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The Postmisstress Continues

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NOTE: The names Pauline and John Duke are the names of Jeb Duke’s parents but they are not the characters of the same names created by JadedPhoenixBurning and Dixie Davenport.

Bo parked Luke's truck behind the Boar's Nest, he'd never hear the end of it, if there was one little ding or scratch when he returned it to Luke. Going around to the passenger side, opening the door, putting an arm around her shoulders, as they went around to the door. "Why'd you park in back?" BL asked, then continued "plenty parking here in front, it's Sunday." Bo moved his arm, guided BL inside with a hand at the small of her back "one little ding or scratch and Luke would kill me," Bo replied.

“Yeah, you are right. I see your point” BL said as they walked into the bar.
Daisy had just taken over for her friend when she saw Bo and BL heading toward a back table. 
Meanwhile, at still site 4, Luke had not been at all expecting Dixie's gift box, its contents nor all it implied. He knew he was going to have to say something, but at the moment, he was trying hard just to breathe. 
Dixie was still crying, "See, this is all wrong."
Luke gently pulled Dixie down to his level. " No, no, it's not. We can head over to Chickamahoney tonight, right now. We’ll surprise everyone in the morning, then in a couple weeks, we can surprise them again."
Dixie replied in tears, "I won't trap you, Luke Duke."
"It seems to me I asked before you told me." He moved in for a long, deep kiss.

Dixie melted against Luke as they kissed passionately.
At the Boar’s Nest, Daisy brought Bo and BL a beer, knowing they’d want one, “Where’s Luke and Dixie?” Daisy asked, putting the beers on the table, it was unusual to see one couple without the other. Both BL and Bo shrugged their shoulders, “Luke traded me keys tonight, said Dixie wanted to ‘get lost’ for a while,” Bo said. BL knew why Dixie wanted to ‘get lost’ with Luke but she couldn’t say, that was for Dixie to tell ‘if’ she wanted, her news would show itself in a few months anyway whether Dixie was ready to tell or not.
“I better get back to work before Boss catches me,” Daisy said, then went back to the bar.
BL sipped her beer wondering how things were going with Dixie and Luke.

Luke had pulled Dixie even closer as the kiss intensified. He could feel every part of her melting in his arms. There wasn't anything he wanted right now more than for them to continue this moment, but he knew better. With every ounce of willpower he could muster up, Luke broke the kiss, helped Dixie to her feet, and started off for General Lee. He smiled at the sight of the old car in the moonlight that was so much more than just a car. He was a friend, family even, and yes, Dixie had chosen tonight's transportation perfectly. He helped her through the window, got in and cranked up the General's still powerful engine. Once at the road, Luke looked at Dixie, then turned toward Chickamahoney.

Back at the Boar’s Nest, Cooter had just come in and sat down at the table with BL and Bo asking “where’s Luke and Dixie?” Bo told him the same as he’d told Daisy. Daisy came over, “hey, want a beer sugar?”Daisy asked. “Ya’ll want a refill”, she asked Bo and BL, getting three ‘yes’s; she brought the drinks over. The three friends talked awhile, Cooter only having the one beer before getting a wrecker call, “sorry I got to run out on ya’ll like this but old man Rich ran in a ditch.” Cooter said. Left alone again Bo got up, holding out a hand “wanna dance?” BL nodded ‘yes’, taking Bo’s hand, heading to the dance floor.

Cooter managed to get old man Rich out of the ditch, but not without getting muddy. By the time Cooter got home he figured everyone would be paired up and heading out by the time he made it back to the Boar's Nest. He picked up the phone and told Bessie Mae who was working the switchboard tonight that he had the wrecker and was home for the night unless he got a call from her or the CB.

Luther was still up reading the paper when he heard Cooter's phone conversation. It was a bit early for Cooter to be in. "So, why are you home so early?"
"Old man Rich got himself stuck in a ditch." He motioned to his muddy work pants, "I needed to clean up before going back out, but figured it would be too late by then."
"Any chance your sister may be thinking of heading here tonight?" Luther asked. 
Cooter shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. I haven't seen her tonight."
Luther gave him a questioning look.
Cooter told his father the rest of what he knew. "Bo had Luke's truck tonight. He said Luke told him that Dixie wanted him to take General Lee....." He paused before finishing Bo's statement. 
A bit lower, he said, "So they could ‘get lost’ awhile."
Luther dropped his paper a bit, looking over the top of it.
Cooter added, "That's what I was told."
Luther mumbled something under his breath.
Cooter decided the tub was calling him.

Luther had lightened up on Dixie and Luke a couple weeks ago after unknown to anyone but them, he had been approached by Bill McCormick. They had talked a couple of hours one day at the Boar's Nest when it had only been the two of them and the bartender. 
Bill had asked Luther if they could have a conversation. He had been the father of a young girl who dated Luke on and off for several years. Bill had very much been against the idea, but found Luke grew on him. By the time young love had crashed and burned for the last time, he had to admit that he had missed having the young man around. After his daughter became involved with and then married Luke's high school football rival, Bill had to also admit that he would have much rather had the young Duke as a son in law. He frankly told Luther that Dixie could do far worse for herself.
Luther was still looking at the paper but had no idea what it said. He was thinking back years ago when Luke had been so much a part of his garage, wrecker service, and his own family. He had been so set on protecting his daughter that he drove both her and Luke away. Had he been so wrong back then. Was he wrong now, that seeing them together grated on his last nerve?

At the Duke Farm, Jesse closed his own paper, went to the kitchen and turned off the stove under the coffee pot, turned on the back porch light and cut off all the other lights except the night light of the kitchen. He took the last cup of coffee to his room where he planned to read his Bible a bit before turning in.
At the Boar’s Nest, BL pulled Bo back toward their table, “let’s sit this one out, I’m plumb wore out”, BL said. “Alright”’, Bo said. Someone kept selecting one good song after another on the jukebox. The couple finished their beers while they talked about the fall harvest dance coming up in a couple months. BL looked at her watch seeing that it was getting late “we better go, I got to work tomorrow and Sadie’s going to think I abandoned her,” Bo and BL went out to Luke’s truck, Bo helping her in, then getting in behind the steering wheel. BL then slid across the seat next to him. Bo cranked up, putting his arm around BL as he drove back to the farm so BL could get her car.

At the Duke farm, Jesse heard Luke’s F250 pickup but he wouldn’t do more than doze until he heard Daisy come home from work and General Lee, then he would be able to sleep better knowing all his ‘kids’ were home safe. “Looks like Uncle Jesse’s done gone to bed,” BL said, seeing the dark farmhouse. “Yeah, so guess I’ll see you tomorrow after work at the Boar’s Nest.” Bo said. “Don’t know if I’ll make it to town before then, that storm we had last night blew some trees on the fences close to the house, got to check the rest, remove trees and start mending the fences tomorrow,” Bo said.

BALLADEER: See Uncle Jesse don’t work on Sunday except the daily chores that have to be done because Sunday's a day of rest.

“I’ll see ya after work then,” BL replied, Bo leaned in for a long kiss before BL got in her GTO heading home. She had seen Dixie’s Thunderbird still at the Duke farm but just figured her cousin and Luke wasn’t back yet. She hoped Dixie was off tomorrow or her tail would be dragging at work.

Several hours ago, Luke had felt each one of the landings he had made and wanted nothing more than to stay home. Now, it was the wee hours of the morning. Dawn was due in about an hour. He now felt about seventeen as he turned the General Lee into the Duke drive and promptly cut the engine at just the right spot to drift into his normal place. Luke got out, checked his truck hood, it was cold, he then helped Dixie out and stopped her as she headed toward the back door and the porch light. 
Luke held his finger to his lips, took her hand as he led her around the front of the house and to the window of his and Bo's room. Luke peered through the window. Bo was asleep and turned toward the door in his normal sleeping position. Luke eased the window up, stepped inside, checked Bo, and he hadn't moved. He then helped Dixie in the window.

Once inside both their hands began to wander as clothes were discarded. Dixie had the forethought to take claim of Luke's discarded T-shirt. Luke pulled his covers back, getting into the twin bed facing away from Bo. For once he was glad that Bo could sleep through a train driving through their room and never wake up. He pulled Dixie in beside him and covered them both. As he figured it, they had about an hour to snuggle before the roof came off the house.

Pulling in her driveway BL halfway thought Dixie and Luke might be here but the porch light was off and inside the house was dark too. Going inside BL was greeted by Sadie spinning in circles, tail wagging 90 miles an hour, “Hey girl! Did you miss me?” BL said as she got down on her knees petting the excited dog. After a few minutes, BL went down the hallway to take a shower, Sadie at her heels. After a hot shower, BL left the bathroom light on, so Dixie wouldn’t fall and break her neck  when she did come in. Getting ready for bed, BL read her latest book for a bit, to unwind. Putting her book on the nightstand, turning out the lamp and hugging Sadie BL wondered where Dixie was. A few hours later BL got up to go to the bathroom, the light was still on, which meant Dixie still wasn't home.Taking care of business, BL went to the living room, it was too early to get ready for work but she knew there would be nomore sleep for her. Sadie sensed her master’s worry and hopped up on the couch, laying her head in BL’s lap, “Think I should call Luke, see if he knows where Dixie is?” BL received a groan from Sadie as if the dog was saying ‘not your best idea.’

At the Duke farm, Jesse Duke put the coffee on, expecting Luke to be heading out to start the chores. When Luke didn’t appear after 5 minutes, Jesse went to the boys room to check on them. Knocking before opening the door Jesse saw the discarded clothing, some of which was women’s “WHAT IN SAM HILL IS GOING ON HERE?!!”

Daisy heard Uncle Jesse's bellow across the hallway. She jumped up, grabbed her robe and opened her door. She saw the door to the boys room open and stepped to the door. 
Bo was moving on instinct only as he was not fully awake. He had jerked his covers off and nearly jumped out of his own skin. He had set up facing the door and was now scrambling to pick up his jeans, shirt and boots. Why he wasn't sure but felt like he was late for something.
Right now Luke rethinking last night's decision to come home. He had expected to be woken up by Jesse and have a lot of explaining to do, but Jesse Duke was awake, his dander was up and he was off on a rant. Luke had also sat up on his side of the twin bed facing Bo's bed. Glad that he had put on pajama bottoms, he also began gathering his clothes while trying to get a word in Jesse's rant.
Dixie had thought Luke's plan wasn't a great idea, but she had gone along with it. They both knew everyone would have a good laugh about this later, after Jesse calmed down. She had on Luke's t-shirt that was a bit roomy on her. She took the blanket with her as she slid her jeans on and then turned to watch Luke try to explain things to Jesse.
"You all know I don't run no brawdy house here. Ya'll may not have had a curfew in years, but this is still my house, Luke I ought to take you to the barn and I still might! You know I have never held to ya’ll messing around.....
After trying to get a word in several times, Luke reached behind him and took Dixie's left hand and held her hand up with his left hand. The new gold bands sparkled across the dimly lit room.

Jesse’s rant stopped cold, when Luke held up his and Dixie’s left hands. “You're married!!” Daisy squealed with excitement. Bo couldn’t get out of the room with Uncle Jesse and Daisy standing in the doorway, so when Uncle Jesse hushed, he turned back toward Luke, seeing the new gold rings just as Daisy squealed.

BL decided to drive out to Hounddog lake, just as the sky was beginning to lighten “c’mon Sadie let’s go for a ride. Gloria Kravitz had gotten used to the Davenport girls coming and going, she had even learned what both cars sounded like, so hearing BL leave so early she wondered aloud “I wonder where she’s going this early? It ain’t time for the post office to open. BL drove out to Hounddog lake, the sun just beginning to peek over the trees, any other morning she would have taken in the beauty but today she was preoccupied, no sign of General Lee here either. BL didn’t know what to do now as she drove around to a few more places looking for Dixie, she didn’t want to raise the alarm by calling Dixie or Luke on the CB and calling the Duke farm on the telephone would only get the gossip mill going.

Bo was still not awake fully. He processed the information just a bit slower than Daisy had but finally said, "Luke? Really? Married?? Really ya'll got married??"
Luke knew it would take more than the rings to convince Jesse. He had already reached in his pocket for an unofficial copy of the marriage license that he handed to Jesse as he grinned mischievously at Bo and replied, "Yep. That there is the unofficial copy. Reverend Frawley, said he'd  have this one registered today at the courthouse."
Jesse looked at the paper in his hand. This was a day he never thought he would see. Here one of his boys had finally at least started to prove him wrong. Jesse had been certain that the chances of any of them settling down and starting a family was about the same chance as hogs producing beef. "Well, now, Lucas we might just forget about that trip to the barn, but we's still gonna have ourself a talk later. Unless ya'll forgot, we still have a farm to run here and don't you two married people have jobs to get to?"
"No, Sir, we fixed that last night. After chores and breakfast, we still have another whole side of the family to tell." Luke remembered.
Dixie had gathered the rest of her clothes and was trying to make her way to the bathroom, "I'll just step across the hall so these guys can get dressed then I'll come help you and Daisy fix breakfast."

Jesse headed for the kitchen, closing the bedroom door behind himself. Daisy hurried back to her room thinking about what all was needed for a small reception/get-together for the two families. Dixie came out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen to help with breakfast. Jesse smiled at Dixie “well welcome to the family,” Jesse said.

"I told him that wasn't the best way to tell ya'll." Dixie said.
"Well, now, I handle that." Jesse said with a bit of a grin. 
Dixie couldn't help herself, "You know there were times I thought this day would never happen."
Jesse handed her a cup of coffee, "Truer words have never been spoken."
Once they were alone in their room, Bo was now more awake and trying to catch up. 

"Luke you really got married? Bo asked, he still couldn’t believe it, even though Luke had shown Uncle Jesse the marriage license. “Yes Bo, I really got married,” Luke replied. “Why all the sudden?” Bo knew Luke liked Dixie, maybe loved her but he didn’t think Luke was ready to settle down yet. You said that day a while back, when me, Daisy, Cooter and BL thought ya’ll went to Chickamahoney hat we’d all be the first to know,” Bo reminded Luke. “We’re telling ya first ain’t we?” Luke replied. “Yeah, ” Bo said but what he’d meant was they all wanted a heads up, so they could go too as the witnesses. “Didn’t want to wait another day, I love her Bo,” Luke answered Bo’s question about ‘why so sudden’ truthfully without telling their other reason just yet. Luke wanted it to look like Dixie got pregnant soon after the wedding.

"Come on Bo, let's get at it so we can catch Luther and Cooter before the garage fills up." Luke said. He looked forward to this conversation with his new father-in-law like he would a root canal.

BL was still out driving around looking for Dixie and Luke, since it was still a while before she needed to go back to town and open the post office. As she neared the eDuke farm, the General Lee’s one of a kind paint job could be seen from the road. “How about we get some answers, huh girl?" BL said, turning the steering wheel hard, pulling in the driveway and parking beside Uncle Jesse’s pickup truck. “C’mon Sadie,” BL had just opened the back screen door, when Bo and Luke came out the kitchen door. “Mornin Darlin, whatcha doing out this early?” Bo asked giving BL a kiss.  The “Looking for our cousins, Dixie still wasn’t home when I went to bed. I wasn’t worried until I got up to go to the bathroom in the wee hours and she still wasn’t home,” BL said. 

“Bo let’s go back inside a minute,” Luke said as he purposely slid his left hand in his pocket.
Bo grinned wild. Chores put off a few minutes and now that he was fully awake, he wouldn't miss this for the world. "Sure. This ought to be great!"
BL looked at Bo's unusual reaction, "What should be great?"
Luke just guided her toward the kitchen.

Sadie followed them back through the screen door but stayed on the screened porch. She didn’t normally go in the house, not because Uncle Jesse said ‘no’ but because BL respected the fact he never had, had other animals inside his house. 
“Mornin sugar, ain’t it a great day?” Daisy chirped.
“Mornin’ Daisy” BL replied wondering why Daisy was so perky, this early.
“What’s up? You didn’t come home last night Dix,,,I waited up for a bit, just thought maybe you and Luke lost track of time but when I woke up in the wee hours and you still wasn’t home, I was worried and I been sitting on the couch waiting for it to start getting light, so I could go looking for ya.” BL may not have raised her voice but they all knew she was fussing just the same.

"I'm sorry for worrying you. It was really late when we got here." Dixie began as Luke moved around behind her chair. Dixie continued, "I don't think I'm gonna be staying there as much anymore."
BL looked confused. Even though she knew Dixie's secret, she was still thinking about losing sleep worrying about Dixie.
Dixie smiled up at Luke, then back to BL before she said, "I think this might make things clearer." She handed BL her pretty copy of the marriage certificate and waited.....

BL stared at the marriage certificate a full minute without saying a word, smiling big at the newly weds “congratulations! So this is why you didn’t show up at all at the Boar’s Nest? Me, Bo and Cooter thought you might come late, BL said. “Yep that’s why” Dixie replied, 
 “Have you had breakfast?” Jesse asked. “No sir, I was too worried,” BL replied.
“Daisy set another place”, Jesse directed, it wasn’t exactly an invite BL could turn down, Jesse Duke had spoken. “Yes sir, Uncle Jesse,” Daisy said, setting another place. 

Everyone sat down to eat after the three girls got it on the table. Talk centered around the newlyweds, Daisy was only slightly disappointed at not being able to plan a wedding but was content with a family gathering of the two families in the evening “what kind of cake do ya’ll want? I need to get some things from Rheubotttom’s and I can by the bakery and get a cake while I’m in town.” Daisy said a mental list of things she needed from Rhuebottom’s. 
“Just a yellow cake’s fine Daisy, right Darlin? “ Luke replied.
“I have something to ask.” BL said, the Dukes all looked at her. “I know you ain’t got a place of your own yet and livin here will be kind of cramped, so how about my house in town?” BL saw both of the newlyweds getting ready to protest that they couldn’t take her house, so she held up a hand to stop them. “It’d be temporary, I’m sure you want to stay here on Duke land, Luke but as I said this house would be cramped. My house is all furnished and I don’t mind moving back in with Daddy.

Both Luke and Dixie knew how much BL's house meant to her. 
Luke also knew Dixie was waiting for him to answer, so he did. "How about we accept your offer tonight after we go have a conversation with the Davenport half of this family? That will give us all a little time to work out the logistics. And, Daisy, before you go buying up half of Hazzard, can you give me a running start. You go out buying cakes, and the phone lines are gonna melt."
Jesse gave him a stern look, "How fast do you think they are gonna melt when Reverend Frawley registers that marriage certificate at the Placid County Courthouse. You know Jeb's mama has spys stay on alert over there for anything involving a Duke. News like this ain't gonna keep long." Luke replied, "Jesse's right ya’ll. Come on Dixie.....Let's get this over with."

BALLADEER: Now friends everyone in that room understood Luke's dread at sharing his and Dixie's happy news.

“Ok that sounds like a good plan, I’ll go pack a bag at lunchtime and drop it off at Daddy’s when I deliver the mail.” BL said, looking at her watch. “I got to get to work…so I’ll be right behind ya’ll, I can call backup if Luther tries to kill ya,” BL grinned cheekily.
“Cute BL,” Luke said. He and Dixie headed out, BL and a not so happy Bo following them outside. “I’ll see ya this evening Darlin;,” Bo kissed BL on the forehead, “See ya later Bo,” BL replied, getting in her car heading toward town as Bo went to the barn to do the chores alone.

In town, like most work days, Luther Davenport pulled up to the garage a bit before eight. He unlocked the office, then the bay doors, and then put on a pot of coffee in his automatic coffee maker. It wasn't like perked, but the time it saved him at work was worth it. 
Cooter had gotten in early last night, so when he pulled in about the time the coffee was done, Luther wasn't surprised. Usually, Cooter was a mite late if he'd had wrecker calls.
Luke and Dixie were in his pickup. Luke hoped to get to the garage before it opened, but with BL stopping by, he was a bit later than he wanted to be. As he pulled into town square, Luke had an idea and stopped short of the garage at the bakery. 
Dixie looked confused, "Luke, what are you doing?"
Luke cracked a smile. "It's been a while since I had donuts and beer for breakfast."
Dixie shook her head and ran into the bakery. A few minutes later, she came out with a box of assorted doughnuts and a small bag.
Luke knew but had to ask, "What's in the bag?"
"These are mine. Holes." Dixie said as she was already opening the bag. 
Luke pulled in at the garage.  Out of the way of customers.
When Cooter and Luther saw where Luke parked, they knew he wasn't there as a customer.
"Hey there, Luke, Dixie. What are you doing in town?" Cooter asked.
Luther had turned his attention back to setting his register up.
Luke set the box of doughnuts on the counter by the register, went to the fridge and grabbed three beers. He tossed one to Cooter, then set the other between Luther and the box of doughnuts. He opened his beer and leaned up against the car that was already parked in the bay, much like he would have done on any Saturday morning when he hung out at the garage as a teen. 
Dixie had taken her spot on a tall stool that had been at the garage since she was little. She just happened to be sitting between Luther and Luke as she was munching on the doughnut  holes.
Luke took a sip of his beer as he watched Cooter grab his first choice of the doughnuts and open his beer. 
While the box was open, Luther reached for his choice, knowing if he didn't get his pick now that it wouldn't be there later.
Luke now answered Cooter’s question, "We were out pretty late last night, so we both took a day today."
Luther frowned a bit at both Luke and Dixie, calling off work for being out late. He'd known Luke to work for him, run moonshine at night, and plow a field the next day before lunch.
Cooter also gave him a frown, thinking much like his father, but said, "wait, ya'll didn't come out to the Boar's Nest last night."
"No, we didn't." Luke said, keeping his tone light, "Instead, we went for a drive." He paused for a drink of beer. "Ya know, there are still a lot of back roads in this county. We rode around and did a lot of talking. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know, we popped out of the woods right in Chickamahoney.

At the post office BL was just unlocking the front door and raising the window shade when she saw Luther arrive at the garage. Flipping over the ‘open’ sign on the door, BL stepped out onto the sidewalk at the same time Luke and Dixie pulled into the garage parking lot and parked out of the way of customers. BL’s attention though was shifted from what was happening at the garage, when the mail truck arrived. “Morning Joe,” BL greeted the driver as he lifted the truck’s rear door, climbing inside, getting the mail bag. “ Good Morning Miss Davenport,” Joe replied. “See you tomorrow Miss,”  Joe got back behind the mail truck’s steering wheel, heading to his next stop. Taking the mail back inside BL continued getting everything ready to start the day, while sort of watching for any signs of a commotion over at the garage.

Luke took a sip of beer to see if that got any reaction. All he noted was Dixie's eyes widened at the mention of Chickamahoney.
Cooter said, "Man, that was a long ride through the woods. Did ya take that old road out across Iron Mountain.?"
Luke knew the one. "I know that one, but remember, we was in the General Lee. We took the one out by Hounddog lake."
Cooter reached for another doughnut and nodded with his mouth full.
Luther was checking his inventory. 
Luke continued, "While we was over that way. We decided to make a stop."
Cooter added, "If yall left after supper, there couldn't have been much open."
This slow, easy, seemingly ideal conversation between Luke and her brother was about to drive Dixie nuts, but she figured that Luke knew what he was doing.
"This place is open most all the time, Cooter." Luke said, finishing his beer and reaching for Cooter and him a refill. 
Luther added, "Nothing much over there to be open except a couple of those wedding chapels."
Thinking of their past, Dixie held her breath.
"Yep, that's a fact. There are a few of them over there." Luke confirmed.
Cooter asked, "Yeah, but where did ya'll stop? They ain't got a new all night café open over there, do they?"
"Not that I saw Cooter." Luke said. He loved his buddy. Well, his brother-in-law now. “"The fact is, ..." Another sip of beer, "We decided to pay Reverend Bachman a little visit."

“REVEREND Bachman!” Luther nearly choked on his doughnut. Dixie could see this spiraling downhill fast but the newlyweds were given a short reprieve as someone pulled up at the pumps and Mr. Peabody drove up to get the tractor part he needed, that Luther had gotten for him. “Thank ya Luther,” Mr. Peabody said, taking the part Luther handed him. Dixie took this time of distraction to get herself a coke out of the fridge, since Luke had forgot to get her a drink before.

Luther had nearly choked on his doughnut at the mention of Reverend. Bachman, but he'd had to deal with his customer, so he had a few minutes to think before he got into Luke and Cooter’s conversation. "Luke, why would you and Dixie go see Reverend Bachman late at night?"
Luke couldn't help himself. He was enjoying this conversation. He knew Luther may be pissed off, but other than swinging on him, what could he really do about it. Luke had waited a long time to not only prove Jesse wrong about the 'hogs producing beef' and all, but to prove Luther wrong too about how he'd use Dixie and leave her. He was trying to hide his amusement as he replied, "About a wedding, of course."
Dixie was certain that if they lived through this, that she may kill Luke herself!"
Luther asked, "So, this means that you have asked Dixie to marry you?"
Luke replied, "Yes."
Cooter was watching the conversation that reminded him of a chess game.
"Dixie, I take it that you said yes?" Luther asked.
"Yes, Daddy, I said 'yes'." Dixie said. 
"So, when is the wedding?" Luther was looking at Luke.
Luke reached for the marriage certificate that he had shown Jesse as he replied, "Today, well earlier this morning."
Luther looked from Luke to Dixie and back, then something toward the ceiling caught his attention for the briefest second before he horsley said, "So, you really want to be this grease monkey's wife?"
"Yes, Daddy, more than I've wanted anything in a long while." Dixie replied.
Luther nodded, then turned to Luke, "Alright. I've tried to make sure Dixie would not be hurt and would be happy all her life. I guess maybe I tried too hard. It seems that it's your turn now." Luther extended his hand to Luke, then pulled back, "There's one more thing. Remember, this is a family business, and you are officially family now."
Luke stepped closer, looked the man in the eye, and firmly met the hand shake with his strong grip.
Unbelieving what he'd witnessed, Cooter said, "Well, I think a beer is in order to mark this occasion." He was already heading to the fridge.

Cooter got them all a beer,passing them around. Once they all had a beer, Cooter held up his bottle toasting the newly weds simply saying “congratulations!”
Over at the Post Office, BL was dying to know what was going on. Mrs. Frawley, her neighbor on the other side, also the wife of the reverend of church there in town, came in “mornin Mrs. Frawley, how can I help you?,” BL greeted the woman who’d been her Sunday school teacher.
 “Morning BL, I need to send this priority,” Mrs. Frawley handed BL a large manila envelope. 
Taking the large envelope, stamping ‘PRIORITY’ in red she put it in a wire tray below the counter. “Is there anything else ma’am?,” BL asked, smiling.
“No that’s all today, hope we’ll see you Sunday,” Mrs. Frawley said.
“I know it's been awhile since I came to church, just got busy, that’s not a good excuse I know,” BL replied.

Luke watched Dixie as she took the beer from Cooter, opened it, and took a drink for the toast. Dixie had been to Luke's right, so he held his beer in his left hand as he took a drink.
Cooter looked totally shocked and said, "Now that's gonna take some getting used to seeing. It looks just plumb strange."
Luke replied, "I don't know. I kinda like it."
Dixie added, "Well I know I love mine."

BL couldn’t take another minute of not knowing what was going on over at the garage and she knew exactly how to find out, gathering up the garage mail for ‘special’ delivery she swore under her breath as Enos Strate parked in front of the Post Office, he’d been off work with a broken arm “mornin’ BL, how’s it going? Enos greeted with his usual chipper way.
“Mornin’ Enos, everything’s good. How’s your arm? I see you got the cast off,” BL said.
“It’s good as new, Doc Applby took the cast off last week but he wanted to check it one more time before releasing me for duty. Thought I might as well pick up my mail on the way out.” Enos replied. 
Giving Enos his mail and wishing him well with his doctor’s appointment, BL clipped Sadie’s leash on and picked up the garage mail again. “C’mon Sadie, let’s take the garage mail over,” 
At the garage BL waved the mail then laid it on the desk “Hey…I brought the mail Luther.”

Luke had turned some of his attention to the car that Cooter was working on. 
Luther replied, "Thanks BL."
Dixie could see the questions written all over BLs face. Dixie quickly handed her beer to Luke as she walked out front with BL.

Dixie smiled at her cousin's comment. "Well, it went better than I imagined, but I think that's what worries me."
The girls had a good laugh before Dixie asked, "Hey, do you think we should try to beat all the busy bodies and put an announcement in the paper or just let Hazzard gossip take its course?"
"You know no matter what you do, some will still gossip but an announcement in the paper might be nice for those that actually would be happy for ya’ll but may not hear it from the busybodies,” BL replied.

Daisy had held off going to town just as long as she could. There was Duke news to spread, a reception to plan, cake to order. Her mind was racing nearly as fast as she was driving coming into town. 
Jesse had been a bit concerned about how Luther would take Luke and Dixie's news, so he was also headed to town a mite slower than Daisy.
On the way to the bakery, Daisy saw Luke's truck still at the garage and Dixie and BL outside. She pulled into the garage instead. "Hey, ya'll.  Am I clear? How did it go?"
Dixie replied. "Better than I expected, which concerns me."
Luke heard Daisy pull up. He'd been thinking on the way to town. "Excuse me, fellas." Outside, Luke put his arm around Dixie and Daisy, "I've been thinking, with tomorrow a work day and all...."
He never got the thought out before Daisy read his mind. "Oh, no, you don't, Lucas Duke. You can not have news this big and not let me plan a party!"
Luke found himself now putting his hands in front of him defensively, "I wasn't trying to stop you, Daisy. I swear. Just hear me out."
"Ok." Daisy sulked.
"Why don't you just get or make a small cake tonight. Have everyone over for supper and cake tonight. Then, this weekend, after you've had more time to plan, do it up big then?" Luke explained.
"Well. Alright." Daisy agreed since she now had 2 parties to plan for.
Dixie said, "Hey, that could work with what we were talking about. I was thinking of going over and putting an announcement in tomorrow's paper. We could invite everyone to the reception in the announcement."
Luke replied, "That's fine by me. That is all y’all though."
Dixie replied, "You just got to be there."
Luke smiled mischievously and showed her his pager. "Maybe." He called as he headed back in the garage to tell Luther and Cooter about supper tonight.

“Just let me see if Sadie can stay here and I’ll go over to the Gazette with ya’ll, I ain’t seen nobody go in the Post Office so I got time for a quick stop,” BL said, turning back to the garage.

At the ‘Hazzard County Gazette’, Luke’s newspaper friend Norm was there helping out, like he did sometimes he asked “what can I do for you ladies?”
“We want to put a couple announcements in tomorrow’s paper,” Daisy said.
“Just put down what you want them to say, Norm handed Daisy a pen and a couple forms that said ‘please print’, Daisy gave Dixie the forms and pen. On the first Dixie wrote: On August 5th Lucas K Duke and Dixie L Davenport were wed in a small ceremony in Chickamahoney. Giving Daisy the other form and pen, Daisy wrote: There will be a wedding reception at 6:00 pm Friday at the Boar’s Nest, to celebrate the marriage of Luke Duke and Dixie Davenport.

Out of habit, Norm took the first form from Daisy to read over to make sure all the needed information was  included. Getting to the names of people who had been married, Norm let out a long, low whistle. "You two are serious?"
Dixie was still writing all the information to make the announcement a nice one. She and Daisy looked at each other, then back at Norm before replying that yes, they were very serious.
Norm was reaching for his camera and going into full reporter mode. "This is great! Where is Luke?"
"At the garage." Daisy replied. 
"Well, come on, ladies. I need to go congratulate him." Norm said. He was thinking that this was going to be the biggest story he had ever written in Hazzard!

BL had to go back to the garage to get Sadie and asked before Norm could get into full reporter mode or anything, afterall a Duke boy getting married was big news, “Daddy’s meeting me at the cafe for lunch, can I tell ya’lls big news or do you want me to let him read it in tomorrow’s paper?”
Luke looked at Dixie, Clyde was her Uncle, so Luke thought it should be her call.

Dixie replied, "I've been waiting since I was 15 to tell this to the world. Go for it."
Luke couldn't help but cringe just a bit at Dixie's choice of words as he looked over at Luther.

BL laughed at her cousin’s reply, her Uncle didn’t look amused at his daughter’s words although he didn’t say anything you could see his jaw muscles working.
“Invite him and LB for supper and cake, the more the merrier,” Dixie added.
You better hurry and get that cake ordered Daisy, before you need a big one instead of just a normal size cake. Tell Betty Lynn that I’ll pick it up after work, so you ain’t gotta come to town twice.” BL said
“Will do, thanks BL,” Daisy replied, hopping in her car heading to the bakery.
“I better get back to work,see ya’ll later,” BL said, then headed back across the street to the post office.

At the Busy Bee, BL got a booth for herself and Clyde, a couple minutes later he came in,sitting across the table in the booth. Jenny, one of the waitresses, took their drink order and brought some menus, when she brought the drinks back. “What are you having Daddy,” BL wanted to get their food before she shared Dixie and Luke’s news, so she wouldn’t be overheard and inadvertently start gossip. 
“I think I’ll have the catfish platter,how about you? Clyde replied.
“I had breakfast out at the Duke farm this morning, so think I’ll just have a burger and fries.” BL saw the questions in her Daddy’s eyes. Clyde wondered why BL went all the way out to the Duke farm for breakfast then drove back to town for work but Jenny brought the food so he couldn’t ask. Not wanting to go through the whole, Dixie being MIA all night she simply said, “Dixie and Luke got married and the Duke’s are having a small celebration, they want for the two families and you, LB, and me to come for supper and cake.”
Clyde smiled nodding ‘yes’ as he chewed, swallowing he replied “I’ll call LB later and tell him.”
BL told him about the big reception/party everybody was welcome at because it was announced in the next day's Gazette.
“Can I stay with you tonight? Luke and Dixie are staying at the house, sort of a wedding night alone they didn’t get, it’s my wedding gift," BL said smiling.
“Of course you are always welcome, you don’t even have to ask,” Clyde replied. After lunch, with neither having dessert, BL went back to the post office, while Clyde paid their bill and went back to work himself.

After talking to Norm, Luke figured to get back to the farm and help Bo some today since he left him to do the morning chores alone. 
Dixie had scooted off toward the emporium and asked Luke to pick her up there. Her normal nightwear consisted of long night shirts with shorts or joggers. Inside Dixie found a nice silky lavender long gown trimmed in white lace and robe. It may not have been her choice if a wider selection was available, but from what was there, it was the best choice.
Dixie had helped Jesse and Daisy with the extra large supper. Then, she slipped off to get cleaned up and changed before the guys came into clean up.
Luke had caught up to Bo, and they had been working on mending a fence section. This particular job left lots of time for thought and discussion. 
Bo finally got around to asking Luke, "Luke, how long were ya'll planning to get married? I'd have thought you would have at least talked to me about the possibility of you asking Dixie."
Luke kicked the post hole digger into the ground and leaned on it, looked heavenward, and said, "Bo, I not only thought about it but had asked Dixie years ago. You and the people who matter to us knew that. We were driving and talking, and when we ended up in Chickamahoney, we felt it was just time."

“Uh huh, ok.” Bo didn’t exactly buy Luke’s reasoning, well completely.
Bo asked, "Does it feel strange? Ya know, knowing you can't chase women anymore?"
Luke laughed, "Strangely, it feels good knowing I don't have to chase women anymore. I just have to go home
“Why ain’t you chasing a new woman every week?” Luke asked turning the tables on Bo.. “You ain’t been with nobody but BL for a couple months now,” Luke added. Bo set a post in the hole Luke had just dug, kicking dirt around it, then packing it down with his boot.

In town BL locked the Post Office door, turned the sign to closed, pulling out of the alley and across the street, hanging a left at the church, BL pulled up in her driveway, leaving Sadie in the fenced in yard,” be right back girl, just going to pack a bag,”
BL went to her room, packing black jeans and a blue top with a ruff on the shoulders, underwear and socks. In her makeup bag she tossed in her usual makeup, hairbrush and ponytail holder, deodorant and body mist. In the bathroom she got her shampoo and conditioner. Grabbing a thing of wet dog food and putting it with her stuff, she went back out to her car and headed for the bakery.

Luke had noticed that Bo had become pretty quiet the rest of the afternoon, it was ok by him since he was doing a lot of thinking his own self. After telling Luther that they were finally married, things pretty much seemed like old times at the garage. Even though he knew not to totally let his guard down and be too relaxed too soon, Luke almost felt comfortable again in the same room with Dixie and Luther. That was a feeling he hadn't expected to ever return.
Instead of washing up, Luke decided to shower, put on his newest blue jeans, and was giving his boots a fresh polish when Bo came into their room.

BL entered the bakery, a bell above the door jangling, to announce her presence. A woman with salt and pepper hair, wearing a bib apron came out of the back with a friendly smile for her customer “what can I do for you sugar?” Becky Lynn asked. BL returned the smile replying “I need to pick up a cake for Daisy Duke”.  Becky Lynn looked at the notebook by the register, going over to the cooler, taking out a cake with blue and purple flowers Congratulations Luke and Dixie written on it. How much Miss Becky Lynn?” BL asked. “Daisy paid this morning. Tell Luke and Dixie congratulations,for me,” Becky Lynn said. “Yes ma’am, I will,” BL replied.

BL left town, going way slower than normal, so she wouldn’t damage the cake on the seat beside her, when out of nowhere a 15 mph speed sign popped up and then she heard a siren.
“Gjit,gjit, I got her now, hang on Flash Darlin” Rosco said to his faithful companion.
BL picked up her CB mic “Rosco what do you want? I ain’t speeding, heck I ain’t even goin 20,'' BL said, not even speeding up a little bit.
“The sign said 15 and I clocked you at 17, so pull on over,” Rosco ordered.
“Rosco there ain’t no speed limit signs on a dirt road. The frosting on this cake will melt, if I stop. You don’t want to explain to Daisy and Jesse you’re the reason Luke and Dixie’s cake, celebratin their marriage, got ruined, now do ya? BL said.
“N..no I don’t……married?” Rosco replied weakly, dumbfounded by the news. Turning back toward town, he had to tell Boss.

BL brought the cake in, sitting it on the dining table. They would be eating outside at picnic tables so there’d be plenty of room for everybody.

Dixie was just coming out of Daisy's room, where she had changed and fixed her hair. Usually, she wore it pulled back in a ponytail around the house, and tied the ponytail up above her collar while at work, but tonight she had left it loose hanging around her shoulders and down her back.
In the kitchen, Dixie volunteered herself and BL, "What do ya'll need us to do?"
Uncle Jesse made a mental note of where supper was, "Get the table cloths out of the drawer over there, and ya'll can put them on the picnic tables and set the tables. 
Dixie reached for the table cloths and BL did a count; four Dukes, three from Luther's and 3 from her house. She then counted out ten plates, silverware and glasses. 
Once outside, while putting the checkered table cloths on the tables . 

BL was glad they were alone, the rest of the Davenports wouldn’t be there for a little while still and she had something  privately to discuss with Dixie “hey Dix, I think I know a way to keep the gossips somewhat at bay, when they find out you're pregnant,” BL said.

Dixie looked around quickly, ensuring they were alone, "Shhhh. How?" She asked just above a whisper.

BL lowered her voice, even though she didn't think she was being loud. "You need to see a doctor asap, for a checkup, the doc will tell you how far along you are and a due date. So you just have to hide it a few weeks, then be vague about details," BL smiled "simple".

Dixie looked up to see Daisy coming out with the rest of the items to set the table, "Simple. Right. Have you forgot who my cousin in law is?"

“You ain’t planning to tell the family soon are ya?” BL asked once Daisy went back inside. When Dixie didn’t say anything right away, she nodded once saying “Didn’t think so because Luther would go into orbit…Just be careful what you do, like putting your hand on your belly because actions sometimes speak louder than words.” BL replied.

Dixie shot BL a look. "That's silly. I mean, yeah, later on maybe, but I've only known a couple of days, so what would make you think I'd do that already?"

“You wouldn’t if you were thinking about it.” BL shrugged. “We better get back to helping before anybody suspects something’s up,” BL said, going back inside,picking up the plastic bowl Jesse put water in For Sadie, when he dog sat for BL.

Bo looked at Luke. He knew Luke liked his boots polished and cleaned, but to be giving them a good polishing like he was just for supper wasn't normal. "Getting a bit overdressed, aren't you?"
" I don't think so. In fact, it wouldn't hurt you to dress up a bit." Luke replied as he put his shoe shine kit back in his closet. He had already tossed a change of clothes in a bag that was sitting on the foot of his bed.

Bo looked down at himself “what’s wrong with the way I’m dressed?” Bo asked. 
“You ain’t going jukin’” Luke answered somewhat exasperated. He wanted everything perfect.
“I ain’t going to church neither,” Bo replied.
Luke shook his head, Bo just didn’t get it.

"Well, just hurry up. Alight." Luke instructed as he left the room in a huff. He heard the wrecker turn down the driveway. He wasn’t sure if it was Cooter, Luther, or both.

Bo didn’t know what Luke’s problem was, he didn’t see why the Davenports coming to supper was such a big deal, they had been coming for Sunday lunch on occasion for a long time. Taking one more look in the mirror to make sure his cowlick was laying down, he followed in Luke’s path.
Hearing the wrecker, BL whispered as she passed by Dixie “ready or not here they come.”
It wasn’t long after, Sadie barked happily in greeting as Clyde and LB’s pickups came down the driveway.

"Thanks, BL." Dixie said. Just then, she felt more than heard Luke step up behind her. 
"Are you good?" Luke asked Dixie. 
"As long as Dad is the same man you talked to this morning, I'm great." She replied. 
Luke said for only her to hear, "Tell me about that."
Jesse eyed the private conversation before declaring, "We's got company. Lets all get out there and greet them. Where's Bo?"
Bo was tucking his shirt in as he replied, "Right here, Uncle Jesse."

Outside LB came over as Luke and Dixie came out the door. Grinning wide LB said “congratulations Luke,rugrat.”.
BL jumped at her brother on Dixie’s behalf ”LB, Dixie’s a married woman not a kid and it’s time you figured out she’s all grown up!” BL scolded.
Cooter was about to bust a gut laughing “that’s tellin’ him squirt”
Bo stood behind BL trying not to laugh out loud. She might be little but she was a little spitfire when riled.

