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House, M.D.

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I like this show even though I rarely get the chance to watch it. House is such a jacka** most of the time and I have to laugh. Of course if I was treated like that in real life I wouldn't be laughing.

I love the fact that he's rude and abrasive :D It's really what makes the character. Some of the stuff he says is also just so outragous I have to love him.

Although my favorite character is Chase, he's just one of those multi-layered angsty characters. That and he's a pretty boy... Really that's also how I chose who I liked better between Bo and Luke.


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I've only seen House a few times and I the times I have I have liked it but I'm not a huge fan of it.

House is rude and abrasive. I'll totally agree with that statement. It's probably why I can't really get into the show is because he is such a sharp edged arrogant jerk. However the concepts they cover in the show are possible. The medical and science knowledge is superb. It's why I was intrigued when I have watched the show. However, I had a Genetics Professor, who got into the show as well and pretty much has an attitude like House and kind of ruined things for me.

The science in it is great; however I think I'll stick to CSI. Yet it's a very good show, and has very good writers for it. For anyone who does love angst and medical dramas, House is a good one. Personally, I like it better than Grey's Anatomy, however I rather be watching CSI.

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