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Angels of Judgement

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Well, I would'a posted this idea on Fanfiction net, but I don't know where to take it. So I reckon I outa have other loyal DOH fans adding to it.

Now remember, before reading this know that I'm not sadistic; I just like messing with my faves. BTW, you are free to use the OC, David in this, and elaborate on his subordanates.

Also, I know it's not really my place, but I ask that you don't stray from the origanal feel of the story. By that I mean that this is supposed to be an angst/suspense story, don't turn it into a comedy. Of course typical Dukes humor is allowed, just-I should shut up now shouldn't I? Here it is:


David Cutter smiled cunningly as he straightened out his utility vest. His black hair, gelled so it was slicked back although his bangs hung at the side of this face. The emblem on the sleeve of his turtleneck undershirt was that of a woman with a scale in hand and a male angel with black wings holding a black sword.

The lawman, they called him when he first started the buisness nearly 14 years ago, when he was 17; his buisness. A mercenary for those able to pay, and a punisher for places where modern day bandits ran free and the word of law meant nothing. Eventually he made a buisness out of it, recruiting 5 other members into his posse. They went whereever they were called and removed...problems so to speak.

It was one thing when they worked alone, another thing entirely when they worked in pairs. David found that there was nothing better than a public execution. Not only did it detuer anyone else from ever breaking the law in any way again, it also left the partner/s with everlasting memory of their friend's death.

David smirked again, walking over to the window of his hotel room. It had a nice view of Hazzard square, but not really the kind of view he preferred for the up-coming scene. So sad...that pretty boy had such a lovley cousin too. If he wasn't hanging her cousin, David might have considered getting some action. Then again, his subordanates were cutthroat, and they'd only had arresting jobs the past couple times. They were bored and wanted actual blood. In his self-proclaimed wisdom, Hogg had signed the full contract without looking through the fine print, stating that David and his 'lawmen' could do anything they wanted to take care of Hogg's problem.


"Bo..." Luke began, his hands on the prison bars, staring in at his younger cousin.

The blond man shook his head, "Cuz'...don't you'll just make it harder on yourself." Bo forced a smile, in a pathetic attempt to cheer his cousin up. "Luke, I'm afraid. I ain't gonna lie to you. But these people are dangerous. You try to save me, they'll kill you...uncle Jesse and Daisy too."

"I know Cuz'," Luke stopped, trying to keep the tears off his face, "I just...this isn't right. It isn't an execution it's...it's a goddamn lynching." He reached out, delicatly hugging Bo through the bars.

Bo sighed, he was scared. Moreso than he had been in a long time. He was gonna die this time, and no one could get him out of it. But knowing he had to keep strong for his family. He didn't want their last memories of him to be bawling like a baby and beggin' for his life.


Daisy, Uncle Jesse and Luke were in the front, a huge crowd had gathered behind. Mostly because they wanted to see if it was really gonna happen.

Bo and David were standing on top of the General, a noose at Bo's height and his hands handcuffed behind his back, David smiled at Bo's horrified expression. Four of his soldiers at the base of the car to prevent any interference each carrying an M16 and a semi auto handgun did that just fine; Claire, the redheaded explosives expert, was in the car, ready to speed out from under Bo's feet as soon as David gave the word.

"This," David said over the crowd, "Is a man about to die for varied and continuous crimes against Hazzard County-"

"Give me a break!!!" Luke roared from below, "God knows that Boss's never been able to make them charges stick!?"

"Can a DA make the charges against most drug lords 'stick'?...No? Well then I suggest you step down, ulness you want my trigger happy men to open fire on your precious comunity?"

Luke stepped back, tears streaming down his face, "Bo...god please...not like this." Uncle Jesse put his arm around his nephew and looked up at Bo.

Bo faked another smiled and swallowed nervously, "Cummon, ya'll, smile: heaven knows it's my last chance..." A couple tears came from his eyes, sliding down his cheeks and falling off his jaw. His lower lip trembled, even when he tried to keep his face serene. There was no hiding his pure and simple terror.

At this moment, Boss Hogg decided he'd had enough. He pushed his way through the crowd, Rosco not far behind. "Now, now, now! Mr. Cutter, I signed that contract because I wanted them Duke boys out of my hair-"

"You don't have any hair Boss." Rosco interjected with his usual horrid timing.