Jesse figured with the two Davenport elders there that he would let them handle their own.
It was Clyde who spoke up first, "Kids! Enough."

BALLADEER: Like the Dukes, the Davenport 'kids' knew when to cool it, well most of the time.

Daisy said, "Ya'll sit down and get some iced tea. We'll have supper out here in a few minutes. Uncle Jesse, you can visit. BL will help me."
Dixie said, "I'll help ya'll."
"Oh, no, you won't. Now that company's here. You just stay out here with Luke. We've got this."

Supper went smoothly, much to the relief of Luke and Dixie. After the leftovers and plates were cleared, Daisy brought out the cake. She had thought about asking Uncle Jesse about serving ‘shine with it but decided that could wait for the big reception at the Boar’s Nest, Friday. After cake, while Daisy and BL cleaned up, Bo, Cooter and LB were making plans of their own for Friday’s festivities.

Luke was not looking forward to a man to man talk with Luther so he took Dixie by the hand saying, “let’s take a walk.”
“Ok,” Dixie replied, the couple headed toward the back forty.

The three elders went to the front porch to visit, Jesse sat in the rocking chair, the Davenport brothers made themselves comfortable at opposite ends of the swing. 

Jesse took a drink of coffee and said, "It's been good having you both over tonight. It's been a while. But now that we are officially family, I hope you'll come by more often."
Luther knew, as did the other men, that you could likely count on one hand the number of times he'd been out to the farm since Dixie had left town. "It has been awhile, and I'm sorry for that, Jesse."
"Well, we's family now. I hope we can all put the past behind us and move on." Jesse said.

Clyde gave Luther a sideways look, trying to gauge how he’d answer. Luther took a drink of his own coffee, he was doing his best to put the past behind but it wasn’t easy sometimes.
“No reason not to, kids are ALL grown now,” Clyde said, stressing the word ‘all’, mainly for Luther’s benefit.

"I hear you both. I'm trying. Actually, I had been seeing the writing on the wall, so to speak, for some time since Dixie's been back. I even had a conversation with someone who wasn't happy at all to see Luke calling on his daughter, but told me that by the time his daughter and Luke stopped seeing each other that he sort of missed having him around. But, then I see them together and I can't help it, it rubs me the wrong way." Luther said, then added, "Before, it was the age difference and all. Now,  their ages don't matter. I can reason that, but still...."

Clyde nodded, "Luther I can understand how you feel and I bet Jesse can too, to a degree,” Jesse nodded ‘yes’.
Dixie’s your ‘baby girl’, same as BL’s mine and we don’t want to see them get hurt,” Clyde continued “but we can’t always protect them, we got to let go and just let them know we’re there if they need us.” 

Luther nodded in agreement. 
Jesse added, "I know exactly how ya'll feel. None of us want to see Daisy hurt, but when she sets her mind to something, I just have to let her be, even if I know she’s going to get hurt,” 

After getting the kitchen cleaned up and the dishes washed Daisy and BL went to Daisy’s room to do their own planning for the reception Friday.
“What do you think the cake should look like,” Daisy asked her blonde partner in crime.
“Nothing real fancy, maybe just two or three layers, maybe just a few blue flowers around the base of the top layer and a bride and groom cake topper for a keepsake,” BL replied.
“I bet Lulu will get the ladies club to help with more refreshments, if I ask,” Daisy said.
“We should get Dixie a small bouquet to toss and a garter, so Luke can toss it,” BL said, adding “I just have to convince Dixie to wear a dress, so she can wear it.” Daisy giggled “yeah, I don’t think wearing it over her jeans leg would look right.
BL shook her head ‘no’.

Not wanting to be in the older men's conversation, Bo, Cooter, and LB had wandered off and were checking out General Lee's engine. 
Bo looked up and then around, " Say, where did everybody get off to?"
Cooter looked around, "The girls are cleaning up and Dad's still on the porch."
Bo frowned. It hadn't been what he meant. "Where's Luke?"
LB replied, "Beats me."
With an evil grin, Bo said, "Let's go find out."
"Alright." LB said as the three men headed toward the back forty. 
About halfway to the wooded area behind the barn, Cooter pulled up short,  "Hold it! Hold up a second."
Bo said, "What? We're just gonna give Luke some grief."
LB added, "Yeah, thatir newlyweds. We can't leave them alone too long."
Cooter put his hands in his pockets, looked at his boots and said, "Yeah, but the bride in question is my sister. I don't even want to think thoughts like that." He shook a mental image out of his mind.
Bo and LB looked at each other putting themselves in Cooter’s place thinking how it would be if BL or Daisy was off with her groom. They both looked at Cooter and said together, "Right."
"I think we need to look at the General's distributor cap."
"Distributor cap." Bo said, "Good idea."
They turned around and went back to give the General a little more tender loving care.

With their plans made Daisy told BL “there’s a ladies club meeting tomorrow afternoon, I’ll go see Lulu in the morning and tell her our plans and get her to ask the ladies for their help making refreshments, then on my way to work, I’ll go by the bakery and order the cake.” 
“Great. I’ll go to the flower shop and order a simple bouquet for Dixie to toss,” BL replied. 
“I think we better go check on the three bachelors, before they find trouble, “Daisy said with a big grin. Nodding ‘yes’ BL grinned back, so the two went through to the kitchen.

Just as the girls got outside, they saw the three guys coming back toward General Lee. 
BL said, "Now don't they just look like walking trouble?"
"Yes," Daisy agreed, "What did ya’ll do?"

Cooter and LB looked at Bo, silently electing him spokesman. Bo didn’t say anything for several minutes “Uh, what were we doing? Cooter thought he saw a bobcat,” Bo said.

“With ya’ll out here? Sadie would have been raising cane,” BL said, looking over at Sadie laying in the shade, not a care in the world, certainly not the presence of a bobcat or any other varmint.

"A bobcat? On Duke land! Come on, Bo!" Daisy scoffed. 
Cooter had shot Bo a look when his name had been used in the tail.
LB had even got wide eyed.
The girls were waiting. Daisy was even tapping the toe of her heel waiting.
"Alright." Bo gave in. "We were gonna have some fun with Luke."
"Bo!" Daisy exclaimed.
He was holding his hand up to hush her and also in self-defense if needed. "We didn't even get near them ...."
Cooter again shook his head, trying to get a mental image to leave his mind, "I suddenly got to thinking and decided whatever is going on I don't want to know, see or hear the details."

Another half hour and everybody was leaving to get home and get to bed, they had work the next day and there were still things to do at home before dark. “I’m just going to go back for my bag, then I’ll be along,” BL told Clyde. 
BL got in her car, then called to Dixie and Luke “I’ll meet you at the house.” Luke waved,
‘Mrs Hravitz is going to get a vapor lock, when BL leaves the house but we stay,’ Dixie thought as she pulled out in behind Luke’s pickup grinning wickedly.

In town Gloria Kravitz was clipping her roses when BL parked behind Dixie instead of her usual spot, where Luke’s truck was now parked. Gloria wasn’t paying enough attention to what she was doing and cut off 3 of her roses. “Darn it!, Gloria fumed, seeing what had happened. When Luke got his bag from the truck at the sametime BL was putting hers in her GTO, Both giving Mrs. Kavitz a little wave, Gloria went toward her own front porch calling her husband, “Abner,ABNER!”

Abner had been dozing in his chair. He crumpled his newspaper as he jumped at his wife's outburst. "What? For Pete's sake. What?"
Gloria exclaimed, "One of the Davenport girls took a bag and left. The other is with a Duke boy, who carried a bag in with him!"
If what his wife saw was what she really saw, this was upsetting even to Abner. "Surely you are wrong. Jesse Duke wouldn't  let his boys do something like that here in town. It's still daylight outside.

“You must have seen wrong dear, Jesse Duke wouldn’t stand for no such goings on,” Abner said, trying to reason with his wife. 
“I know what I saw Abner!” Gloria flounced right back out the door in a huff. Out on the porch she saw that the young couple had moved out onto the porch swing, they were really looking for somewhere cool but Gloria thought they were just flaunting their shameful behavior as she saw Dixie Davenport more than entwined in the Duke boy's arms. ,
August heat in Hazzard was stifling, but to be in love and newly married in a house with only fans it was downright unbearable.
Dixie was sitting in Luke's lap as they kissed deeply. 
Luke's hands were rightfully moving over his bride's body. 
The temperature was rising even as the sun set.

Getting even more worked up at the disgraceful display, Gloria went back inside to call Rosco, he’d put a stop to it, picking up the phone, she had Gussie, who was filling in while Maybelle was on vacation to get her the sheriff’s office. 
Enos was on duty, Doc Applby still wanted him to take it easy with his arm that had been broken and evening/night duty was usually uneventful “Hazzard Police Department, deputy Enos Straite speaking.” Enos said.
“Deputy this is Gloria Kravitz, I want to report some deplorable behavior” Gloria replied.
“Where’s this at ma’am? Enos asked, jotting down the address he promised to check it out then hung up. Hurrying out to his patrol car, Enos looked at the address he’d written down, he saw that it was close by, so he headed that way. Pulling up out front he saw Dixie Davenport sitting on Luke Duke's lap. They were both fully dressed. They were kissing until they heard his car stop. 

Luke likely knew most cars in Hazzard by the sound of their engines. He knew before he looked up that it was Enos's patrol car that stopped. He looked up to see Enos walking up the walkway to the porch steps. 
"Evening Luke, Miss Dixie." Enos said with his hat in his hands, turning it nervously.
Luke greeted, "Evening Enos. It's good to see you back on duty."
"Hey Enos." Dixie added.
Enos shifted from one foot to the other, "It's good to be back, but I'm afraid this is an official call."
"Official call?" Luke inquired. His mind was going several different places with this limited information.
"I'm afraid so." Enos said. "Luke were ya'll doing anything else out here before I pulled up?"
Luke wasn't following Enos' question, "Like what?"
"Ummmm, .... anything that could be described as 'deplorable behavior'?"
Luke thought back to what they had been doing and frowned. "Enos, the only thing we been doing is talking and a little kissing. Bo and I have had heavier petting sessions in the middle of the Boar's Nest on any given Friday or Saturday night." Now Luke was getting just a bit peeved and a little louder, "You know if I can't sit out here on the porch and kiss my wife, then there is something wrong here."
Enos replied, "Well, no, Luke. There's nothing wrong with sitting on the porch kissing your wife." Enos paused now hearing what he had said, "Wife? ..... But, Luke, you got to get married to have a wife."
"Oh, for crying out loud." Luke reached for the marriage certificate in his wallet.

Thrusting the paper at Enos “see married” Luke growled.
”Married, possum on a gumbush. Congratulations buddyroe, Miss Dixie.” Enos gave a bit of a laugh.
“Thanks Enos,”Luke and Dixie said together.
“I better get back to the police station. Bye ya’ll and congratulations again,” Enos said, heading back to his patrol car.
“Well why didn’t you arrest them?” Gloria demanded, arms folded over her chest, she’d wandered to the edge of the sidewalk pretending to be a concerned citizen.
“I can’t arrest a married couple for kissing on the porch,” Enos said getting in his car. Gloria huffed, turning to go back inside as the deputy drove away.

Luke watched the exchange. "Come on, Dixie." He took his bride by the hand, and they went inside. 
Upstairs, Luke turned BL's fan to pull the hot air out while turning Dixie's to pull the cool air into the house. With the doors locked, the law gone, each made calls to their respective workplaces that they were taking long deserved holidays the next day. Finally, it was time to shed way too many clothes and head to bed to do what newly married couples do.


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Next morning at the Duke farm Jesse knocked on Bo and Luke’s bedroom door, about to call them both remembering Luke wasn’t there he just said “Bo chores.”
“Coming Uncle Jesse,” Bo called back, he hadn’t really slept in the quiet room, he was used to hearing Luke breathing across the room.

Daisy came into the kitchen to help cook breakfast “morning Uncle Jesse.”
“Morning Daisy,”Jesse replied.
“Morning Bo,” Jesse and Daisy said when Bo came in the kitchen.
“You’re gonna call the rest of the family later and share the news right,” Daisy asked her uncle.
“That’s right but I thought I’d wait until after breakfast, why,” Jesse replied.
“When you call Placid County, will ya ask Jeb if he’d consider getting his, Coy and Vance’s band together to play at Luke and Dixie’s reception. I thought a live band would be nicer than the jukebox,” Daisy said.

As Hazzard news traveled from the Bakery, to anyone who came in, from Sheriff Rosco to Boss Hogg, from Enos, and anyone else the Davenports or Dukes told, all who told others, ... yet the big news had pretty well not been spread all over the county until the Hazzaed Gazette hit everyone's porch bright and early the next morning. 
Dixie's announcement was placed nicely on the society page, but being that Norm was Luke's friend and the fact there were no other big news stories, the Davenport-Duke Marry in Chickamahoney was front page news.
Daisy was the first to open the Dukes, Hazzard Gazette, "Oh, Uncle Jesse, you have got to  see this!" She gushed. 
Lulu Hogg picked up the Hazzaed Gazette and unrolled it to get the society page before Boss got his fingers on it. As she unrolled it, the headlines caught her eye....

“Jefferson, did you know about this?” Lulu asked, showing Boss the headline. 
Boss hadn’t really believed it but there it was in black and white. Lulu found the society page and read the news of the reception “how nice of you Jefferson, letting them have a reception at the Boar’s Nest,” Lulu gushed. 
Boss choked on his coffee, hearing this. He hadn’t agreed to the couple having no reception at his Boars Nest.

Lulu was on a mission, "I'll call Daisy. We can decorate. I'll get the Ladies Aid to make food."
Boss saw his food sales for the night going out the window.
"And Jefferson, we can take care of the beverages." Lulu more than insisted. "Oh, yes, and for the toast. You have got to call off Rosco. I just know there is some Duke moonshine put back for a nice toast, and I won't have Rosco, Cletus or Enos messing this up by trying to arrest anyone over it!"

Boss Hogg was about to have a vapor lock, the more his wife talked. He’d gotten enough of a look at the announcement, to know that the reception was Friday evening one of his busiest nights and he couldn’t even charge for food nor drinks, it was enough to make a grown man cry.

All over the county tears were being shed at the news. Some were tears of joy for the couple, but some were tears from totally other emotions. 
Some of Luke's former girlfriends, as well as girls who still had hoped to one day become his girlfriend, wept.
Some of the other girls who hoped to date Bo Duke also shed green tears, knowing that their competition for the blonde's attention just doubled.

Back at the Duke farm, Jesse was making a few calls to spread the good news of Luke and Dixie getting married. Calling his brother Elbert up in Tennessee, Elbert’s wife Bessie dried her hands before answering “Duke farm, this is Bessie.”
“Bessie, this is Jesse, how are ya? How’s Elbert and the kids?” Jesse asked his sister inlaw. 
“We’s all fine Jesse, is something wrong? Give me a minute and I’ll call Elbert, he’s out in the barn with Coy and Vance,” Bessie was a mite worried, it wasn’t like Jesse to call this early. 
“No nothing’s wrong, just thought I’d call and tell ya’ll the news. Luke got married,” Jesse said.
“What?! Why didn’t you let us know? We’d have come down,” Bessie fussed.
“I didn’t know neither until he brought her home,” Jesse said.

A little later in town, Mary Lou Pringle came in the post office. She'd just come from the jewelry store “Is it true?” the wealthy brunette asked. Mary Lou might have money but she didn’t turn her nose up at the Dukes nor the Davenports.
BL grinned, the gossips were getting the word out, for those that might not have seen the Hazzard' Gazette yet “yep it's true, Luke and Dixie finally tied the knot,” BL replied.

Jesse poured himself a cup of coffee. Sat down, took a couple of deep breaths, and let them out slowly.
Daisy came back into the kitchen, "Have you called everyone?"
"No." Jesse paused, "I have one more call to make."
Daisy grinned knowingly, "Who too?"
Jesse looked up at her with wide exaggerated eyes, "Really?"
"Give Aunt Pauline and Uncle John my love, and remember to ask Jeb about the guys playing Friday night!"
Jesse said to her retreating form, "You'll be able to give them your love when they get here." He let out a sigh. "Here goes nothing."
At the Duke Farm in Placid, Pauline dried her hands on her apron before picking up the phone. "Duke Farm."
"Pauline, this here is Jesse. I don't suppose John happens to be nearby, is he?"
"No, he shouldn't be back til supper time." Pauline said. 
The two exchanged the "is everything alright and how was everyone?” before Jesse took another drink of coffee. The thought crossed his mind that he'd have preferred it to have been shine even at this early hour. He both looked forward to spreading this news in Placid but also dread of what he knew would follow......
Jesse smiled just a bit as he said, " Pauline, I have some good news for a change. News that should make you very happy." Though he knew she might be happy but not very happy. "Luke got married."
Pauline nearly spit her own coffee out, "Jesse, we must have a bad connection. Did you say Luke was getting married?"
Jesse knew that had he said "getting" married as opposed to "got" that could have changed her being happy to being very happy. "No, I said Luke got married."
"To whom? I never knew he was dating anyone steady. Do we know the girl?" Pauline's mind was jumping from planning the oldest nephews wedding to was the girl good enough for him, to FINALLY! She had figured for years now that if Luke would get married, the other boys may begin to settle down. She longed for Jeb to find a good proper bride so that she could have some babies in the house again.

In town the post office was finally quiet, there had been a steady stream of folks all morning, most of which were not there to conduct post office business but to ask about Dixie and Luke getting married, because they had heard it around town.
BL took the time to make a call to her cousin BB over in Sweetwater, “hello”.
“Hey BB, how’s it going? BL said.
“Can’t complain,how about ya’ll there in Hazzard?” BB replied.
“Pretty good I reckon, especially Dixie,” BL answered mysteriously.
BB’s curiosity was piqued, Dixie hadn’t said anything about something special about to happen, last month when he’d seen her. “What’s up with Dix?
“She’s the reason I called, her and Luke took a little trip upto Chickamahoney,” BL replied.
“They got hitched? I’ll be…” BB said.
“Yeah, Daisy and me, are giving them a reception Friday night at the Boar’s Nest. I need a favor, Daisy put the reception in the Hazzard Gazette inviting the whole county. That means technically Ernie Ledbetter is invited but if he shows there’ll be trouble, we can’t let him ruin it so I want you to be the ‘bouncer’ and make sure he don’t get that chance. All you got to do is sit close by the door,” BL said, seeing Cletus crossing the road heading her way.
“I’m your man, you can count on me,” BB replied.
“Thanks, see ya Friday at 6. I gotta go,” BL said, hanging up.

Cletus came in wearing his usual cheerful grin “howdy BL,"Cletus greeted. Before BL could get a word out, he laid down the Hazzard Gazette he'd gotten from the stand outside the door “have you seen this?” Cletus asked.

BL glanced at the paper, “yep, I saw it and there’s a formal wedding announcement in the society section,” BL replied.

Jesse looked heavenward, mumbled a near silent prayer for patience, and began to answer what he knew was the beginning of a million questions..."Yes, we know her. In fact, she grew up with the kids. He married Dixie Davenport."
It had been several years since Pauline spent much time in Hazzard. Usually, it was on a holiday so Jesse's house was full of the family so there weren't many friends if any there. "Davenport? Davenport? The name is familiar. Wait, isn't that the family that has the garage in town?"
Jesse replied, "It is. You've been around her parents, her brother, and her when she was just a little thing.

As much as she was enjoying watching and listening to Jesse on the phone with her Aunt Pauline, Daisy knew she needed to get to the bakery before going to work

Back in town BL gave Cletus his mail “Cletus, will you do something for me?” BL used her sweetest voice.
“Sure BL anything, what can I do?” Cletus replied, he like most single men in Hazzard would do almost anything for Daisy Duke but BL hadn’t been friends with her, all these years and not learned a thing or two.
“I gotta run a quick errand, will you stay here and watch things til I get back?” BL said.
“Sure, I can do that,” Cletus said.
“Thanks,” BL said, dashing off to the flower shop. “Morning Agnes,” BL spoke to the middle aged woman behind the counter.
“Morning BL, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Agnes said.
“I need to order a bridal bouquet,” BL said, holding up a hand to stop the tirade of questions about to come her way. “Have you read the Gazette?” BL asked,
To which Agnes nodded ‘yes’ BL continued,  “thought it’d be nice if Dixie had a small bouquet to toss, maybe centerpieces for the tables.”
“Sounds nice, what’d you have in mind?” Agnes got her notepad to write it all down.
“Something inexpensive, the budget’s small.Dixie’s favorite flower is tulips, so maybe just tulips and baby’s breath for the bouquet and I’m not sure how many centerpieces,” BL said, promising to ask Daisy about the number of centerpieces before going back to the post office so Cletus could get back to his day.

Luther had noticed Dixie's Thunderbird and Luke's truck parked at BLs on his way around the Square to the garage.
Cooter had been under the hood of Rosco's patrol car trying to repair the damage from its latest swim when he noticed his father walk out of the garage for no reason. Cooter straightened up further to see that his father had walked out near the edge of the road, looked across the Square, cursed, and walked back inside. 
Cooter had no idea what his father was looking at until he went outside a few minutes later to gas up a customer. When he caught sight of Luke's pickup still at BL's. Cooter frowned then went back to work.

Gloria went out to get her newspaper and was appalled to see both Luke’s truck and Dixie’s car still in the driveway after 8 in the morning, on a workday, hearing Dixie squeal she muttered, “Lord only knows what they're doing.” Unrolling the paper she was flabbergasted to see the headline announcing the marriage. Flinging the newspaper at her husband, Gloria declared “ just look Abner for, heavensake they aren’t royalty, just a greasemonkey’s daughter and an old moonshiner’s nephew.”

Even with the dark curtains and Luke having no intention of getting up early, sleeping in for him amounted to waking up just after seven. Dixie had her head on his shoulder, her leg across his curled up at his side. It had only been two nights, but Luke was sure he could get used to this really quickly as he combed her hair back with his fingers. 
Dixie never moved. 
Luke snuggled closer and held Dixie just a bit tighter content to drift off back to sleep until Dixie woke up. 
A bit later, Luke woke to Dixie running her fingers across his bare chest, which kicked off a replay of the events of the night before. 
Around eight, Luke declared, "I'm about to do something I hardly ever do."
"And, just what might that be?" Dixie was nearly afraid to ask. 
Luke grinned, "I'm about to go run a tub of bath water in that nice deep clawfoot tub." With that, Luke was out of the bed and across the hall in his birthday suit.
Dixie enjoyed the view, then got up and found a tank top and shorts before she heard Luke from the other room.
"Hey, Dixie. Do you want to come wash my back?" Luke called. 
Dixie laughed as she crossed the hallway. Luke was already leaning up in the tub, giving her full access to his back. 
Dixie reached for a washcloth and soap and gave Luke's back a nice washing just before she felt him wrap one arm around her and pull her into his bath clothes and all. 
Dixie couldn't help the squeal that escaped just before Luke covered her lips with his. 
Luke then said, "I think you are a mite over dressed for the day, Mrs. Duke."

At 11:00 BL closed for lunch, Bo was picking her up to go to the Dixie diner just outside of town instead of the Busy Bee cafe. Just as BL locked the door, Sadie yapped at the orange stock car headed that way. Pulling up in front, Bo lifted Sadie through the driver side window, while BL was sliding through the passenger side.
“Hey why don’t we go see if Luke and Dixie want to come,” Bo said, he’d been looking for a reason to interrupt Luke’s ‘wedded bliss’ but knew BL nor Daisy for that matter would let him near BL’s place.
“Sounds like a good idea to me,” BL replied, figuring by now they were up and just watching a movie or something.
So Bo drove over. Leaving Sadie in the fenced in yard, BL and Bo heading toward the house. BL hollering a warning before they went in “LUKE, DIXIE HOPE YOU’RE DECENT COS I’M COMING IN AND BO’S WITH ME.” Gloria heard the warning through her own open window, gasping in mortification as BL brazenly opened the door, walking in, Bo right behind her.
Luke and Dixie heard General Lee long before BL and Bo opened the front door. They had been snuggling in bed when they heard General Lee stop. 
Luke looked at the clock, "I don't believe they all kept him busy that long."  To BL's warning, he replied as he picked up his jeans, "We'll be down in a few minutes."

BL and Bo were sitting on the couch when the newlyweds came downstairs, BL grinning like the cat who ate the canary “couldn’t help myself,” BL said as explanation for barging in.
“We’re going to the Dixie diner for lunch, ya’ll want to go too?” Bo asked.
Both Luke and Dixie agreed as the four headed out the awaiting General Lee with Sadie ready to go too. 
Inside the diner, the four took seats at one of the tables after promising to bring Sadie back a snack.
“I wasn’t planning to bust in on ya’ll but Kravitz had her windows open and we all know she’s been watching ya’ll since last night, just thought I’d give her something to see,” BL said.
Luke laughed at BL, "It's alright, we heard ya'll pull up."

Across the diner was one of the waitresses that had gone to school with the group at the table. She had seen the newspaper but decided to act as if she hadn't."Hey, ya'll. What brings ya'll in today?"

“Ain’t you heard? Luke and Dixie got married a couple days ago, so we thought we’d celebrate,”Bo said.
The girl plastered a fake smile on her face, handing them all a menu, “congratulations, what can I get ya’ll to drink?” She had a good mind to spit in their drinks, she didn’t like any of them in school and that hadn’t changed.
“I’ll have a sweet tea,” BL said.
“Make that 2,” Bo replied.

Dixie and Luke both agreed, "We'll make it easy. Just bring us all four sweet teas.  What's the special today?" Luke asked. 
Dixie was looking at the menu, trying to decide between a couple of items.

The waitress wrote down their drink order replying to Luke's question about today’s special, “BBQ pork chops, with 3 sides”.
“That sounds good, I’ll have the special.Can I get a burger with nothing on it to go too please,” BL said.
“What sides do you want?” the waitress asked.
“Hmm, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and mac and cheese,”
“I’ll have the BBQ pork chops too, with mashed potatoes, green beans and corn on the cob,” Bo replied before he could be asked.

Luke was waiting for Dixie to reply.
Dixie didn't think the special  sounded good to her. "I want the chef salad with Thousand Island dressing, ...."
Luke was about to order when Dixie said, "and the meatloaf platter."
The waitress said, "That comes with two sides, but the salad is just a garden salad."
Dixie nodded, "My sides are mashed potatoes and corn. I also want the garden salad."
"Alright, meatloaf platter with mashed potatoes and corn and a small garden." The waitress repeated.
"Make the salad a large, please." Dixie said. 
Luke had decided on the roast beef with Texas toast, mashed potatoes, and gravy.
With the orders complete, the waitress was off to turn in the order as others arrived at other tables for lunch

While the waitress got the drinks, BL asked“anybody remember her? She look’s
familiar but I can’t remember who she is, I’d hate for her to come in the post office and not know who she is,” BL said but before anyone could reply, the drinks came. “So what are you two going to do the rest of the afternoon?” BL asked then added “if it involves the bedroom, we don’t want to know.”

Luke gave BL a cat that swallowed the canary grin, "Alright, since you don't want to know. Next topic.” The waitress had made her way toward the back, "Bo, isn't her name Linda Kay, Mae, something like that."
Bo gave his older cousin a 'thanks a lot' look. "Lucy Mae." He said rather quietly. 
Dixie gave him a look, then looked to BL to see if she noticed Bo might know her a bit better than the others.

BL looked over at Bo arching an eyebrow in question, she noticed Lucy looked at her with a look, that if looks could kill BL would drop dead. Bo opened his mouth then shut it a few times, like a fish out of water. 
“Let’s talk about this later darlin,” Bo said, trying to buy himself some time. He was going to get Luke for opening a can of worms.

“Why? I promise I won’t get mad,” BL replied.

BALLADEER: Friends if he believes that, I got ocean front property in Tennessee I want to sell him.

Luke shot Dixie a questioning grin.  He had just caught Bo, and he knew it even if no one at this table would admit a thing.

BL was still waiting for some kind of answer but Lucy Mae brought their food “Roast beef with Texas toast,” Lucy Mae said. Luke reached for the plate. After passing out the rest of the order, including a paper bag with the burger, went on her way to take care of other customers.

“I think I should have got the meatloaf, that looks good,” BL said, stealing a bite off Dixie’s plate.

Dixie playfully put her fork on BLs hand. "Mine, but you can have a bite."  
The crew sat into eating. Luke glanced at the clock on the diner wall, "BL, what time do you need to get back?"

BL looked up at the clock while chewing then swallowing and getting a drink of tea. She doubted that Luke cared if she got back exactly on time, so wondered what was on his mind “30 minutes or so, if I run back and get the mailbag I have an hour until I have to run the mail route,” BL replied.

"Ok. Just didn't want you to be late on our account." Luke said. 
Dixie had eaten about half her salad and was working on her meatloaf and sides. She figured she would need a to-go box but just couldn't decide between the salad only or the meatloaf.
Several of the people in the diner, who had seen the announcement, had stopped by to give the couple well wishes.

Daisy saw Lulu coming out of the courthouse as she was pulling back onto the road from getting gas in Uncle Jesse’s pickup. He needed gas so she’d offered to fill his gas tank, on her way to work.
“Lulu, can I talk to you for a minute?” Daisy called from the truck, pulling over next to the curb.
“Daisy honey, how are you and the boys and Jesse? How about Luke’s new bride? Lulu gushed.
“Everybody’s fine,speaking of Luke getting married, will you do me a favor and ask the ladies of the ladies aid if they will make refreshments for the reception? Luke and Dixie don’t want anything real fancy and expensive,” Daisy said.
“Of course and don’t you worry about decorating either, we’ll take care of that too,” Lulu replied. “Don’t worry about the beer, it’s on JD and me,” Lulu added
 “Thank you Lulu, I best get to work now, see you Friday and thanks again,” Daisy said, waving.

Over at the Dixie diner Bo, Luke and the girls were finishing their lunch, Lucy Mae had given them the check with their order.
“I’ll get that,” BL said, picking up the check.
“No you won’t, you done gave up your house last night,” Luke argued, taking the check from BL. seeing a protest coming, he handed the check over to Bo “lunch is on Bo,” Luke smirked at his cousin. “Speaking of houses, when do you get the day off BL?” Luke asked.
’“I’m taking  Saturday off, so I can hang out, while everybody’s in town,” BL replied.
Bo gave Luke a look, for being so free with his money.
While Bo paid, Luke and Dixie went on out to the General. 
“I need to pee, that tea went straight through me, here, feed Sadie for me please Dixie,” BL said, she really didn’t need the bathroom that bad, she just didn’t aim to leave Bo in there with Lucy  Mae.

When Bo and BL came out, Bo was being real attentive to BL. He was in the dog house so to speak and he knew it. Sadie was in the back with Dixie and Luke, hoping for more people food when Bo lifted BL onto the passenger windowsill, guarding her head from a bump as she slid in. “Everybody set”? Bo asked, cranking up.

Luke replied, "We are good back here. After you drop BL and Sadie off, swing over and let me grab the truck. I'll come out and help you with the chores awhile. Dixie, do you want to go hang out with Daisy and Uncle Jesse, or do you have something you need to do?"
Dixie replied, "I think I'll take advantage of not working today and go hang out with ya’ll."
Bo headed back toward the Post Office....

Once at the Post Office Bo parked in front, jogging around to the passenger side, helping BL out. While BL was getting the key, Bo was getting Sadie out of the General Lee. 
“I know it's in here somewhere,” BL said, digging in her purse. 
She had her head down not paying attention and was knocked down when someone ran past “hey watch where you’re going!” BL hollered.
“You alright,”? Bo asked, putting Sadie down, Luke had seen the man run out of the emporium and had already followed him down the alley beside the hardware store. 
Dixie had gotten out to check on BL, while Bo joined the chase “are you hurt?” Dixie asked, trying to keep Sadie off BL so she could get up.
Just my pride, I’ll live,”BL replied.

Dixie replied, "Good. Let's go see if they need help." She said, giving BL a hand up. 
While BL put Sadie in the General Lee, Dixie was through the driver's window and fired the General up. As soon as BL was on the window seal and dropping into the seat, Dixie pulled out in the direction that the guys had run after the other man. 
From the garage, Cooter heard a ruckus. Looking up, he saw Luke and Bo chasing a man.
"Be right back!" Cooter called to his father in the garage.
Dixie and BL were just in time to see Bo and Luke tackle the man as he cut across Hazzard Square with Cooter coming out of nowhere to help.

Rosco was just pulling up in front of the courthouse when he saw the Dukes and Cooter trying to apprehend the man. “FREEZE,” Rosco said.
“What do you wanna bet he blames Bo, Luke and Cooter,” BL said, sliding up onto the passenger windowsill.

"No bet." Dixie said, sliding out her own window.
The man wasn’t giving up and getting away from Bo and Luke he was giving all he had with no thought of stopping. 
Bo and Luke had no choice but to keep up the fight or the fleeing man would be on the loose again.
Cooter was at the ready to help, but it looked like Bo and Luke had a hold of a tiger by its tail and couldn't let loose."

“Quit it! I said stop now!” Rosco tried to get close enough to break up the fight but he couldn’t. Unholstering his pearl handled pistol and firing into the air didn’t work either, the man wasn’t giving up, he was determined to get away, Bo and Luke were used to hearing vehicles backfire, so they paid no attention to the gunshot either.
Enos and Cletus were heading on patrol and saw the ruckus possum“on a gumbush Cletus, we better help”, Enos said. “The sheriff does look a mite outnumbered,” Cletus replied. Running over they each grabbed for a brawler………

When Enos and Cletus jumped in, Cooter had no choice. With the law trying to get the Dukes off the stranger, even though he had no idea what was going on, he couldn't let the man escape. He did the only thing he knew to do. He jumped in to help the guys hold the man from getting away. 
Dixie looked at BL, "Ah, geeze, there's Cooter." Dixie said.
Mr. Winters, the store owner, ran up shotgun in hand and fired off his first barrel.
At that noise, the fight stopped for a half a second, which was just long enough for Cooter to return the stranger to his feet. 
The man jerked away from Cooter, popping the buttons on his shirt to pull loose, letting the money he had stuffed in his shirt fly free to the ground.
Rosco, Enos and Cletus all jumped a mile high at the shotgun blast, Recovering Rosco looked at the money scattered on the ground then back at the thief, "allright you, you're under arrest." Rosco said. Enos brought out his cuffs,snapping them on the crook's wrist "you have the right to remain quiet......" After reading the guy his rights, he and Cletus carted the man off to the jail. "Well looks like excitement’s over, I better get to delivering the mail. C'mon Sadie." BL said, turning back to walk to the post office.

Rosco turned his attention to the Duke boys. He was seconds from reaching for his own cuffs when Mr. Winters began shaking the Dukes hands once the money had been picked up.
"Thank you, boys. If he had gotten away with this, it would have surely hurt us." He said, very relieved to have gotten his store's money back. 
Luke was tucking his shirt back in as Dixie approached. "Are you alright?"
Luke put his arm around her. "I'm fine. Come on ya'll, let's head over to the garage before we head out to the farm." Luke wasn't sure why but felt the need to put some distance between himself and the Sheriff.
At the garage, Cooter headed toward the fridge and took out three beers and looked over at Dixie, "Do you want a beer?"
Dixie laughed at Cooter. It was barely past noon. "Coke’s fine."
Luther raised up from the car he was working on, "So what was so interesting?"
Cooter took a long drink of his beer and then said, "The Hazzard Emporium was robbed. These guys chased down the robber."
"So you had to leave work, why?" Luther asked Cooter.
"Figured they might need a hand." Cooter grinned widely.
Luke added, "And we did. They guy was slipperier than a polecat, and then Rosco jumped in, trying to get us off him."

BL waved to Mrs. Benson as she was coming around the side of the Benson farmhouse. Next stop the county orphanage. This was the last stop on the route.

Luther asked, "Did I hear shots?"
Bo offered proudly, "Yeah, Rosco shot off his pistol, but that didn't stop the Ole boy. Then, when Mr. Winters showed up he shot off his shotgun."
Dixie added, "That's when Cooter jerked the guy to his feet, and money flew out of his shirt." 
The guys had finished their beers, and with all that helpful information, Luther's new son in law and son felt it was past time for their exit.
Luke said, "Bo, we best be heading out."
Cooter added, "I'll walk out with ya'll. I got to ride out and help Uncle Earl change a flat on his tractor." It was a job Cooter had been trying to get out of since early this morning, but now, he'd rather deal with the tractor than his father.
Dixie was already moving to the door. Coke in hand.
Luke said, "We got to walk all the way over to the Post Office for the General."
Dixie pulled the keys out of her pocket, "No, we don't. He's at the Square. I thought ya'll might have needed him close, so I brought him over."

“Thanks Darlin,” Luke said.
Helping Dixie through the General’s window first, Luke was still on the sill when Bo started moving.
“Hey what’s the hurry, we ain’t being chased?” Luke fussed as he slid into the seat.
“Sorry, my foot just automatically steps on the gas, when Rosco’s so close.” Bo said, indicating the police station that wasn’t far away.
Seeing Gloria Kravitz bent over, her back to the road, Bo couldn’t help himself; he gave a blast on the horn, scaring Gloria, who toppled over. Bo Luke and Dixie burst out laughing once they saw Gloria was ok, shaking her fist at them as they pulled into BL’s driveway.

Bo stopped just long enough for Luke and Dixie to get out of the General Lee and into Luke's pickup, then he was in reverse and heading to the farm. 
Luke had backed out and was behind Bo in nothing flat. 

Back at the Duke farm, Jesse was just finishing up bottle feeding a piglet when General Lee and Luke’s pickup came down the driveway kicking up dust. Bo parked in his usual spot and Luke parked at the front of the old farmhouse, so he could get out easy, if paged.
“Where’s BL, ain’t she coming for supper”? Jesse asked as the three came his way.
“She’s still working, she’ll be out in a little while after closing the post office,” Bo said.
“Is Daisy in the house?” Dixie asked
“Yes, she’s been a waiting for ya,” Jesse replied so Dixie went on inside, while Uncle Jesse, Bo and Luke did the chores.

Dixie called out to Daisy as she went in the back door. 
"In here." Daisy called from the living room.
Dixie saw bags, rolls of netting, streamers, bells, and other things she couldn't rightly identify spread from the kitchen table to the couch. "What's all this?"
Daisy beamed, "Decorations for Friday night. Lulu told me the ladies aid would take care of most of it, but I had to get a few extra things."
"Daisy. Honey this isn't a few extras." Dixie said.

BL arrived a short time later, Jesse said to go on in, leaving Sadie to play in the yard,"Wow" , BL said, seeing all the extra decorations spread from table to couch. Ain't the Boar's Nest gonna be pretty Friday night? Daisy beamed, thrilled with her purchases. "It's going to be gorgeous, nobody will recognize it," BL replied.

Dixie laughed at the two and thought if they went all out for a reception, she hated to see what they would have done if her and Luke would have gotten married in Hazzard or for that matter what they would do when the baby was announced. She felt really loved but had to say, "I think you two are crazy."
Daisy said, "Well, it's not every day my oldest cousin gets married, ya know."
Dixie replied, "Well, I certainly hope not."
Outside, Bo had to say what he'd been thinking since he found out Luke got married. "Ya know, Luke, by eloping, you missed the best part about getting married."
Jesse's ears perked up a bit, ready to hear Bo's words of wisdom.
Luke gave Jesse a glance but looked at Bo, ready to play along, "Which best part would that be Bo?"
"The bachelor party, of course." Bo said in exasperation.
Luke grinned at Bo and declared, "Bo, trust me on this. That is not the best part about getting married."
"I think he's got you there, Bo." Jesse said, then added, "With all the cousins coming in, why don't ya’ll plan something for Friday night after the reception or Saturday night?"

BL laughed then asked "what are you going to wear?" Daisy loved to shop, and the “two Davenport females knew it so it was no surprise when she replied "We could go shopping, ."

Dixie really wasn't a shopper, "I figured to wear a good pair of jeans, my boots, and a nice top."

“Don’t you want to wear something really nice?” BL asked, then grinned mischievously, “some folks already think you’re a jezebel or something, I have a red dress if you want to borrow it,” BL teased.

"My favorite dress is my favorite blue jeans. Besides, I got married in jeans." Dixie had hated dresses since her mother made her wear them often.

BL frowned and looked at Daisy, they had to convince Dixie to wear a dress, so she could wear a garter for Luke to toss. Daisy shrugged her shoulders, she didn’t have any convincing ideas. BL realized that they were just going to have to tell Dixie why she needed to wear a dress, BL knew if they didn’t Dixie would stubbornly hold her ground, she hated wearing dresses that much.
“You can’t wear the garter for Luke to toss, if you don't wear a dress.” BL said with a sigh.

Dixie now saw BL's reasoning for the dress. "Ok, I have a skirt and the top looks great with jeans. I'll show up in a skirt but the minute I can, I'm putting on my jeans so I can have fun."

BL and Daisy smiled, satisfied Dixie wasn’t going to put a kink in their plans and still getting what she wanted.
"We should probably get this stuff put away and get supper fixed,”BL said looking at the clock.

Dixie went out to the barn to tell the guys supper was ready.
Luke walked back to the house with his arm around her waist.
"You know we only thought eloping would make things simple, ..... Daisy has got enough stuff to decorate all of Hazzard that she got extra to go with the things the ladies aid is bringing." Dixie explained.
Luke sighed. "You know I love her, but sometimes she overdoes things."
Dixie nodded, "I just wanted to warn you, this is one of those times."

After Jesse said grace and plates were filled with Daisy’s fried chicken, BL looked at Luke and Dixie, now seemed like a good time to continue their discussion at lunch about living arrangements.
“Did you two decide what you want to do about living arrangements? BL asked.

Luke saw Dixie was waiting for him to reply, "If you are sure you don't mind. It makes more sense." Luke was quick to stop at least some of Bo’s pout. "Bo, if you can get the morning chores, I'll come do all the evening chores unless I get a call or hung up."

