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When was the General Lee Black.


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Good grief - the show lasted longer then Knight Rider or the A-Team for crying out loud. Why oh why do they always have to cancel the best shows to ever come out on t.v? All the best shows from the 1980's were pretty much some of the best shows to ever grace the t.v. At least they are bringing them out on Dvd now. Can't wait to get them all - or at least the ones from the shows that I liked.

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If any of you have ever played "Dukes of Hazzard Return of the GENERAL LEE" You will see that the General in the game is black at first. The Dukes were remanising (SP) on when they first got the General. They went to the scrapyard to get the upgrade parts, then they had to beat Cooter to his gerage in a race. He said "If you boy can beat me to my gerage, Ah will build you your dream car...". Don't know too sure if that is how it went in the seiries, but that was how the game put it.


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There was a black Charger in "The Fast and the Furious" movie, which didn't appear until towards the end...only to be smashed pretty bad. (Broke my heart to see it, too.)

Another fine black Charger is in the old movie "Bullit". The movie itself isn't that hot, but it's worth renting for the chase scene. I tend to fast forward to the chase and skip the rest of the flick. If I recall correctly, the Charger ends up being incinerated by crashing into some gas pumps.

And there was also a black Charger in the original "Cannonball" movie. (which had no affiliation with the later "Cannonball Run." ) This Charger also suffers ill fortune, by careening over the edge of an incomplete freeway.

Ya know, upon reflection....it's a damn good thing the Dukes painted the General orange, given the track record for black Chargers.


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Not sure if this interests any one, but Im currently building a model of a 1970 Dodge Charger. The Black Dodge Charger (Known as "The Beast" to my friends an I.) in the The Fast and The Furious was a 1970 Dodge Charger, it wasnt a 1969 like General Lee was. I bought the 1970 model specifically to build a car that is to scale to my creation, the General Lee's Ghost.

It is very unfortunet that all these beautiful Chargers were destroyed in these movies. There was also a black Dodge Charger in the first and the second movie of "Blade." I thought it would just be nice to share that Im building a Charger from the Black Charger model from the fast and the furious. If that makes any sence lol.

Oh an by the way, no worries, General Lee's Ghost is white, not black.

8) ~Chet

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Hmmm...if black Chargers cause them to wreck, but the General survived because it was orange...maybe Rosco, Enos, and Cletus should get the police car from "The Blues Brothers!" That car lasted the whole movie without a scratch! Although it did in a winnebego. :lol:

ROFL! Yes, but remember what happened to the car once they made it to the Cook County Assessor's office. Reminded me of what's happened to Rosco and Enos' patrol cars sometimes. :D

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Once they got there, and got out of the car, they were no more than two feet away from it when the whole things just fell apart. Fenders fell off, the trunk pops open, the engine goes up in a puff of smoke, the works. Elwood pauses and takes his hat off to it. And then Jake grabs him and is like "C'mon!!!" ROFL

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The first time I was reminded of the black General Lee was when I went to Cooter's Place in Gatlinburg, TN (Dukes Museum) and I saw a 1:18 scale American Muscle model of it. I saw a gold General model, too, with the racing digits, the flag, everything on it. Anyone know the significance of that?

ERTL/American Muscle have made many variations of the 1:18 General Lee over the years - I'll try to cover most of them - I'm sure there are a few missing:

2000 32485 - Orange General with black interior (I think this had Florida plates).

2000 32485k - Black General Lee chase car - no graphics (1000 made).

2001 32485b - Correct beige interior (I think plates were corrected).

2001 32878 - Orange General Lee with matching 1:64 car (5000 made).

2001 31435 - Body Shop General Lee (kit).

2002 33041 - Race Day General Lee with unfinished graphics and primered hood/fenders.

2003 33397 - Barris Edition General Lee with certificate (3000 made).

2003 33397ch - Barris Edition 18ct gold plated General Lee (100 made).

2005 32485d - General Lee dirty (TV box).

2005 2485db - Supercars dirty black General Lee with graphics (252 made).

2005 32485gp - Supercars 22ct gold plated General Lee (8 made).

2005 39181 - Orange General Lee (movie box).

2005 39181ch - Chrome General Lee chase (movie box, 1000 made).

2005 39181ch2 - Polished (silver) General Lee, Evergreen Toys exclusive (movie box, 600 made).

2008 39505 - Authentics (high detail) General Lee (5000 made).

2008 29666 - Supercars Authentics black General Lee with graphics (Authentics box, 1002 made).


2008 29666k - Supercars Authentics black General Lee without graphics (Dukes box, 150 made).


As well as General Lees they have also made:

2001 33043 - Ford Mustang #00 with flames and matching 1:64 car.

2007 39406 - 1974 Dodge Monaco Police car.

Supercars auctioned 2 of the 22ct gold plated cars on eBay last year - they went for about $1500 each.


They have a 22ct gold plated dirty General Lee (#32485apg - again only 8 made) being auctioned this August (see link below).


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