"oh hush up," Boss snapped then turned back to David. "Lookit here, I never wanted anyone to be hurt. Now please let him live and I'll pay double."

David raised an eyebrow, "Oh really...double for the life of this scum...not a chance." David grabbed the noose, and roughly draped it over Bo's head. Bo tilted his head down instinktivly to the rope on his neck.

"Alright! Alright! I'll tripple it!"

The 'lawman' smirked, "No...this man is a scoundral, a liar, and a man with clear disregard for the law. If a man like me or my soldiers had a disregard for the law, then we'd all be on death row for mass murder. Besides you signed a contract."

"I'll give you my farm." Uncle Jesse tried to bargain.

"I'll give you quadruple!" Boss bargained.

The lawman tightened the noose around Bo's neck. The young man clearly jumped because of the violent manner David had tightened it. "Pathetic..." He bent down with a belt, and wrapped it around Bo's ankles, he tied it off, and lept down from the car. "Really, Mr. Duke, if you have anything to say I suggest you say it now."

"I'll do just that," Bo growled. "Look ya'll, I really appreciate what you tried to do just there. I guess that settles the debate on whether Boss has a heart or not. Luke...You're like a brother to me; I struggled all night on what I could say to you, or if it were best not to tell you how I felt."

Luke couldn't help it, "I..."

Boss interupted, "That's enough! Rosco, cuff an' stuff these here mercenaries for attempted murder!"

He gave his tradmark spatz response, "Gk gk, I'll cuff em' an' stuff em' all right." However when he tried to approach the General, the brunete woman with the group lowered an M16 in Rosco's face.

"No you won't..." She cooed.

"No I won't..." Rosco repeated.

The south american man with the big muscles walked up to Rosco and shoved him back into the crowd.

David raised his hand and gave a gesture to Claire, the woman sped out from under Bo, leaving the Duke sliding into empty space, and jerking to a stop. The rope crushing his wind pipe and cutting off all oxygen.

Now, if I had a nickel for every time the boys got out of a mess like this; but I jus' don't see it this time.

**Four days ealier***



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Toshia giggled as she wrapped her arm around Bo`s waist.Oh,how much she had missed being in Hazzard,how much she had missed Bo.Her roommate and her had parted ways after a major augrument about Toshia moving to Hazzard.Luke`s words brought her out of her thoughts.

"I wonder who than man was who just came out of the back with Boss?"

Bo replied thoughtfully,"I dunno,Cousin.He don`t look to pleasant does?"

"Not in the least bit," Luke agreed.

Toshia`s heart nearly stopped cold in her chest.Swallowing heavily,she said,"That`s David.Bo,Luke he`s the leader of this band called Angels of Judgement.They will kill anyone that they,in their minds,are breaking the law.Unless,"she added,her voice bitter,"You`re a pretty face."She turned to them,her eyes filled with tears,"Please stay out of trouble.I don`t want you hurt."She began to cry.

Bo wrapped his arm around her,"We won`t,I promise.Unless he tries to hurt you."Even as he said those words,something weiged on his mind.'How did she know him?"


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* one day earlier*

"Hey Daisy," Luke smiled at his cousin as he pulled up a chair at the Boars Nest.

"Well hey y'all. Do you want something to drink?"

"Thanks Dais, but I got to go pick up Toshia."

"Well what am I suppose to do?" Luke asked. "sit and widdle wood?" he said sarcastically.

"Sure. Why not?" Bo smirked, "i'll be back, don't worry."

"That's what you said last time, and you were gone for nearly six hours! I had to wait 'round for Daisy, and I still haven't paid off that bill yet." he laughed.

"Ah Luke, well I promise I'll be back withink an hour." and just before leaving he turned back and smirked, "And Daisy, cut him off after five would ya? Or else it's a very loong ride home with it." he laughed.

"Funny" Luke smirked a threw a handful of peanuts at him as he scampered out the door.

Bo slid through the eindow of the General and took off roaring towards Toshia's house. He didn't even notice, but there was a black car following some distance back.

"We'll get him soon enouh." David evily smiled.

cue: anyone

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4 days ealier

Boss grinned at the young man sitting across from him, "Hello mister Cutter."

"Hello Mr. Hogg." David nodded in acknoledgment of the older man, "You called I believe?"