“I’m sure,it’s fine. Just don’t make me move all my clothes again,” BL said dramatically, like it was the worst chore she’d ever done.
“I’ll help ya darlin,”Bo volunteered, he could think of alot of worse ways to spend a couple hours than going through his girl’s unmentionables.
BL could guess why Bo was volunteering and she was pretty sure, so could the rest.
“Thanks for the offer Bo but if Dixie and Luke don’t mind me coming every few days to repack my bag…”BL replied.

"No, we don't mind at all. Besides, when Luke's gone I expect you over." Dixie said.

“You know I’ll be there, wouldn’t want you to get lonesome,” BL smiled. That settled talk turned to other things.

As supper drew to an end, Luke said, "Speaking of bags, I need to grab some stuff for work."
"I'll help ya." Bo said.
Everyone watched the guys head to their room.
Dixie asked, "Is he alright?"

BL shrugged her shoulders, Bo must be upto something but what that was she didn’t know.

Bo wasn’t looking forward to being alone in this room every night from now on, he’d shared it with Luke as long as he could remember.
“Gonna be strange not having you here,” Bo said.
“I’ll just be at BL’s in town or the garage, it’s not like you won’t see me, you find a reason to go to town atleast 3 days a week.” Luke replied.

Bo pouted, "But it's not gonna be the same."
Luke nodded. "You are right it won't be, but you were fine while I was in the Marines. You've been fine when I was training and even working out of state."
Bo said, "I wasn't  fine, and now I'd just gotten good and used to your being back."
"I'm ten hot minutes away as the General flies. Now, what do you and BL have planned? Ain't you been seeing a lot of her? Only her?" Luke asked, hoping to keep Bo from getting too far into a funk.

“I thought we might take a stroll down to the swimming hole,” Bo said.
“Maybe take a swim, if you can talk her into it?” Luke questioned to which Bo only grinned.
“We ain’t really talked about being exclusive but she likes more than just a night on the town or going to the grange dances, church socials and such,” Bo said.

BALLADEER: Friends I believe that boy’s growing up.

Bo helped Luke gather up his stuff and carry it to his pickup, the girls had just finished cleaning up the kitchen and had moved to the front porch, hoping to catch a breeze.
“Want to take a walk BL?” Bo asked on his way to the truck.
“Sure,” BL said, getting up off the step, where she was throwing a ball for Sadie.
Seeing BL get up, Sadie abandoned her ball when she joined Bo.
“Stay with Dixie and Daisy girl,” BL said, heading off with Bo.

Bo put his arm around BL’s waist as they meandered along, talking about this and that.“Are you and Daisy going to give Dixie a shower? Bo asked.
“No probably not, Dixie and Luke ain’t got nowhere to store things, maybe when they get a place of their own, we’ll give them a housewarming,” BL replied.
As they neared the swimming hole, Bo untucked his shirt and opened it
“Whew, it’s hotter than a July firecracker,” Bo said.
“Yeah, I had to go put on something cooler before I came out,” BL replied. She’d gone over to her house, swapping her jeans and short sleeved top for shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top.
“Water sure does look nice and cool,” Bo said casually.
“Mm…yeah,” BL agreed.
“Think I’ll take a swim and cool off, care to join me?” Bo said, removing his shirt.
“Bo we ain’t got suits,” BL replied.
“So,noone around to know but us,” Bo said, grinning wickedly, shucking the rest of his clothes and his boots.
“What the heck,” BL said, shucking her clothes and tennis shoes.

Luke and Dixie headed back to BL's. Luke parked his truck behind Dixie's Thunderbird. He went around, opened the door for Dixie, then grabbed a rather large bag from the bed of the truck as he politely waved and spoke to Mrs. Kravitz.
Dixie also spoke. 
Mrs. Kravitz spoke while nearly drowning one of her flowers.
Inside Luke sat his bag on the stairs then pulled the shade down on the window facing the Kravitz home. 
The newlyweds got comfy on the older overstuffed sofa. 
Dixie asked, "Were Bo and BL going to the Boar's Nest tonight?"
"No. No, I don't  think so. Did you want to go?"Luke asked, willing to go if Dixie wanted to, but very content to stay right where he was."
Dixie replied, "Nope, just wondering if they might stop by later."
Luke kicked his boots off, "I'm pretty certain we have the place all to ourselves."
"Good." Dixie said, snuggling  a bit closer.

Bo and BL were having a ball splashing each other and other antics. Bo ducked under the water, hoping it’d get his mind off what he was thinking about, which was what he wanted to do with her right now. It didn’t help one bit though when BL looked at him with her dark brown eyes. Caressing BL’s cheek, Bo lifted her chin leaning close, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss.
Hands by both began wandering as the kissing got hotter, picking BL up Bo carried her out of the water to a spot of thick, lush, soft grass.
“Be back in a second darlin,” Bo said. Going over to where his jeans lay, he got some ‘insurance’ from his wallet. Going back to BL, the two went back to their activities', BL was trying to be quiet although she didn’t know why, noone was around to hear. Reaching her peak she wasn’t able to stop the yell of passion as Bo reached his own. Panting Bo collapsed against her chest. A second later Bo swore.
“What’s the matter”? BL asked.
“Dang rubber broke,” Bo replied.

"The rubber did what?" BL said for further clarification. 
As Bo removed the useless item, he showed BL what he had already seen.
Bo Duke was cute and all, but right, the only logical thing BL could think of was to head back into the water. 
While trying to explain how sorry he was, Bo headed back into the water to clean up also.
Both young adults agreed on just one thing after getting dressed, they both needed moral support!
At BLs, Dixie had kicked her shoes off, both the newlyweds' hands were wandering as their kisses intensified. 
Even without listening, both Luke and Dixie heard General Lee slide into the parking place out front after being in a serious hurry to get there. 
Luke moved Dixie from his lap, adjusted his jeans, tucked in his shirt, and managed to open the front door as Bo and BL entered in near hysterics.

BL rushed in, grabbed Dixie's hand like a lifeline, and pulled her upstairs.
Bo let out a half sigh of relief when the girls cleared the room. Then, he looked at Luke with pleading eyes.

“Dixie, I’m in trouble, what do I do?” BL pleaded for help before Dixie could say a word.
“What’s wrong? Whatever it is, I’m sure we can fix it,” Dixie reassured her distraught cousin, sure whatever was going on wasn’t as bad as BL was making it out to be.

“No we can’t fix it,” BL’s lip trembled.
“Tell me what’s wrong and we’ll see,” Dixie said, still believing BL was making a mountain out of a molehill.
“Me and Bo went swimming at the swimming hole, swimming wasn’t the only thing we did though,” BL said.
“Tell me you were smarter than me and Luke?” Dixie said although she had a sinking feeling in her stomach the way BL was carrying on and Bo hadn’t looked good either when they came in.
“W…we…were…i..it…b…br..broke,” BL sobbed.

Downstairs Bo was still looking at Luke with pleading eyes, the same way he had since they were kids.
“Ok, Bo out with it, why’d you two come flying in like the devil himself was on your tails?” Luke asked.
“You know I told you, I was taking BL to the swimming hole,” Bo said.
Luke nodded.
“Well we went swimming and things got heated, one thing led to another…” Bo said.
“You didn’t have protection?” Luke asked, he and Dixie were going down this same road, he had hoped this was one time Bo wouldn’t follow in his exact footsteps.
“We had it, it broke,”Bo replied.
Luke pinched the bridge of his nose and muttered “oh Lord.”

Dixie hoped to be a comfort. "Ok. It could be no big deal. It was only once,right."
BL shot her a look.
Downstairs, Luke's thoughts jumped out of his mouth before he could think clearly, "Bo why, why is it that you feel the need to do everything I do?"

Bo’s eyes got as big as supper plates, when he put 2 and 2 together and came up with 4.
Luke swore then pointed his finger a centimeter from Bo’s nose “you can’t tell nobody what I just said. Not Dobro, Brody or even BL although she likely knows already, for heavensake don’t tell Daisy or everybody in 3 counties will know by tomorrow night!” Luke said.
“Dukes honor,” Bo said, holding up his right hand, as if swearing in court.

“YEEHAA!” Bo let out one of his rebel yells, causing the girls upstairs to jump about a foot high.

“We may have a funeral Friday if that rebel yell was about, what I think it was about,” Dixie said, not sure whether to be amused or what.
BL said “it probably was.”

Gloria was still trying to see/hear what was going on with the young adults, when Bo’s rebel yell startled her and she lopped off half her rose bush.

Dixie looked at BL, "Come on." She nearly drug BL down the stairs, Luke looked really guilty.
"You told Bo?"
"Now, now Dixie, honey, it's not like that he sorta figured it out!" Luke said in his defense.
Dixie gave Luke a look. "Bo figured it out? I had to draw you a picture. And Bo figured it out?"

BL cut in with a question, partly for her own benefit and partly to try and rescue Luke.
“Have you decided where to go to see a doctor, since you don’t want nobody seeing you at Doc Applby’s or Lisa Sue telling half the county why you was there?” 

Dixie had been thinking about it. "There is a doctor that sees our inmates, she has her own office near Tri-Counties. I figure no one has to know why I'm leaving early for work or home a little late."

“Want some moral support?” BL said, she gave Dixie a look, she wanted to get a home test and hoped Dixie would guess that BL didn’t want to risk being seen by somebody she knew.

"Sure, but I'm not planning on going for at least another week or so." Dixie said. Only being married for a few days now, she at least wanted the possibility of her getting pregnant on her wedding night to be there.

“A week?” BL moaned, a week sounded like an eternity.

Dixie said, "Even if you go to a doctor they can't tell for awhile."
BL knew she was right but still needed to know 'now'.
"Awhile?" Bo gulped. 
Luke nodded, 'yes'.
"So what do we do for 'awhile'?" Bo asked.
Luke said flatly, "Pray."

Dixie added “It takes some time before even one of those home test can detect pregnancy.”

Bo looked at BL, the full consequences beginning to sink in, just because the stupid rubber broke.
BL looked sick, just thinking about it all.

Bo was looking a little green around the gills too. "Hey, Bo, give me a hand out here a second. Luke got up and headed out the back door. Outside, Luke asked, "have you figured out what you are going to do if she ends up pregnant?

“I don’t know marry her, I reckon,” Bo said. “I ain’t the one that, atleast two kids at the orphanage might be mine,” Bo cracked a half grin.
“Not funny Bo, this is serious, you don’t even have a steady job, chore money ain’t gonna support a baby and wife,” Luke said seriously.

Inside BL was trying to be calm but wasn’t having much luck,
“Dixie, can I stay here tonight, please? I can’t go home, the second Daddy sees me he’ll know something’s wrong,” BL said, then continued “I know you and Luke probably thought ya’ll would be alone, I promise I’ll go upto my room, you won’t even know I’m here.”

"You are fine. We'll live." Dixie said while thinking that Bo driving right now might not be good for anyone in the county.
Bo suddenly got a mental image of General Lee with two car seats in back. He headed further in the back yard where a small stream edged the property and lost his supper.
Luke couldn't stop his snicker as he walked over to Bo, "Are you alright?”

BL suddenly got paler if that was even possible, sinking onto the couch, she put her face in her hands.
“BL, are you ok?” Dixie asked.
“No, Sadie’s at the Duke farm, going there is almost as bad as going home,” BL replied, her voice muffled and shaky.

"I can fix this." Dixie said, picking up the phone and placing a call to the farm. Luckily Daisy answered.
"Hey Daisy, what is Sadie doing?" Dixie asked.
"I just came inside from the porch to wash my hair. She's laying on the porch with Uncle Jesse." Daisy said.
"Ok, BL and Bo stopped by and are thinking of staying. Maybe the guys will come get her in a few minutes." Dixie said.
"Alright." Daisy said.

“How about a beer?” Luke asked Bo.
“Got anything stronger?” Bo answered.
“No sorry,”Luke replied.
“Beer’s fine,”Bo said.
Luke came in the back door to get them and Dixie called out “hey Luke.”
Luke came to the livingroom, he wanted to keep the hollering down, the windows were open and Mrs. Kravitz would love to know what was going on.

Luke replied, "Yeah."
"Would ya’ll mind running out and picking up Sadie? BL wants to stay here tonight, if you don't mind."
Luke looked at the bottles of beer in his hand but replied, "Yeah, we can do that. I'll put these back in the fridge for later. We might stop in the Boar's Nest for one on the way to get her." 
"Ok, good. That will give me and BL some time." Dixie said.

Luke went back out the way he came, stopping to put the beers back in the fridge on his way out, “C’mon, BL wants us to go get Sadie at the farm, we’ll stop at the Boar’s Nest on the way,” Luke said, heading around the house to his pickup. Bo wasn’t ready to see Uncle Jesse yet but followed Luke, getting in the passenger side.

"Luke, you know Uncle Jesse takes a half a look at me, he's gonna know. I ain't ever been able to hide nothing from him." Bo said.
Luke knew Bo was right. "Let's go get a beer and relax a few minutes. I hope to pull in, call Sadie and head back out.  I'll tell Jesse you'll be out for chores in the morning, that's the best I can do. I have to work tomorrow. I'd like not to have to be trying to do chores in full darkness before driving out of town and working my shift."

“Thanks Luke, I don’t think me and BL could get through this without you and Dixie,” Bo said.
“Ya’ll would do the same for us,” Luke said as he parked in front of the Boar’s Nest. Getting out of the truck and going inside, Luke headed for the bar instead of their usual table, Bo followed trying to act as normal as possible.
“Can we get a couple beers, Maggie?” Luke asked the Boar’s Nest newest waitress.
“Sure thing sugar,” Maggie sat a mug of beer in front of each Duke.

"Thanks, Maggie." Luke said, taking a $5 bill out of his pocket, "Keep the change."
"Well, thank you, Luke, honey." Maggie said, tucking the $5 in her bra.
Luke nodded, took a drink of his beer, and said, "Drink up, Bo."
Bo didn't need an invitation as he downed half his mug in one drink, then flagged Maggie down as she went by, "Bring us another round." He said, tossing another $5 on the counter.
Luke had only planned on one beer, but two wouldn't hurt.

Maggie tucked the $5 in her bra with Luke’s and put down two more beers “I get off in 10 minutes,” Maggie hinted suggestively.
Luke flashed his wedding ring and Bo flat turned her down, he had enough problems at the moment.

Maggie smiled widely at them both, "That little ole ring is all new and all, but Maggie's  here and I got a friend picking me up."

“Thanks but no thanks. Come on Bo,” Luke said.
Draining his mug in one gulp, Bo followed Luke out to the truck. Pulling out onto the road it didn’t take long before they turned down the Duke farm driveway. Bo was praying Luke’s plan to just call Sadie would work, then he saw BL’s car,
“BL forgot her car was here, what now?” Bo said.

Luke shrugged, "Keys should be in it. Grab it. I'll run blocker." Luke said, dropping Bo at BL'S car, then pulling closer to the porch. "Sadie, girl. Come on, baby." Then to his uncle, "We came out to get BL's  car and Sadie. Bo will be here for morning chores. I'll be by tomorrow evening."

Sadie got up and went bounding off the porch, stopping for a moment unsure of what to do, Luke was calling her but Bo was getting in BL’s car. Bo didn’t even see her watching though, so Sadie went over to Luke. Picking her up Luke sat Sadie in the seat beside him following Bo back to town.

At the house, Dixie had gone in the kitchen looking for something. Neither BL nor herself had done much shopping. They had drinks, coffee, and a few frozen things. Any snacks that they had bought had been eaten. She picked up her keys and headed for the front door rather quickly.
BL said, "Hey, you aren't leaving me, are you?"
"No, I'm gonna radio the guys and see if they will pick up something to snack on." Dixie explained, heading to the cb in her Thunderbird.

Dixie got in her Thunderbird, put the key in the ignition, giving it a half turn. Picking up the CB mic then “Little Shotgun to Lost Sheep, ya’ll got your ears on?” Dixie said, keying the mic.
“Lost Sheep here, it’s Luke. What’s up Dixie?” Luke asked.
“Can ya’ll pick up some snacks on your way back?”
Bo chimed in this time “Luke’s got Sadie but I got BL’s car we got it too while we was at the farm”.
Luke remembered what Dixie had told him, when BL moved to town and called Dixie and he’d asked why Dixie was taking icecream “don’t forget the icecream Bo,” Luke said.
“10-4” Bo replied.
“Thanks ya’ll I’m gone,” Dixie said, then turned off the Thunderbird, took out the keys, and went back in the house. BL sat on the couch hugging a throw pillow, right where Dixie had left her. “They got your car too,”Dixie said.
BL hadn’t even thought about it, until Dixie just said the fellas got it.

Bo didn’t turn to go toward Rhuebottom’s even though it was closer to BL’s, he knew Mr. Rhebottom would want to chat and he just wasn’t in the mood to socialize. Instead Bo headed to the all night supermarket.

"The guys are still a ways out. Anything you want to talk about before they get here?" Dixie asked BL.

BL shook her head ‘no’ “you already said it’d be atleast a week before I can get a test, so I guess there ain’t much to talk about. The best I can hope for is that I can avoid seeing Daddy and LB,and pray for a miracle like getting my period and not even needing the test,” BL said.

Dixie replied, "OK." 
Each sat in the silence of their own thoughts until Luke's truck parked in the driveway. 
Sadie burst through the door, demanding attention.

BL picked Sadie up, sitting the dog in her lap, she needed a distraction from the torture of her own thoughts so was happy to oblige Sadie’s demand for attention “hey girl, did ya think I forgot about you?” BL asked to which Sadie’s response was a yip and a doggy kiss from chin to forehead.

Luke and Dixie laughed “I think that's a yes,” Dixie said.

At the supermarket Bo had gotten a shopping basket, it had a bag of plain chips and a bag of nachos, a can of cheese dip and a jar of salsa, he wasn’t sure which to get so put both in the basket. Next was the cookie aisle, he got a pack of  chocolate chip cookies and a pack of oreos, then it was onto the icecream to get a thing of chocolate icecream. Then he made his way to the checkout.

Luke went to the kitchen for a beer and brought Dixie back a soda. Sitting down with Dixie, he asked, "Am I done? Again?"
"MAY-be." Dixie stressed the first word. 
Luke gave her a look and kicked his boots off again.
When Bo arrived back at the house with snacks, Dixie offered to put them up while volunteering Luke's help. "Did you talk him off the ledge?" She asked Luke.
"I think he'll be fine until chores tomorrow anyway." Luke said, "He's worried about facing Jesse. I think we have a guest tonight."
Dixie shook her head 'no'. "Two."

“Two…BL’s staying too.” Luke said it more as a statement than a question.
“Yeah, she don’t want to face Clyde anymore than Bo wants to face Uncle Jesse,” Dixie replied.

In the livingroom, BL still held Sadie as if she were a lifeline. 
“I’m sorry darlin, this is my fault,” Bo said, he wanted to hug BL but at the same time he was afraid to touch her.
“No it isn’t, we’re both consenting adults and I didn’t say no,” BL said with a deep sigh.

After getting the snacks put up, Luke said, "Are we about ready to head upstairs?"
Dixie was more than ready but asked, "Do you think they are ok?" 
"I guess we'll find out." Luke said as he started toward the living room closet. He reached for a pillow and blanket and put it by Bo. "Night ya'll. Bo, the earlier you get the chores done, the better chance of dodging Jesse. I'll get them tomorrow evening." With that, he and Dixie made their way upstairs."

“Luke’s right if you're going to dodge Uncle Jesse, best get  the chores done early and be on your toes,” BL said, putting Sadie on the floor, heading to the back door to take Sadie out to do her business one last time before bed.
Bo opened the blanket and tossed the pillow on the couch, he didn’t know how he was going to be on his toes to dodge Jesse, he didn’t think he’d get much sleep tonight.
BL, with Sadie on her heels came back into the livingroom, seeing Bo preparing to take off his shirt and get as comfortable as possible on the couch
“There’s an empty bed upstairs, you don’t have to sleep on the couch,” BL said, heading up the stairs.
“You think “it’d be ok,” Bo asked, even though Luke hadn’t specifically said he had to sleep on the couch..
BL shrugged “like I said before, we’re adults.”
BL continued on to her room, Bo following her upstairs. Hesitating at her bedroom door, instead of going straight to the guest bedroom at the other end of the hall.

As Luke stripped down to his jeans, he heard the distinct sound of a booted foot land on the upstairs landing.
Dixie heard it too, looked at Luke a bit wider eyed.

Bo looked at BL with a raised eyebrow, asking permission before going in.
“Something you need?’ BL asked, pulling her tank top over her head.
“You,” Bo replied. “No funny business, you have my word as a Duke, Just thought you might need holding,” Bo added, in answer BL dropped her shorts to the floor, putting on a nightshirt that reached the top of her knees she flipped back the comforter and covers, getting in and scooting over to make room for Bo. Crossing to the bed Bo shucked his jeans, socks and boots, then laid down, pulling BL over to him.

Dixie had snuggled close to Luke with her head on his shoulder, "You know he stopped at this end of the hall."
Luke replied, "Uh-huh. I'm not his keeper."
"Ok." Dixie replied in agreement to let BL and Bo be adults, "But, you know when things hit the fan..." Dixie left her sentence unfinished.

“When things hit the fan, we’re dead ducks too,” Luke finished. “It’s BL’s house, she makes the rules. We’re just living here til we get our own place,” Luke said. Wasn’t long before the only sounds were the crickets. The occupants of the house were sound asleep, worn out from the evening’s excitement/stress.Next morning before the sun was even up, Bo was getting ready to go to the farm to do the morning chores. Slipping out of bed, he saw BL had forgotten to set her alarm, so he flipped the switch so she wouldn’t be late.Picking up his boots he headed downstairs, pulling the bedroom door to, leaving it open enough Sadie could get in or out.

As soon as Bo's feet hit the bottom step, Luke cleared his throat from his seat in the living room. 
Bo nearly jumped out of his skin.  
"Up early ain't ya?" Luke whispered.

"You said if I was gonna dodge Jesse, I needed to do the chores early," Bo whispered back. 
Upstairs Sadie took advantage of Bo getting up, she hopped up on the bed,in 'her' spot that he'd been in all night.

"Bo, you are gonna have to see him way before she can take a test. Besides, you've gone home after a night out many times. What's different now?" Luke asked.
Dixie was in the kitchen out of ear shot, fixing coffee for her and Luke's drive in opposite directions.

“What’s different now, asks the man who STILL ain’t told Uncle Jesse, he’s gonna be a daddy, you just eloped the same day you found out,” Bo said.

Luke replied, "You are right there, but I stood up to my responsibilities and finally done what I wanted to do years ago. I just figured to let everyone get adjusted to that before we go telling everything."

“Is it that or are YOU just chicken,” Bo said, quietly.

Luke glared at Bo, "Being chicken and being plumb dumb is two different things."
Dixie chose that moment to come out of the kitchen with three larger travel cups of coffee. "I made you both coffee, but Luke you got to let me out. I got to leave now or be late.”

Dixie felt the tension in the room, as soon as she came through the doorway.
Bo was about to say something when Dixie came into the room, “thanks Dixie,” Bo said, taking the cup of coffee, heading out the door.
“C’mon I’ll walk you out, I got to get too.” Luke said.

BL had tossed and turned ever since Bo had left her side, now she stood looking at herself in the mirror and she didn’t like what she saw.
“Pull it together BL one look and everybody that comes in the post office will know something’s wrong. The whole Duke clan and Davenport clan are coming for the reception Friday and sure as shootin, they’ll know something’s wrong if you mope around like a wet blanket,”  BL said to her reflection.

Bo, being Bo Duke had things all planned. It was perfect, it couldn't miss.

BALLADEER: "Yes, folks, it's time to start worrying!"

Bo eased the General through the back forty, drifted in behind the barn.  He gathered the eggs, milked the cows, and fed the animals. Then he quietly tiptoed to the back porch where he left the eggs and milk. He returned to the barn to finish up there. He knew Jesse wanted the garden hoed, but he knew he needed to head out of there before Jesse called him for breakfast. He looked at the garden on his way to General Lee. It could wait another day, Bo declared as he slid in the window.

Back in town, once the others had left BL went downstairs, Sadie was like velcro walking so close beside her, BL was afraid she was going to trip over the dog. After letting Sadie back in, BL went upstairs running herself a hot bubble bath , it was one of the things she and Dixie had in common, a hot bubble bath could just about undo any stress. Leaning back in the clawfoot tub BL closed her eyes.

The next thing she knew, she was rudely interrupted by the alarm clock Bo had set, followed shortly by Sadie barking madly at it!
The bath water was cold, and all relaxation was gone. 
Once Dixie arrived at work, she went to the payroll department, which consisted of two girls about her age. She knew them from work but wasn't close personal friends. Taking a deep breath, Dixie squared her shoulders, preparing for the conversation she knew would follow. "Hey, ya'll. I need to change a few things and update some stuff." Dixie said as she sat down, knowing she'd be here awhile. "First is my address." She hadn't changed it before now due to not being how sure she was about staying in Hazzard.

“I hear it, give me a minute to shut it off,” BL said as she drained the tub and dried off.
Towel wrapped around her, BL rushed back to her room shutting off the alarm, Sadie immediately hushed. “No chance in me ever sleeping through the alarm,” BL said, looking for something cool but nice to wear. Settling on a light blue t-shirt dress that almost reached her knees and her white canvas tennis shoes. Pulling her hair back she pinned it up in a bun with bobby pins she kept in her purse, a little 
Powder and lip gloss from her purse and BL headed off to work, Sadie at her side.

It took Dixie nearly an hour to do the address, name, and insurance information changes due to all the personal questions the girls had about who she had married and such.

At the post office BL got Sadie settled with some breakfast before going up the street and around the corner to the coffee shop to get herself a cup of coffee to clear the cobwebs.  
Bo thought  he’d made a clean getaway until Jesse stepped out the back door to get the milk and eggs, Bo left.
“Where in tarnation are you running off to?” Jesse hollered.
Sighing, Bo knew he might as well face the music, so climbing back out the General’s window, Bo said “nowhere Uncle Jesse.”

"Well, get on in here and get cleaned up. Breakfast is almost ready. I just needed the eggs."
Bo went in to do as he was told, "Yes, Sir." was all he trusted himself to say.
At base camp, Luke was answering his own questions about why he had called in the day before. 
His buddy Randy being the ring leader in these unofficial questions, " Duke, we've worked together years now, and I ain't never known you to call in sick or otherwise. So what's with calling in requesting to take a 'holiday' yesterday?"
Luke had known from the moment he decided he wasn't working yesterday that this conversation would happen.  Since arriving, he had managed to keep the wide gold band on his left hand out of sight.
Luke gave just a bit of a grin as he replied, "You are right, Randy, and I knew ya’ll would have questions. I needed yesterday to work out a few things after some events that happened Sunday." Luke paused, "One of the things is there's a party Friday night in Hazzard. Ya’ll are invited to meet Mrs. Duke." At that point, he waved his left hand.
His crew broke out in a wave of congratulations, questions, and all-out pandemonium.

One of the girls from HR asked, “is she the same girl that came to watch the jumps with your family?” Luke nodded ‘yes’.

BL was just starting to sort the mail into two piles ‘delivery’ and P.O. Boxes, when she saw her Dad pull up and head inside, likely on his way to the cabinet shop,
 “was hoping to not see him til later,” BL muttered to herself.
Clyde came in and propped on the counter, watching his daughter sort the mail.
“Well atleast your still alive, not that I’d know, since you didn’t call to say you wasn’t coming home last night,” Clyde said.
“Sorry Daddy, I stayed with Dixie and Luke, we lost track of time, it was real late so I stayed with them, just forgot to call,“ BL replied.
Clyde grunted “have you got the cabinet shop mail ready, I gotta get going and open up.”
BL handed Clyde a couple envelopes, “you want the house mail too, won’t take me long to sort it from the rest,” BL said.
“Can’t wait, got a job to go look at, out at the Hobson farm, see you tonight,”Clyde said, on his way out
Bo put eggs and bacon on his plate and after grace was said he dug into the eggs and bacon, hoping if his mouth was full that he wouldn't have to talk much.
Luke gave everyone the details of the reception, and then the Smokejumpers got to work with their newbies. 
Dixie chose to invite only her former roommate to the reception. She was close to the tri counties workers and only kept in touch with Debbie from the old place.

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Friday promised to be a beautiful day but another scorcher, with no rain in sight, tonight was to be the biggest thing Hazzard had seen since the 4th of July celebration. Luke Duke had got himself a wife a week ago come Sunday. Everybody from both families was coming from far and near for the reception, Daisy was giving them tonight at the Boar’s Nest.

BALLADEER: Friends this shindig is most likely to be a real barn burner

Elbert Duke, Jesse’s brother, Elbert’s wife Bessie and their boys 14 year old Jeremiah and 13 year old Jedidiah (Jed) pulled up at the Duke farm in a blue pickup, much like Jesse’s white one. Jesse threw down the pitchfork he was using and hurried over giving Bessie and Elbert hugs.
“Elbert, Bessie it's good to see ya. It’s been too long,” Jesse said.
“It’s good to be back Jesse, this old place sure brings back alot of memories,”Elbert replied. 
“Where’s the happy couple?” Bessie asked.
“Well they are staying in town, Dixie’s cousin has loaned them her house until they have more permanent living arrangements. If they took today off they’ll likely be out later. If they work a half day, they might come this afternoon, Could be tonight at the reception if they work all day,” Jesse said. 

Luke and Dixie had talked leading up to Friday and talked with their bosses. All agreed that even with chances good that neither would get stuck at work, the chance was there. Both agreed it would be better to take the day off. They hadn't made that final decision known to anyone but work so they could spend a morning alone. 
Luke knew a couple of things. One every Duke in two hundred miles would make an appearance in Hazzard this weekend. Two, the farmhouse was small with one bathroom. Three the barn would be used for the house over flow and the shower in the barn hadn't been used in 20 years. 
He planned to be at the farm by noon to get the barn's shower and bathroom in order for family. He knew this weekend was going to be full of chaos because of him, so he needed to be there before Duke Nation invaded Hazzard. Luke smiled at the thought. He hoped Rosco was up to it.
Dixie planned to go with Luke to the farm, then leave in time to get ready at the house. She was going to take her Thunderbird, but after Luke told her how the farm would be this evening she was sure Daisy and BL may want to get ready in town. 
Noon found the newlyweds arriving at the Duke Farm in a flurry of activity in anticipation of family arriving from far and near.

Jesse’s brother Elbert and his family had arrived about 9 am, but Coy and Vance hadn’t been with the family, instead they were bringing their own car, the Duke and Davenport cousins all planned to make a weekend out of it, except Jed and Jeremiah were still a mite too young to participate in the shenanigans that might land one or more of the young adults in jail, if Rosco had anything to do with it anyway.
Coy and Vance arrived in their yellow car about an hour after Elbert. Jeb Stuart and Jesse’s brother John and sister in-law Pauline had a shorter drive than Elbert and wasn’t expected before 2 pm.
BL was planning to close the post office early today so she could take a shower and get ready for tonight.

Daisy and Bessie had started supper early. Jesse and Elbert were on the porch catching up while Bo, Coy and Vance made the barn ready for all the male cousins to sleep. Vance stopped and caught sight of Jed and Jeremiah thinking that they were exempt from chores, "Boys, come on. Ya'll will be camping out here with us so you can come on and help."
Jesse and Elbert smiled at the older cousins making the younger ones feel right at home. 
Bessie had brought out tea and heard Vance's comment about the boys sleeping in the barn, "Elbert, is that such a good idea? They are so young to be sleeping outside of the house."
"Bessie, dear, Jesse and I both have slept in that there barn at half their age without a half a dozen older cousins with us. They will be fine."
Bessie wrung her hands and fretted a bit, but Elbert would know best.

By 3 O’clock the Duke farm was beginning to buzz as Jeb, Coy and Vance got ready so they could meet Leroy, their old band’s drummer at the Boar’s Nest to set up and get in a little practice before everybody started arriving.

At the house Dixie was just coming out of the bathroom as Daisy was coming up the stairs, she’d been helping put the final touches on the decorations.
“Bathroom’s all yours,” Dixie said.
“Ok,thanks,” Daisy replied, taking her dress to the spare bedroom. They heard BL pull in the driveway a second later.
“Getting to be like Grand Central Station around here,” Gloria Kravitz fussed to her husband Abner, who was paying her no mind as usual.

BALLADEER: She thinks this is bad, she oughta be out at the Duke farm, it’s busier than a one armed paper hanger.

While BL was waiting for Daisy to get out of the shower, she fed Sadie and packed a bag with a couple pairs of jeans,boots and a sleeveless button up shirt, so she could get comfy later and a night at the farm was a possibility with all the cousins visiting.
“There ya go girl, I likely won’t be back till late,” BL said.

"You might want Uncle Jesse to stop by and get her on his way home tonight. Unless I miss my guess, with all the cousins in, we'll be staying at the farm tonight." Dixie said as she set her bag down, which contained her boots and jeans that went with the top she was wearing with the long full white cotton skirt that she had been talked into wearing. 
When BL and Daisy went to the Roadrunner, Dixie took a seat on the front porch to wait on Luke. He should be there anytime, but Daisy had wanted to make sure everything was ready before she and Luke arrived.

“Right, I’ll see ya at the Boars Nest,” BL said, getting in the roadrunner, tossing her bag in the backseat.

Daisy and BL pulled up at the Boars Nest, to find a few cars in the parking lot even though it was still a little while till the reception started. Heading inside, they heard the band warming up, inside it didn’t even look like a roadhouse. There was streamers, bells, netting and twinkling lights and all the other extra decorations Daisy had bought, the tables had white linen table cloths and a flower vase of tulips on them. 
“Wow Miss Lulu, this looks great,” Daisy said.
“Hardly looks like a bar, it’s beautiful,” BL agreed.
“Thank you girls, your sweet, we didn’t do much,” Lulu replied, waving a hand toward her fellow ladies aid members who were adding final touches, before going home to get ready for the reception. Others that had volunteered to bring refreshments were now arriving. Clara Coltrane brought in banana pudding, Mable Wooster came with a punch bowl and set to making punch for those who didn’t drink and the children who would be there.

Luke pulled up a few minutes early. On the porch, he took Dixie's bag and her hand, "Are you ready to do this?"
"Luke, you know I've waited since I was fifteen to do this." Dixie said. 
Luke took her in his arms for a very passionate kiss.

Gloria Kravitz as usual was at the right place to see the goings on at the neighbors,
“Those hoodlums are going to be the death of me,” Gloria despaired.

At the Boar’s Nest, BB Davenport arrived a few minutes early to keep out the riff raff, namely Ernie Ledbetter.

Luke helped Dixie into his truck and they headed off to the Boar's Nest. 
When the parking lot came into view, Luke said, "Wow. It looks like the mill payday and Christmas all at once with that crowd."
"I don't think I've ever seen it that crowded before." Dixie said as she handed Luke her ID out of habit for him to put in his wallet so she could leave her wallet in the truck. "Remember, when I set a glass down with alcohol in it, just slide me your empty and take mine."
"I can do that." Luke said, grinning widely, "Just remember that request later, dear."
"Luke." Dixie gave him a look to which he just flashed her an evil grin.

Inside BB,LB and Cooter were sitting together at a table near the door so they could watch for trouble. The Duke cousins were only a few tables away, near the stage where they had pulled a couple tables together. BL sat beside Bo. Jed and Jeremiah were sitting between Coy and Vance, much to Bessie’s displeasure but Elbert told her they’d be fine, she could still see them, there was no harm in turning them loose a little. Luther and Clyde shared a table near the end of the bar, close to the back room. Jesse was a couple tables away from the ‘kids’ table but he could still see the band.
Luke and Dixie walked in holding hands, stopping in their tracks to look at all the decorations.
“Wow, this all looks amazing, I hardly recognize the place,” Luke said.

Dixie agreed, "Are we in the right place?" She hugged Daisy. 
Lulu stood up from her place at Boss Hogg's table, Congratulations! Now, as mine and Jefferson's gift to you all, ... the beer’s on the house tonight."
Boss Hogg nearly choked on his cigar. This was the biggest crowd he'd had in the place in years. 
The Dukes and Davenports alike had a good laugh at JD's reaction. 
Miss Lulu wasn't done yet, "And, as far as ya'll are concerned, Rosco, Enos and Cletus have the night off."
Luke and Dixie thanked Lulu and Boss, who was about to eat his cigar. 
Jesse declared, "Well, thank you both. Shouldn't we get this party started? It's way too quiet in here."
Jeb, Coy and Vance all took the hint as they sat their beers away from their two younger cousins and headed toward the mic.

The band began to play as Daisy and a couple other Boar’s Nest waitresses started getting drinks for everybody. With each glass of free beer that Boss saw, his mood got lower and lower.
“One for the bride, one for the groom,” Daisy said, sitting a beer in front of Luke and Dixie.
“Thanks Daisy,” both said.

Dixie touched the mug of beer to her lips, appearing to take a sip. Just then, she spotted her friend Debbie from work step into the bar, looking around for her. Dixie sat her mug down and crossed to meet her friend. 
Just as Dixie had introduced Debbie, Luke's smokerjumper crew and the girls from payroll showed up. Again introductions were made and drinks ordered. 
Just then, Dixie spotted her mother step in the door.

BL looked up and saw her Aunt Katherine, even though BL hadn’t seen her in a very long time, BL knew who the lady was, she was the only woman there wearing heels and pearls.
Telling Bo she’d be right back, BL went to say hello, it was the distraction she’d been looking for, so noone noticed she wasn’t drinking her beer,
“Aunt Katherine glad you could make it,” BL said, hugging her aunt’s neck briefly.
“Brandy Lou, is that you?” Katherine asked rhetorically, because she knew BL was the only other girl in the Davenport family “My goodness you look just like your mother.” 
“Thank you,” BL said as the band played the first notes of Mama He’s Crazy by the Judds, "that's my cue, see ya later Aunt Katherine,” BL said, hurrying over to the stage to sing with Daisy.

Katherine then spotted her oldest with his cousins at a table near the door. "Cooter, aren't you even gonna greet your own Mother?"
"Yes, ma'am. I was just telling LB and BB that very thing, but I didn't want to interrupt yours and BL’s talk." Cooter said, hugging his mother. 
"My, my, my how you boys have all grown up on me. Now son, can you find your sister and my new son-in-law in all this?"
Cooter smiled, "Yes, ma'am, I sure can. Hold the fort down, fellas."

Cooter weaved his way over to where the Duke cousins' tables were near the stage, sitting at the end, Luke held Dixie’s hand across the table. Dixie and Luke stood up, Dixie giving Katherine a hug, “mom, this is Luke Duke my husband,” Dixie said.
“I remember Luke, from when he was just a little boy. Hello Luke, my you certainly have grown into a handsome young man,” Katherine replied.
“Hello Mrs. Davenport. Thank you ma’am,” Luke said.
“Dixie, we’ll get together for a long talk later, I’m staying at the hotel,” Katherine said. the last bit, hoping to see more of her son as well,while in town.
Excusing herself, so the newlyweds could enjoy their party, Katherine went over to Jesse Duke’s table “hello Jesse, may I sit with you?” Katherine greeted Jesse, a mutual friend of hers and Luther. 
“Well I’ll be….Katherine Davenport, of course you can sit with me,” Jesse said, getting up and pulling out a chair.

Dixie caught Daisy on her way to take drink orders to the bar, "Remember, I'm only giving ya’ll 2 hours in this dress.

“I remember just let me get these drinks and I’ll get things rolling,” Daisy said. Going over to the bar she put in the order, taking the tray of drinks, Daisy left 3 with Cooter, LB and BB. Taking the rest back to the Duke cousins table. Going up on stage when the band finished playing she spoke into the mic “it’s time for the father/daughter dance.” As Luther met Dixie on the dance floor, Luke went up on stage, the band began to play and Luke sang  Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks.

The music began to play, Dixie knew the song immediately but had missed Luke heading to the small stage and taking the mic until she heard his voice begin to sing. Just as the song lyrics indicated, Dixie looked up at her father as they began to dance. It was obvious that her father had heard the song or was listening intently to its words as Luke sang the words about viewing the pictures of his bride as a child. Luther knew he had very similar pictures in his own living room. When Luke sang the words about being prince charming in Dixie's eyes, he knew truer words had never been spoken as well as being just some fella trying to steal Cinderella, in her dad's eyes.
When Luke got to the part that says, he gives me a hard time, but I can't blame the fella and him being the one who was stealing Cinderella there wasn't a dry eye in the room when Luther Davenport turned to Luke and motioned him to the floor, officially turning his daughter over to him on the dance floor. 
Over the past couple of days, Luther had been having a hard time about Dixie's elopement but had talked to Cooter, Jesse, and also Bill Mccormick, who had gone a long way in changing his anger to acceptance.

Daisy went back up on stage after the song ended and Luther and Dixie went back to their tables. “Now Luke and Mrs. Davenport will have a dance, then Dixie and Uncle Jesse.” 
Luke went over to where Katherine sat with his Uncle Jesse, holding out his hand like he was about to escort a queen or someone equally important onto the dance floor “Mrs. Davenport.”
Katherine accepted Luke’s hand, the two of them returning to the dance floor. The band played a slow song,when the song ended Luke escorted Katherine back to the table, thanking her for the dance.

After the two were seated, the band began to play another song, Jesse came over meeting Dixie at the edge of the dance floor. Dixie slipped her hand through Jesse’s offered elbow leading her to the center of the dance floor, where he took her hand in his and began to move them around the floor, ‘old school’ style. At the end, Daisy again went to the mic,
“Now it’s time for the bride and groom’s first dance.”
The band began to play Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis. Luke took Dixie in his arms and sang along for only her as he looked lovingly into her eyes.

The next song was Rumor by Clay Walker. Luke held Dixie in his arms, several other couples joined them on the Dance floor, including Bo and BL, after the song finished the band began playing, Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts. Cooter stood saying “hold down the fort fellas, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Going over to the Duke cousins table where Daisy and Jeremiah and Jeb sat “hey Daisy want to dance?” Cooter asked. “I’d love to Cooter,” Daisy replied. They left the two youngest alone. The boys had been eyeballing the Carver girls all evening but hadn't gotten the courage up to ask them to dance.

