawberries and pecans salad.

6. Favorite junk food - french fries

7. Favorite type of story - a well written one

8. Easily lose track of time when there are pictures are available to edit or stories to read

9. Favorite casino/card game - BlackJack

10. Favorite breakfast - eggs, toast, bacon and hash browns or omelette.

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