At first Boss looked puzzled and then remembered, "Ah, yes, yes. A friend of a friend told me about yer little organization?"

"Of course, what exactly appears to be the problem."

"Now you see there're these Dukes, the worst band of wolves you ever did meet-"

David interupted Boss with a laugh, "I beg to differ Mr. Hogg. You obviously haven't met my men yet..."

The older man looked rather annoyed at the interuption, "As I was sayin', I need you to cuff an' stuff the two boys Bo and Luke."

"I promise I'll get the problem out of your hair...naturally, for a price."

Boss nodded waiving his cigar around haphazzardly, "Yes, just let me sign whatever you want me to sign."

Reaching into his suitcase David grabbed the arrest-only file and then thought differently, this man obviously had no idea what he was getting into, and some country hick would be easy pickings for them. His soldiers also hadn't had any real blood in quite some time. David then grabbed for the full contract, the on that enabled them to do whatever they wanted. He held it out infront of Boss, hoping that the man didn't read it first.

Boss, as David suspected, didn't read it and signed the papers. The dark haired man grabbed the papers up, and stuffed them in his suit case, "Thank you mister Hogg, this problem will be out of your way before you know it." He turned around and walked toward the door.

"Wait!" Boss said suddenly.

Sudden annoyence raced though David's mind as he turned around, "Yes...?" He cooed.

"You won't be hurtin' the Duke boys will ya?"

David flashed a cunning smile; saying nothing he opened the door and stalked outside into the noisiness of the bar.


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Dave left Boss's office and went outside to his car. Daisy looked up as he stalked out of his office and saw Boss's fat little face squinch up, shrug, and slam the door. She watched as Dave walked out. "haven't seen him in here before." she thought to herself.

"we got two new cases. A Bo and Luke Duke." he said to his buddy sitting in the drivers seat of the car, Mike.

"What are we hired to do? Arrest them?"

"Nope, whatever we want to do." Dave smiled.

Mike glanced and gave him a crooked grin, "What ya got in mind?"

"Hitting them with everything in the book." he grinned.

Bo and Luke were at Cooters, working on the Genearl. not knowing their lives were in danger...

*later that night*

cue: anyone

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  • 1 month later...

Toshia smiled at Uncle Jesse. "This catfish is great as always,"she told the older man.

"Why,thank you,Toshia." He smiled back,gently.

"Uncle Jesse?"Daisy looked as if she was pondering something.


"Have you heard any rumours about Boss getting a new buisness partner?"

Jesse looked surprised. "No. Why?"

Toshia opened her mouth to say something to Daisy,when someone knocked on the door.

"I`ll get it," Luke told them.

He opened the door. There was a man in a gray buisness suit. His eyes were a lovely sky blue,his hair a sleek black.

"Yes. Um,my car broke down outside and I was wondering if I could borrow your phone to call the local mechanic?"

Luke smiled at the stranger. "You sure can Come in." He opened the door wider to let in the man. Luke led the man into the living room. "Here`s the phone."

Since supper was finished,Daisy had to leave for a late shift at the Hog`s Head,Luke and Uncle Jesse went into the barn to work on the tractor,and Bo and Toshia decided to go on a walk,leaving the man alone in the house.

After three rings,the phone was picked up by a stick thin man with oily skin and hair,and an even oilyer voice. "Yes? Who is this?"

"Josh. Get me David."

The stick man sneered. "What for?"

"Tell him,I`m in the Dukes` house."

Someone came up from behind the oily man and snatched the phone away. David`s voice came harshly over the phone. "What is it?"

"I`m in."

David`s manner changed immeadiatly. "Good. Find out what you can. Where are the criminals?"

"Curly and the old geezer is in the barn,sugar went to work at Hogg`s bar,and Blondie and his girl went for a walk."

David grinned evily. "Good. Find out what you can before they get back."

"You got it,boss."

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  • 3 months later...

*day of the execution*

Bo danganled there. He fought hard, but couldn't escape the slipknot.

Luke struggled as well, watching, unable to do anything. His mind was trying to figure any way out of this. Rosco and Enos's guns might have enough to take out all of them. But there would be no guarantee Luke would get to either one before those M16s could start firing into the crowd.

Bo was loosing strength. His struggles were dimming.

I have to do something...To hell with death. I couldn't live if I let them take him from me without a fight.

CUE anyone


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