After a few songs, Daisy let Jeb know that the food was ready. Dixie and Luke were first through the line, followed by family, friends, and others that were at the Boars Nest. 
Daisy and BL also fixed plates for LB, BB, and Cooter, who were stationed at the door for any uninvited trouble. 
There was chicken salad, egg salad, and potted meat sandwiches cut into four pieces, chips, dip, fruit with fruit dip, two punch bowls of ginger ale and sherbet punch. 
Dixie raved about the punch, "Oh, Lord. Who made the punch? I haven't had this since 4-H meetings at Mrs. Hightowers."
Lulu beamed, "That's who made this." 
"I've got to get over to thank her for coming out." Dixie said.
"She is over with Miz Tisdale." Lulu said. 
Dixie made plans to go see the lady before she left as she filled a cup of the punch before anyone got any ideas about spiking it.

Dixie found BL and handed her a cup of punch “taste this, what does it remind you of?”
Taking a sip BL’s eyes closed and a smile crossed her lips “Mrs, Hightower’s 4-H meetings,”
“That’s who made it, Miss Lulu said,” Dixie replied.
“I didn’t even know she was here, I’ll go say hi in a bit before she leaves” BL said.
After Luke and Dixie had finished eating, Daisy sat two chairs beside the booth up front that had gifts stacked in both seats and on the table. “Dixie, Luke ya’ll come up here, it's time to open gifts,” Daisy said. In the meantime BL had been making room at the bar to put the cake.

The gift opening was underway as expected. The couple had opened 3 irons, 4 toasters, 6 coffeemakers and many cards. Then they got to the gifts from closer friends and relatives.  Dixie opened a box with a very sheer trimmed in lace teddy.
Jed and Jeremiah's mother jumped up, trying to cover both teens' eyes at the same time. Pauline nearly got the vapors!
Next, Luke was about to open a gift from Dobro Doolin, Brodie, and Cooter. 
Dobro had even moved up to an empty chair near the couple for the moment.
Luke had no idea who the gift was from but was addressed to him. With the paper off, he cautiously opened the box. Inside there was a RIP card on top of several familiar boxes with a note that said 'For all Lucky Night's on top of several girly books with a note that said 'For ALL the Unlucky Nights'. Luke was quick to only take out the card and close the box but not before Some folks sitting close by had seen at least part of the gift.

Dobro, Brodie and Cooter all were about to bust a gut at Luke’s reaction. LB and BB couldn’t see what was in the box, just Luke’s reaction. “What was it?” LB asked. “Must have been rattlesnakes, the way Luke was acting,” BB said. Still chuckling Cooter told them what the contents were, setting both his cousins to snickering. The people sitting close were either amused (on the part of the men anyway) or shocked at the vulgar (at least in their opinion)gift.

Jed and Jeremiah had seen books with girls on them and small boxes that were not familiar to them. 
Bessy saw and recognized the boxes of various condoms. She quickly looked away. 
Pauline also saw and recognized the boxes and gasped. 
Jed asked, "What was it?"
Bessie tried to hush the teen.
Jeremiah said, "I didn't see either. That's not fair. They showed the toasters.”

“Hush you two,” Bessie scolded. Elbert tried not to sigh out loud, he wished his wife would see the boys were growing up and it was time to loosen the apron strings a little. It was no wonder she got along with Pauline so well, Jeb would have been still attached to his Mama’s apron strings, if the boy hadn’t spent his summers with Jesse and got to do things during those teen years.

Again Daisy took the stage. “Now we’ll cut the cake and have the wedding toasts,” Daisy announced.
Luke and Dixie took their place behind the bar. Jesse poured each a glass of ‘shine in crystal champagne glass (Katherine’s glass wasn’t as full as the others, she didn’t approve of moonshine). He then poured a glass for anyone else who wanted one.
“Friends and neighbors if you would raise your glasses in a toast to the newlyweds,”
Jesse said a few words, concluding his toast with, "welcome to the family Dixie”.
Dixie touched her lips to the glass then sat it back on the bar.

After the toasts, Dixie picked up the cake knife, Luke put his hand on hers and together they cut the cake, Dixie then put a slice of the devil’s food cake on a plate,
Dixie and Luke each took the traditional smaller piece to feed to the other. 
For only Luke to hear, Dixie said, "Do it and die!"
Luke replied, "Challenge accepted."
Each eased the piece of cake toward the other. Both would trust their lives to the other, yet right now neither fully trusted the other not to totally smear the cake in the others face.
The gathered crowd of friends and loved ones each egged them on....
As Dixie eased the cake closer to Luke's  mouth, she whispered, "Luke."
Luke grinned widely as he also eased the cake toward his bride.
Both ended up easing the cake into each other's mouth while managing to each smear the slightest bit of the icing on the other's nose.

Daisy went back up on stage announcing “now we’ll have the bouquet toss then the garter toss. All you unmarried ladies gather round.” The women all gathered near the stage, the bachelors all moved aside.

The ladies hurried toward the small stage where Dixie had a small bouquet made just for this purpose. Miz Tisdale had made sure that she had a place right up front. Daisy slipped down into the crowd of single girls. 
Dixie managed a quick glance, turned around and tossed the bouquet. Even if she had planned it, she couldn't have thrown the bouquet truer. 
It landed right in BL's open hands.

BL stared at the bouquet a moment, then called out teasing 
“You planned that, didn't you?”
Dixie shrugged her shoulders and grinned “maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,” Dixie said.
Daisy went back up on stage “alright fellas your turn,” Daisy said.

Most of the bachelors were slow moving toward Daisy and Luke.
"Come on over here, fellas." Daisy called again. She looked at Uncle Jesse for help.
Jesse said, "Now, boys, get on up there. It's all in good fun."
LB, BB, and Cooter claimed to be busy. 
"Yall can be unbusy for two minutes." Luke said. 
The group had assembled when Miz Tisdale nudged Jesse, "Wait a minute. Jesse, get on up there."
Jesse started to protest when all his boys turned on him saying, "Yeah, Uncle Jesse. It's all in good fun. Come on up."
Seeing he had lost the battle, he made his way up front, "This is for you young people." He huffed.
Jesse saw Clyde Davenport still sitting in back with Rosco. "Alright, now, Clyde. You, Rosco and Enos come on up here too."
Jed and Jeremiah had also managed to get up front when Bessie saw them, "Hold it. you two get out of there."
Everyone was assuring Bessie the boys were fine. 
Daisy said, "OK, now ya’ll get ready to catch."

Dixie put her foot in the chair somebody had put on the stage.
Luke pulled up Dixie’s long skirt, to just above her knee then went ‘fishing’, after a few minutes, the blue and white lace garter appeared, then down her leg.
Dixie had placed her hand on the thin skirt to keep it from going any further and had the good graces to blush just a mite at Luke’s fishing for the garter she had put for him just above her knee.

Luke took a quick glance at the single men, turned around and said, "Alright guys, one, two, three..." He tossed the garter behind him into the rather large crowd of family and friends. 
Bo had turned his attention to the younger boys trying to decide whether they should move or stay when he was thumped right upside his head. Reaction was to grab whatever just hit him. Then he saw it was the garter.....

Bo looked down at the garter in his hand and then thought about BL catching the bouquet, was it just a coincidence or was he being given a message.
Daisy got on stage for one last announcement “I have one last thing to say, then I’ll turn it back over to the band. Ladies when you leave, feel free to take a centerpiece with you. Thank you all for coming and a big thank you to Miss Lulu Hogg and the ladies aid for decorating everything so pretty and making the delicious food. Thank you Becky Lynn, the cake was beautiful and yummy. Miss Agnes all the flowers are beautiful. Now I’ll hush,” Daisy said.

As Daisy walked by, Dixie stopped her, "So can I put my jeans on now?"
Daisy enjoyed wearing dresses at times and had to roll her eyes and laugh. "If you must."
Luke was already standing. "I'll get your bag. Hey, Bo, give me a hand and we'll put
everything in the truck."
Bo joined Luke getting all the presents and keepsakes safely to the truck so that a couple of tables could be freed up for customers. 
Dixie got her bag and headed for the restroom to change.

BL went over to Jesse before he left, which no doubt would be soon. Bessie was already chomping at the bit to get Jeremiah and Jed out of there before it was just another Friday night at the bar.
“Uncle Jesse, will you stop by my house on your way home and pick up Sadie? She’s home alone,” BL asked, she didn’t want to say anything that her Aunt might make a disapproving face about.

Jesse replied, "Well, sure I will, and the boys here can keep her company."
"Thank you, Uncle Jesse." BL said.
Jesse was just about to tell her that he wasn't her uncle until she gave him a hug and a peck on his cheek.

“Hey Bo, will you get my bag out of Daisy’s car please?” BL asked Bo on his and Luke’s way out, each with an armload of gifts. BL didn’t mind wearing dresses as much as Dixie but was more comfortable climbing in and out General Lee’s window in jeans or shorts.
“Sure darlin,” Bo answered.
When Bo and Luke came back in, Bo handed BL her bag. BL followed Dixie to the restroom.

Dixie had slid her jeans on and skirt off almost in the same motion. "That feels so much better." She said as she tucked her blouse in her jeans, then gave her hair a quick brush through.

BL grinned and shook head, having just come through the restroom door, in time to hear Dixie’s words.Changing into jeans, button up shirt and her boots, BL felt better herself, she had managed to keep her white blouse clean but wasn’t going to try all night. Her feet felt better now, she didn’t know how Daisy wore heels to work, a couple of hours and her feet were killing her “much better.” BL ran her fingers through her hair.

Katherine saw Dixie come out of the restroom in jeans and was completely appalled, the least Dixie could do was stay dressed for the occasion until the reception was over and everyone had gone.

"Thank you, Darlin'," Dixie said as she sat her bag down on the table and hugged Luke as he stood to let her back in her seat and prepared to take the bag back out. As Dixie and Luke passed each other, Luke returned her hug by wrapping his arms around her waist, "Feel better?"
"Yep, I feel like me now. Dresses. Yuck. Pooh!" Dixie said much like she had at age three.
In Luke's mind he heard her protests about 'not being three' that she had made so many times long about the age of fifteen. He could not help but nearly die laughing right there.

BL came back shortly after Dixie. Bo got up to let her back in her seat across from Dixie, taking her bag “We’ll go put these bags back in the vehicles,” Bo said.
“Thanks,” BL said, giving Bo a peck on the lips.
“I think I’ll go back to my room at the hotel, it was a long drive in,” Katherine said.
“Let me walk you to your car, I’m fixin’ to head home, my brothers and sisters in-law will be wondering where I am,” Jesse said.

Unknown by any of them, trouble was coming in one door as they were going out the other. 
“Look what the cat just dragged in,” LB said to his cousin.
Cooter and BB looked over at the door, seeing Ernie Ledbetter, all three Davenports headed his way,
“You need to leave Ledbetter, this is a private party and you wasn’t invited,” LB said.
“Gazette said whole county was invited and I ain’t leaving,” Earnie replied menacingly.
“Then I guess we’ll have to escort you out,” BB said. With BB holding onto one arm and Cooter the other, they did just that, right back out the same door he’d come in.

Elbert, Bessie and the boys were in the vehicle but had not pulled out of the Boars Nest lot when a commotion was heard near the front door of the bar. 
Wearing wide grins, Cooter, LB and BB none to gently escorted Ernie outside and dared him to buck them.
Jed was the mouthpiece, "Wow! Dad, what is going on?”

“Looks like those guys have a problem and come outside to settle it,” Elbert answered his son, pulling out of the parking lot before said settlement got underway.
“Listen Ledbetter, we don’t want no trouble but you gotta leave,” BB said. 
“You gonna make me?” Ernie sneered.
“I will if I have to,” BB replied,cracking his knuckles.
On Ernie’s other side, Cooter growled like a feral dog.

BALLADEER: Normally, Ernie would have built his ego up with alcohol before starting trouble. Facing the three Davenport men this early in the night, he had not been drinking yet. It was not missed that he was outnumbered three to one.

Outside Ernie was still weighing the odds and they just weren’t in his favor, “fine, this ain’t the only place to get a drink,” Ernie grumbled and stalked back to his car, throwing rocks as he spun out.
The Davenport men went back inside, just as Jeb was announcing the last dance. Going over to sit with the rest. All that was left now was the two waitresses that were working, the usual Friday night patrons and the Duke and Davenport cousins, Debbie and the smokejumpers. The band began playing All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight by Hank Williams Jr.

Luke and Dixie bid the others goodbye, promising to see the others at the Duke Farm.
Jeb, Coy, Vance and the others packed up their equipment in record time. 
Dixie's friend, Debbie and Luke’s team of Smokejumpers were all heading back to the farm with the other cousins. 
Once in the truck, Luke headed the truck up toward Hounddog lake away from the planned destination.
"Where are we going?" Dixie asked after riding several minutes.
"Up by the lake." Luke said innocently.
Dixie nodded, "OK, but why?"
Luke put his arm around her, "Two reasons, our cousins want to get there before we do."
"And the other reason?" Dixie asked with a grin.
Luke replied, "I thought maybe we could balance the checkbook or something."

Bo handed BL his keys, shocking her because it was usually like pulling teeth to get Bo to let someone besides Luke drive the General “you better drive, I wouldn’t put it past Rosco to think now the reception’s over we’re all fair game again and he knows I drank more than a couple watered down beers,” Bo said.
“You’re right,” BL said, getting behind the wheel.
At the Duke farm Daisy had Cooter, Coy, Vance, Jeb, LB and BB putting up some extra decorations she had, while she, BL and Dixie’s friend Debbie set up a table with leftover goodies, punch and shine.
“If ya’ll are ok here, I’m gonna fix up the loft for Luke and Dixie, to sorta have their own bedroom,” Daisy said to BL and Debbie.
“We got this, right BL?” Debbie said.
“Yep,” BL answered.
While the barn hummed busily, Jed and Jeremiah were still ‘watching’ Sadie, a job they didn’t seem to mind.

Sadie was keeping the boys busy under the lights between the house and the barn. 
Bessie had seen all the young people's rides pull in by the barn but not the newlyweds. "Jesse, didn't I hear Luke tell the others that he and his bride would be here tonight."
Jesse calmly said, "That's what I heard."
"The others have been here awhile now." Bessie remarked.
The boys had come to the porch for a drink.
Elbert said much of what Jesse was thinking, "Bessie, they are newlyweds."
Bessie turned about ten shades of red.
Jed asked, "Dad, what does being a newlywed mean?"
Jeremiah replied, "That they are newly married, dummy."
"That wasn't nice." Elbert said.
"I know that," Jed said, "But, what does that have to do with Luke not being here already?"
Jesse was giving Elbert a grin, waiting to see just how he handled the youngins.

Elbert thought to himself ‘one day he was going to have a long talk with his boys without their mother present.’ Giving Jed a stern look he said, “don’t backtalk.”
Jesse nearly laughed but caught himself, he remembered these days. The younger boys asking questions and the older thinking they were dumb for not figuring it out or just plain knowing.
Out in the barn, Daisy called down from the loft, to the other women
“Ya’ll ladies come up and see.”
Daisy had used the leftover decorations and a couple sleeping bags to make a romantic hideaway in the loft.
“This looks great, they will love it,” BL said.

A few clothes wrinkled later, Luke and Dixie pulled up to the barn. They both waved to the adults on the porch as they headed into the barn. 
Seeing Sadie heading to the barn, Jed asked, "Can we go out now?" Bessie and Pauline both said together, "Go get cleaned up and put your pajamas on." 
Elbert's look to John and Jesse was nearly pleading for help.
Jesse spoke soft but firm. "Run on out there boys. We'll be along to check on ya directly."
Elbert added, "You heard Uncle Jesse. Run along." They did.
Bessie said, "I'll never get them in the house for a bath and pajamas now."
Jesse said, "They can shower before breakfast."
Luke and Dixie had barely stepped inside the barn when Sadie and the boys entered on their heels."
"Wow! I've never seen this place look so good." Dixie said. 
Before Luke could say anything, Bo had put a pint Mason jar of clear liquid in his hand.

BL leaned down picking up Sadie before she could accidentally destroy something in her excitement leftover from playing with the boys. “Oh no, you're not getting a chance to mess up all this hard work,” BL said to the squirming dog.
“You should see the loft,” BL said to the couple.

Bo said, "She's fine. It's a barn. She can't hurt anything." He petted Sadie's head. 

“If you say so,” BL replied, sitting a calmer dog down. Sadie was still eager to meet all the new people in the barn and went from person to person sniffing shoes.

Daisy said, "We got all the leftovers for snacks tonight. There was even punch left over. We fixed ya’ll a place up in the loft."
Luke took a long drink of the shine. "I was waiting to get back here before I had more than a taste of this."
Jed asked, "Why would you wait to get back here to drink water?"
Luke gave the teen a grin, "Son, it's far from being water." 
Bo added, "Yeah, that there moonshine is likely older than you both."

“So," Jed shrugged.
“One whiff of this stuff, once knocked a lady revenuer flat on her fanny,” Luke replied.
BL was quite sure had Bo and Luke’s Aunts and Uncles not been on the porch still, this would end in the youngest Duke’s being given a taste.

Jeremiah asked the question, "Can we try?"
Luke replied, "It's way too early for all that, but maybe if you can keep a secret and stay awake."
Vance replied, "Them stay awake, they can do it."
Jeb added, "Well boys, if you ever want to have any dealings with moonshine, you have to be able to keep a secret. That is rule one."
"Through ten," added Coy.
Luke took another long drink, "Ya know Bo, these three may have finally learned."
Debbie innocently asked Dixie, "Is that really moonshine?"
Dixie assured her that it really was.

The moonshine helped the censoring (or lack of it) in the stories that were being shared, some of which were giving the teens ideas.
“Hey BL, Dixie, Daisy, Jeb remember when Mrs. Simpson thought the tardy bell was the end of study hall and dismissed everybody? Or when we went joy riding in the driver’s ed car Bo said.
The others nodded, Jeb adding “we got a week’s unscheduled ‘vacation’ for that caper.”

BALLADEER: That was the year Jeb lived in Hazzard, because he and Pauline kept butting heads.

Bo added, "Yeah, but remember Uncle Jesse put us to work that week since we didn't have to get up early for school."
Jeb took a healthy drink of shine, "I'd still rather carry bags of sugar and corn up a mountain for an all night cook than sit in a classroom."
Jed was catching on a bit, "Wait, ya’ll got to stay out all night because you got suspended?
Vance answered, "Yes, but those nights were hard work."
Jeremiah asked, "How old were ya'll when you got to go help?"
Luke replied, "About the time we could follow Uncle Jesse up a mountain."

“I didn’t enjoy my week, I would have rather been at school,” Daisy said.
“Why???” Jeremiah asked, he couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to go to school.
“Because I had to scrub every inch of the house,” Daisy replied.

and then added, "By myself, while the guys got to do all the outside stuff."
BL added, "The cabinet shop got a good cleaning that week.There wasn’t one speck of sawdust on the shop floor at night, I had to sweep after everybody went home after work,"
Dixie also remembered the week.
Jed asked, "What did you have to do?"
Dixie shrugged, "I had to go to the garage with my Dad."
Luke gave her a look, "And ended up riding with me on parts runs to keep you out of trouble."
Dixie replied, "Something like that."

“How come me and Daisy were the only ones that didn’t get to have any fun that week?” BL asked.
“Honey lugging those big bags of corn and such up a mountain is hard work, even if it’s in the fresh air,” Coy replied.

“Remember when we got caught making a run?” Jeb asked, looking at Bo and Luke.
Luke nodded ‘yes’, he remembered like it was yesterday.
“What happened?” Jed and Jeremiah both asked.
"Tonight? Really?" Luke asked.
Bo groaned a little at the question, too. 

BALLADEER: You see friends them boys were a team, so when they got caught, each blamed themselves.

Jeb knew he had owned the blame for years. 
Cooter said, "Yeah, tonight. I never did get the whole story."
Dixie was sitting in Luke's arms against hay bales. She whispered, "Me either."
Luke looked at his near empty jar of shine and said, "It's gonna take more than this." He finished it in one swallow.

None of the Davenport cousins had gotten the whole story and they wanted to know as bad as the boys. LB refilled Luke’s jar with the gallon jug they had opened. 
“Everything was going fine at first, Jeb was running blocker, he ran up on a road block, set up by the feds and they had Rosco helping them. He knew Jeb was a Duke so, Jeb was shook down but the car was clean,” Luke said then took a long drink of shine.

"Agents Buchannon and Andy Roach didn't know Jeb, but they knew Tilley. And knew if Tilley was out, there was a Duke run that night. They got out of there quick and hit the other roads. Bo was in this old Ford of mine heading down route 7-11. When Agent Roach got in behind him, Bo swung off the road into the creek up through the rocks. By that time he yelled at me that he was getting a flat, I turned back to run interference. When I got to him, the tire was completely flat...." Luke and Bo looked at each other before Luke continued, "I tried to get Bo to trade me vehicles and get out of there.... before we knew it, Agent Roach was in front of us and Buchannon behind us."
Jed asked, "So, how did Jeb get caught?"
All three looked at each other, Luke let Jeb answer that. 
"We started the run together. We finished it together." Jeb said. 
Jeremiah asked, "So, Bo would have been the only one caught?"
"Wait, ya'll. Who had the shine?" Cooter asked. 
Bo replied, "I did, that was the first time they let me run it."

Bo and Jeb had refilled their jars at some point in the story but Bo had finished his in one swallow, remembering being trapped between agents Roach and Bucannon. Jeb polished his own shine off, after his explanation of how he got caught too. Coy looked at the teens with a serious expression, rules of shine making or running, 11-20 DON’T 
get caught!”
”Cute,” Bo, Luke and Jeb said together.
About that time the older adults walked In the barn,
“We’s about to turn in but thought we’d check to see if ya’ll needed anything first,” Jesse said.
“Jed, Jeremiah are you sure you don’t want to sleep in the house?” Bessie said she was still not thrilled with the idea of the teens staying in the barn.
“Now Bessie, let them be. You heard Jesse they’ll be fine,” Elbert reasoned with his wife. Sighing Bessie said no more about it. Bidding the young folk goodnight, the elder Dukes left the barn. After a few minutes went by, BL got off the hay bale she was sitting on.
“I’m going to take Sadie for a quick walk,” BL said.
“Ya’ll want some company?” Bo asked, they hadn’t had a chance to be alone much tonight, except the drive from the Boar’s Nest.
BL had just planned to see if the elder Dukes were in bed yet, while Sadie did her business but a moonlit stroll sounded peaceful.
“Yeah,” BL answered Bo. The two left the others behind, some with questions about the two.

Jed and Jeremiah were complaining to Vance and Coy about Bessie wanting them to change into pajamas to sleep in the barn. The older cousins were trying to explain to the younger ones that Bessie wasn't used to them camping in the barn. The younger ones felt far too old to be in pajamas in front of the ladies.
It took Jeb to tell them that if his mother had her way, that he'd be in footed pajamas alongside them. 
Everyone pictured that in their minds and had a good laugh.

BL and Bo walked in the clearing behind the barn while Sadie darted here and there, never going too far,(she was afraid of the dark, if a dog can be; even though it was a full moon.)
“BL can I ask you something?” Bo said.
“Sure Bo,” BL replied.
“Have you thought about settling down? I mean even if there’s no baby,” Bo asked then continued before BL could say anything. “I see how happy Luke is and I’m kinda envious.”
“I know what you mean, I've been watching Dixie and Luke too, for that matter and I ain’t seen neither this happy in a long time,” BL replied.
“I guess we better get back to the barn, before they all begin to wonder where we are,” BL said, not really answering Bo’s question.

So they headed back, Bo let go of BL’s hand going toward the house, checking to make sure Aunt Bessie was in bed, before the older cousins introduced Jed and Jeremiah to moonshine.
“C’mon Sadie,” BL called, patting the side of her leg. Heading back to the barn, they met back up with Bo as he was nearly back to the barn, giving Luke and Vance a nod of all clear, since they had been the ones to give the two youngest the ok, to sample the moonshine.

A look was exchanged between Bo, Luke and Vance with Luke holding his right pointer finger and thumb close together. Vance returned the jester with his fingers a bit further apart. 
Debbie asked Dixie, "What are they up to?"
"No good." Dixie replied.
"That much, I got." Debbie replied. 
Vance had two jelly jar glasses with a small amount of shine in each. He walked over to the younger boys and extended the glasses. "Easy, it's not water".

The boys took the glasses and not wanting to look like a baby, Jed took a healthy drink and promptly had a coughing fit. Vance gave his young cousin a few thumps on the back.
“I told you to take it easy, this stuff ain’t water,” Vance gave Jed a smug look.
“You, Coy and the other boy cousins drink it like it is. Shoot even Daisy drinks it” Jed said.
“We’re used to it, we all had that same reaction as you, first time we drank it,” Vance replied. Jeremiah had seen his brother’s actions and reactions and was taking Vance’s warning to heart a bit more, taking only normal sized swallows.
“Hey, how about some pickin',” LB said.
“Our guitars are in the house,” Luke replied.
“No they ain’t, Daisy told me to get ‘em before you and Dixie got here,” Bo pointed at the guitar cases. Getting their guitars Bo and Luke played and sang, Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, by Waylon Jennings.  After a couple more songs Bo asked Jeb and Vance did ”ya’ll bring your fiddles?” Reaching behind the hay bales they were sitting on, they picked up the cases, “what’s your pleasure?” Vance asked. Bo answered with just what he expected, he’d played it many times with Jeb, Devil went down to Georgia, by Hank Willams Jr. was soon ringing through the old barn. Jeb decided now was perfect for the song he’d wanted to do all night, Two Pink Lines by Eric Church. Luke nearly spit out the shine in his mouth but managed to swallow only to wind up having a coughing fit. Bo got up to get a refill, trying to act normal.

Jeremiah and Jed went over to Bo, Jed held out his jelly glass “Can we have a little more, that wasn’t bad.” Bo looked to where Luke was still trying to recover “I guess a little won’t hurt,” he gave them each what they’d had before. BL looked over in time to see the youngest Dukes walk away with their ‘prize’, she muttered under her breath, seeing this it would likely be the start of something bad. A couple more songs and Bo said
“BL, you ready to sing that song for the happy couple?” Everybody thought they were about to hear a love song, that is until BL started to sing the first words of Rockin Years by Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton.

When Bo started singing, Dixie and Luke began enjoying the song, right up until BL kicked in on the chorus, getting to the line, "Rockin' chairs, rockin' babies, rock-a-bye, rock of ages..."
Dixie looked at Luke and for more than once wished she had her own jar of shine instead of just taking Luke's jar from time to time, touching it to her lips as if she were sipping it. 
Luke was giving Bo a look for his choice of songs.
Dixie whispered in Luke's ear, "I'm gonna kill them."
After they finished the song,  Bo suggested, "Why don't ya'll sing us something?"
Luke felt that may just be safer. "Alright, what do you want us to sing?"
Jeb unthinking about the whole story of the song, suggested, "How about that one ya’ll used to sing that used to annoy Dixie's dad?" As he began to play Jacob's Ladder. 
All was good until Dixie remembered the verse she was already into,                                                                                                                                                                             "It'll be five years September
Since her daddy found a ladder and a note on her windowsill
He swore he'd never forgive them

But nothin' melts a heart like a grandchild will
Now she climbs up on his knee
Says, "Grandpa, tell a story, the one about me"
He thinks back and his eyes shine
Says, "Listen Child, once upon a time"

BALLADEER: They had even been tricked into singing songs themselves with baby and children references!

Leaving Louisiana in the broad daylight by the Oak Ridge Boys was the next song the older Duke boys played, by now Jed and Jeremiah felt like they had as much chance with the ladies as the older guys (after convincing Bo. Coy and Jeb to all give them a refill). Jed walked up to BL “wanna dance?” Jed asked. “I’d love to,” BL replied, smiling at the boy. Halfway through the song BL felt Jed’s hand slide off her lower back onto her behind, removing the hand BL scolded, “Jed Duke, shame on you. What would your Mama say!

Jed slurred his words a might, "My Mama ain't here, baby."

“Your older cousins are though,” BL said.
“So,”Jed replied cockily.
“So, you ever seen one of them do what you just did?” BL said. She had seen the guys get wandering hands, even been on the receiving end of Bo’s many times but she wasn’t about to tell Jed that.

Jed huffed, "Nah, Mama thinks we are too little to hang out with them. But, I ain't little Darlin', that I can prove."
Jeremiah piped up, "Yeah, he is, but I sure ain't."

Jeremiah had been gazing at Luke’s woman team member, Lisa, from afar, all evening but after sampling some of Jesse’s shine he was feeling pretty confident as he swaggered over to Lisa “hey beautiful, where have you been hiding?” Jeremiah said with a wink.
“Making a living, “ Lisa said, trying not to hurt Luke’s little cousin’s feelings.
Jeremiah wasn’t taking Lisa’s subtle hint and replied “call me sometime”
Lisa saw that she was going to have to be a little less subtle
“Jeremiah I’m too old for you.”
BL saw Jeremiah was hitting on Luke’s co-worker "oh Lord,” BL made a beeline to where Bo, Coy, Jeb, BB, LB and Cooter were all ganged up, talking cars and motocross no doubt.
“I don’t mean to interrupt you fellas but you three, better rein in the boys, their feeling their cheerio’s after Jesse’s shine,” BL said, pointing at the three Duke men, then at Jeremiah still trying to hit on Lisa.

"Surely that little sip Vance gave them wouldn't do anything." Jeb said.
Bo replied, "Yeah, that's why I gave them just another taste."
Coy replied, "You did? I did, too."
Jeb looked over at Jed, still trying for Debbie's attention,  "Ut-oh." He said, knowing he had also refilled them. He frowned. He had intentions of talking to Dixie's friend himself.
Bo asked, trying to figure out how much shine the kids had drunk, "You didn't too?"
Jeb frowned, "Ya'll never told me no."

“Your Aunt Bessie’s gonna skin all 5 of you alive and Uncle Jesse will help and possibly Pauline too,” BL said.
“Thanks BL, we needed that” Bo said.

Bo did what Bo had done since he was two and had any problem. He looked over where Luke was at.
Luke had a drink in one hand, and Dixie curled to him in the other.
'Dang!' Bo thought. He needed Luke, but he wasn't about to disturb him.

“C’mon lets reign ‘em in,” Bo said unenthusiastically, rounding up the youngest of the cousins was not how he’d planned to spend the night.
So Bo, Coy and Jeb went in the direction of the boys, who were still hitting on the ladies who were atleast 15 years older. Jeb went up to where Jed and Debbie were standing as Coy went over to Lisa and Jeremiah. Bo stayed at the ready to help either side if necessary. The boys were feeling froggy and weren't about to give up on their ‘missions’, giving their older cousins the ‘prize’.

After Vance had given the boys their first drinks, he had made his way over to Casey in classic Duke style. He had taken her a jar of shine and planned to introduce her to it and himself. 

Cooter spotted trouble but didn't want Luke or Dixie to have to deal with it. He walked over to LB and BB, then nodded toward the young men and the older cousins. BB and LB were moving toward the bunch.

Cooter moved to Luke, "Yall need to take a stroll”.

Things were going quite nicely as they sipped their shine while getting to know each other.

Vance and Casey were chatting and were just about to take a walk, when Vance saw Luke and Dixie leave. Vance was halfway tempted to take Casey out to get a little air anyway but felt he should watch the boys, even though there were plenty of eyes, with the other older cousins around.
LB and BB went to where Jed, Jeremiah, Coy and Jeb had moved over to a corner, having a heated discussion by the look of the younger boys red faces.
“Let us see if we can talk to them,” LB said for Coy and Jeb only.

Coy was feeling a little cocky too, but backed off, "Sure, he's not listening to me."
Outside, Dixie melted in Luke's arms as she let out a long sigh.
Luke asked, "That bad?"
"Just been tense all day. Worried about Daddy. About everyone being here and being under a microscope." Dixie tried to explain.
"We can still go home." Luke said.
Dixie shook her head 'no', "Not on your life. You guys haven't all been together in forever. You enjoy them. Besides, I hope they think I'm a bit tipsy by now."
Luke pulled her closer, "Well, I'm tipsy enough for the, .." He lowered his voice,  "three of us."

LB and BB sat the teens on a haybale “what’s the problem fellas?” LB asked patiently.
“Those sidewinders was trying to steal those girls and make us look like babies!” Jeremiah fumed.
“Yeah!” Jed said.
“Nah, they was just being neighborly,” BB said.
After the boys simmered down, the alcohol started making them drift toward sleep.

By the time Luke and Dixie came back to the barn, the young teens were asleep. Jeb and Debbie, Vance and Casey, Bo and BL and Coy and Lisa  had paired off having nice talks, while LB, BB, Cooter and the rest of Luke's team were drinking and telling one tale or another about Luke or Dixie, mostly Luke. Daisy was with Ryan, one of Luke’s younger team members.

Soon everyone started heading to find a place to bed down for the night, what was left of it anyway.  Luke and Dixie went up to their little love nest, which Daisy had fixed for them. The smokejumpers grabbed their gear and set up near the back of the barn, Cooter, LB,BB,Coy,Vance and Jeb stationed themselves close to the teen boys incase they woke up and still felt their cheerios. Daisy and Debbie found a couple empty spots, leaving just Bo and BL.
“Over here darlin,” Bo led BL to a corner away from the rest for some privacy.


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Saturday morning the rooster crowed, nearly scaring the smokejumpers and Dixie’s friend and coworker Debbie to death.

Debbie sat straight up at the sound of Rodney telling everyone that he ruled the roost.
Daisy opened ?” Debbie asked.
"What was what?" Daisy was oblivious to the normal sounds of the farm. 
As Rodney crowed again, Debbie said, "That!"
"What?" Daisy said again, listening extra hard.
Rodney cut loose again.
"That!" Debbie was nearly in hysterics.
Daisy smiled, "It's alright, that's just Rodney. Do you want to meet him?"

“Sure I guess,” Debbie answered.
“Come on, we’ll gather the eggs,”Daisy replied.
The rooster’s crow hadn’t just woke Debbie and the smokejumpers, the farm ‘kids’ were all beginning to stir. Jed and Jeremiah were moving the fastest though as they dashed out of the barn, hands covering their mouths.

Coy looked to Vance as the kids ran out of the barn, "Come on Cuz. I think it's our turn to be the older cousins."
Vance replied as he stood up, "Yeah, I think you are right."

Bo, not really a morning person usually, drug himself up from the sleeping bags, he and BL had spread out to make a bed big enough for both of them. “Guess we better get the chores done, C’mon Jeb, let’s get at it,” Bo said, giving Jeb a nudge.
“We’ll help ya’ll, so Luke can stay with his misses a bit longer,” Cooter said.

Bo replied, "I'm sure your sister will appreciate that."
Luke's voice filtered down from above, "Get Randy. Tell him what you need, and he'll
motivate the rest of the crew."
"How did he hear us?" Cooter asked.
Bo waved his hand, "Don't ask. Randy, hey Randy, Luke said you could get the rest of the crew to pitch in with chores."
Randy was awake and had also grown up on a farm. "I can. What do you need from us?"
In the loft, Luke was snuggling with Dixie as the others came to life below.
Dixie was very attentive to Luke's touches. 
Luke smiled at his wife's reactions to his touches as he entered her most personal spaces.Dixie was surprised and over the edge in seconds. One second, one movement from her and Luke was done. Trying to keep what was going on between them their secret, both struggled to be silent when they both wanted to scream in ecstasy.

Bo told Randy what needed doing and Randy then told the rest of the crew where they were needed. Casey had been set the task of milking Nadine the goat. How hard could it be? She thought, getting a pail, Casey got Nadine up on the little stand where Jesse usually milked, sat the pail in place and then tried what she’d seen on TV, but nothing happened. 
“Ok, Nadine I’m new at this, give me your milk please,” Casey said.
BL came back from feeding Sadie to find Casey still having problems.
“Something wrong Casey?" BL asked.
"Randy asked me to milk the goat but it’s not working like it does on television. I think she’s broken” Casey replied.
“I’ll do this, why don’t you ask Randy or one of Luke’s cousins if something else needs doing.” BL said.
Casey went looking for one of the others and BL got busy milking. Clyde had goats, so BL knew what she was doing .

Jesse had put two pots of coffee on and figured to follow with at least two more. The eggs were in, the cows' milk was in, so he had breakfast underway as Pauline and Bessie came in the kitchen to help.

”Mornin Bessie, mornin Pauline,” Jesse said when his sisters-in-law came into the kitchen.
”Good morning Jesse,” Pauline answered, getting ready to make biscuits.
“Good morning Jesse, have you seen the kids yet?” Bessie asked although she said kids as if including all the young people, she really meant her sons.
Jesse went over to get something from the refrigerator and just happened to glance out the window in time to see Vance and Coy come from the side of the barn with Jeremiah and Jeb. Jesse made an about face, getting his red cap 
“Think I’ll go see how the chores are going, ain’t none of Luke’s friends or that girl that works with Dixie lives on a farm,” Jesse said headed for the barn.
BL was just about to bring in the goat’s milk “here's the goat’s milk Uncle Jesse, where do you want me to put it?”
“Set it on the table BL,” Jesse replied.
Seeing where Jesse was heading and knowing what he’d find BL mumbled to herself, "uoh”.

Jed and Jeremiah were taking turns being sick. Each time the one threw up, it caused the other to throw up again. 
Vance had to say it, "I told you that drinking that ‘water’ wasn't a good idea."
Jed replied, "How would you know?"

“Well I could tell you it’s wisdom that’s come with age but the truth is I’ve been right where you are,” Vance said, figuring being straight was better than sugar coating it.

Jesse came in the barn, saw that he’d been right in his assumption of the situation from the sight he’d seen from the kitchen window Looking around and not seeing any of the other young folk, except 4 of his nephews, 2 of which were hungover, he asked “where’s Luke?”

Coy and Vance both froze at the gruff tone their Uncle used. They both were smart enough to know that they were in hot water. 
Vance spoke up first, "We haven't seen him this morning.

“Right here Uncle Jesse,” Luke said, coming down the hayloft ladder.
Once on the ground, he finished buttoning and tucking in his shirt.
“Where’s Bo and Jeb? I have a feeling they’re right in the middle of this,” Jesse said in the same gruff tone, it was no wonder his hair had turned white, he had earned gray hair.

Luke had no real idea where anyone other than Dixie was. He looked at the others for answers. 
Vance spoke up, "Jeb is getting the chores started and, ... um Bo, ... is....

Coy was doing his best not to bring anymore attention to himself than there already was so, he was keeping quiet. Noone had to find Bo, as he picked that moment to walk in, whistling a tune. He might not have got the same amount of action he was sure Luke had but BL had been just as attentive last night. One look at the other guys and the tune died on his lips 
“what’s going on?” Bo asked, even though he had a pretty good idea.
“Get Jeb,”Luke said.
Bo left the barn to find his cousin, a few minutes later the 2 blondes returned.
Jesse studied his nephews before speaking “Jeremiah, Jed why don’t you two go get cleaned up before your mama sees you,” Jesse said to his youngest nephews.
”Yes sir Uncle Jesse,” the boys replied at the same time and headed to do just that.

Luke jumped in, " Boys, the shower out here is fixed, use it, we'll have someone get ya’ll a change of clothes."
Jesse added, "That will be fine. Now, we's got us a bunch of company. But, don't ya'll be taking off anywhere, even you, Luke."
There was a chorus of 'Yes, Sirs.'

“There’s coffee made already, I’ll get you a pot. Hope we got enough cups to go around,” Jesse said more to himself than his nephews but they were still listening. He hadn't dismissed them and none of them would be disrespectful and just walk away.
“Me and the other smokejumpers can use the cups in our gear,” Luke said.

For the first time in a long time, Jesse wished he had borrowed the fifty cup pot from the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). He would make it work. On his way out of the barn, Jesse spotted BL, "Come get this first pot of coffee."
BL followed along with Daisy who heard the worry about enough cups. 
In the house, Daisy broke out a sleeve of large foam cups for coffee and foam plates for breakfast.
Luke found Randy and the two came up with three more coffee pots and sent them in the house.

BL came back with a coffee pot in one hand and a stack of foam cups in the other, “coffee”. Luke poured two cups, going back up to Dixie, he thought she would have come down by now.
“Brought you some coffee,” Luke said.
Vance was still feeling like he’d not kept a good enough watch on his younger cousins and thus partly blamed himself for their hangovers.
“Here, drink this, you'll feel better,” Vance said, handing each boy a foam cup of black coffee.
Everybody poured themselves a cup of coffee to ease their headaches, a combination of the late night and drinking.
“Anybody want sugar, milk, or cream,”  BL asked.

Most drank their coffee plain, but a few accepted the condiments. 
Dixie accepted the coffee as she picked the hay from her hair, brushed it and pulled it back into a ponytail. "Thanks, Luke. I needed that extra ten minutes. I hope they all think I got a bit too tipsy last night." 
Luke had often handed her his glass or jar throughout the night. He also hoped no one found anything amiss this morning. "Ready?"
"As I'll ever be." Dixie replied. 
Luke took her hand and pulled her gently back from the ladder, "Atttt, me first." He started over the top of the ladder, then down a couple rungs and stopped waiting for Dixie.
Dixie stepped on the ladder like she had since she was about three, but this time Luke had his arms on either side of the ladder and was behind her so that she couldn't fall. 
Once on the ground…

“About time you got up lazy bones, we all done put in half day’s work,” Cooter teased his sister.

Dixie saw that everybody was sitting around with their own cups of coffee. The chores were finished now they were all waiting for breakfast to be ready.
"I might not have been down here, but I was awake." Dixie fired back at her older brother.

In the house Jesse left the breakfast preparations to his sisters in law and took Elbert to the front porch, to tell him about Jeremiah and Jed’s experimenting last night out of Bessie’s earshot. He knew Elbert would understand, being a Duke boy himself once.

Elbert replied, "Jesse, this may do them boys more good than harm."
Jesse was glad to hear his brother's observation of the situation. 
Dixie made her way to the house to help with breakfast, not because it was expected or that she was needed but because it was the right thing to do. "Morning, ya'll." She said chipperly as she entered the kitchen. Smells of frying bacon, sausage and eggs hit her nose, "What do you need me to do?" Before anyone could answer, Dixie's eyes went wide, then she bolted for the back door, much faster than she had come in it.

Pauline and Bessie watched Dixie bolt out the door she’d just come in then they looked at each other.
“Wonder what’s wrong with her,?” Pauline said out loud.
“If I hadn’t seen her drinking at the reception, I’d say she was in the family way,” Bessie said.

Pauline replied, "Couldn't be that, they haven't been married a week yet." Then, she heard what she said and looked at Bessie, "No, .... Surely not.
Bessie just gave Pauline a look. The two sister-in-laws had been friends and family  long enough to know each other very well. Bessie added, "Now, don’t go jumping the gun Pauline. Maybe the girl just had a bit too much to drink last night. Every time I saw her, she had a glass in her hand."

Daisy was heading for the barn as BL came out with the coffee pot, it hadn’t taken  long to empty with so many drinking out of it. Shaking the coffee pot she told Daisy and Dixie who looked a little peaked “barn crew, needs a refill. Daisy, will you get it, please?”
“Sure, be right back,” Daisy said, taking the coffee pot inside to swap.
While Daisy was inside “what’s wrong, you look peaked,” BL said to Dixie.
“I feel a little nauseous,” Dixie replied.
“You think it’s morning sickness?” BL asked.
“Oh Lord, I hope not,” Dixie groand.

Dixie was trying to downplay what she actually felt, trying not to draw too much attention to herself. If she was lucky, everyone would assume that she had drank too much too late last night. 
BL asked, "Well, if you are feeling better, are you ready to go help with breakfast?"
Dixie had hoped the fresh air would make the nausea go away, but at BL's mention of food, Dixie's mouth began to water. She gritted her teeth determined not to throw up, she swallowed, then retched all the way to her toes. She swallowed several more times, knowing if she'd just give in that she'd likely feel better but tried desperately not to give in. Dixie lost the battle and threw up basically nothing but couldn’t stop dry heaving and retching.

“Great,” BL said under her breath. Daisy came back with the fresh pot of hot brew
“Here ya go BL,” Daisy said.
“Thanks,would you take it out to the barm?” BL asked, continuing, “I gotta help Dixie.”
“Sure, no problem,” Daisy replied as she headed for the barn.
Both BL and Dixie let out the breath they were holding. BL had made sure she had blocked Daisy’s view of Dixie.

Dixie finally got herself a bit composed and told BL, "I don't know what that was, but I don't want to do it again. If I go back in there... " Just the thought of the smell of the cooking bacon and sausage almost made her start to retch again as her stomach did a flip flop. ."I can't go back in there."

“You don’t have to, I’ll bring out tablecloths for the picnic tables. That way you’re still
helping,” BL said.
BL went in the back door and asked, “Daisy, where’s the extra tablecloths?” 
”That drawer on the end by the door,” Daisy replied.
BL got out the tablecloths and took them to Dixie.
“The aunts are going to set everything out buffet style, just get Luke to get you something, so you can stay out here. BL said.

Dixie replied, "That should work." 
After helping with the tablecloths and putting out what was needed on the tables, Dixie went to get the others starting toward the tables. Seeing the cooler in Luke's truck, she took her chances. She hoped somewhere in there was something fairly cold and carbonated. She was in luck, there were a few drinks left. She grabbed a 7UP hoping that it would settle her stomach down.

Everyone started filing into the house where they saw bowls of eggs, grits and gravy and a platter with bacon,sausage and ham along with a platter of biscuits and one of pancakes.
“Mmm, Ms. Bessie, Ms. Pauline, smells great!” Cooter said, filling his plate as he went down the buffet style line.
 “Luke, can we talk for a second?” BL pulled Luke out of earshot of the others, without waiting for an answer. She told him how Dixie ran out of the kitchen and that she’d gotten sick.    
“Did my aunts see this?” Luke asked, worried they might guess what was wrong with Dixie. BL nodded a little and with a prayer that Bessie and Pauline thought Dixie had drank too much, the two went back to the others waiting for their turn to fix a plate.

Luke took two plates and began to put food on each. He made one especially light. 
Pauline looked at Luke with question, "Where's your bride?"
Luke replied, "She's making sure that the guys have coffee, milk and such, so I'm getting her breakfast.

Jeb, understanding how his youngest cousins felt about being treated like little kids by their mother, recruited LB and BB to help the youngest Dukes get ‘lost’ in the breakfast crowd and avoid too much scrutiny from aunt Bessie.
It was BL’s misfortune to be noticed by Bessie as she put sausage and pancakes on her plate.
“BL dear, have you seen Jed and Jeremiah? I haven’t seen them come through to get breakfast,” Bessie looked ready to fix plates for them, then hunt them down and make sure they ate.
“Yes ma’am I saw them and they had a plate,” BL replied. 
She just didn’t say there wasn’t much on those plates because even though the boys felt better, they were still a little green around the gills.

The boys weren't the only ones green. Dixie tried to avoid sitting down to eat, but when she no longer could, she sat, took a bite of toast, and slid her bacon onto Luke's plate. A couple bites of egg later, she slid over the sausage. She turned down offers for coffee but drank an extra glass of milk. She willed the food to stay down as she repeated her claim to not be a breakfast or morning person. A fact many of the others would back her up on.

Dixie tried her best to will away her nausea so she didn’t throw up and ruin breakfast for everybody.
“Are you feeling better now? Luke asked only so Dixie heard.
“A little,” Dixie replied.
By now Bo had noticed Dixie didn’t look well and she was acting kind of funny. Bo, like several of the group of young people, knew Dixie wasn’t really a breakfast person or even a morning person for that matter.
“Is Dixie alright?” Bo leaned closer, whispering to BL.
“Feeling a little nauseous,” BL replied. She knew Bo really didn’t know much about pregnancy and she didn’t want to have a conversation explaining morning sickness so kept it simple.

BALLADEER: Jed and Jeremiah had taken cool showers in the barn. Then it was strongly suggested that they drink strong black coffee. 
They made it to the table, looking almost presentable to everyone but their mother had she been outside.

The boys put food on their plates. Jeremiah wisely listened to what the older men had told them. He chose toast and eggs. He slowly ate.
Jed knew it all and put sausage, bacon and biscuits and gravy on his plate. He dug into his food like normal. About half way through his plate, he urgently asked to be excused. 
Before anyone could say anything, Jed bolted from the table. He made it just to the big oak in the yard when everything that went in came out.
The sounds that made it to the table was enough to send Jeremiah to join him.
Dixie tried a sip of soda, clenched her teeth. She felt herself get very hot just before she too left the table in a trot.
As Luke stood to follow her,Vance asked, "Did she drink that much?"

Luke looked to where Dixie had gone, then said “I better go check on her.” He hadn’t denied Dixie being hungover, same as the boys but Dukes don’t lie and tell the whole truth, that Dixie’s pregnant,not an option. 
“Are you alright?” Luke asked when he reached Dixie.
The others continued with their breakfast, almost everyone anyway. After giving the boys a few minutes to pull themselves together, Vance and Coy went to check on them.

Dixie replied, "I'll be fine." 'Eventually,' she silently added. "This is not, gonna be, FUN." She motioned to both families. 
"Just pull yourself together and let them think you drank way too much last night. No one knows what went on upstairs." Luke said with a bit of a wicked grin.

Bessie HAD to see that her babies were alright, she hadn’t seen them this morning. Excusing herself she pretended to go to the bathroom but went out on the front porch quietly instead. Coy, Vance, Jed and Jeremiah were heading back to the others at the same time. 
“Good morning boys,” Bessie called.
“Good morning Aunt Bessie,” Coy and Vance replied.
Jed and Jeremiah mumbled a good morning to their mother, both were still not feeling upto par.
“Jed, Jeremiah don’t you feel well?” Bessie asked, making her way off the porch and over to them.
Seeing the familiar pale face and bloodshot eyes of a hangover, Bessie gasped, turning a pair of flaming eyes on her nephews who found their boots suddenly fascinating.

BALLADEER: Bessie ain’t no stranger to hungover Duke men, she used to give ol’ Elbert that same look from time to time, back when they was young and first got married.

When neither her boys nor her nephews would look at her, Bessie knew she was right. "Elbert! Jesse!"
In the kitchen, both men let out a slight groan. 
Pauline knew if Bessie was calling the men that something was wrong with the 'kids'. She was moving toward the door.
John winced at the sight of his wife heading outside.

“Vance, HOW did this happen? I was counting on you and Luke to keep the boys from this sort of thing!” Bessie propped her hands on her hips.
The rest of the elder Dukes came out as Bessie scolded her nephew.
“We didn't exactly LET this happen. We did give them a taste, just like we was given a taste about their age, if we hadn’t we knew they was just gonna sneak it,” Vance defended himself and Luke.
Pauline opened her mouth to say something but John stopped her,
“Stay out of it Pauline,” John said quietly.
“It ain’t all Vance and Luke’s fault Aunt Bessie,I gave them a little more after they had drunk all Vance give them,” Coy spoke up.
“Coy Duke…” Bessie said, exasperated.

Each Duke also admitted to giving the boys the slightest drink of shine, which added up to quite a big drink once it was put together.
Jesse, Elbert and John saw what had happened. 
Jesse said, "Ladies, we'll take care of this. Ya'll can go back in the house."

”You ought to switch the lot, giving alcohol to children and getting them drunk,” Bessie fussed.
“Bessie go on in the house now,” Elbert said.
The older Duke ‘boys’ didn’t look too worried about their aunt’s suggestion, it had been years since Jesse had taken a switch to them. The two youngsters though were a mite more concerned about what their father would do to them, judging by his expression, somebody was in for it.
“Dad it ain’t none of their faults we are hungover, we snookered them into giving us all that shine,” Jeremiah said, until now neither teen had said much.
“Are you gonna whup us?” Jed asked,embarrassed that his older cousins would know about it.
“No son I’m not, you’re too big for a whuppin’. Ya’ll want to be treated like your older cousins, so be it. You will abide by whatever punishment your Uncle Jesse hands out,” Elbert replied.

Jesse said gruffly, "That can wait a spell, Elbert. We still have a bunch of company. You boys go help get the dishes in the house for now.

“Yes sir,” Jeremiah and Jed both said.
Since the men wouldn’t let them take part in the goings on with the boys outside, Bessie and Pauline had gone to the kitchen to clean up. Daisy and BL came in the back door and saw them about to get started.
“Aunt Bessie, Aunt Pauline we’ll clean up, ya’ll cooked,” Daisy said.
“Why don’t you take a cup of coffee and go sit on the porch and relax.” BL said.
So the two older women did just that, grateful not to have to clean up, it’d been hard work cooking all that food without having to clean up too.
The boys came in and got a couple big trash bags,
“Uncle Jesse said for us to help,” Jeremiah said on their way back out with the trash bags.

After making sure that Dixie was alright, Luke had managed to recruit the Davenport geniuses with wiring new lights for his pickup along with Randy's new siren box. 
Bo had been talking to Ryan and Bugs about some driving techniques which he planned to show them in the fields. 
Dixie eased in the back door of the kitchen hoping the food smells were gone so she could at least help out some. 

The smells of food were gone, it had been hot and stuffy, so Daisy and BL had opened the kitchen windows. 
“What do you want me to do?” Dixie asked.
“You wash, I’ll dry and Daisy can put stuff where it goes so she can find it later,” BL replied.
In no time the three young ladies had the dishes washed and the kitchen back in order.

By the time the girls had the kitchen put back together and got back out to the barn, Luke, Cooter, LB and BB had the entire dash and headliner out of his pickup. Anyone who knew Luke, knew that this truck, next to General Lee of course, was his pride and joy. 
Dixie looked from Daisy to BL, "I know that bunch is great with the older cars, but I sure hope they know what they are doing.”

Meanwhile Bo was on a mission of his own, he was calling on Mr.Partridge, who let him and Luke test new parts on General Lee or just get in some practice for a race. He was getting permission for him and Jeb to practice for the races both car and motocross, at the Hatchapee fair that was coming up. Plus he wanted to show the smokejumpers.
“Thanks Mr. Partridge,” Bo says, putting Mr. Partridge's written permission in his shirt pocket. At the Duke farm Jeb was checking out his bike to make sure it was ready to race.

Jeb asked Debbie, "Would you like to go for a ride?"
Debbie wasn't really sure of herself and had never been near a dirt bike, let alone a racing one. "I don't know. I've never been around bikes."
"I'll go real easy and you can hang on real tight." Jeb said, giving her a reassuring Duke smile.

Debbie swung her leg over the bike behind Jeb, from out of nowhere it seemed to the others, he handed her a spare helmet, “hang on tight now,” Jeb said.
As soon as Debbie wrapped her arms around his middle he took off. Bo was on the way to tell everyone they had permission to use Mr. Partridge’s land, when he met Jeb and Debbie. Slowing just a bit, Bo held his arm out the window giving Jeb a thumbs up and a blast of ‘DIXIE’ from General Lee. At the farm Bo gave everyone the news. Jeremiah and Jeb wanted to go too but weren't sure their parents would let them, especially Bessie.

Not only did Elbert let his boys go, but much to Bessie and Pauline's displeasure, he, John, and Jesse also went. They even broke out Tilley to play with. 
Jed asked, "You mean you really ran shine in this old thing?"
Jeremiah said, "They were doing it when the car wasn't that old."
Jesse replied, "Well, you are right there, but even now Tilley and General Lee there can still show up these newer vehicles."
"No way." Said Jed.

The older men were having as much fun as the ‘kids’ doing donuts, spin outs, tail fishing, 180’s and Jesse did the most daring by hitting sand bags with two wheels, turning Tilley up on her side, riding the opposite two wheels a ways before coming back down on all four. They had traded places each taking a turn behind Tilley’s steering wheel. After a while Jesse asked the two youngsters in the car, “you boys want a turn?”
The boys looked at their father with pleading eyes,” can we Dad,please?”
Smiling Elbert said “I don’t see why not, we were driving in the fields as soon as we could see and reach the pedals at the same time, just don’t tell your mother.”
Jeremiah was in the front seat with Jesse so he drove first, at first he was satisfied to go fast on the straight aways but once he had time to get a feel for the car, Jesse started giving him instructions on driving like a moonshiner.

After letting the youngest Dukes have a little fun behind the wheel, the older men pulled up a tailgate with the young'uns to watch the festivities. Bo, with some help from the Smokejumpers, had set up a ramp that Jeb or the General could both use. 
Debbie asked, "What are they going to do with the ramp?"
Dixie was in her usual place, sitting right on the hood of the wrecker. 

BALLADEER: Her father used to sit her there as a kid to keep her out of the way.

Dixie replied, "Just watch. You'll love it."
Jeb set up and took the first jump.
"Oh Lord." Was all Debbie said as she saw the bike heading toward the ramp and not slowing down. Once Jeb was on the ground, Debbie asked, "Does he do that often?"
Dixie and Daisy both replied, nodding their heads 'yes'.
"And, you let me ride with him?" Debbie asked.
Dixie grinned, "He promised to take it easy AND he let you hang on real tight."

BL chimed in from her place beside Dixie on the wrecker’s hood, because it was the best place to watch from, “if there’s one thing a Duke boy can do, it’s drive anything on wheels.”

Looking across the field, the girls watched as Luke slammed General Lee's hood. He put on his helmet and got into the passenger seat to hook up his safety harness. 
Bo was racing the General's powerful engine.
Jed asked, "So, now what's so special about that car?"
Before anyone could reply, Bo let out on the clutch, and General Lee raced through the field, hit the ramp, and flew through the air. 
Once on the ground, all the Dukes (except Jed and Jeremiah) and Davenports were overjoyed. 
Cooter said, "That looks like they might have just did it!"
Dixie hopped off the hood, "I'll get the tape measure!"
Now, most every onlooker was making their way to the ramp and the generals' landing spot. 
Cooter stretched the tape measure out, "Whewwee mother dog!"
Bo asked, "Well?"
"Eighty two feet!!!" Cooter said.
Bo and Luke were out of the car in a flash.
Sure enough it was an eight two foot jump!
Luke exclaimed, "That's at least 2 foot over the last record jump we made!"

Everything was going right along until Rosco happened to drive by on patrol, there was a big ditch on both sides of the narrow road and he couldn’t turn around without first going down the road a piece. BL heard the siren come on way before the patrol car came back into view. Rosco leaned out the window with his bullhorn.
“Everybody FREEZE! You can’t be racing, it’s against the law in Hazzard county.”
“On the road, racing is against the law but this here’s private land,” Dixie replied.
By now the older Dukes and Cooter, LB and BB were gathering and listening, Cooter and Vance perched in the windows of Vance and Coy’s car they had been racing General Lee that Bo and Luke were now also perched in the windows. Jeb and Coy had been racing each other. Coy had borrowed his friend Jack Simmons' bike.
“We ain’t on the road. Besides we got permission, Mr. Partridge said we could race all day if we wanted, gave it to me in writing,” Bo said, taking the folded paper out of his pocket.
“I don’t believe that cos you Dukes just lie all the time.” Rosco laughed his trademark giggle.
“Dukes don’t lie!” Jeremiah and Jed hollered even though they’d been taught better respect for their elders, especially the law.
“Naughty, naughty you ought not talk to the law like that,” Rosco chided the youngest Dukes.
“They’re telling the truth and you know it Rosco,” BL said.
“Tell it like it is,” Cooter added.

Rosco hadn't seen the oldest three Duke boys ease over. 
Jesse spoke calmly, "Now, Rosco, you know if my boys and their friends is together , theys gonna be racing. Now, I'm not wanting to have to call in Lulu's favor of you leaving them be, so they got written permission to be out here from Hank. Now, they are doing what theys supposed to do, so you just leave them be."
John and Elbert were standing on either side of Jesse, making it clear, if Rosco bothered the kids, he'd have all three of them to deal with.

“If you move any of these vehicles onto a thoroughfare, I’ll cite you 6 ways til sunday,” Rosco threatened, “I’ll do it,” he added but seeing the looks he was still getting from the oldest three Duke boys, he decided it was a good time to go and he did.
With Rosco out of the way, Jesse said
“Elbert, John why don’t we head home let the younguns enjoy their playtime without 3 old codgers around,” Jesse said.
“Jed, Jeremiah come on boys lets go,” Elbert said to the youngest Duke boys, he figured the older ‘kids’ should get some time with their friends without keeping an eye on his boys.

Coy fired up the bike he was on, and as he released the clutch, it died. He tried a couple more times but the bike failed to run. 
Jeb had made his way over and was now checking fuel lines, spark plugs, and anything else he could think of to make the older bike run. Nothing. He looked at Cooter and Luke who were largely the mechanics of the bunch, "Any ideas?"
Cooter gave the bike a once over. "Carburetor, looks like the seals have had it."
Coy replied, "Great. I can't take Jack's bike back not running.
Cooter said, "Well, you are in luck cause you sure don’t live right, I just happen to have a rebuild kit for this very bike in my garage."
Luke gave him a look. "That means going to town."
Coy replied, "It means getting Jack his bike back, running."
Luke sighed.
Dixie said, reminding Luke of Rosco's warning, "Luke."
He put his hand up "I'll go with him  we'll take the wrecker. It will be fine."

BALLADEER: If ya’ll believe that I have some ocean front property real cheap in Tennessee.

Cooter walked over to the wrecker making a shewing motion with his hand, saying “ladies I’d like to borrow my truck if you don’t mind.”
Dixie and BL slid off the wrecker’s hood, sitting on an open tailgate.
Five minutes after leaving, Luke looked in the side mirror and saw Rosco behind the wrecker.
“We got company,” Luke said.
“Now how come you can’t find him when you do want him but he’s always around when you don’t?” Cooter said to noone, more than really asking Luke.
Picking up the CB mic Luke called Bo for backup “Bo, you got your ears on?”
“Right here cousin, what’s up?” Bo asked.
“We picked up a tail, one Rosco P. Coltrane. We could use some interference, if we are going to get that kit and get back before supper,” Luke replied.
”What’s your 20?” Bo asked.
“We’re almost to the crossroads,” Luke said.
“10-4, be there in 5,” Bo replied.
Everybody had heard the radio transmission and the remaining Dukes and Davenports who knew what Hazzard law was like, headed for a vehicle.
“Come on Debbie, you don’t want to miss the fun,” Jeb said, giving her a Duke smile, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.
Debbie wasn’t sure she wanted in on the ‘fun’ but she didn’t want to be left in the boonies. Besides, putting her arms around Jeb again was a very appealing thought, as she climbed on behind Jeb.

Vance didn't want to take the younger boys, but didn't want to leave them either, choosing what he deemed the lesser of the two evils, he said, "Get in, hang on and shut up."
The two teens were eager to see whatever that was about to happen, so they did as told.
Coy settled in the passenger seat when the teens got in the backseat.
Dixie jumped in with BL and Daisy as she silently planned her brother and new husband's murder.
Jeb and Debbie tore out behind Bo, who had  most of Luke's crew with him in the General Lee. 
LB and BB took the rest in their pickups.

Hoping to get between Rosco and the wrecker, Bo keyed his CB mic “give me some room Cooter, I’m coming in for a landing.”
Luke keyed the mic so Cooter could concentrate on driving “that’s a big 10-4 good buddy,” Cooter replied, giving the wrecker gas.
Bo turned on a road that ran parallel and above the one Cooter, Rosco and the rest were on, hitting a dip in the road, General Lee took flight. 
“YEEHAA”, Bo yelled a blast of ‘dixie’ ringing through the air.
“Coy, Vance did ya’ll see that? Bo jumped without a ramp,” Jed exclaimed now impressed.
“Shoot that’s nothing you should see General Lee jump over a creek,” Coy replied.
“We made it,” Randy said, opening his eyes wide when the stock car landed with a bone jarring jolt.

Bo laughed, "Of course we did, but that was just about twenty feet, nothing like you Smokejumpers do when you jump out of those perfectly good airplanes." Bo said as he was turning the General Lee's steering wheel side to side to use all the road so Rosco couldn't get by, but he had also slowed the parade down a mite. 
Ryan asked, "Why are you slowing down?"
Bo replied, as he pointed up ahead at the wrecker, gaining ground, "To give Cooter and Luke some time to get ahead of us."
Bo saw the Hazzard County junkyard coming up, stepping on the gas a little more and General Lee picked up speed. Bo knew Rosco would follow him for 3 reasons, 1 Bo had been swerving all over the road, 2 he was speeding and 3 Rosco chased General Lee every chance he got.
“Catch me if you can Rosco,” Bo said.

Let’s go up on the top of rocky top to watch the show,” BL said.
“Good idea,” Daisy replied, making the sharp turn.
The rest of the older Duke and Davenport cousins followed as if they’d read her mind.

The last in line was BB. He pulled across the entrance and exit of the junkyard, then stood on the bumper of the truck to watch the chase.
Randy asked Bo, "How did you know he'd follow you?"
Bo smiled widely, "He always follows me."

Jed and Jeremiah leaned forward from the backseat, they couldn’t see the action down in the junkyard all that great but they didn’t complain, afraid they’d get a one way trip back to the farm instead of getting to hang out with the young adults, who were sitting on the window seals of their car. 
Jeremiah asked, "How does Bo know where he's going?"
Coy laughed, "Most of us have been in every junkyard around looking for parts for years that we know these places like the back of our hands."
From their view above the junkyard, Dixie was a little relieved that it seemed so far that Luke and Cooter were safely away from Rosco. She smiled to herself and thought it was a good thing she didn't have to kill Luke this early in their marriage.

LB had turned his truck around and let the tailgate down “hey boys, why don’t ya’ll come sit with me, so’s you can see better”.
The teens looked at Vance with hopeful expressions. Vance knew it wasn’t right to dampen the boys' fun, just because he wasn’t thrilled with having them along and if he was honest, he was still put out about their hangover this morning landing in his lap.
Cooter and Luke pulled in at the garage, Cooter getting out, leaving the driver’s door wide open while he got the carburetor kit they needed.
“Where’s the fire?” Luther asked.

Cooter replied, "No fire. Just a wet hornets nest.... Rosco." With that he was back in the truck and heading around town.

“Bo must still be playing hide and seek with Rosco cos I ain’t seen hide or hair of him,” Luke said as they left town, headed back toward the Partridge farm.
“Yeah,” Cooter agreed.
When they came upto the entrance to the junkyard, seeing BB’s pickup blocking it Cooter flashed his lights,
Bo was just making another pass by, when he saw his way out was clear, he looked back, he’d lost Rosco in the piles of junk, a few turns back.

“Show’s over, c’mon ya’ll can ride with me,” LB told the boys as he got up off the tailgate.
“Alright!” Jeremiah said, the boys wasted no time getting in the cab of the pickup.

Back at Mr. Partridge's open field, all the vehicles converged with the Dukes and Davenport men, each letting out a rebel yell and having a gut busting laugh at Rosco's expense. Their carrying ons was none the out of towners had ever seen.
Being older, Randy had to ask, "So what keeps the Sheriff from just coming back here?"
Bo replied, "He'll be awhile getting out from under a pile of cars he ran into." Bo saw the look of concern, "He was fine, just hopping mad."

“Just a normal day in Hazzard,”BL said.
“What if he calls out reinforcements?” Jeremiah asked, he might be just a kid but he knew even small towns usually had at least 1 deputy.
“Cletus and Enos can’t hit the ground with their hats, when Daisy bats her eyes at them,” Dixie said.
This brought chuckles from all the older Dukes and the Davenports.

They got the bike fixed, raced and chased for a bit longer then figured it was time to head in for supper.
Dixie told Luke, "I sure hope I can help more this evening, or your aunts are gonna think you married a lazy gal."

“There’s so many of us, I doubt they know who’s helping and who ain’t,” Luke reassured.
When they all came ‘tearing in’ as Jesse often put it, the three oldest Duke men were standing around Jesse’s smoker. He’d put on some ribs just before they all had gone to the Partridge farm.
“Ya’ll have just enough time for chores before the ribs are ready,” Jesse said.

The three oldest of their nephews replied, "Yes, Sir."
As they walked toward the barn, it was Jeb who asked, "How is there always just enough time for the chores before the ribs?"
Luke replied, "I think Uncle Jesse figures it into the cook time."
The girls washed up and helped finish the rest of supper up, set the picnic tables, and got the iced tea pitchers on the tables.

Jesse took the ribs in the house with the rest of the food that was set up buffet style just like breakfast had been. Jesse said grace and everybody fixed a plate and got a glass of iced tea but unlike breakfast the elder Dukes were eating outside too, they were all talking about the day’s racing and chasing when Jed innocently mentioned his and Jeremiah’s time behind Tilley’s wheel, earning Elbert, John and Jesse death looks from Bessie and Pauline.

Elbert asked John to pass the green beans, John asked Jesse for more corn. Each now giving their meal far more attention than the chatter. 
Dixie was just glad supper seemed a lot more appealing than breakfast had. 
It was Bugs, Luke's Smokejumper who's middle name may as well be ‘Trouble’, who asked the guys, "So on a normal night, what is there to do around here for fun?"

Bo being his usual helpful self spoke up, “the Boar’s Nest is alot more fun than it was last night.”
Sounds of agreement came from the other 4 single Duke men. BL looked at Daisy and Dixie, all 3’s expression’s said ‘oh boy’ and it wasn’t a look of delighted anticipation but a bit of worry. Many a Saturday night at the Boar’s Nest had ended with whichever Duke boy or boys was there in the hoosegow and sometimes the Davenport men that were there and the girls ended up in the mix too.

BALLADEER: After supper most of the Dukes, Davenports, Smokejumpers and Dixie's friend, Debbie were about ready to head out on the town. 
Only Uncle Jesse, the older Dukes and the younger boys were staying in, much to their unhappiness.
There was a lot going on that was unsaid. First, Jeb seemed to be trying to catch a correctional officer, who just might want caught. Daisy seemed to maybe be trying to catch herself a Smokejumper but wasn't sure which one yet. Then there was Bo and BL who may have done a bit too much of catching each other. Not to mention the newlyweds who would just as soon have gone home alone. 
Look out Hazzard.... here they come.

Jed complained, "We got to go last night. So why can't we go tonight?"
Elbert quietly replied, "Because you got to go last night."

Sadie had moped around the farm all day because she wasn’t used to BL leaving her behind more than a couple hours at the time but BL had left her all day. At supper the dog had laid directly under BL’s seat and had been stuck like glue all evening. Now she was bouncing around BL barking and wagging her tail thinking they were going somewhere, “Sorry you have to stay here but I bet the boys will play with you,” BL hugged Sadie, then let her in the screened in back porch.

Everybody got into a vehicle, Jeb was borrowing BL’s GTO convertible because he didn’t think Debbie was ready for night riding plus she might need to drive back to the farm. They looked like a parade as they turned into the parking lot, General Lee in the lead.
“Try not to get in trouble, Rosco’s probably got it in for you more than usual, after that little game of hide and seek, in the junkyard earlier,” BL said as Bo helped her out the window.
“Me trouble?” Bo replied innocently.

Dixie asked Luke before they pulled into the parking lot, "Is this a good idea?"
Luke shrugged, "Probably not, but we can't let our guests go out alone, can we?"
"Ok, but remember you are driving for us both again." Dixie reminded. 
Luke grinned wickedly, "That I can do Darlin"."
"Great." Dixie said as they pulled in behind General Lee.

“Is it always this busy on Saturday night?” Debbie asked as the group filed in, looking for a couple empty tables they could put together to make one big one.
“Not always but it's pay week and it was closed last night for the reception,” Dixie replied.
Finally spotting a couple tables, Luke held Dixie’s hand weaving through the crowd, the rest following. Somewhere along the way though, Coy and Vance had gotten sidetracked by Misty and Missy the Hopson twins.

Misty and Missy were a pair of double trouble fun. Coy and Vance had messed around with occasionally when in Hazzard. 
Vance seemed a bit surprised by the two girls. Coy was just as surprised.
Both Dukes knew these girls were pretty much a sure thing for a long night of fun, but they were trying for a different sort of fun. 
As the twins latched onto the boys, Casey and Lisa just kept making their way through the crowd with the rest of their crew.

Vance smiled politely, giving Coy a nudge toward the tables everyone else in the group sat at, “nice seeing ya’ll but we better go on over to our cousins table, might not be back for a while we want to spend as much time as we can with them.”

Misty wasn't so easily discouraged, "But, Vance, honey, we know your cousins too. In fact, we haven't had a chance to give Luke and Dixie our best."
Vance nudged Coy on, "Well, as you see, they have a bunch of out of town guests, but I'm sure you'll see them around."
Coy and Vance finally made it to the tables, grabbed extra chairs and squeezed in on either side of Lisa and Casey.
Lisa grinned at Vance, "Friends of yours?"
Vance ordered two beers with a motion to the waitress, "I haven't seen her in years. Now, where were we?"

Lisa replied grinning “I believe you were about to ask me to dance.”
Vance returned the grin, “care to dance?”
BB was looking around to see who all was out tonight and spotted Hannah Rhuebottom,the daughter of Mr Rheubottom who owned and ran the store in town’s cousin. Hannah wasn’t what most of the guys in the county called pretty, she was kind of plain with mousy brown hair, gray eyes and plump.
“Excuse me ya’ll,” BB said before going over to the corner table.

Dixie tipped the beer before her to her lips, sat it back down as Luke took her hand and they headed for the dance floor.

Rosco was doing his early evening patrol when he stopped at the Boars Nest to check on things, it being Saturday night on a pay week, things were bound to get rowdy. “Goody goody gumdrops, them Dukes and Davenports and them out of towners is all here,” Rosco said with glee, as he went inside scanning the crowd for his prey.

Rosco wasn't sure who all was racing at the Partridge place earlier, but the Boar’s Nest parking lot held the vehicles. He started running license plates and filling out tickets.

BALLADEER: By the time he was done, Ole Rosco nearly had writer's cramp.

Rosco smuggly walked into the bar, crossed theoom and whipped out a ticket while giving his trademark giggle, "Here's a ticket for Bo and one here for Luke and Daisy too. He turned to the Davenports, "I have one for you, BB, LB, BL, and..." He crossed over to the elder Davenport, "You Luther."
As Rosco turned toward the  Smokejumpers, .....

Luther looked at the ticket then he looked at Rosco like he’d lost his mind. 
“Rosco, have you lost your mind? What are you giving me a ticket for?” Luther was confused and mad all at the same time.
“Because your truck was at the Partridge farm and that bunch over there was racing,” Rosco replied.
BL rolled her eyes at the explanation Luther got “how come I get a ticket then? My car hasn’t left the Duke farm since yesterday afternoon until now.”

Rosco thought back, he couldn't swear BL's car was at the Partridge place, "Where they are, you are, and so is your car. Besides,it's here now!" Rosco explained.

BL sighed, there was no point arguing, Rosco wasn’t listening he never did. Instead she gave Jeb a sweet smile, which he learned to be wary of long ago “Jeb this must be yours, since you're in my car tonight” BL said, sliding the ticket over.
“What’s the charge?” Bo asked, causing the others to notice their tickets had no charge either.

Rosco replied, "You know I write the tickets, Boss Hogg fills in the charges."
Luke exclaimed, "What?!"
"Now that dog don't hunt, Rosco!"
"You can't do that Rosco!" Dixie said.
"Can and did." Rosco replied.

“Now as I was saying,” Rosco again turned toward the smokejumpers continuing
“Now I got 1 for each of ya, so nobody feels left out,” Rosco said, giving each a ticket.
“Rosco you can’t do that,” Bo said.
“Can and did, now hush and don’t give no sass Duke boy,” Rosco said.

Luke held his hand to stop the protests from his team, "Rosco this ain't over, but for tonight we're gonna go finish our beers and have a good time." He motioned everyone back to their tables. 
At the table, Randy asked, "so how much does a ticket for 'nothing' usually run around here?" He noted the blank charges.

BALLADEER: Some days you can’t cram it into second, even if ya double clutch it.

How about a game or two of pool, darlin,” Bo said putting his arm around BL giving his lady killer grin.
“Sure, I don’t mind skunking you anytime,” BL replied,smirking.
“Think, I’ll come watch,” Bugs, one of Luke’s team members, followed the couple to the pool table in the back.
“Want to dance sugar?” Vance flashed Lisa a Duke trademark lady killer smile.
“Yes,”Lisa smiled, standing up as Vance pulled back her chair.
It wasn’t long before Coy and Casey, another of Luke’s team members, joined the couple on the dance floor.

Rosco was sipping his coffee, eager for something, anything to pop off so he could arrest someone for something.
Boss Hogg entered the bar from his office. Aside from the local regulars, there were several Davenports, Dukes, out of town Dukes and some strangers at the Dukes table. Boss went to the register and printed off a total sheet. He was very happy.
Rosco moved to his side as he came out from behind the bar, " I'm ready. I just know something is gonna pop off and I'm just gonna get them."
Boss Hogg replied, "No, no you ain't. "
" I ain't? " Rosco was confused.
"No, you ain't.  At least not in here. You just let this bunch drink all they want as long as they ain't busting up the place." Boss instructed.

“She some kinda pool shark?” Bugs asked Bo.
BL had beat Bo twice and was headed for a third victory. Bo’s head wasn’t in the game, he’d been thinking all week about how he’d messed up and seeing Dixie unable to fully partake in the weekend’s festivities and also the reason for them in the first place just served to drive home how bad he’d messed up.
“Huh, uh no I just let her think I can’t play worth a hoot,” Bo snapped out of his head with a cocky grin.
“In your dreams maybe,” BL said, sinking the last 3 balls.
“Excuse me gentlemen, I need to go to the little girl’s room,” BL said, leaving the men behind, making her way up front to the restrooms.

Bo and Luke had long ago made a habit of watching the girls as they headed off on their own in the bar. As Bo watched BL's backside, a view he happened to be enjoying, his attention was drawn away when David Doolin, Dobro's older brother, and his wife walked into the bar. 
Bo couldn't help but notice Jeannie Ann, who had been a waitress at the Boar's Nest about a year ago, as she waddled her very pregnant self over to a table and was now surrounded by the other waitresses as David made his way over to Luke. He shook Luke's hand and gave their best wishes along with his explanation of working an extra shift the night before in preparation for the little one’s arrival. 
Bo suddenly felt ill. He broke out into a sweat as he suddenly pictured BL in a very pregnant state. He was now at the table hearing David going on about having to take extra shifts at work. Bo had never really held a job. He had worked the farm, he drove on the NASCAR car circuit, but that wasn't work. Could he even do a factory job? 
"Luke." Bo said. He got no response, "Luke." he said again, a bit more insistent.
Luke heard Bo, but was trying to hear David as he talked.
Bo was now tugging on Luke's sleeve gently and where no one else could see, "Luke." He nearly whined like he had about age three.
Luke finally responded, "What, Bo?"
"I need you to come check the carburetor on General Lee." Bo said urgently, as if he were telling Luke the barn was on fire.
"What?" Luke asked, totally confused.
"Yeah, it's bad. Come on." Bo insisted.
Luke gave Dixie a look. He had to go see what was up with Bo, "I'll be right back, Darlin'"
Dixie had been around the boys enough, she waved him on, "OK. Go on."
Luke stood up, Bo latched on to him with a death grip and nearly drug him out the side door, even though the General was parked out front.
Outside, Bo was frantic and freaking out, "Luke! Luke, did you see Jeannie Ann? Oh, Lord! What if, .... BL, ... oh, Lord! Luke, it was only once! I swear it was. Jeannie Ann was always so much smaller than BL and now,... Luke, BL just can't be PREGNANT!"  Bo promptly picked that moment to violently throw up.

In the bathroom BL wasn’t feeling so great herself, she felt dizzy as she went in the stall her head felt like it might explode any minute and she felt bloated but chalked that upto having made a pig out of herself on Jesse’s ribs, at supper.

Dixie took Luke's absence as an opportunity to sneak off to the restroom herself.
Outside, Luke had to at least grin a little at Bo's distress, right up until he saw Jeb, Vance and Coy standing behind him with their eyes bugging out. It was apparent they had heard Bo's last few words.

BL was a bit surprised to see she had started her period, unlike Dixie she really didn’t keep track, when asked at her last physical she could only give an estimate. This was a welcome visit from her monthly ‘friend’, who always showed up at an inconvenient time but this time was more than a little convenient, it meant she wasn’t pregnant.

Out in the bar, LB was getting better acquainted with Sara Grace Frawley, preacher JP Frawley’s great niece.

BALLADEER: Friends don’t let her family relations fool you, she ain’t no saint.

After a moment of stunned silence, Luke was now faced with a chorus as all three cousins spoke at once, "Who's pregnant?" "Pregnant, really?" "Pregnant??!!"
Now Luke and Bo were trying to hush their three younger cousins, hoping no one else heard that word.

BL’s first instinct was to tell Bo the good news but she thought better of it, the whole county would know their business if she told him here at the Boar’s Nest so she decided to wait until they were alone, having no idea that there was a discussion going on outside about the ordeal.
Luther still not one bit happy about Cooter’s ticket on the wrecker being given to him because he owned it, had told Cooter he’d take calls the rest of the weekend, his look telling Cooter not only would they talk later but that the amount of said ticket was coming out of Cooter’s pay.

Luke dropped his tailgate and got Bo sitting down, "You may as well explain before they start jumping to conclusions."
Bo gave Luke a pleading look.
"It's your story to tell." Luke said.

Vance, Coy and Jeb were all ears as they gathered round their older cousins, which was making Bo more nervous than he already was.
“I reckon you’ve all noticed me and BL are closer than just friends?” Bo said, three heads nodded ‘yes’. 
“Well lets just say we got caught up in the heat of the moment,” Bo said.
The bugged out eye look returned to his cousins faces.
“Bo tell us you weren’t dumb and didn’t use protection,” Jeb said incredulously, Bo and Luke but mainly Bo had been preaching to him since he was a teenager about it.
“We did but it malfunctioned and now looks like I’m going to be a father,” Bo replied.
“I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, cousin when her Daddy and LB find out,” Vance said.

Luke groaned, "Now, Bo, you don't know no such a thing. You are just panicking." 
"Well, why shouldn't I be? Ya'll saw Jeannie Ann and heard David, how he's been working all those extra shifts and such.... I ain't ever even had a real job, ever." Bo said.

“Neither have I but you’ll do just fine,” Jeb said.
“IF it turns out that way,” Coy said.

Luke decided to have a conversation about things Bo knew, but the others had no clue, "Bo, come on, how many times, years ago, did we have a night of fun without a lot of thought about it. Sure, things can happen after just once, but we've done a lot of things I don't like to admit to and knock on some wood here, it always turned out ok." Luke was now admitting to being a lot less careful in his younger days than he ever wanted his cousins to believe.

Dixie came into the restroom just as BL emerged from a stall and over to the sink,
“Dixie we HAVE got to talk,” BL said
“Ok but I gotta pee,” Dixie replied, going in the stall BL just exited.
BL checked to make sure the other 2 stalls were empty,
“I’m not pregnant!” BL said.
“I thought we’d be raising babies together,” Dixie said.
“Maybe next time,”BL replied.
”I can just see you with a houseful of little Luke Dukes running around,” BL grinned, turning and leaving the restroom.

Dixie blushed but beamed at BL's picture, and then she saw it. Little Lukes in trees, on jungle gyms, in creeks, she replied, "Oh Lord, I hope not.  I'm not getting any younger BL."
Outside, Bo tried pulling himself together as his younger cousins digested the information Luke had provided. Bo said, "But, Luke, I just don't know if I'm ready for all that."
"IF," Luke stressed the word, "she is, you danged better be." He added, "Do you really think David and Jeannie Ann were ready for twins so soon?"
"Twins?" Bo asked.
Luke nodded his head 'yes'.

BL heard Dixie’s comment before the door closed and was laughing when she came into the main part of the bar again. Not seeing Bo or Luke or the rest of the Duke cousins she headed back to their tables but seeing David and Jeannie Ann she stopped at their table to chat after getting a beer at the bar. 
“Have ya’ll seen Bo,Luke or the rest of the Duke guys,” BL asked.
No sooner had she asked than the 5 men came back inside. Bo still looked a little like he might throw up again but at least he wasn’t freaking out., excusing herself BL walked over to the cousins, Coy, Vance and Jeb were giving her odd looks. Luke even looked at her funny.
Bo can we go for a drive? BL asked.
“Sure darlin’ let’s go,” Bo replied.
Sitting her half finished beer on Molly’s empty tray as the waitress walked by, BL went out to General Lee, stopping before Bo could help her in the window she turned accusing eyes on the blonde,
“You told, didn’t you? I thought we were waiting until we found out for sure!” BL climbed through the window, glaring at Bo as he went around, getting behind the steering wheel, cranking up.
“I didn’t mean to, I thought it was just me and Luke, I swear.” Bo said, trying to talk his way out of the hot water he was in.

As the others hit the dance floor or the pool tables, Luke took a drink of his beer, looked at Dixie, "What's up?"
"What do you mean?" Dixie replied.
"With BL.  First, she's drinking a beer, then she got Bo out of here real quick. Spill it." Luke said.

Bo looked over at BL, his own expression not a happy one, he knew BL hadn’t had anything stronger than tea since their time at the swimming hole had gone to hell in a handbasket and he couldn’t figure out why she’d risk harming the baby now, ‘if’ there was one. He had to remind himself they didn’t know yet or he’d start freaking out again.
Bo hadn’t really been going anyplace in particular and BL hadn’t said where to go but somehow they’d ended up at the lookout that overlooked Sunset lake.
“So what were you fellas doing outside? I asked David and Jeannie Ann if they knew where you and Luke went but ya’ll came back before they could say anything,” BL said.
“David was talking about all the extra shifts he’s been working, preparing for his own little one, then I saw Jeannie Ann and I freaked out,” Bo replied.
“Well I’m not pregnant so you can stop worrying” BL said.
“YEEHAA”!! Bo’s rebel yell threatened to make BL go deaf, they headed back to the Boar’s Nest to celebrate.

Dixie knew here was not the place to talk openly so she tried to be vague, "BL needed to run home for some feminine products."
Luke gave Dixie a blank look.  
Dixie knew Luke was a smart man, however, where women were concerned he was certainly having an off couple weeks! "You know the products I won't need for a few months."
Luke caught on to her meaning but was still confused.
"She's not." is all Dixie said.
Luke let out a long sigh of relief, "Thank goodness."
Dixie frowned, "Would it have been that bad?"
Luke sipped his beer, "You didn't just have to talk him off a ledge. Come on, let's dance or something nice."
Dixie smiled, "Alright."

Bo parked General Lee right back where he’d been before, so it was likely no one would know the stock car had ever moved. Bo slid out the driver side window, then hurried around to the other side to help BL.
“Hope nobody pays any attention to me, I don’t want to explain why I am drinking a beer but didn’t drink anything but punch last night and only soda so far tonight if I get caught,” BL said.
“You won’t just a little shucking and jiving maybe,” Bo replied as they went inside.
The tables the group was sitting at were empty, everyone doing their own thing. Bugs was at the pinball machine, with a couple ‘good luck charms’ watching. The Davenport boys were in a serious dart game, it appeared. Luke and Dixie, Jeb and Debbie, Vance and Lisa and Daisy and Randy and Coy and Casey were all dancing. Everybody was having a great time, 
“Let’s dance,” Bo pulled BL into his arms and held on tight as she rested her head on his shoulder. Near closing time the group decided to head back to the Duke farm. Rosco was making his last check of the night and grinned, seeing the group leaving
“Ah ha I caught ya!” Rosco said, reaching for his cuffs.
“Caught who doing what? We was just leaving,” Luke said.
“Exactly I caught you Duke boys, all 5 of ya with the intent to drive under the influence,” Rosco replied.
“Sorry, guess again Rosco,” BL said, holding up the keys to General Lee.
Dixie, Lisa and Debbie all held up a set of keys for the sheriff to see. Outside they all had another good laugh at Rosco.

Back at the farm, everyone settled down most with someone warm beside them and most had some of Jesse's finest to sip on.
It was one of Luke's younger guys, Ryan, who spoke up, “what's with the local law?"
Luke replied easily, "One of the joys of living in a small town."
Dixie added, "What he's not telling you is that these guys have all out ran, outfoxed and out maneuvered him since before they had a license."

How about a moonlit stroll,” Coy asked Casey, giving her an irresistible grin, something all the young Duke men seemed to have been blessed with.
“Sounds nice,” Casey replied, the two headed off in the direction of the south 20.
“That sounds like a good idea, bit crowded in here, care to join me Lisa?” Vance said.
“Yes,” Lisa replied, nodding.
Jeb took his cue from his younger cousins and asked Debbie,
“Would you like to take a walk?”
Yeah, where to?” Debbie replied.
“You’ll see,” Jeb replied, heading for the meadow on the northeast corner of the Duke property.
“Wonder what they’re all upto,” Bo voiced his thoughts as he and BL stood outside the barn with Sadie.
“Well knowing how a Duke boy’s mind works, I’d say to get better acquainted with the ladies, without a crowd,” BL replied.
“Now getting away from the crowd for a little while sounds like a good idea,” Bo said.
“Yeah,” BL agreed, taking Bo’s hand heading in the direction of the old silver mines on the property. 
“Sadie come,” BL called to her dog.
“Look,” Bo pointed at a distant flash of lightning.
“Maybe it’s going to finally rain and cool things off,” BL said.
Bo added, “Crops could use it.” 

As if the rain God's had heard the conversation, from out of nowhere came a downpour. It was one of those downpours that cleaned out gutters and ditches. Catching each of the couples out in the open completely soaking them to the bone. 
Bo and BL were closer to the mines than the farm, “come on."
After making a run for it, they made it to the mines soaked to the bone. The night was hot. Bo reached up to brush the water from BLs face. One look at each other lead to a long deep kiss.

BL pulled back, clearing her throat, “Bo we better cool it, we just got through one scare. Do we really want another?”
Bo got a picture of Jeannie Ann in his head and heard David Doolin talking about how much he’d been working extra shifts in preparation for the arrival of twins,
“No,” Bo replied.
A streak of lightning split the sky and thunder boomed like cannon fire as the rain came down in sheets. Sadie whined and reared up on BL’s leg.
“Hey easy, it’s alright Mama’s here,” BL said, sitting down and holding Sadie close, even though the dirt was sticking to her wet shorts, making mud. Bo squatted beside them to wait out the storm.

The others found their own shelter and spent the rest of the storm getting better acquainted. Some may have gotten more acquainted than others but each couple enjoyed the storm. 
Luke had opened the upstairs loft door to let in a breeze while he and his bride enjoyed some much needed alone time in the loft. 


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Daylight found the Duke Farm preparing for its company's departure.
After helping with the chores and another hearty breakfast, Luke’s team packed up their gear and loaded it. Coy, Vance and Jeb all making plans to see Lisa, Casey and Debbie again soon.
“I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow morning,” Luke said to his team as they prepared to leave, all of them congratulating him and Dixie again,
“I’ll see you at work tomorrow Dixie. Congratulations again both of you, it was a great weekend.” Debbie said, smiling thinking of Jeb.
After all the out of town company left, the rest began getting ready for church.
“Hey girls, do ya’ll need something to wear this morning?” Daisy asked.
“I’ll just wear the same skirt and blouse I wore Friday to the reception,” BL said.

Dixie replied, "Do you have anything to go with my skirt that is a little less revealing? I had meant to go by the house for something, but I can make it work."
Daisy thought for a minute, "I have just the blouse."
Dixie took her word for it, "Great."
Once everyone was ready, they headed off to town and the church. 
Jesse made it a habit, as did most folks in Hazzard of getting to church early. 
No sooner had Luke parked the truck than he and Dixie were converged on by several of the town's folk who would have not been caught dead in a bar. Congratulations and well wishing continued all the way up the church steps where Reverend Frawley greeted the congregation.

On their way in Luke and Dixie were stopped by Reverend Frawley.
“Congratulations to both of you, it's good to have you with us this morning”, Reverend Frawley greeted the couple.
“Thanks Reverend,” Luke replied.
“Good morning Jesse, you certainly have a crowd this morning," Frawley shook Jesse’s hand.
“Good morning Reverend, that I do, I believe you know most of them but I’d like you to meet my brothers Elbert and John, their wives Bessie and Pauline and Elbert and Bessie’s boys Jeremiah and Jed,” Jesse introduced the small group behind him.
“Welcome it's nice to meet you all, welcome,” Reverend Frawley replied.
Halfway up the aisle was where the Dukes normally sat, today they took up two pews what with a new member in the family and visiting relatives. Much to the displeasure of the youngest Dukes, Bessie had made them sit with the elder Dukes, while the young adults plus one Davenport, sat on the second pew. Luke had taken a seat on the end with Dixie at his side and then Daisy and BL. Bo sat beside BL then Coy,Vance and Jeb. Behind the Duke cousins sat the Davenport boys. Jesse was pleased as punch to have two pews taken up by his family, the only other family there that came close to taking up that much space was the Halcomb family. Announcements were made, giving a list of events coming up, hosted by other churches and of Luke and Dixie’s recent marriage. The singing was especially good this beautiful sunny Sunday.

Reverend Frawley began, "After hearing this week of Luke and Dixie's marriage, I have been moved to teach this morning about the five pillars of marriage. They are: Pillar 1: Love
Pillar 2: Trust
Pillar 3: Respect.
Pillar 4.Faith
Pillar 5: Understanding” 
Dixie and Luke felt the eyes of the entire congregation on them. 
As the sermon continued, Jed and Jeremiah became restless. Bessie had already given them the look. Pauline was just hoping that Jeb was getting something useful out of it. She could only hope that now that Luke was married that Jeb, Bo, Coy, Vance and maybe even Daisy would start taking relationships more seriously.

“Pillar number 5 is understanding…” Reverend Frawly was saying when BL looked over, seeing 4 sets of jean clad legs stretched out to the pew in front of them. Pauline frowned when she glimpsed over her shoulder, 3 of her nephews and her son weren’t even paying attention, they were ASLEEP! Atleast Luke was taking the preacher’s words to heart she hoped. “...without these 5 things, NO marriage can survive,” Reverend Frawley boomed into the microphone, nearly causing the 4 sleeping Duke boys to jump out of their skins.

Jeb opened his eyes a bit confused for a moment where he was until he saw his mother giving him a look. He forced himself to sit up a bit straighter and at least act like he was paying attention. 
By this time, Jesse's attention had been drawn to the kids behind him. In particular, to his younger nephews, who all were now trying to look really innocent.

The young men all felt no older than their teenage cousins, trying not to squirm under the look that Jesse gave them, a look that promised a good talking to later.

Reverend Frawley concluded his sermon then said, "Before I dismiss today I'd like to take just a minute to again congratulate the new Mr. and Mrs. Luke Duke and to also say what a joy it was to have so many Dukes here this morning. You all are welcome anytime. With that the services are concluded and we hope to see everyone back next week."
As everyone stood up to head out, Luke and Dixie were again stopped by other well wishers which made the others exit much slower than normal. 
It was all Bo, Jeb, Coy and Vance could do to keep from yawning or stretching before they made it outside.

Jesse introduced his brothers, sisters in law and two youngest nephews to a few people on the way to their vehicles, the rest of the Dukes that were visiting were leaving after lunch. Jesse saw Luther and Clyde Davenport standing by the wrecker talking and went over
“Ya’ll come on over for lunch too, there’ll be plenty the kids will all be there,”
 Jesse said.

Luther thought about it for a moment, then replied, "Ya, know, I think I will Jesse. It's been a long while since I've talked with John and even longer since I've seen Elbert."
Clyde almost was not sure who this person who looked like his brother was but thought he might ought to go too. "Sounds good Jesse. I don't much like my own cookin' and BL has about deserted me."
Jesse replied, "It will be good to have ya’ll. See ya out at the place."
Luke was opening the truck door for Dixie when she asked, "What's Uncle Jesse doing?"
Luke looked over to where Jesse was now walking off from the Davenports, "I'm not sure."

Everyone headed out to the Duke farm, as Luke got out and went around to open Dixie’s truck door he saw Clyde’s truck followed by the wrecker turn up the driveway
“I know what Uncle Jesse was doing as we were leaving the church. He was inviting Luther and Clyde to lunch,” Luke said.

Dixie followed Luke's gaze, "Great, you know he's been a lot better than I could have ever expected, ..."
Both Luke and Dixie said together, "But..."
They were both wondering just how long Luther could and would maintain civilized behavior where their marriage was concerned. 
Their thoughts were interrupted by the others arrival.

Daisy, Dixie and BL changed out of their church clothes and then went to help the Aunts finish lunch while the elder men sat on the front porch visiting and the younger men tinkered with General Lee.
“Dixie, will you help me set the picnic tables?” BL asked. She wanted to ask Dixie a favor but she didn’t want Daisy or her Aunts to overhear. 

Dixie replied, "Sure."
Out front, Luke stepped back from the General and over to a cooler filled with ice, soda, beer and several other beverages. He grabbed an ice cold beer and was about to open it when Luther spoke up from the porch.
"Luke, before you open that, I have something for you." Luther said casually.
Luke shut the cooler and stepped over to the porch beer in hand.
Luther tossed a set of keys at him unexpectedly. Luke's quick reflexes helped him catch the keys. Luke glanced at the keys, the familiar keyring and keys. Luke knew them. He froze. 
Luther gave him only a look. 
Luke met his look. 
Both men nodded in silent agreement.
"I work at 8 tomorrow." Luke said.
"I'll head toward town about 7. You can park her at the garage if you think Ole Rosco can stay out of the ditches tonight." Luther said.
Luke started to return the beer to the cooler. 
Luther said, "Drink the beer. I'm gonna be here a spell."
Luke wasn't sure who the person was in his father in law's body, but if he continued to be that person, they could get along. He nodded and headed back to the General, but stopped at the picnic tables long enough to show Dixie the familiar set of keys that he had carried years ago to the wreckers, the garage along with the keys to both Luther's yard and the county impound lot.
Dixie's eyes went wide at the sight of the keys.

BL looked up about the time Luke showed Dixie the key ring, when he went back over to the General, BL asked “who is that man that says he’s your father?”
“Funny, now what do you really want to ask?” Dixie said.
When you get an appointment with the Tri-County jail Dr. see if you can get me one too, I’m gonna ask for birth control pills, I don’t want anymore weeks like last week. Atleast every third woman that came in the post office was pregnant or so it seemed. I’d have been a wreck if I hadn’t kept busy helping Daisy plan the reception,” BL replied.

Dixie gave BL a look, "I needed that. But, yes I will."
“Sorry, but thanks I didn’t want half the county knowing my business,” BL said.

Dixie replied, "I can certainly relate."
About then Bo decided it was a good idea to sneak up behind BL, grab her and goose her!

BL squealed, startled by being suddenly grabbed “Eeep Bo!”
“You’re just so darn cute, I couldn’t help myself,” Bo said, kissing the tip of BL’s nose, fully aware they were being watched by not just the other young people but Clyde and Jesse too.

Jed and Jeremiah saw the interaction and promptly said, "Eww!" and "Yuck!" respectfully.

"Lunch is ready, everybody get washed up ,” Daisy said, bringing out the baked ham. BL and Dixie took that as their cue to go help tote the rest of the food out.

After lunch everyone cleaned up, Daisy had taken some of the 'to go' containers and as lunch was brought in she fixed a container of ham, each of the sides and some of each pie before putting the rest of the leftovers in the fridge.
Pauline saw what she was doing but wondered why. "Daisy, why are you packing food into containers?"
Daisy wished her aunt wasn't so observant at times like this, "I'm fixing Dixie and Luke something for later."
Pauline looked surprised, "The girl does know how to cook, doesn't she?" 
"Yes, Aunt Pauline. Luke will be fine. It's just that they haven't really stocked the kitchen yet, and they both have to work tomorrow." Daisy said, knowing her aunts concern for Luke.
Pauline frowned as she thought how a married couple hadn't stocked their kitchen yet.

After Luke's first and only beer, he drank sweet iced tea. After the others headed home, it was time for Luke and Dixie to head into town. Luke got Dixie in his pick-up, and he followed her in the wrecker.

Gloria Kravitz heard the wrecker but had to wipe her hands before moving the curtain aside to look, by this time though Luke and Dixie had gone inside leaving her imagination running wild,
“Abner, that Davenport girl, the one married Luke Duke is home, Luke too I imagine but they ain’t alone. Cooter the mechanic’s boy is there too, I heard the wrecker. The other Davenport girl and Bo Duke and Jesse’s girl will probably be along,” Gloria was in a tizzy but Abner didn’t notice, he’d heard the vehicles and had put cotton in his ears before Gloria came in.

Dixie put the leftovers in the fridge and came back in the living room to find Luke sitting on the couch with his boots off. She sat down by him. Pulled her feet up on the couch and snuggled into Luke's outstretched arm.
Luke had already told a very confused Hazzard phone operator to route any wrecker calls to him tonight.
Dixie rested her head on Luke's shoulder, "This is nice, what are Bo and BL doing tonight?"

“I don’t rightly know but I betcha Bo’s doing everything he can to stay out of Uncle Jesse’s sight, after falling asleep in church this morning,” Luke replied.
BL had told Daisy she’d help change sheets on hers and Bo’s beds so they’d have fresh ones to sleep on but the rest of the housework was going to have to wait until tomorrow because Sunday was the day of rest and no work was done but the necessary daily chores.

With the sheets changed the girls figured Bo had finished up the few undone evening chores. Daisy took a fresh pot of coffee and four cups to the porch. Bo was just coming back from the barn as the coffee was being poured. He took a seat on the swing by BL as the four sat in silence for a few minutes, Bo finally spoke, “it seems so empty now.”

“Yeah it does, we’ll have to think of a reason to have another weekend,” BL said.
"What about a baby shower?” Daisy suggested innocently.
Bo and BL got choked on their coffee hearing this, both was sure Daisy knew something. BL recovered fist saying
“Daisy don’t you think that’s rushing things a mite? Today’s only been a week since they got married.”
“I know, I just can’t wait to have a baby around,” Daisy replied.

Bo shook his head, "I just mean without Luke here. Maybe we should see if they want to go to the Boar's Nest or maybe we should go by there awhile."
Jesse looked over his coffee cup, "If ya'll are wanting any babies around, ya'll might want to give them some private time so as they have a chance to make them."

“Guess you’re right Uncle Jesse,” Bo said, looking at BL from the corner of his eye, news of a baby on the way was sooner than Daisy or Uncle Jesse knew.
“Yeah, guess so,”Daisy agreed.

Bo looked at BL, "So what do you want to do tonight Darlin'?"

“I don’t know but it can’t be another really late night, I gotta work tomorrow. I shouldn’t leave Sadie behind either, I’ve basically abandoned her all weekend,” BL replied, then having had an idea continued, “how about the drive-in movies?”

Bo replied, "Yeah, we can do that. Right Sadie girl?"
His answer was in the form of Sadie putting both her paws in his lap.

“We better get going, if we want to catch the early show,” BL said standing, then pulling Bo to his feet.
“Let’s hit it,” Bo replied, pulling BL close, his arm around her lower back. He might have let his hand wander lower but Uncle Jesse was on the porch watching.
At General Lee, Bo helped BL in then picked Sadie up, handing her in the window to BL.
“There ya go Sadie girl,” Bo said, getting in behind the wheel.

Bo found a parking spot to his liking in the back row.  He backed General Lee in, adjusted the sound on the speaker and started to move a bit closer to BL.
Sadie took that moment to step in between the two.

“I think someone’s jealous,” BL looked at Bo and grinned.
Bo wasn’t amused, the farm had been crawling with people all weekend and Bo had been hoping for some cuddle time now that they were alone.
BL picked Sadie up and scooted over so she now sat between the dog and Bo. Sadie lay down in the passenger seat, her head facing the door, in full pout mode.

Bo and BL settled in as the movie started.
In town, Luke noticed Dixie had gotten quiet. He looked down on his chest to find his sleeping wife using him as a pillow. Luke thought about waking her but instead wrapped his arms around her a bit tighter as he decided to just relax for a bit before waking Dixie. It was at that moment the phone rang.
Luke reached for the phone, "Hello."
"Luke? Cletus is hung up out on Route 11." The operator said.
"Ok. I'm on my way?" Luke said, hanging the phone up. 
Dixie asked, "To where?"
"Route 11. Cletus is hung up." Luke said getting his boots back on. 
"Need or want any help?" Dixie asked.
BL reached over, stroking Sadie’s hip since that was about all she could reach. BL laid her head on Bo’s shoulder, he tightened his arm around her as they watched the movie. 
“Want some popcorn darlin? Bo asked, when he got no answer he looked to the shoulder BL’s head rested on, seeing she was asleep he turned back toward the movie.

Luke gave his wife a grin. "I got this, but if you want to go, I'm good with it."
Dixie grabbed a jacket even though the night was warm, and they headed out.
The Kravitz’s were almost asleep when Luke fired the souped up wrecker up to go get Cletus.

Gloria looked at the clock, it read 11:15 she was never going to get another night of decent sleep as long as those girls lived next door.
When the movie was over, it took Bo some time to get out onto the road. He could have gone cross country but he didn’t want to jostle and bounce BL and wake her up. He was enjoying having her cuddling close, so he headed for home at a nice slow but steady speed. One hand on the steering wheel, the other arm holding his girl tight.

Luke pulled the wrecker on scene to find a frantic Cletus. 
Before the lights came on in the truck, Cletus was freaking out, "Cooter, great to see ya! Buzzards on a buzzsaw, Cousin Boss is gonna kill me!"
The lights came on in the cab of the wrecker as Luke opened the door, "Cletus, just settle down." Luke said.
"Wait, what are you doing with the Davenport's wrecker? You didn't steal it, did you?"
Luke rolled his eyes, "Do you really think I'm gonna steal a wrecker just to come out and rescue you?"

Bo’s attempt not to wake BL wasn’t going so well as he hit yet another pothole.
BL felt like she was moving but hadn’t fully woken up until General Lee hit another pothole “what’s going on, where are we?” BL asked when it was clear they weren’t at the drive-in movie.
“I’m sorry darlin, I didn’t mean to wake you, its these dang potholes. Movie’s over, we’re on route 7 headed home,” Bo replied.
“The movie’s over and we’re headed home.” BL said more than asking for clarification. “I’m sorry Bo, I didn’t mean to fall asleep and miss the whole movie,” BL said.
“No big deal darlin, holding you was better than the movie anyway,” Bo replied.
Sadie had also woken up and reared up on the door then nudged BL’s arm turning to rear up on the door again."Bo can we stop a few minutes, Sadie needs to do her business?” BL asked
“Sure sweetheart,” Bo pulled off onto an old moonshine trail then helped Sadie and BL both out, taking BL’s hand as they followed Sadie.

Cletus thought about it a moment, then replied, "Well, I guess not."
While Luke set to getting Cletus out of the ditch, Dixie got out of the truck. "Anything you need me to do?"
Luke replied, "Just convince Cletus that I didn't steal the wrecker."
After getting Cletus on his way, Luke and Dixie made their way back to town, parked the wrecker and made their way in the house. It was late by now, so they were both more than ready to head to 

Bo and BL got back on the road heading for the Duke farm so BL could get her car and go home. Bo helped Sadie out of General Lee, putting her in BL’s car then helping BL, holding her close, Bo tipped BL’s chin up for a long goodnight kiss.
“See you tomorrow Darlin, sweet dreams.”
“Good night, see you tomorrow,” BL replied, getting in her car, heading home.


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 Monday morning found Luke and Dixie heading out of Hazzard in two different directions. 
Luke had pushed his truck a bit harder than normal to get to work just minutes before he was late. 
This was totally unusual, so his crew was wondering where he was. 
As Luke pulled in he saw a Forestry truck that wasn't usually at Base Camp unless something was going on. He looked at the truck clock and mumbled curse words under his breath as he hurried inside. 
His crew had the good graces not to rib him in front of the Regional Supervisor. 
Randy looked a bit relieved to see Luke walk in. 
After greetings were made, the Supervisor asked to talk to Luke and Randy in the office. 
Once alone the Supervisor began, "I came over this morning because there is an experimental program the Forestry Service is wanting to try here." He paused, "with your team."
Luke and Randy looked at each other, then back to the Supervisor waiting for more information. 
"It's gonna mean some extra training for you all, more for a few of you." He explained.
 Normally Luke was all in for additional training but he had a lot of new things on his plate, but he was interested in making his team better.
The Supervisor explained that the crews on the East Coast didn't get as many calls as the crews out West, so they were wanting to incorporate canines that could be used on arson, rescue and cadaver calls. 
The trainers and dogs were on their way there. The crew would be getting one dog for now with the possibility of more later. The Supervisor then retired to the coffee pot while Luke and Randy explained all this to the team to see who was most interested.
It didn't surprise Luke at all when Lisa and Casey were the most eager to be official handlers.

Back in Hazzard BL was training her new help, Ellen Sue Henderson, a widow about 10 years older than BL herself. BL hoped with part time help she could take time off more easily to do things with Dixie and Daisy who didn’t really have a regular off day. She wanted off Saturdays too, so she could spend the day with Bo once he finished his farm chores.
“You put the mail to be delivered here and mail going out here,” BL said.
“Got it,” Ellen Sue replied.

Luther Davenport circled Hazzard Square a bit earlier than usual. As he passed Miz Tisdale's house, he noticed both Dixie and Luke's vehicles were gone. Looking to the garage, he saw the wrecker backed in, ready to go on a call. He had been through several drivers since Luke last drove for him, so from habit, he walked to the door of the truck and tried the door handle, it was locked. Luther unlocked the truck and saw in the seat a tow ticket for the Sheriff's Department. The description read, 'Pulled Cletus's patrol car out of ditch.’ Luther took the ticket to put in the Sheriff's file. As he walked over to open the garage, as much as he hadn't liked the idea years ago, or a couple months ago, he couldn't deny that it was good to have someone around the garage who did things his way.
As soon as the truck pulled in with the dogs, Luke saw Casey and Lisa light up. "They are not pets. They are working dogs." he cautioned. Luke was expecting German Shepherds, German police, or any other form of big working dog. What came out of the back of the truck were miniature Dachshunds!

At the Duke farm, Daisy was hanging out some laundry to dry while she did the rest of her housework before going to work this afternoon. Boss Hogg might have given her the weekend off but was making her work overtime all week to make up for not having his best waitress those days.
Bo was up on the house nailing down some tin, Saturday night’s storm had blowed loose.

As Casey and Lisa turned from trained professionals to how most people do around newborn babies, Luke's mouth let fly what he was thinking, "What are they?"
The trainers had several dogs with them. One replied to Luke's question, "Is it ready?"
The supervisor nodded 'yes'. 
The trainer gave the dog a command, its nose went to the ground and began smelling the ground from side to side, pulling at its harness, trying to get the trainer to walk faster. As the dog went around the side of the building, there were two charred areas of dirt. It took a brief sniff at the first pile and hurried to the second, sniffed a few times and began a cross between a bark, a cry, and a total conversation as it sat down looking very proud of itself. 
The Supervisor nodded 'yes' again.
The trainer explained the Supervisor had gotten there early, before anyone and set two places of grass on fire. One had an accelerant, the other didn't. The dog had alerted to the right one. 
The trainer said, "OK. Now that you all know their noses work. Let's go see what else they can do."
One of the first questions was why they were using such small dogs. They were informed so the dogs could be harnessed to their chest and jump with them.

In Hazzard BL was still showing Ellen Sue all the stuff she needed to know to run things at the post office if BL wasn’t there.
“If someone’s wanting to rent a PO box, you need two forms of identification and one must be a photo ID. Then you look in this book here that’s under the counter to see what’s available.” BL said.
Just as BL finished her instructions, a middle aged couple entered the post office.
“Hello, how may I help you?” Ellen Sue asked.
“We’d like to get a PO box, please,” the man replied.
“Alright, I’ll need two forms of ID,” Ellen Sue replied.
Getting the book from under the counter Ellen Sue asked what size box was needed, then found a vacant one in the list, wrote down the information and checked both forms of ID making sure all the information was correct, before accepting pay.
“Good job Ellen Sue, you did that perfect! Now I don’t ask everybody to show ID and take a number the way Miz Tisdale did, I just ask for ID from those I don’t know very well, so ask everybody if that makes you more comfortable when I’m not here,”
BL said.

At Base Camp, Luke and his team got to know the dogs. See how they were harnessed up for jumps and searches.

The instructor asked before the break, "So, are there any questions?"
Casey spoke up, "Which one is ours?" 
The trainer laughed, "Well, if you all are on board with the new program, ..." He walked over and took the leash of a medium brown miniature Dachshund and brought him over to Casey and Lisa, "This is Scrapie. Why don't ya’ll get to know each other on break."

Meanwhile back in Hazzard, BL was getting ready to show Ellen Sue how helpful Sadie was delivering the mail.
“You ready Ellen Sue, delivering the mail is the funnest part of the job, for me and Sadie, Miz Tisdale seemed to enjoy it too. She tickled me the way she zipped around on her motorcycle,” BL said grinning.
“Ready when you are. What's so fun about driving all over the county:? Ellen Sue asked.
”You’ll see, C’mon Sadie, time to deliver the mail,” BL replied. Sadie ran to the post office’s back door wagging her tail.
In the car, Ellen Sue got in BL’s passenger seat and they headed out of town, first stopping at Grannie Annie Coggins “here Sadie take this to Grannie,” BL gave Sadie the small stack of mail. Ellen Sue was about to get out of the car and let Sadie out, when the dog leaped over the side of the car, leaping back in with one graceful jump, her task complete. The same performance was repeated at the Widow Baxley, Tolliver, Marley and Venible farms.
“Wow BL that’s amazing, How’d you teach her to do that”? Ellen Sue asked, amazed
“I didn’t teach her to take the mail to folks, just told her to and she did,” BL replied.

At Tri Counties, Dixie was having her own difficulties. It was Monday morning and she was dealing with everyone who had been arrested, transported to tri counties over the weekend who had not bonded out but desperately wanted to contact friends, family, anyone who would come post bond for them. 
Dixie worked her floor with all the normal activities that went on while trying to give the inmates in the holding cells ample time in the booking room where they had access to the phone at an unheard of cost to call across town. 
By lunch, anyone who could have bonded out had done so. Dixie sat down after lunch was served on her floor for the first time in her shift. Her boots felt tight as she loosened her laces a bit. 
At Base Camp, Scrapie wasn't all that sure that he wanted to meet new people and managed to give a low growl as he was petted and loved on by all.

In Hazzard, Daisy finished her housework, brought in the laundry and folded it but she didn’t have time to put it away before leaving for work so left Bo’s on his bed, Uncle Jesse’s on his bed and her own in the chair in her room, she'd put it away tomorrow.
Bo was hoeing the garden as Daisy left, waving as she went by. Bo couldn’t wait for ‘happy hour’ at the Boar’s Nest. He was looking forward to a cold beer or 2 and hearing about everybody’s day.

Back in the training room, the Trainers began going over the care that was expected for Scrapie. One of the requirements had the girls and even the crew begin to look from one to the other when the trainer advised that when not working or at Base Camp Scrapie would live with one of the handlers. He noticed something was amiss with the crew, "What? Is something wrong?"
It was Luke who responded, "During fire season, these guys all share a house. There is a no pet clause." He said knowingly as he too had shared the house previously.
"Well, that really should not be an issue. Scrapie is not a pet." the Trainer said.
Luke nodded, "That may or may not work, but what if I take the training to be a handler? If their landlord raises a fuss, then I could take him home with me."
The crew was all for that.
"I don't see a problem. The more handlers we have, the better the program should do."

At the garage in Hazzard, Cooter had tried to keep out of Luther’s way. So when a wrecker call came in from Dobro Doolin he wasted no time saying he was on his way, “be back as soon as I can Dad,” Cooter said as he walked toward the wrecker.
What he saw when he got to the right place on route 4 was the two prettiest girls he’d ever seen, pulling around in front of the old Buick that was spewing steam like a geyser. Cooter parked on the shoulder of the road.
“Whewee she sure is hot, where you ladies headed?” Cooter said then added “I’m Cooter Davenport.”
“I’m Susie and this is my best friend, Katie Beth. We’re on our way to Dixville County” Susie replied.
“Nice to meet you ladies, looks like its the radiator, tell you what, I’ll tow ya’ll back to town and while I work on your car you can go to the cafe or coffee shop, get out of this heat awhile.” Cooter said. In no time flat the car was hooked up and they were all headed back to the garage.

A few minutes later, Dobro pulled up to the garage, slicked his hair back with his fingers and went into the garage trying to look innocent as he was looking around for the girls who were in the Buick. Not seeing them, he had to ask, "Where's the girls?"
Cooter motioned toward town, "The coffee shop, Cafe, likely somewhere cooler than here."
"You let them get away?" Dobro said glumly.
"It's not like they won't be back for their car." Cooter said.
"Is it serious?" Dobro asked, a bit hopeful.
"Hole in the radiator. Some stop leak should have them on their way." Cooter said.
Dobro looked at him like he had three heads, "Are you crazy? Surely, it would be better to drain the radiator, clean it real good, and weld that hole up proper like. That way we could get to know them a bit, maybe talk them into staying a bit longer, go to the Boar's Nest with us."
Dobro was too busy talking to notice Cooter trying to hush him as the girls in question walked into the garage behind Dobro.

“Well what's the problem,”Susie asked, getting straight to the point.
“You got yourselves a hole in the radiator, ladies,” Cooter replied.
“How long will it take to fix it? Katie Beth, spoke for the first time.
“Well not long, maybe half hour to an hour, if I just use some stop leak of course that ain’t no permanent fix, you’ll still need to take it in to a garage and have that hole welded up,”
Mary Beth spoke up again, asking “how long will that take?”
“A few hours atleast, the radiator will need a good cleaning after it’s drained before it can be welded,” Cooter explained.

“We got a nice hotel, real affordable if ya’ll got time to stick around. You should get that radiator fixed proper as soon as possible and Cooter’s the best mechanic in the state,” Dobro boasted.
The young ladies looked at each other for a moment then Katie Beth asked “where’s the hotel?”
“Hop in my car there yonder and I’ll take you,” Dobro said.
“I’ll get those for you ma’am” Cooter helped Susie put a couple suitcases in Dobro’s car, adding “I'll get on this radiator first thing tomorrow, I got a coupla jobs to wrap up before I can start on this.”

Dobro saw Cooter was being all business, so he knew if they were gonna ask the girls out, that he'd be the one asking. "Ladies, since ya'll are stuck here tonight and all, would ya'll maybe care to join us for a bite to eat, maybe a beer."

"That sounds good, Susie said.
“Ya’ll give me about an hour and we’ll all go over to the Boar’s Nest, the beer’s watered down but they got the best barbeque this side of the Mississippi,” Cooter replied.
Dobro took the girls to the hotel and got them settled. At the garage Cooter did a few more small jobs then went to the bathroom in the back of the garage to get cleaned up and put on a clean shirt.
An hour later exactly Dobro picked up Katie Beth, in his car and Cooter picked up Susie in the wrecker, then they all went to the Boar’s Nest, where Daisy saw the guys come in with two girls she’d never seen before, going over she asked,
“what can I get ya’ll? I’m Daisy by the way.”
“Daisy this is Susie and Katie Beth, they had some car trouble and are staying at the hotel tonight until I can fix it tomorrow,” Cooter replied, then continued as he looked at each girl, “is the barbeque plate ok with ya’ll? It comes with fries and coleslaw.”
Both nodded ‘yes’ so Cooter ordered 4 BBQ plates and 4 beers.

Dixie's day at Tri-Counties was pretty normal, if there was such a thing. She had changed into jeans and was heading home, figuring to meet everyone at the Boar's Nest. 
Luke's day had been anything but normal. After the training, it was decided that the best course of action for Scrapie until they could get it approved with the girls' landlord would be to go home with Luke. So with a carrier in the back of the truck, a blanket, toys, leash, food, food bowls and Scrapie himself  in Luke's passenger seat, he set out for Hazzard.
Occasionally, Luke reached over to pet the little guy who seemed content enough to be petted after he had warmed up to the crew. By the time they reached Hazzard, Scrapie was standing with his front paws on the dash, the window seal, then on the arm rest. His nose was constantly going, his ears were flipped back. He was enjoying all the new smells of the country.

BL smiled as she checked to make sure the post office back door was locked, it seemed like Ellen Sue was going to work out just fine.
“Well, what do you think Sadie, you think Ellen Sue’s gonna work out?” BL headed for the Boar’s Nest. Sadie woofed her approval from the passenger seat, watching all the cars they met. Bo sat the last haybale on the stack, then picked up his shirt putting it back on and walking over, getting in General Lee,
“Cold beer here I come,” Bo said aloud as he headed for the Boar’s Nest.

Dixie pulled into the Boar's Nest only seeing the wrecker, Dobro's car and a few more cars, but not Luke's truck, the General Lee nor BL's cars were there yet. She checked the clock and shrugged her shoulders. She must have been thrifty as she was a few minutes earlier than normal. She took a minute to run a brush through her hair and went in to see if it was Cooter or her father in the wrecker. 
As she walked in Daisy asked on her way to take drinks to a table, "Hey Sugar. What will you be drinking?"
Dixie replied, "It's hot out there. Iced tea and a lot of lemon." She wondered how long she could not order beer without raising people's suspicions.
Luke pulled into the Boar’s Nest, put Scrapie's official training vest on him, attached his leash and said, "Alright, Scrapie, ready to have some fun with Ol Rosco?" He let Scrapie explore and wash his tires before they headed inside the bar.

BL noticed the wrecker, Dobro’s car and several other cars were at the Boar’s Nest as she turned in. Dixie’s car and Luke’s truck were there already, she had dropped Sadie off at the cabinet shop, it was just too danged hot to leave the poor thing in the car while she was inside. BL checked her watch thinking she was bad late because both Dixie and Luke had got there before her. Bo came in, dust flying as he came to a screeching halt, climbing out the window, his boots hitting the gravel hard, he hurried to catch up with BL. Putting an arm around her waist, making it look like they’d come together instead of just meeting in the parking lot.
“Hey darlin,” Bo kissed BL’s cheek.
”Hey Bo,” BL replied.

No one paid Luke anymore attention today than they ever did when he walked in. No one even noticed the leash he was holding.
Dixie was at an empty table, but it was beside Cooter’s table. She looked up from her conversation, saw Luke walk in and turned her attention back to the conversation at hand, "You'll get to meet my husband in just a second. He just came in." Dixie said to Cooter’s date.
Luke leaned across the table, greeted Dixie with a kiss, sat down and patted his leg.
Scrapie jumped immediately into his lap for a couple of reasons; one, he was trained to follow the handlers and two, the room was beginning to get crowded and Luke was the only one he knew. 
Now, Luke was getting more attention than normal all at the same time.
Dixie asked, "Luke, who is your friend?" She saw the vest and though she wanted to love on the little guy knew better.
Daisy was bringing Luke a beer when she saw the dog in the bar, "Luke, Honey, your friend sure is cute and all but he can't be in here, you know that. Though I'd rather have him than most of the paying customers." She let her hand drop to pet Scrapie.
He backed up closer to Luke but gave Daisy the lowest growl.
Luke scolded them both, "Scrapie hush. Daisy, you know not to come at him that way. He don't know you."

Bo and BL went over to where Dixie and Luke sat, not really thinking he reached to pet the little dog on Luke’s lap the same way he did Flash, getting the same low growl Daisy had.
Again Luke scolded both dog and cousin, “Scrapie hush, Bo you're as bad as Daisy, you know better than to reach out like that. He don’t know you.”
“Aww Luke don’t scold him, the dog that is not Bo. Scrapie was only giving Bo a warning, you’d growl too if you was his size and seen that big ol’ hand coming at you, could be trouble,” BL said then continued, grinning “I should know.”
“Cute,” Bo said, pretending to be put out.
“I know I am,” BL replied, smirking.
Cooter cleared his throat to get the other’s attention “Susie, Katie Beth this is Bo Duke, Luke’s and Daisy's cousin and the sassy blonde there is mine and Dixie’s cousin BL,”
“Luke you know Rosco’s gonna have a conniption if he sees that dog in here,” BL said.
Luke didn’t look worried and replied, “let him, ain’t really nothing he can do about it, as long as Scrapie’s wearing his vest.”

“Speak of the devil,” Bo said when he saw Rosco come out of Boss Hogg’s office with Flash in his arms. As Rosco walked through the bar, he glanced around, seeing the Davenports and Dukes. There was Cooter, Bo, Luke, Luke's dog. Rosco thought. Then he said aloud to himself lowly, "Luke's dog. Luke don't have no dog. Luke does have a dog. That dog can't be in here." He turned to Luke and said louder, "Alright, Luke Duke you can't have a dog in here."
Luke knew all eyes were on him.Dixie gave Cooter's lady friends an assuring look.
Luke took a sip of his beer and asked, "Why not?"

“Dogs ain’t allowed. That’s why not!” Rosco replied with an attitude.
Bo put a few pieces of popcorn in his mouth, watching Luke spar with Rosco was better than anything on television.
“You got Flash,” Luke said.
“That’s different,” Rosco replied.
“How so?” Luke retorted.
BL took a drink of her beer watching the ‘show’ like everyone else in the bar.
“Flash is a police dog,” Rosco said as justification for the basset hound’s presence.

“Scrapie is a certified arson dog,” Luke said, pointing to Scrapie’s vest which said Arson Response K-9 In Training.
"Certified Arson dog. My foot. What's this in training about?" Rosco questioned.
Luke took another sip of his beer. "He's fully trained in Arson Detection, but still in training while he and my team complete training with him. Right now, he's working on his social skills."

“What’s he need social skills for if he detects arson?” Rosco kept coming up with a new question for every answer Luke gave him.
Dixie decided to see if she could ‘help’ since she had some knowledge on dogs who sniff out drugs, bombs and even aided in finding lost people, “Scrapie ain’t just going to encounter the same people everyday the way Flash does, he’s going to encounter strangers and lots of them. He can’t growl at them or worse try to bite them just because they try to touch him.”
“Ok well I see your point there, biting is a naughty, naughty,” Rosco said.

BALLADEER: The entire time Rosco talked, Flash never acknowledged that Scrapie was there. Most likely because he didn't have the energy.
Scrapie also just watched the Sheriff and paid no attention to Flash.

Luke instructed, " Scrapie let's work. Rosco put your hand out and let him smell it."
Rosco did.
Scrapie sniffed the Sheriff's hand once, twice, then sat back down on Luke's lap content.
Luke replied, "Good job." And then gave Scrapie a small treat.
Bo said, "Now wait a second. He growled at me when I tried to pet him."
Luke nodded, "Put your hand out for him to smell."
Bo did.
Scrapie took a couple sniffs and sat down contently. 
Luke said, "Relax Scrapie. Now Bo, pet him."
Scrapie sat there and let Bo pet him, but watched him closely.
Luke gave him another treat.

”I gotta get, Daddy was moaning and groaning this morning about me abandoning him all weekend and he about starved to death. Luke, why don’t you and Dixie come for supper and bring Scrapie so him and Sadie can play,” BL said. 
“You coming Bo?” BL asked.
“You bet darlin, I never turn down food, unless it’s pecan pie,” Bo replied.
Luke waited for Dixie to answer.

Dixie replied, "Sure, just as long as ya'll don't let your Aunts know. They would be beside themselves if they knew I wasn't cooking Luke's every meal."
Bo replied, "Well, he has gotten a little thinner."
Luke shot him a warning look.

“Keep talking about my cousin that way and I’ll see that Daisy puts starch in your shorts and gives you cold grits for a week,” BL threatened.
“I’d hush while I’m still ahead if I were you cousin,” Luke said.
“I’ll see ya’ll in a while,” BL replied, heading for the door.

Luke gave BL a little wave, "We'll be along in a bit. We'll likely drop a vehicle off and ride together like we like each other or something."
"Cute." Dixie said.
Taking a line from Bo, Luke replied, "I know."
"Lucas Duke, one of these days...." Dixie said playfully.

BL went by the cabinet shop before going home, just to see if Clyde was working late and she needed to pick up Sadie, the closed sign was in the window so she headed home. At home, Clyde was sitting on the porch swing, Sadie lay beside him. LB pulled in the driveway behind her.
Dixie, Luke and Bo are coming for supper,” BL said to the men.
Sadie hopped off the swing, barking a couple times to get BL’s attention,
“And Luke has a new friend he’s bringing for you to play with,” BL leaned down to pet Sadie.

“Luke got a dog? Did he talk it over with Dixie? I know she likes dogs but…” Clyde asked.

“Well not exactly,” BL told them about Scrapie being an arson dog. 
“Luke can tell you more about it when they get here,” BL went inside to change clothes and cook supper.
About 10 minutes later Bo pulled up at Clyde’s farm, getting out of General he saw LB and Clyde coming back from the goat pasture “hey LB, what’s shakin’? “Howdy Clyde.”
“Not much was just another day, another dollar earned,” LB replied.
“Come on up to the porch Bo, BL’s in the house cooking supper,” Clyde said.

After parking her car, Dixie waved at Mrs. Kravitz then opened the door to Luke's truck. Sitting in her seat was Scrapie. "Alright fella. You got to move it a bit."
Scrapie just looked at her and rolled over.
Dixie moved her hand intending to move Scrapie.
Scrapie gave just the smallest low growl.
Luke reached over and picked him up, "You can't be growling like that.
Scrapie licked his face as Dixie got in the truck.
"It takes him some time to warm up to people." Luke said.
"Not that I mind, ummmm, .... how and why do we have Scrapie," Dixie asked.
Luke had expected this conversation sooner, "He's a new program. He's gonna work with the team, the girls will be the primary handlers, but Mr. Short won't stand for 'pets'. Yes, I know he's not a pet, but out here in the country is better for him. Besides, it keeps the crew from being hassled.

After getting a beef roast in the oven, BL came back out onto the porch. It would take the meat awhile to cook, so she had a bit before she needed to put everything else on.
“The beef roast will take about an hour,” BL said sitting beside Bo on the porch, Sadie getting between them, the same way she had at the movies last night until BL had moved her.
Clyde had been keeping an eye on Bo and BL the last couple months, he believed Bo was a good man but he’d also heard the talk around the county for years, he didn’t want to see his baby girl hurt. 

Dixie let Scrapie sit on the folded down armrest / console, but put her hand near him. Then let him smell her hand, then began stroking his head. 
Scrapie let her pet him, even licked her hand but occasionally gave just a grr or gruff of a growl.
"Look, Scrapie, if you are gonna be around, we may as well be friends." Dixie said.
Luke gave a slight grin and asked, "Do you mind?"
Dixie smiled back, "You know I love animals. No, of course, I don't mind, but I do want to be friends."
Luke reached in his pocket and handed her some treats. "Try these."
Dixie laughed, "Bribery?" She fed Scrapie a treat, then said, "OK, Scrapie. I'm gonna pet you and you're not going to growl."
Scrapie replied with a small whine. 
Dixie patted his head then scratched his ears. 
No growls.
Dixie said, "See you are a good boy." She gave him another treat as they pulled into BL's.

Luke got out of the truck then reached in to get Scrapie, although he seemed willing to be friends enough to let Dixie pet him, he wasn’t ready to let her pick him up yet. Putting Scrapie’s leash on but not the vest this time, he set Scrapie on the ground “alright Scrapie you be nice, no growling, ain’t nobody here gonna hurt ya,” Luke said, going around to open Dixie’s door.

Dixie got out and walked with Luke and Scrapie toward the others on the porch. 
Luke had the leash in his left hand with his right gently around Dixie's waist. 
Clyde was watching the older Duke's interaction with his niece more than he was watching the new dog. Luke's familiarity with Dixie was easy, real easy. Clyde could see how that could get under Luther's skin.

Sadie jumped to her feet emitting a low growl seeing a strange dog in her domain, not really a sound of aggression but definitely not friendly,
“Sadie hush! What’s gotten into you, you don’t act like that with Flash,” BL scolded.
“It’s alright BL, she just ain’t used to another dog on her turf,” Luke said, keeping Scrapie on a short leash, while BL held onto Sadie’s collar letting the two dogs get each other’s scent a safe distance apart for now.

After a few minutes, both dogs seemed alright with each other. Luke and the crew had worked with Scrapie enough that Luke trusted him enough to let him off his leash. "Want to play? Here, Scrapie, go play." Luke said, unclicking the leash. 
Scrapie noticed Sadie was a girl. Sadie, who was much bigger than Scrapie, wasn't interested and ran. Scrapie ran after her. A playful game of tag ensued.

Luke told Clyde and LB about the program the forestry service was trying out with the arson dogs and how his team shared a house but the girls that had trained to be handler, couldn’t take Scrapie home with them due to a no pets clause in their lease so he had taken the training and brought Scrapie home with him, meanwhile BL and Dixie finished cooking supper.
“Why don’t we eat out here at the picnic table, that way we can keep an eye on the pups while they play,” BL suggested to everybody when she came to tell them it was done.
“Sounds good to me, it was hot and stuffy at work,” Dixie said.
The men agreed. So they had a nice supper in the cool shade of the oak tree.
Sadie and Scrapie took a rest on the porch but were now back at it, Sadie was pinning Scrapie to the ground by putting her leg over him. To some watching at a distance it might’ve looked like the bigger dog was being aggressive but as soon as Scrapie got loose another game of chase ensued. After supper LB left to go see Polly Parker, a girl he’d been seeing off and on for a couple months.

The girls left the rest of the men to watch the dogs and talk while they cleaned up, then returned to the porch. 
Dixie sat down on the step below where Luke sat resting herself against him as he talked.
Luke had anticipated her movements and had changed position so she could sit down.
Bo saw BL walking toward where he sat on the swing. He had shifted to the end of the swing with his arm on the swing back.
When BL sat down, Bo's arm fell easily around her shoulder.
He couldn't put his finger on why, but these little movements by the kids were getting under Clyde's skin. Then the why had hit him. He knew his niece was married to the oldest Duke, so he knew she had been in his arms and his bed. Clyde looked to his daughter and Bo Duke. Something had changed, this wasn't just his daughter beating him in pool. No, in his mind, something here had changed.

The dogs had worn themselves out and came up on the porch, Scrapie flopped down beside Luke and Sadie went over to where BL and Bo were on the swing, flopping at BL’s feet, it was a bit cooler down on the cement porch.
Luke was telling Clyde about how Rosco had reacted to Scrapie being in the Boar’s Nest.
“You should have seen the look on his face when I told him about Scrapie being an arson dog and showed him the writing on Scrapie’s vest,” Luke chuckled.
“Wouldn’t it really bug him if Sadie had a U.S.A postal carrier vest,” BL said.
“Yeah it would, can’t you make one?” Bo asked, grinning.
“Bo, I can’t just make a vest and pretend it's from the postal service, just to get Rosco’s goat,” BL replied then continued “can I Dixie?” BL asked her cousin, the only law enforcement in the county that didn’t try to pass off phony laws, usually at Boss Hogg’s orders.

Dixie thought about it, "I don't really know, but we all know someone who knows those blamed postal regulations up one side and down the other. We can ask Miz Tisdale the next time we see her. Sadie does help deliver the mail, so it's not a stretch. If it can happen, she would be all game to get Rosco."
They all had a good laugh.
Luke looked down where Scrapie was laid out by his foot, "Scrapie, are you ready to go see your home away from home, at least for awhile?"
Scrapie jumped up at his name, ready for anything.

“I best be getting home too, still have to do the evening chores,” Bo said, not moving though.
“It’s still early, we can come out and I’ll help ya,” Luke offered.
“It’s alright, go on home and get Scrapie settled,” Bo replied.
“Ok, we’ll see ya tomorrow, come on Scrapie let’s go,” Luke helped Dixie up, then put his right arm around her waist, leaving Scrapie off his leash as the three went to the truck.
Bo finally stood up and BL stood with him, Sadie coming alive, not about to be left behind.
Walking to General Lee, Bo put his arm around BL’s waist in the same comfortable, familiar way Clyde saw Luke do with Dixie and it just set the wrong way for some reason.
Bo stopped when the cab of Clyde’s truck blocked the view of the couple from the porch. Bo pulled BL to him and cupped the back of her head, lowering his lips to hers for a slow deep kiss.

BL and Sadie came back on the porch as Bo headed out.

Clyde let his chair come back down on its four feet, looked at BL, and asked, "Ain't you been seeing a lot of that boy lately?"

BALLADEER:Friends, this don’t look good.

BL shrugged, not sure what the big deal was all of the sudden. Sitting back down on the swing, rubbing Sadie’s belly with her toes. 

Clyde asked, "So when is the last time you went out with anyone else?"

“I don’t remember but what does it matter? I ain’t in high school now, back then a different boy every week was ok, they call girls my age trollips if they change guys as often as socks,” BL replied.

Clyde wouldn't disagree with BL’s points but said, "It's just that how many young men are gonna ask you out if they think you are someone's steady date. You aren't, are you?"

“So what if I am? Me and Bo have known each other our whole lives just about and I know just about all there is to know about him. Wouldn’t you rather I know a guy before things get serious than find out bad things he did after things get serious?” BL asked.

Clyde said, "Well, Jesse raised them boys right, but as for bad things, he's done, .... I could likely make a list a mile long. Just for starters, he's dated every waitress at the Boar's Nest besides Daisy. He's led them on and then showed up with another one. If you look around that there Post Office of yours, I'm sure you'll find about a half a dozen wanted posters on Bo and Luke, for that matter.

“I mean really bad things Daddy like forcing himself on a girl and taking advantage of her. He has played around I’ll give you that but so have alot of guys,” BL said, thinking LB for one. Her brother was on his third girl this month but she kept that to herself. The only wanted posters the post office gets are big time criminals,” BL said, having what she thought were reasonable explanations for all her father’s concerns.

"It seems I remember one for bank robbery, another for armored car robbery. " Clyde knew Rosco and Boss, but he was trying to prove a point.

“Those were frame ups and you know it! Bo nor Luke for that matter would ever do those kinds of things,” BL said, adding “anymore than I would commit mail fraud, which Boss Hogg framed me for and I was arrested,” BL was trying to make her own point.

Clyde huffed, "Don't mention all that to me. My girl arrested for the love of God. Your mother would have a fit." Clyde took a breath, let it out and asked the question he knew he may not want to know the answer to, "Are you serious about that Duke?"

“Yes sir, Bo ain’t flirted with or even really talked to another single girl since we’ve been going out," BL replied.

Clyde shook his head. It was true. He hadn't seen Bo with any other girl but he hadn't been watching him closely like he now planned to do. "Alright, so ya'll are steady dating. BL, is it more serious?"

BL knew exactly what she was being asked but wasn’t about to open a whole new can of worms so asked a question back, “what do you mean exactly by more serious?”

Clyde suddenly stood up, walked to the far end of the porch then back stopping in front of BL, "I'm trying real hard not to be Luther. But, Brandy Lou Davenport, ... are you sharing his bed?"

BL’s eyes opened wide, she could not believe he’d asked her that straight out. Not wanting to tell a bold face lie about being with Bo even though it was just once, she answered truthfully to the direct question “you know Uncle Jesse don’t allow no such behavior in his house,” BL continued before Clyde could say more “and he ain’t been in my bed either, he don’t have a death wish to do that in your house right under your nose.”

Clyde felt he needed answers now or never, "You lived in town for months, Brandy Lou." He said sternly.

“He stayed ONE night, during that time but so did Cooter, Luke, Daisy and Dixie,” BL said, putting emphasis on one. “The guys all camped out downstairs in the livingroom and us girls slept upstairs.

Clyde dropped his head a bit, "I'm sorry, I just want what's best for you even if you don't agree with me all the time. I know both those boys seem to have calmed down some. But, I just don't see that one ever settling down. Just don't make the mistake of getting knocked up. He'd drop you like a hot potato if he was given half a chance." Clyde stomped off the porch. He needed a walk.

BL put her head in her hands, she hadn’t told a bold face lie but she hadn’t been totally honest, truth was she knew the disappointment she’d have seen in Clyde’s eyes had she told him she had been with Bo. He’d been wrong about Bo’s actions if he ever got her pregnant, he’d stayed with her all week when he didn’t know for sure, he could have cut and run but hadn’t.
“C’mon Sadie, Mama needs a drive,” BL went inside to get her keys and leave Clyde a note.
Gone for a drive needed to think’ BL left a note on the door and went to her car and headed out to where she didn’t know exactly..

In town, Luke parked his truck behind Dixie's car. "Scrapie, do you want to see your yard boy? Come on." Luke, Dixie and Scrapie walked to the back of the house for Scrapie to explore and mark his territory everywhere that Sadie had marked it.
Dixie watched the playful dog going from place to place peeing, "This could take awhile. Want anything?"
"A beer would be good." Luke said. 
Dixie returned a few minutes later with Luke's beer, her iced tea and Scrapie a bowl of water for the back porch. "I figured he'd be parched by now as much as he has peed."
Luke grinned as he took a sip of beer. He saw the iced tea Dixie held. 
Before Luke could say anything, both he and Dixie heard BL's car pass the house.
"Wonder where she's going?" Luke asked. 
Dixie replied, "Well, it wasn't here, it's not to see Bo, ..." She said, noting the direction BL was heading.

“Hang on, I’ll radio and see what she’s doing,” Dixie said, heading inside grabbing her car keys then going out to her Thunderbird, sitting in the seat and cranking it.
Picking up the CB mic and keying it,
“Little Shotgun to Sweet Talker, come back,” Dixie hailed her cousin.
“Sweet Talker here,” BL picked up and keyed her mic.
“Something wrong? Me and Luke heard your car pass the house but you didn’t stop,” Dixie said.
“I got some things on my mind, was just driving and thinking,” BL replied.

Dixie replied, "Alright. Yell or stop back by if you need anything. Scrapie is watering the yard so we are out back."

“I could use a little girl talk, if Luke don’t mind me borrowing you for a little bit. Say at the old playground, where we all met up when we skipped school or work in Luke’s and Cooter’s case,” BL replied.

"I can do that. Give me a few minutes." Dixie replied, then went to the backyard. "Would you mind bonding with Scrapie alone for a bit? BL needs to talk a bit."
Luke waved her on, "Go ahead. I'm gonna take his crate in with his bowls, toys and such, then get him fed so we can all relax when you get back."
"Sounds good. I'll be right back." Dixie said about to head to the car.
Luke said, "Come on Scrapie, let's go move the truck." Luke said.
Dixie nodded, "It would be easier that way."

After Luke moved his truck, Dixie got in her car and headed to the old playground.
BL paced back and forth in front of her car until Dixie pulled in behind the GTO and Sadie put a paw on the back of her leg.

“I think, no I know me and Bo are busted,” BL said, by way of greeting.

Dixie was confused, "Busted? How? What are you talking about?"

“After you, Luke and Bo left, out of nowhere Daddy asked me and I quote, ‘ain’t you seeing alot of that boy lately?’, BL replied.

Dixie nodded, "Gosh I hated those talks, though most of those actual talks came from Mom. I think that is why I just didn't go out much. But, you know, .... you have been seeing a lot of Bo." Dixie couldn't resist egging BL on just a bit.

“Hey now! You’re supposed to be on my side. It got worse from there. Daddy asked was I serious about Bo, no big deal there really…But then he asked if I was sharing Bo’s bed. Dixie I was mortified,” BL replied.

"Surely not as mortified as I was getting caught in the back seat of the General with Luke by two State Troopers." Dixie reminded. "You are an adult. You were living on your own. Wouldn't he rather ya’'ll to share a bed than roll in the hay."

“No that was worse,” BL said remembering well. “He’d rather we don’t do either. I took the question at face value and answered literally, that he knew Uncle Jesse wouldn’t allow that to go on in his house. I added Bo didn’t have no death wish to be in my bed right under his nose. I left out the other night at the house in town, ALL we did that night was sleep, you should know cos you and Luke were across the hall,” BL said.

Dixie gave BL a look. "You can tell him anything you want to, but if ya'll hadn't gotten real lucky, it wouldn't have mattered what you had told before. Everyone would have known just how close ya'll have become."

“I know that. I would have told him if there was reason to but there’s not. So no harm done right?” BL said.

"Right. So, why are we out here with you freaking out?" Dixie asked.

“I don’t know, he just blindsided me. Go home to your husband and Scrapie. I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow. BL said.

'I'm here with you. Now, what gives that this is picking now for you to freak out about." Dixie said.

“I don’t know,” BL said, she really didn’t know why she was so freaked out.

Dixie replied, "So sit down over here and let's figure it out." Dixie said.

BL gave the chains on the swing a good yank, the swings frame was rusted and so were the chains, it all seemed sturdy enough still, so she sat down on the swing’s seat replying. “Maybe I freaked because we were being watched closer than I realized.”

Dixie knew the feeling of being watched too closely for her liking, "Now you know how I felt when I first got back."

“Yeah I do and I have the feeling it ain’t over,” BL replied.
Sadie had wandered a ways away once Dixie had calmed BL down, sniffing at some weeds the dog jumped back startled when a rabbit hopped out. Startled quickly turned into a chase.

"Why do you think that? Have you and Bo come to terms with ya’lls 'near miss'?" Dixie asked.

“Why do I think that?” BL repeated. “Because as reasonable as Daddy usually is, has its limits and like it or not, I’ll always be his baby girl. Same way you’ll always be Luther’s,” BL continued.
“What exactly do you mean by 'come to terms’?”, BL asked.

Dixie nodded. She knew BL was right about being Luther's baby girl. "I mean, there is only one sure way for it not to happen again. Are you both really gonna go back to holding hands or risk that happening again? Next time, it might not be a false alarm and if it's not then are you both prepared to face that?" Dixie added, "With Luke and me it was only a matter of time before we would have married. This just forced us to hurry things along." Dixie said, rubbing her flat belly.

“No we ain’t going back to just holding hands. Yeah we are, the night of the reception we took Sadie for a walk and Bo asked me was I ready to settle down even if there was no baby,” BL replied.

Dixie listened to her cousin. Then asked, "So,.... are ya’ll engaged? Officially?" She thought for sure this was something BL would have told her by now.

Caught a bit off guard, BL nearly fell off the swing, “engaged? No, not officially or unofficially, that has been the only time the subject has ever been brought up,” BL shook her head ‘no’. 

Dixie couldn't help herself, she had to repeat what she was hearing, "OK, So ya'll are just gonna keep messing around and if and when you get pregnant, ya'll are both good with settling down because there is a baby coming? BL? Really?"

“Dixie the ONLY baby coming is YOURS and LUKE’S,” BL said, stressing the words only, yours and Luke. “I told you I was getting birth control as soon as you went to the doctor, remember, unless you ain’t going anytime soon,” BL said.

Dixie reminded, "No birth control is full proof."
“I know that proof is sitting next to me. But maybe if Bo wears protection AND I’m taking birth control we’ll be atleast partially safe,” BL replied.
By now Sadie had given up on her rabbit chase and come back, laying under the shade.

"Maybe." Dixie said, "But if you want Bo as your husband, waiting until you might get pregnant may not be the best way to get him."

“I agree but it’s not just the matter of me wanting him as a husband. He has to want me for a wife,” BL replied.

Dixie replied, "Exactly. So if  he asked you if you were ready to settle down, was that a proposal or not?"

“Could have been, I really didn’t answer him. I suppose me and him should have a conversation and put all our cards on the table and make sure we’re on the same page, huh? BL asked, looking at Dixie.

Dixie looked at BL. "You need to know where Bo stands and what you expect before you put yourself in a situation that you think that you know what you are expecting from him."

“I know, it just never seems like a good time for what may be the most important conversation we will ever have,” BL replied.

"I understand, but you both owe it to each other before you both continue. You both may be expecting far more of each other than either of you know and that's just not fair." Dixie explained.

“You’re right, I’ll do my best this weekend to make time for us to go somewhere quiet and talk, BL said.

Dixie said slowly, "You have to know where each other stands. Luke has my back no matter what. Just like with Scrapie, I have his. He didn't have to ask."

“I hear you and understand,” BL assured her cousin.

Dixie added, "Bo is a good guy, but you both need to know what the other expects. Now I got to get home before Scrapie thinks he can sleep in my spot."
“Who says he won’t think that even if you’re home?” BL grinned, getting off the swing.
“C’mon Sadie, let's go home,” BL called, heading to her car.
When Dixie walked into the living room, Scrapie was up and barking.
Luke laid his hand on the dog's back, "Easy fella, she lives here too."
Scrapie gave another half woof and laid back down by Luke's left leg. 
Dixie went to the couch to sit beside Luke.
Scrapie moved closer to Luke with a grunt of protest.
"I think you are becoming his human." Dixie said, snuggling against Luke around Scrapie. 
"He'll learn that Lisa and Casey are his humans." Luke said.

At the Duke farm, Bo was going through his dresser drawers, looking for the velvet ring boxes that contained his mother’s engagement ring and the wedding band his father had put on her finger when they got married. He couldn’t have really explained why it was so important to locate them, this very night but something told him it was.

Daisy came in the house quietly after closing the Boar's Nest. As she quietly made her way down the hall she heard a dresser draw shut, then another. She could see the light shining under Bo's door.

Knocking quietly, Daisy asked “Bo did you lose something?”
“No, just didn’t remember which drawer I put the chore money I been saving in,” Bo replied.
He knew if he told Daisy what he was really looking for, she’d wake the whole county and have his wedding planned before he even gave the ring to his girl.
“Ok, goodnight,” Daisy said, going to her room.
“Night Daisy,” Bo replied.

Daisy heard several more drawers open and close before Bo laid down. He had laid down but sleep was nowhere near. He was trying to come to terms with what he would have done if BL had been pregnant. He knew after the fact, what Luke went through to convince Dixie he was not marrying her because she was pregnant. 
Bo drifted off into a half sleep....he and Luke were driving down a Hazzard back road when he glanced in his rear view mirror and saw a backseat filled with pink car seats. Bo sat up so fast he fell right out of his bed and landed with a loud thump on the floor.

Bo scrubbed his face with both hands, he hoped atleast two of those carseats had belonged to Luke.
Jesse Duke had trained himself long ago when the boys and Daisy were little, to wake at the slightest sound from their bedrooms and which room it came from. Hearing the loud thump, he got up and went to his nephew’s room, “Bo are you alright,”? Jesse asked as he came in just as Bo was getting off the floor.
“Yes sir, I’m fine Uncle Jesse,” Bo replied.

Bo got out of the floor and sat on the side of his bed. His breathing was short and fast as if he'd been running a foot race. Bo tried to go back to sleep but he kept seeing those pink carseats and he thought about David and Jeannie Ann having twins, the thought of having twins of his own scared him but not as bad as the idea of having twin girls.
In town, Luke had set up Scrapie's small crate across the bedroom, put a small bowl of food and water out and an emergency training pad. 
As Dixie sat on the bed, she gave Luke the biggest puppy dog eyes, "You aren't gonna make him sleep in there are you?"
Luke knew he was beat. "It's set up and open. If he feels more comfy there he can sleep there." Luke sat down on the bed leaving Scrapie in the floor.
Scrapie checked out the pad, the bowls and went in the crate. He laid down looking out the open door giving his own puppy dog eyes.
Luke merely said, "Alright,...."
With that alone, Scrapie went to the bed’s edge to be picked up since he had been trained not to jump on furniture because it is bad for their backs.
"Just don't rat me out to Lisa and Casey." Luke said as he and Dixie were being covered in wet puppy dog kisses.

BL had gone home thinking about all she and Dixie had talked about, mentally exhausted from the talk with Clyde then Dixie, hugging Sadie as she drifted into a restless sleep.

The next morning Bo came in first thing before the Post Office got busy, he had an important question for BL.
“Morning Bo, you’re kind of early to pick up the mail, I just barely got started sorting it,” BL said.
“It’s ok darlin’ I ain’t here for the mail. I wanted to ask ya something that ain’t nobody’s business but ours, so thought it best to ask in person,” Bo replied.
BL said, “Ok, what is it?”
Bo took a breath, picturing the General Lee’s backseat full of carseats “are there twins in your family?”
BL replied, “I don’t think so, Mama was an only child.”

Bo nodded, feeling a bit better, "What about in the Davenports? I ain't really ever paid attention before."

“No just Luther, Daddy and BB’s dad Uncle Bufford,” BL shook her head ‘no’ replying, wondering why the family tree quiz.

Bo took in a deeper breath, feeling that it might be safe to breathe now. "Ok. Good.  Great, great, yeah,... really great."

“Something else on your mind Bo?” BL asked, Bo was acting strange plus he seemed to be at a loss for words.

"Do you think we could skip the Boar's Nest tonight? Maybe go for a drive up by the lake for a while?" Bo asked as the post office door opened for Mrs. Smith. 

“Sure, I can even let Ellen Sue close up for me, if I need to,” BL said, turning to Mrs. Smith before Bo could say anything.
She wanted to get rid of the busy body as quickly as possible, so that the conversation with Bo wouldn’t become the latest gossip.
“Hello Mrs. Smith What can I do for you this lovely morning? BL asked with a smile.
“Morning Mrs. Smith ma’am,” Bo said politely, remembering his manners.
“Good morning. Is my mail ready?” Mrs. Smith asked, seeing that BL was still in the process of sorting the mail.
“Yes ma’am, here you go,” BL handed over Mrs. Smith’s mail and waved goodbye as she left.

Bo suddenly felt better as he climbed in the General Lee heading for the farm. A bit later he glanced in his rear view mirror when a case of deja vu hit him as the image from his dream flashed before his eyes.

It had been a slow day at the Post Office, giving BL plenty of time to think about Bo’s questions this morning and what he wanted to talk about at the lake. Ellen Sue was sick and had called midmorning to say she wouldn’t be in for her afternoon shift.
“C’mon Sadie we gotta meet Bo at the lake,” BL headed out for Sunset lake once Sadie loaded up in the GTO.
BL picked up and keyed the CB mic“Sweet Talker to Lost Sheep 2, you got your ears on? I’m headed toward the rendezvous spot, what’s your 20?” BL was vague about giving details over the air figuring Rosco was listening but he was going to have to look high and low to find them, if he had ideas of giving bogus tickets or false arrest.

Luke, Scrapie and Dixie had all left pretty much together, but with Luke heading to Base Camp and Dixie toward Tri-Counties jail. 
When Dixie got to work, it was no surprise that the daily count was up. It happened over most weekends, but payday weekends were known to be worse. Dixie had poured a cup of coffee and began looking at the paperwork from the weekend when she couldn't help notice a particular name....Ernie Leadbetter. She couldn't help but  both dread him being there and finding just a bit of humor in it. 
Luke and Scrapie arrived a couple minutes early. Today would be a day of routine training while adding Scrapie into the routine.

Bo was just about to tell BL he was leaving the farm when he saw Rosco jump in behind General Lee as Bo passed Rosco’s favorite speed trap “dangit Rosco!,” Bo said to the empty car.
“Alright Bo Duke, pull over so I can give you a ticket,” Rosco said in his CB mic.
“No way Rosco, I wasn’t speeding,” Bo replied, pressing the gas pedal to the floor.
“Hot pursuit, I love it, I love it. Buckle up for safety Flash,” Rosco said to his basset hound in the passenger seat.
“Lost Sheep 2 to Sweet Talker, I’m headed that way too but I picked up 1 Rosco P. Coltrane, be there soon as I shake him,” Bo said.
“10-4,” BL replied. Going down to the water, skipping rocks while waiting for Bo.
Bo in the meantime was trying to outrun Rosco.

Part of the training with Scrapie was for him to find a 'victim', which meant various team members took turns being the victim. Luke went out in the nearby wooded area, waded a small stream, stepped from rock to rock and did everything he could to make his tracks and smell hidden.
When Scrapie was given Luke's jacket to smell, he took off in a flash, pulling and tugging on his leash. He took Casey over logs, rocks, in and out of the stream, up and down the creek bank. His ears were flipped back his nose on the ground, up in the air to catch the wind, back to the ground, then up stream on the creek bank to a large fallen log, over the log and onto Luke's back, up his torso. Scrapie then promptly began licking Luke's face while still standing on his back.
Casey hit the stop watch, "Good job, Scrapie!" She praised. "Good boy! ... Here's your treat...."
Scrapie kept licking Luke, who was trying to get up, with a face full of dog tongue.
Finally able to sit up, Luke picked up the miniature dog, "Good boy, see, I'm alright." Luke said while Scrapie was still licking his neck, face and ears. "Come on boy. Let me up. You did good. You 'saved' me."
The more Luke praised him, the harder Scrapie's tail wagged and the more he licked.
Luke finally got Scrapie in a position where he could stand up, then tried to put him down.
Scrapie was not having it.
Luke ended up taking the leash from Casey and carrying Scrapie back to the others.

At the garage Cooter was pounding out the dents in Cletus’s patrol car as Bo flew by in the General Lee with Rosco right behind him. 
Cooter looked up, grinned and went back to work.
Bo led Rosco out of town on Mill Road, back shifted and sped up for a clean getaway when his right front tire blew, sending the General into a hard spin to the left.
Bo gripped the wheel tighter, attempting to get the General back under control. He slid to a stop just after passing under a low hanging branch that just happened to break the CB antenna clean into. Bo slapped the steering wheel as he cut the car off and slid out the window. He was greeted by the familiar voice of none other than Rosco, who was having a much better day than he was.
"Freeze, just freeze, freeze it right there." Rosco said.
Bo didn't stop until his feet were on the ground.
"Just get against the car. You are under arrest." Rosco said.
Bo looked at him confused. "For not speeding or getting a flat and nearly getting killed?" Bo asked.
Rosco was pulling his cuffs out, but Bo was so surprised at Rosco's reply that he never saw them until Rosco had him cuffed, "For resisting arrest!" Rosco giggled, "Now, I just got to search you for weapons."
Bo replied as Rosco started patting him down, "I ain't got no weapons and you know it."
Rosco felt a bulge in Bo's left front pocket, "No weapons? Then what is this?"
Swearing to himself, Bo replied, "It's not any weapon. Rosco, don't open that!"
Rosco had already retrieved the small box from Bo's pocket.
"Rosco! Don't! Don't open that or you're gonna spoil everything!"
"Tiddly tuddly! Spoil what? Your hiding weapons, or drugs, or, or, ....'" Rosco opened the box, "Or a ring! A ring!! Now, I got you, you have been gotten! You are under arrest for resisting arrest and grand theft ring!!!"
Later, back in Hazzard, Rosco pulled up in front of the Courthouse towing the General with a chain behind him. When he stopped the unattended General Lee bumped the patrol car.

Rosco unhooked the chain connecting the cars, tossing it in his trunk.
“Jjit, your car done scuffed my patrol car! Get on out of there,” Rosco said, opening the back door of his patrol car.
Cooter looked over at the courthouse and saw Rosco towing the General Lee,
“Well now this can’t be good,” Cooter said, reaching for the CB in the car he was working on.
Bo was only allowed one phone call and naturally he’d call Uncle Jesse but he had a meeting at the lake he’d be very late for, that is if he didn’t miss it altogether. BL had brought the mail on her way to lunch and said she and Bo were meeting up to talk instead of meeting up with the others at the Boar’s Nest like usual.
“I might be crazy but I ain’t dumb, Crazy Cooter looking for Sweet Talker. BL you got your ears on?” Cooter waited a minute or two then tried again.
“BL wasn’t hearing her cousin though because she’d decided to take a stroll along the bank, sure that Bo would show up any minute.

Bo was taken downstairs to the booking area, uncuffed after Rosco had locked the gate at the bottom of the stairs. It took at least 10 giggles and a dozen "I have got you nows." to get Bo booked. 
"Can I use the phone now?" Bo asked, even though he was in no hurry to talk to Uncle Jesse, he knew he had to call soon or he'd be eating breakfast here.

“Yes but make it quick, it’s nearly time for my supper break”, Rosco said.
Bo picked up the receiver asking the operator, “Maybelle, will you get me the Duke farm.”
Maybelle put the call through. Jesse was outside but had set the phone in the open window so he’d hear if it rang.
“Duke farm, this is Jesse.”

Bo asked, "Uncle Jesse, ... can you come down here to the Courthouse pretty quick?"  

“I’ll be right down…should I be bringing bail money with me?” Jesse asked even though he figured he knew the answer already.

Bo sighed, "Yes, Sir. Maybe more than usual."

Bo was glad Uncle Jesse hadn’t asked why he needed to come to the jail, he knew Maybelle had likely been listening and would have ruined all his plans.

“I’m on my way,” Jesse hung up the phone, went inside to get all the bail money that was kept in the cookie jar, going back out to his pickup, heading for town all the while wondering what frameup Boss Hogg and Rosco had going this time.
After several attempts to call BL on the CB, Cooter had given up but now decided to try one more time. “This here’s Crazy C looking for my sweet talking cousin. You out there BL?”
“Right here Cooter what’s up?” BL propped one hip against her car door as she and Cooter talked.
“I don’t rightly know what’s going on but Bo’s likely gonna be awhile if he gets to ya’lls meeting at all…..Rosco arrested him, I seen the General chained to the patrol car,” Cooter replied.
“Much obliged for the info cousin,” BL said, not real sure what to do now…should she wait at the lake a bit longer, go home or go back to town to the garage.

Jesse barreled down the stairs to the jail, "Alright Rosco. What in tarnation is going on and why is my boy locked up."
Rosco gave Jesse a smug look, "Well, now Jesse, I'll tell ya. He's done, done it this time." Rosco giggled, telling Jesse nothing. Then said, "He was speeding, then ran from me, and when I searched him I found this." Rosco said as pleased as punch as he opened the ring box containing a ring that Jesse knew very well. "I got him on Grand Theft Ring!”

“He didn’t steal no ring! That there ring belonged to his Mama,” Jesse said, he didn’t know exactly why Bo had the ring on him but that didn't matter at the moment.

Bo piped up, "I've been trying to tell him that Uncle Jesse! He's gonna mess everything up!"
Rosco said, "Just hush! His Mama's ring! Well, what in tarnation is he doing with that out speeding around in the General Lee."
"I weren't speeding Rosco!" Bo said.

 BL had had enough waiting after another 10 minutes and decided to see for herself, what exactly was going on, “c’mon Sadie we’re going back to town,” BL let Sadie in the car then got behind the steering wheel, headed for town.
In town Bo pinched the bridge of his nose, he didn’t know if Rosco was just being more ornery than usual or if he really was stupid.
“Rosco, what does a man usually do with a diamond ring?” Bo asked more than a little exasperated.
“He uh…” Rosco hesitated, unknown to any of the men, BL was coming down the stairs when Bo lost all patience blurting.
“He proposes! Which I’d likely be doing right about now if you hadn’t arrested me.”
BL came through the gate at the bottom of the stairs, Rosco had forgot to close and lock just as Bo spoke, looking up blue eyes met brown,
”See I told you Uncle, he was gonna mess everything up,” Bo looked like he’d been punched in the gut.

"Pro,....pose?" Roscoe stammered, then regrouped, "Propose, my foot. Bo, you just lie! Bo Duke propose!! That's a good one!"
While Rosco ranted, Jesse read Bo and saw the truth in his nephew, which soon turned to pain. Jesse turned to see BL coming through the opened gate.

BL smiled, happy didn’t describe accurately how she was feeling. The talk she told Dixie she was going to have with Bo wasn’t necessary. Ignoring the line on the floor marking how close visitors were allowed to get to the cells. Which had never really worked anyway, BL reached through the bars taking Bo by the hand, what she wanted to do was kiss Bo but that was going to be hard with bars between them.
“The answer is yes, I’ll marry you,” BL said.

Jesse Duke had long thought that his boys would never get married, was in awe of the moment. He had actually seen Bo propose, well sort of. " Alright, Rosco, that there ring ain't stolen, now let my boy out of there."
Rosco dug his heels in, "He was speeding and resisted arrest! I even had to change  the tire on the General Lee to drag it back here and it hit my vehicle!"
Bo had tuned both Rosco and Jesse out at the moment, "You will?"
BL nodded, 'yes'.
Jesse was adamant, "Rosco, you let that boy out so he can propose and give BL her ring without it being through bars!" 
Lulu Hogg was coming down the stairs looking for Rosco when she caught Jesse's rant.....

“Propose? Rosco you let that boy out immediately, or I will!” Lulu threatened.
“But Lulu, he….” Rosco started but was cut off by his older sister.
“But nothing, unlock that door,”Lulu said.

Rosco saw Lulu and Jesse both giving him the same look, "Ah, shoot!" He took the keys and unlocked the cell door.

Bo stepped out and took the ring box from Rosco saying, “I believe this is mine.”
He then hugged BL, lifting her off the floor saying,“I’m sorry Darlin’ this ain’t how I’d planned to propose.”
“You can have a do-over if you want, we’ll go to the lake and you can do it just like you planned,” BL replied.

Bo pulled BL closer to him with a rebel yell he then said,  "Alright, but we ain't going to the lake." Bo hoped to throw Rosco off in case he had plans of wanting to follow them.

“Ok,” BL replied. She didn’t know if Bo was pulling a fast one on Rosco or if he had a new plan, either way she was going along with it.
“Congratulations you two,” Lulu said.
“Thanks Miss Lulu,” they said together.
Hand in hand they went upstairs and out of the court house,
“I’m going to drop my car off in front of the house, so I don’t block Dixie or Luke from the driveway and change into something cooler, how about getting us a couple to-go plates from the Busy Bee or Dixie diner and we’ll have a picnic,” BL suggested. 

Bo liked that idea. It could fit right into what he had originally planned. "Ok, I'll grab us something, then while you are changing, I'm gonna check that tire. I don't exactly trust Rosco as my pit crew."

“Hey Bo your CB antenna is gone,” BL said, letting go of Bo’s hand, heading toward her own car, where Sadie waited. BL had put the top up for shade, not knowing at the time, how long she’d be inside and there was no shade around.

"Dang it!" Bo said, "I'll stop by the garage on my way around town and grab another one." Bo hurried off toward the garage and supper, while BL and Sadie headed to Dixie's where BL had left some clothes for days like this. 

Gloria Kravitz heard BL’s motor before the GTO convertible parked in front of the house, she stayed in her chair, the young lady was likely picking up something she’d left, nothing terribly interesting to concern herself with.
"Sadie, what should I wear girl?" BL was torn between shorts or a sundress.
Sadie yapped a couple times, giving an ‘answer’.
“Shorts it is,” BL shucked off her jeans and put on a pair of hemmed denim shorts that were only slightly longer than Daisy’s.

Bo had managed to catch the garage with only Luther there. He noticed the wrecker gone and figured Cooter had it. He got the new antenna, headed for the diner where the dinner special was fried chicken. He took their orders and headed around town to Dixie's where he checked Rosco's tire change. Surprisingly enough, Rosco had managed to do a right proper job.

When Gloria heard the sound of General Lee’s powerful engine getting closer then stopping on the other side of the driveway on the street she got up from her chair. Going out to her sweetshrub bush to see and hear what the young folk were upto.
“We ready?” BL asked, coming out of the house, Sadie bouncing around her, full of energy after being cooped up in the post office all day .
Waiting for Bo, BL had fed Sadie, so she wouldn’t get hungry if Bo and BL stayed out a few hours.

At Tri Counties, Dixie had been working the Control room. It was time for the arrestees that had not had a bond set to see the judge whose office was just down the hill and across the road.  Dixie was glad that the officer transporting the inmates down was an old seasoned no nonsense officer. As she handed him the cuffs, key, and legions to him, Dixie said, "Pat this one is bad news. He is slipperier than a snake and twice as mean."
Pat nodded his thanks, "Then give me a belt too."
 Dixie gave Pat a look of approval and passed him a long leather belt with a D ring in front for the handcuffs to go through after the belt was fastened in the back.
Ernie was brought around to the booking area to be readied for transport. When he saw the belt and legions he began running his mouth. 
Pat explained the only way he was going down to see the judge was wearing the jewelry.
Ernie was not happy but complied. 
A bit later, Pat returned with an even more unhappy Ernie after he learned the cost of his bond for last night's mischief. Then he got a glimpse of Dixie. He recognized her but couldn't remember from where but he was sure it would come to him.

At the lake Bo parked General Lee sliding across the hood, reaching in the floorboard he got the sack with the food, sitting it on the car roof.
“Oh boy Sadie girl, you been eating too many dog biscuits,” Bo sat Sadie on the ground then he helped BL out, giving her a kiss as he set her back on her feet.
Grabbing the picnic blanket from the backseat, he got the bag of takeout and took BL’s hand, leading her to the shade of a big oak tree. Spreading out the blanket he sat the bag of food down. “Before we eat, there’s something I want to do first,” Bo said, getting down on one knee, taking the ring box out o hisf shirt pocket. Opening the box, a small diamond in a ring was nestled inside continuing Bo asked,
“BL will you be my one and only for the rest of my life?”
BL nodded ‘yes’,”yes”.

Bo put the diamond on BL's left ring finger. It looked so much better on her hand than it had just sitting in the ring box. 
Luke's team was finishing up for the day and everyone was heading for the vehicles. 
Scrapie was right on Luke's heels just like he had been all day unless told to work with the others. 
Luke opened the truck door and before he could do anything else, Scrapie had jumped into the truck and onto the seat waiting on Luke to get in.
Luke laughed at the little pup, "Are you ready to go?"
Scrapie let out a woof and frantically wagged his tail.

Bo took BL in his arms for a long, slow kiss. BL wrapped her arms around Bo’s neck, both lost in the moment until Sadie ran over carrying on, BL stopped kissing Bo long enough to look at the dog sitting beside them. She had stopped carrying on when the kissing stopped but she was still whining.
“You’re just going to have to get used to sharing,” Bo told Sadie.
“We better eat before the food gets any colder,” BL said.
“Yeah, guess so.” Bo replied, he had other activities on his mind.
Bo dropped his arm, releasing BL, Sadie hushed her whining making BL giggle.
Bo sat down on the blanket getting one of the foam takeout plates and the can of orange soda, he set the other foam takeout plate and a can of 7up out for his new fiance.

Dixie had hoped to get off work before Ernie figured out who she was. Unfortunately, someone called her over the radio by "Duke" and Ernie was close enough to hear. That one word was all it took to figure out who she was. Luckily, shift change happened before Ernie could stir up too much trouble. 
Casey looked at Scrapie, "I thought you were my partner."
Scrapie never moved from Luke's side. 
Luke replied, "I think he's your work partner, but I promised to take him out to the farm soon." Luke lowered his voice, "There might be a rat in the barn for him to find."
Scrapie woofed.
Luke said, "We're going, be patient. I'll see you all tomorrow. " He headed the truck toward Hazzard.
Dixie didn't take the time to change, so she'd run into town and change before meeting the others. At the house, she saw BL's car out front. "BL. BL?" Dixie called from the living room. Nothing. Dixie went in the kitchen to see Sadie's bowl with water and a few leftover crumbs. Upstairs, she saw BLs door was open, jeans and top on the bed, a sundress across a chair, but no BL. 'Oh, well.' Dixie thought to herself as she went in her own room and pulled out a top and jeans. She changed in a hurry and noticed the dryer must have been on high as she noticed her jeans just a bit tighter than usual. Dixie was in the car and headed to the Boar's Nest in no time.

At the lake BL looked thoughtful for a minute then looked at Bo saying ”you know Daisy’s going to plan the biggest wedding, Hazzard has ever seen cos she didn’t get to plan Luke’s.”
Bo sighed already dreading his cousin’s countless lists of things to be done or things she needs.
“Maybe the less time she has to plan and get it together, the less she can go over the top.”  Bo continued, “how do you feel about a short engagement?”
”How short?” BL asked, Clyde and lots of others would think she was already pregnant if they eloped like their cousins had done.
“Labor day weekend too soon?” Bo asked.
‘BL shook her head ‘no“No that’s about 2-3 weeks away, I can have my wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses can be bought already made,” BL replied.

Bo let a rebel yell fly as he picked BL up and spun her around, which caused Sadie to bark at him.
Dixie laughed as she went to pull into the Boar's Nest. She saw Luke coming from the other direction. They pulled in side by side. 
Dixie was out of the car and at Luke's door when she saw he was slipping Scrapie's vest on. "Did my fellas have a good day?"
Luke replied as he sat Scrapie on the ground, "Better now."
"I agree. Guess who showed themself in Placid last night and is currently a very unhappy guest at my place of work?" Dixie said chipperly. 
For half a second, Luke was concerned but saw Dixie's light mood. "Well, judging from your mood, it's not Jeb."
Dixie gave a half grin, "No, not Jeb. Ernie."
Luke laughed, "Really? Well, good. What did he do?"
Because Ernie being in jail and his charges were all public record, Dixie wasn't telling anything she shouldn't as she ticked his several charges off.
Luke replied, "Well, the best part of all that is that I wasn't anywhere around."
"Right." Dixie said.

BL laughed as Bo spun her around, then got serious, “Bo how soon do you want to start a family?” BL asked. 
Continuing before Bo could answer “I am still going with Dixie to the Dr. when she goes. I was going to get on birth control for extra protection from anymore scares like the one we just had, but I won’t now we're getting married if you want to start a family right away,” BL said.

Inside the Boar's Nest, Luke asked, "What are you drinking?"
"A Pepsi, and I'll be right back." Dixie said, heading toward the restroom. She had just gone in town but had to go again.

Bo didn’t really know how to answer so was just honest “I wasn’t planning to start a family or not start one, if it happens, it happens and if it don’t, it just don’t,”
“Ok works for me, I feel kinda the same,” BL replied.

Bo was still being haunted by his earlier dream which spooked him a lot more than he wanted to admit to BL, but he did want to explore and totally enjoy all the perks that came along with marriage. 
Dixie found Luke and Scrapie settled at a table with drinks already there. Luke was talking to Cooter as she sat down and sipped on her cold Pepsi. It was good and cold and tasted great since she hadn't really had time to drink much at work today.

Daisy wondered where Bo and BL were, they weren’t usually this late in fact they were usually the first to arrive after work. Taking a tray of drinks over to the two nearby tables she stopped and asked.
”Anybody know why Bo and BL ain’t here yet?” Dixie and Luke shook their heads ‘no’, Dixie said,
“BL’s car was in front of the house when I ran home to change before coming here. Her bedroom door was open and there was a pair of jeans and a shirt on the bed and a sundress on the chair. There was a bowl of water and crumbs in the kitchen, where she fed Sadie no doubt.”
“I saw Rosco towing General Lee earlier and he marched ole Bo off to the hoosegow,” Cooter said.

Luke sat up putting all four legs of his chair back on the ground as he said. "What? Why?? And you're just now mentioning it?"
"Didn't see no point. Uncle Mr. Jesse done come sprung him. General Lee was gone by the time that I got Cletus out of the ditch."
Dixie shook her head at the two while patting Scrapie's head.

Jesse decided to get a beer while he was still in town, he’d run a few errands after Bo was out of jail thanks to Lulu Hogg. Parking beside Daisy’s roadrunner, Jesse went inside, not knowing he was walking into a discussion he might not want to be a part of, he went over to the ‘kids’ table, “hey, how was ya’lls day?”

”Bo didn’t say nothin’ to me about him and BL having plans. Did she say something to you Dixie?” Luke asked.

Dixie shrugged her shoulders, "No. Not to me."
Jesse tried to change the subject, "Well, now I wouldn't worry about it."

Dixie felt the sudden urge of needing to pee again, she’d just gone 10 minutes ago. Getting to her feet a mite too fast made her ‘swimmy headed’, making the room spin. Luther and Clyde had just walked up, each grabbing an arm and easing Dixie back into her chair. 
“Dixie are you alright? You look kind of peaked.” Luther said, as Daisy brought over a damp towel, giving it to Luke, who wiped Dixie’s face.
Everyone was so concerned about Dixie, all thoughts of Bo and BL’s absence was forgotten.

BALLADEER: Or atleast put on the back burner for now.

Dixie took the cool cloth, "I just got up too fast. Must be the heat. I’m just a bit swimmy headed." Dixie replied.

“I think it’s time me and you slide on outta here, get you somewhere cooler. Hey Cooter, you mind towing Dixie’s car home?” Luke said.
“Consider it done, Lucas Dukas,” Cooter replied.
Dixie opened her mouth to say she could drive home, it wasn’t far but one look at Luke, Luther and Cooter told her she’d be wasting her breath.

Luke saw the look, "The air conditioner in my truck is better. Come on, Scrapie." He stood up, finished his beer as they headed for the door in one motion, "Take your time with the car Cooter." Luke called behind him. 
In the truck, Dixie said, "I'm fine. I could have driven home."
Luke didn’t say anything he didn’t want to fight so he just cranked the truck
And drove home.

It was hot out at the lake too, Bo being Bo didn’t always learn from his previous mistakes, looked at BL in her short shorts that fit just a tad too tight to be decent and suggested without too much thought,
“Let’s go for a swim”.
“A swim? You do remember that’s what nearly got us in trouble already,” BL said.
“We’re gonna get married next month, so noone will know if you’re expecting,” Bo replied.
“Oh that makes it sound like a much better idea,” BL said but her hands were already removing clothes. Bo’s blood was nearly at a boil, watching BL undress. An image of the General’s backseat holding 3 carseats flashed in his mind, it was like a bucket of ice water had been dumped on him.

Gloria  saw Luke's truck pull in with both him and Dixie getting out. "Abner, Abner, that Duke boy pulled in with his wife, but they don't have her car. Just his truck and a dog. Another dog over there. I hope it doesn't ruin my flowers."
Luke opened Dixie's door while letting Scrapie down in the front yard. 
Since protesting that she could have driven home, Dixie had been quieter than normal.
"Come on, you ain't mad at me about riding home in good air conditioning, are you?" Luke asked.
Dixie shook her head, 'no'. "No, I'm not mad. It's just I feel 'funny'. It feels like a burning deep down, like low in my throat."

The feeling of ice water being dumped on him quickly passed when Bo got a good look at all 5’4” of the cute little blonde that was going in the water. Bo’s brain didn’t have to tell his legs to follow, Bo put his arms around BL from behind and started nuzzling and kissing the side of her neck
“I can hardly wait to make you my wife next month,” Bo murmured against BL’s warmskin.
“Me either,” BL turned to face Bo.
It wasn’t long before kissing had turned into a heavy petting session and was becoming more rapid, until the image of those carseats in General Lee’s backseat flashed in Bo’s head leaving Bo with a ‘limp noodle’.
“DA’ IT,” Bo fumed.
“Bo, what’s wrong?” BL asked.

Bo replied, "Nothing, Darlin."
They went out deeper in the water, and the heavy petting continued. Bo was all in, except for one very important part of him that refused to join in on his planned activities. It might have been the cold water, maybe the image from Bo's dream, or maybe both, but the fact remained that in the water there was no way Bo was gonna be able to please BL or himself.

When it was clear things weren’t going to cooperate, Bo scooped BL up in his arms, heading for dry land and he hoped for a lot more action. Laying BL in the soft grass, Bo was doing everything he could to please his fiance but nothing was working, he was broken atleast that part of him was, panic crept up his body as Bo thought about his wedding night.

Luke had gotten Scrapie settled and was currently working to try to figure out Dixie's ailment when he heard Cooter out front. "I'm gonna go help Cooter get unloaded."
Dixie replied, "Ok." She was not sure what was going on or what would fix it."
Luke left Scrapie inside while he went outside.

Frustrated that nothing was going as planned this afternoon, well after a hiccup because of Rosco, the asking BL to marry him, had gone perfect. It was now that there was a problem, that both frustrated and worried Bo.
“I’m sorry Darlin, I don’t know what’s wrong,” Bo said.
“It’s not your fault, maybe we should head back,” BL replied, adding ”it’s been a wonderful afternoon.
Getting dressed and gathering the blanket and trash from their picnic and calling Sadie, the newly engaged couple headed back to town.

"Lost Sheep 2 to Lost Sheep 1." Bo called on the CB. 
Cooter heard the call as he pulled up to Dixie and Luke's, in town.
A second call rang out.
Cooter frowned, but picked up the CB mic, "Lost Sheep 2, this is Crazy C. I'm at Lost Sheep 1's. Give me a minute to get him on the air." Cooter said as he saw Luke coming out the front door.

“Luke, Bo’s hollerin’ at you on the CB,” Cooter said, holding out the mic.
“Thanks Cooter,” Luke replied as he took the mic, keying the mic continuing,
“It’s Luke, what’s up Bo?””Luke we need to talk, like NOW,” Bo replied, like it was a do 
or die situation.
Cooter was trying to look busy as he listened to Bo near hysterics.

Luke replied, "We're at the house. Come on by." Luke gave Cooter a 'I have no idea' look. "I guess we'll know when he gets here. 
Cooter went back to letting Dixie's car down into the road behind BL's car.

Bo looked over at BL saying “hang on tight.’
BL still didn’t really understand what was wrong to put Bo in such a tizzy but she sat Sadie on her lap, putting both arms around the dog as Bo threw the stock car in gear, taking off cross country.
‘Bo what is the matter?” BL asked again as they bounced along toward town.

Bo replied as he turned into Hazzard Square, "I just need to talk to Luke a minute." He said as he slid to a stop in front of BL's car.

Gloria had tried not to look like she noticed or even cared what was going on with the young people but when Bo slid to a sudden stop she made no attempt to hide her curiosity. The street was lined with vehicles, one of which was the wrecker blocking her driveway.
”Abner there’s something going on over there, that blonde Duke boy just slid, that orange eyesore he calls a car, in the space on the street behind that girl that works at the post office’s car and the wrecker’s blocking our driveway,” Gloria said, craning her neck from her own porch.
Bo climbed out of General Lee, heading straight for the wrecker where Luke and Cooter were.
“I’m ok Bo, you go ahead,” BL muttered, not really mad though, she was perfectly capable of getting out of General Lee on her own, it was just strange that Bo didn’t help her. Grabbing the take out things to put in the trash, BL got Sadie,
”Sadie girl, let's go ask Dixie what’s going on out here,” going in the house BL asked “what’s Cooter doing?”

Dixie was sitting on the couch with Scrapie with several partially drunk glasses in front of her. She was currently trying to drink some apple juice. The iced tea and soda had not helped the burning in the bottom of her throat. In fact, they seemed to make her feel worse. "Unloading my car, I figure."

“Why would he be unloading your car? Did you break down?” BL asked, letting Scrappie sniff her hand before she tried to touch him, because he still wasn’t used to her yet.

"No, I didn't break down. I just got a little dizzy at the Boar's Nest from the heat, I guess, and so I was banned from driving." Dixie said as she rubbed her lower neck / upper chest area and took another drink of the cold juice.

The action didn’t go unnoticed and BL thought something must be really wrong “you sure you’re ok?” BL was concerned then asked grinning "what’s with so many glasses, you got Luke on KP duty  and making sure he has plenty to do?”

Dixie gave BL a look, then said, "No, Luke doesn't have KP duty. It's just that for the last little bit, I've got this burning in my throat. It's like right here." She again rubbed  the area, "I've been trying to drink something cold. It feels good going down but then seems to make the burning worse. I have no idea why. So, where have you and Bo been?"

BL didn’t have anymore questions, any advice she might have no matter how unhelpful all was forgotten as she held out her left hand, her ring finger now adorned with a small but decent sized solitaire diamond ring,
“Out at the Sunset lake, Bo proposed,” BL said with a big smile.

Dixie was now up and off the couch, "BO? Bo Duke? Actually proposed? Oh my Gosh! Are you sure he's not sick or something?" Dixie kidded, "That's great! Oh, just wait til Hazzard hears this!"

“Oh, I figure Hazzard will hear, just as soon as Daisy finds out,” BL said.
The three men outside, heard Dixie’s raised voice of excitement but couldn’t make out the words.
“What in the world,” Luke said, walking toward the house at a fast clip and Cooter was right on his heels.
“BL probably told her, I proposed,” Bo replied nonchalantly just as Luke yanked open the door, setting Scrappie barking, in turn setting Sadie off.
Luke stopped in his tracks turning around, nearly getting mowed down by Cooter.

"Told her, you did what?" Luke said, "Bo I don't think I heard you right."

“You did, I said I proposed,” Bo replied.

Luke started with a handshake, which quickly turned into a hug, "Well, congratulations!"
Cooter wasn't far behind with his own handshake and back slap, "Wow, now that is news!"
Dixie and BL were both now trying to settle Scrapie and Sadie down. 
"Abner, Abner! I think they are all in a fight or something over there. I heard the girls' voices, then all the men ran in the house! They are still blocking our driveway!" Gloria said to her husband, who was reading his paper.

“Stay out of it, they’ll work it out themselves,” Abner said, he knew Gloria would call Rosco if he didn’t say something.
After a round of back slaps the men came into the room, Bo sat on the loveseat beside BL and Sadie,putting his arm across the back. Cooter came over giving BL a hug.
“Congratulations little cousin.”
“Congratulations BL!” Luke said.
“Thanks,” BL replied.

Cooter declared, "This is call for a celebration."
Dixie added, "Alright, there is tea, , and juice here."
"That is not a problem!" Cooter said, extracting his garage key. "I'll be right back." He was up and out the door heading to the garage for the beer stash that was there. 
Once Cooter cleared the door, Bo gave Luke a look, "Let's take the dogs out while he’s gone."

”Alright,” Luke said, now he could find out why Bo had been in a panic when he and BL arrived.
“Want to go out, Sadie?” Bo asked, Sadie jumped off the loveseat with a woof, in answer.

"Come on Scrapie." Luke called. 
Scrapie left Dixie's side and headed outside.
Luke looked at  Bo, "Alright, what is wrong?"
Bo said, "It's broke."
"What's broke, Bo." Luke asked.
Bo looked downward, "IT."
Luke said, "Can you be a mite clearer?"
Bo said, "We went out to Sunset lake and I proposed. We were going for a swim, you know skinny dipping and nothing. I thought maybe the water was too cold. We got out and nothing. Luke, I'm telling you it's broke."

“Bo ‘it’ ain’t broke, there has to be an explanation,” Luke reassured.
“How do you know it ain’t broke?” Bo retorted.
“Did everything seem ok in that department at first?” Luke asked, figuring Bo was freaked out over nothing.
‘Well yeah but then I saw an image from my dream and all I had was a ‘limp noodle’,” Bo replied.
‘What dream?” Luke asked.
Bo told him all about the dream then said “Luke we can’t have twins, I don’t know much about babies, especially a girl let alone 2!” Bo said, getting wound up again.
“Calm down Bo, that there’s your problem. It’s all in your head, you’re getting so het up on a maybe that you can’t enjoy a sure thing, which is BL.

Bo frowned, "Really?"
Luke replied, "Really. Now, just calm down, that was just a dream. You know how dreams are, nothing to them."

“Yeah you're right,” Bo said, relieved, trusting Luke’s words like he always had.

"Good, now let's go have a beer, Cooter should be back soon." Luke said. 
"Alright! Come on Sadie." Bo called. 
Sadie ran by them with Scrapie on her tail as they ran in the house, through the kitchen and then made laps around Dixie and BL.
Cooter came through the front door, a box of beer in both hands as Luke and Bo came in from the back.
Luke said, "I didn't hear you pull back up."
Cooter waved him off. "I left the wrecker at the garage. The curtains were moving when I went out." 
Bo began handing out the beer.
When he handed Dixie one, she took it politely but had no intention of drinking it.
Luke made a toast, "To the next Mr. and Mrs. Duke."
Dixie went through the motions of taking a drink and then sat her beer on the coffee table with the rest of her undrunk glasses. 
A couple minutes later, Luke leaned up and put his empty bottle on the table and picked up Dixie's bottle.

BL took a drink of her beer watching the two dogs making circles around the couch 
and coffee table then it was back through the kitchen and around the table. 
BL was also watching Dixie, something she had seen was teasing her brain, it had to do with the way Dixie had said her throat burned.
“Dixie, can I see you in the kitchen?” BL asked, she didn’t want to say anything Dixie might not want the guys to hear.

“I think I know what’s wrong with you, I remember seeing something awhile ago about pregnancy and heartburn. Have you got any tums or rolaids? I can run to Rhuebottom’s if not,” BL said.

"No, I've never had heartburn, so I have no idea if that's what it is, but I'm willing to try it." Dixie said. "If you're gonna go to Rheubottom’s, grab something quick for supper. Luke hasn't eaten. Cooter probably hasn't either." Dixie reached for her wallet, handing BL some cash.

“Ok, Bo and me had a picnic at the lake but by the time it’s ready he’ll probably be ready to eat again, I’ll get you something light, can’t skip meals now you’re eating for 2. Be back in a jiffy,” BL said. “You fellas need anything, I got to run to Rheubottom’s,” BL asked as she headed out.

BL was met with a chorus, "More beer."
"Why did I ask?" BL said as she left for the store. Figuring the fellas would be more worried about drinking than eating, she decided to get sandwich and snack foods. That way, they could all eat when they had a mind to. Once back to Dixie’s, she gave her a roll of tums and Roland's.
Dixie read the labels of both and chose one while they put out the sandwich and snacks. 
A bit later, Dixie said, "I think that worked. I just may live."

“Good,” BL replied. Everybody enjoyed the evening drinking a few beers and hanging out, as usual Cooter had switched from beer to a nonalcoholic beverage after a couple beers. Around midnight BL yawned, “ya’ll mind if I crash here tonight? I’m liable to fall asleep before I get home,” BL asked, her jaw cracking with another yawn.
“Of course not, it’s still your house, we’re just borrowing it,” Dixie replied.
“Mind if I stay too? I don’t think I should drive, those weren’t watered down Boar’s Nest beer and I had more than I should and drive,” Bo said, already thinking about testing Luke’s theory it had all been in his head and ‘it’ wasn’t really broken.
“Sure Bo you're always welcome you know that,” Luke replied.
“Hey Luke Dixie, ya’ll got room for one more?” Cooter asked, then continued “I got the wrecker tonight, figured since I was already in town, I’d let Dad get a full night’s rest without the phone ringing and disturbing him. The couch has to be better than sleeping at the garage”, Cooter had only asked because he wanted to keep his eye on Bo, he knew Bo and wanted to make sure he didn’t try to get the benefits of marriage before the wedding night. Luke looked over at Dixie to see what she said before he answered her brother, his best friend since they were kids.

Dixie replied, "That's fine by me. There's pillows and such in the closet. Ya'll make yourselves at home, but I'm gonna head up." Dixie saw Luke put his feet on the floor, "It's still early yet if you want to stay down here awhile. I'm gonna rinse these glasses out first." Dixie said, picking up her three glasses. 
By the time Dixie had the glasses rinsed, Luke had his boots in his hand waiting on her, "It's not that early. Night ya'll."

Bo looked a tad deflated, his plans for the night going out the window.

Gloria looked out the window, still seeing BL’s car and General Lee parked on the street in front of the house.
“Abner the blonde Duke boy and that girl that works at the post office is still there and I just saw all the lights go out, upstairs and down,” Gloria said.

Bo hadn’t put his sleeping bag in General Lee before leaving the farm, so he made himself a pallet in the floor, while Cooter fixed up the couch.
“Night ya’ll,” BL said, kissing Bo then following Dixie and Luke up the stairs, Sadie at her side.

Scrapie was running in and out of Sadie's feet as he ran upstairs. 
Once in their room, Luke a, "Alright, spill it."
Dixie looked confused as she slipped out of her jeans and top. Her boots had been long gone. She found her gown and slipped it on. "What are you talking about?"
"First, the dizzy spell. Then, three glasses of something to drink which you might have drank one and now heading to bed this early. Not that I mind that at all. You are much better company." Luke raised his eyebrows and wrapped his arms around his wife.
Dixie shrugged, "I just got dizzy for no reason earlier but since I've been fine. Then, I guess I had heartburn. That's why BL went to the store. The medicine seemed to help, but I didn't know what it was cause I'd never had it before." Dixie explained.
Luke held her tighter, "Next time something is wrong, let me know, please."
Dixie replied, "I will. I guess I'm just tired for no reason tonight."
"Well, that I can fix." Luke turned to turn the bed down.
Before the covers landed, Scrapie had gone from a low stool to the middle of the bed and under the covers.
"Looks like you aren't the only one who's tired." Luke said.
Dixie curled into Luke's arms.
It wasn't even minutes before Luke heard Dixie's breathing change. He moved enough to turn out the light and lay there holding Dixie in one arm while petting Scrapie with the other.


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Morning came with a bang literally as Dixie jumped out of bed, praying she made it to the bathroom before throwing up. Shoving the door with a ‘SLAM’, Dixie ‘threw up’. The bathroom door slamming shut set Sadie and Scrappie into a barking frenzy. BL came out of her room in a gauzy aqua gown to try and quiet Sadie.

Luke's clock had gone off, and he was about one leg in his pants when Dixie had jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom. Scrapie had launched off the bed to follow and was now in the hallway with a barking Sadie. He took the time to get his pants on before going to the hallway where he met BL, Sadie, and Scrapie. The closed bathroom door didn't stop Luke from going in, followed quickly by Scrapie. 
Dixie was still throwing up and managed to even look a bit 'green'. 
Luke brushed her hair back, then got a cold cloth to put on the back of her neck and got a glass of water ready. "Can I do anything?"
Dixie shook her head.'No'. She had thrown up everything in her system and still managed to heave.  After what seemed like an eternity, she was finally able to be pretty sure nothing else was coming out and tried to get her composure while hearing the commotion from beyond the bathroom door.

“Hush now Sadie, Luke is there now,” BL held Sadie under her arm, petting the dog, the dog still letting out the occasional woof. By now Cooter and Bo had appeared to see what the commotion was about.
“What’s going on?” Cooter asked then frowned at BL standing there in her flimsy nightgown with its too low neckline and too high hem, atleast in his opinion. 
“Dixie’s sick to her stomach,” BL replied, adding “I’m gonna get her some soda and saltine crackers, see if that helps.”
Bo couldn’t seem to take his eyes off his gorgeous scantily clad fiance “Anything I can do to help”? Bo asked
“Will you take Sadie out to do her business?” BL answered.
“Sure Darlin,” Bo replied, watching BL’s backside through her gown, as she went down the stairs, and he followed a little behind until they reached bottom. Out of Cooter’s sight, Bo rested his hand a bit lower than he should on BL’s lower back.
“Come on Sadie,” Bo called as BL got a sleeve of saltine crackers and a glass of soda and headed back upstairs.
“See if this helps, I got you some saltine crackers and soda,” BL said, handing Dixie the open pack of crackers and glass of soda.

Dixie replied, "Thanks, but not now. Let things settle a bit before I try anything." She knew she needed to be getting ready for work, but the thought of crawling back in bed was so tempting. All she had trusted herself to drink was a bit of water. Dixie opened her closet where her uniforms were.
"What are you doing?" Luke asked.
"Got to get ready, or I'll be late." Dixie said as the urge to throw up hit her again. She went back to the bathroom.

“BL, put some clothes on for goodness sake,” Cooter said as he heard Bo’s boots on the livingroom’s hardwood floor, he was still observing, something wasn’t right he just didn’t know what.
“Yes sir,” BL said, being smart, then went to her room to do just that.

Luke followed Dixie back to the bathroom. 
Cooter came downstairs where Bo was talking to Sadie. 
A bit later, Dixie once again returned to her bedroom, looking from the bed to the closet. 
Luke stepped up behind her and shut the closet door.
"What are you doing?" Dixie asked.
"I'm about to tuck you in bed and then go call one or both of us into work. I think our little secret is about to make itself known whether we are ready or not. Now, let's get ya’ll back in bed." Luke said.
Dixie hugged Luke and did just that. 
The fact she didn't protest told Luke how badly she felt.
"Do you want or need me to stay home today?" Luke asked. 
"One of us better work." Dixie said. 
"I have time built up. Just like you do." Luke said.
"Go to work. I just want to sleep. There is no sense in you sitting there watching me sleep." Dixie said. 
"Alright but I happen to like watching you sleep." Luke said as he headed downstairs. He made two calls. One to tell Dixie's Sargeant that she was sick and not working. The second to call base camp and let them know he and Scrapie would be a bit late.

BL put on a knee length denim skirt and a sleeveless top, she didn’t have to be at the post office until 8 but figured she might as well get ready now, she heard Luke calling Dixie in and knew Dixie must feel really bad if she was missing work.
“Don’t worry Luke, I ain’t got to be at the post office for awhile still, so I’ll be here if Dixie needs anything and I got help in the afternoons, so I can come stay with Dixie until you get home,” BL offered, hoping to ease the worry Luke was trying not to show too much.

Luke replied, "Thanks. Scrapie, let's get you outside real quick."
Cooter couldn't put his finger on it, but there seemed to be something going on that he was missing.

“I guess I best get back to the farm and get the chores done,” Bo said heading to the door.
“I better get going too, with Bo on the road, somebody from Hazzard’s finest will need pulling out of the pond,” Cooter said, getting a look from Bo.

BL said, "You are going to work?"
"That's the plan at the moment, but I'm not in any hurry to leave. Dixie said she just wanted to sleep. I'll give her a bit and go see if she did get to go back to sleep." Luke said.

“The smell of coffee brewing hit Dixie’s sense of smell like a ton of bricks. Usually she loved the smell of coffee in the morning but this morning she thought she was dying as she made another mad dash for the bathroom.
“There she goes again,” BL said.
“I remember, Mom being sick like that, when she was pregnant with Dixie,” Cooter said, not even realizing he’d guessed the secret they all knew but him.
“Catch ya’ll later,” Bo said, kissing BL he hurried to General Lee, he didn’t want to be there if or when 2+2= 4 for Cooter.

Luke couldn't help holding his breath even as he replied, "Yeah, Bo. You take it easy out there.  Tell Uncle Jesse, I'm gonna bring Scrapie out sometime to get acquainted with the farm."
Bo called behind him, "I'll do it. Come on Cooter. Rosco might be out already."
Cooter nodded, "Right. Later ya'll."
The door shut behind them. 
Luke replied to no one in particular, but since BL happened to be in the room, "Shhhhhh! Out of the mouths of babies and baboons!" 
“You said it. I’ve got Dixie if you want to go on to work,” BL said.
“I got a little time, called and said I’d be a little late,”Luke replied.
“Ok,” BL said, going back upstairs to check on Dixie.
“Feeling any better?”BL asked, then continued before Dixie could answer.
“You have got to go to the Dr. sooner rather than later, Cooter knows why you're sick, he just don’t know that he knows. Still want me to go with you? I ain’t getting birth control, since me and Bo are getting married in a few weeks but I’ll still go with you if you want.”

BL had given Dixie far too much information in rapid succession for her to process right now, "What? Wait. What do you mean Cooter knows why I'm sick but doesn't know he knows?"

“Before he left, he said he remembered your Mom being sick like this when she was pregnant with you,” BL said.

"Oh, great." Dixie looked at the clock, "I haven't heard Luke leave. He should be gone by now." Dixie was about to toss the covers back when BL stopped her.

“He called and told them he was going to be a little late, but here’s how it’s gonna work. Luke is going in a bit but I’ll be here until I have to leave to meet the mail truck, which will be about 5 minutes ‘til 8, then I’ll be back by noon, when Ellen Sue comes in to work her afternoon shift. You’re stuck with me until Luke gets home,” BL said, giving Dixie a ‘no arguments’ look.

"Ok. So, I'm gonna go back to sleep. When you get here, I'll get ready and I'll have to just go to Doc's office. Lord knows I can't call a doctor's office for an appointment." Dixie said.

“Alright, see you around noon. Call me if you need me,” BL said, wishing there was a CB base here that could be moved upstairs if necessary. She knew there was no CB at the post office either but she could leave the back door open and hear the one in her car.

After BL left, Luke and Scrapie came to check on Dixie, then left for work too. 
Dixie knew they were just concerned, but she couldn't help sigh when the house got quiet. She wrapped up in the soft comforter and went back to sleep.
Cooter had stopped by the bakery for doughnuts as he walked to the garage.
When Luther got there,the doors were open, the coffee was on and Cooter was already under the hood of a truck.

Luther got a cup of coffee then sat down at the desk to look over some invoices “I seen…” Luther started causing Cooter to jump.
“Uh, Dad you done scared my dog, I didn’t know you were here yet,” Cooter said.

"Well, I wasn't being quiet. I figured you heard and knew every vehicle in the County." Luther said.
"I do. Just must not have been paying attention." Cooter said, rubbing his head.
Luther laughed, "Something wrong with Dixie's car? Seen it at the house."

“No ain’t nothing wrong with it,” Cooter said.
Over at the post office BL was talking to Miz Tisdale on the phone, the elderly spitfire might not run the Hazzard post office now but it was still ‘her’ post office and she called for a report from time to time. BL was  telling her about Scrapie and Rosco’s reaction.
“Haha that’s a hoot, serves him right,”Miz Tisdale laughed.
“One more thing before we hang up. Bo and me are getting married,” BL said.
”Congratulations! Now if I could get his Uncle Jesse hooked, we could be one big happy family,” Miz Tisdale said dreamily.
Saying their goodbyes, BL hung up the phone grinning and shaking her head. Miz Tisdale might be old but she was feisty.

Luther asked, "If Dixie works today, why is her car home, son?"
"Oh, she's not working today." Cooter said.
Thinking it was one of Dixie's extra off days for when she worked holidays and such, Luther replied, "Oh, ok."

At noon right on the dot, BL heard Ellen Sue’s moped motor scooter park out back.
“Hi Sadie,” Ellen Sue leaned down to pet Sadie, who made friends with new people quicker than Scrappie.
“Hey Ellen Sue,” BL greeted then continued “You got the place to yourself this afternoon, I delivered the mail but you’ll have to make the run upto Colonial City at 3. Dixie was sick this morning and I’m going to the Dr. with her then staying with her until Luke gets home,” BL said.
“Ok, hope she gets to feeling better.” Ellen Sue said.
BL thought but didn’t say, ‘she will in a couple months’, then said “see you tomorrow, Sadie lets go?”
BL. drove through the alley and  by the church instead of by the garage, it was almost a straight shot to the house.
 “Honey I’m home,” BL called as she came in the front door.

Dixie had been awake but was still in bed for a few reasons; she was about afraid of being sick again. She was enjoying the peacefulness of the empty house and she was being lazy. "I'm awake. Let me get a shower."
BL came upstairs and started idle chit chat while Dixie started getting ready, "I had most everything done when Ellen Sue came in and I was telling her she was on her own because I was going to the doctor with you and..."
Dixie stopped in her tracks, "You told her we was going where?"
At the Post Office, Mrs. Mabry came in, "Hello, Ellen Sue. Are you here alone today?"
"Yes, Ma'am. BL said Dixie wasn't feeling well, so she went to the Doctor with her." Ellen Sue reported.
Mrs. Mabry replied, "Oh, Dear. I hate to hear that."
"Hear what, Dear?" asked Lulu Hogg as she came in the door.
"That Dixie Daven... Duke isn't feeling well." Mrs. Mabry replied. 
"Oh, Dear." Lulu said, concerned. "Being a newlywed and all, I hope it wasn't something she cooked.

“I told her we was going to the doctor that you was sick. Ellen Sue can keep a secret,” BL said, adding “it’s not like I told her you are pregnant.”

Dixie asked, "Did you tell her it was a secret?
BL replied, "Well, no. I didn't really think it was."
Dixie said, "Well, I'm only going to a doctor two counties away."

“You’ll think of something to tell folks, if they ask why,” BL said, sounding very much like Bo.

Dixie tucked her shirt in, "You have been around Bo too long."

“What’s that supposed to mean?” BL asked.
“Come on, the sooner we get there the sooner we can get done and back home,” Dixie said, not answering the question atleast not yet.
“Whose car we taking?” BL asked once on the porch, a not very happy Sadie looked at them from the livingroom window.

Dixie was fine being a passenger. "Yours. I'll ride."

The girls had set out for the clinic where Dr. June Quinn the doctor that saw patients at tri- county jail, not knowing things was heating up in Hazzard.
Lulu was excited about Bo and BL getting engaged, Daisy must be thrilled she thought as she hurried in the Boar’s Nest, so they could start planning before Daisy opened back up for ‘happy hour’ and the evening crowd.
“Daisy you must be thrilled,” Lulu said, not wasting time on a proper greeting.
“Thrilled about what?” Daisy asked, a bit confused.
“Bo getting engaged to BL Davenport,” Lulu replied.
“Lulu are you sure,?” Daisy thought Lulu might have gotten her wires crossed somehow.
“Yes I’m sure, I heard it with my own ears,” Lulu replied, then told Daisy about Rosco arresting Bo and just how she’d heard Bo propose, even though she had missed the actual proposing part.
Daisy couldn’t wait for Bo to come in, like most days and meet the others after work, she was going to give him a piece of her mind.
Lulu left the Boar’s Nest and went to Clyde Davenport’s cabinet shop; she had a job for him.
“Afternoon Miss Lulu, can I do something for you” Clyde was behind the counter, when 
Lulu came in the cabinet shop’s display room’s door.
“Afternoon Clyde.” Lulu replied, then told Clyde what she wanted made.
“It’ll be ready in about 2 weeks,” Clyde said as he finished writing the order down.
“Thank you Clyde, oh and congratulations on the future son in law” Lulu said on her way out.
Clyde had to talk to his daughter now and see what all this future son in law talk was about,.

BALLADEER: Friends and neighbors I think the sheep dip is about to hit the fan.

Dixie and BL arrived at Dr. Quinn's office, which much like Hazzard, was an old house remodeled and turned into a small clinic. Inside Dixie spoke to the receptionist, completed a couple forms and waited with BL. 
A short time later, Dixie was called back to the nurses desk. "Coming?"
"Sure." BL replied. 
The nurse took down Dixie's  vitals and asked why she was there to see the doctor. 
"A pregnancy test." Dixie replied. She and BL were put into an exam room.
When Dr. Quinn came in, Dixie introduced her to BL.
Doc asked a few questions.
Dixie explained that she had already had not one but three home tests come up positive, she was late and the events of the morning.

Dixie was given a cup and sent to get a sample for the lab. When she returned, the doctor told her she would be back in with the results soon and left. 
Dixie and BL waited. Dixie walked to the window, sat down, and got up again. "What is taking so long."
BL said, "Dixie, it's been about five minutes."
"That is beside the point." Dixie reasoned.
In Hazzard, Jesse Duke pulled into the Boar’s Nest ahead of the crowd. Once inside he said, "Daisy, give me a beer, that blamed Maudine has got to be the most stubborn mule I've seen in all my born days!"

Daisy got Uncle Jesse a beer from the tap, sitting it in front of him “there ya go Uncle Jesse,” Daisy said.
“Thank ya,” Jesse replied.
“Uncle Jesse, Lulu was in here earlier going on
about wedding plans for Bo and BL. Why would he tell her before his own kin?” Daisy asked.
“He didn’t mean to,” Jesse then told Daisy just how it was that Lulu knew before she did.
“He still ain’t told me but I don’t know why,” Daisy said.
Jesse took a drink of his beer replying “you’ll have to ask him.”
“Believe me I will! Just as soon as I see him,” Daisy said, getting back to work.

Doc finally arrived back in the exam room, "Well, it looks like you're gonna be a Mom."
Dixie felt tears slide down her face. With those words, everything from age fifteen to now that she and Luke had been through finally made sense. Now she needed to know something important, "When?"
Doc pulled out a round paper wheel with dates on it. "When was your last period?"
Dixie bit her lip, "Doc, that's where this gets tricky. I want to give you the right date but then I need another date too."
Doc nodded in understanding.
Dixie said, "It was June 30th."
"So conception would have been from July 9 to 16th. Your next period would be due July 28th. So your due date is about April 5th." Doctor Quinn said.

Back in Hazzard Clyde decided to go to the Post Office and talk to BL and find out why Lulu Hogg knew his only daughter was engaged before he did. Parking his truck out front, Clyde held open the Post Office door for Mrs.Pruitt on his way in.
“Hello Ellen Sue, can I see BL just a minute,” Clyde asked.
“She ain’t here Mr. Davenport, she left when I came in at noon...” Ellen Sue said but before she could say why BL had left, Clyde was out the door. Back in his truck Clyde headed for the Duke farm where he’d likely find his daughter.
Clyde turned down the Duke drive only seeing General Lee in the yard, BL probably had her car hid
“Where is she?” Clyde demanded, when he saw Bo coming out of the barn.
“Well howdy Clyde, where’s who?” Bo asked.
“My daughter! Lulu Hogg came to the cabinet shop and was congratulating me on getting a son in law, imagine my surprise, when I didn’t even know BL was engaged,” Clyde told Bo, barely able to control himself.
“I haven’t seen BL all day,” Bo said, not addressing the engagement until BL was there, Clyde was her father and she should be the one to tell him.
As soon as Clyde took off, still looking for BL, Bo reached for the General’s CB mic
“Lost sheep 2 to Sweet Talker you got your ears on? Come back.” Bo tried to get BL on the radio on several different channels but nothing but radio silence answered him.

Dixie asked, "Ummmm, ... so what would the due date be if conception was say around August 5th?"
Doc moved the wheel around and replied, "April 27th."
Dixie nodded. The dates were off but not horribly.

“You need to get started on prenatal vitamins, we used to prescribe them but you can get them over the counter now, so just pick up a bottle,” Doc said.
“So about how far along am I?’ Dixie asked.
Doc replied “about 6-8 weeks.”
After leaving Dr. Quinn’s BL and Dixie headed back to Hazzard.
“I promised Luke, I’d stay with you til he got home. I need to talk to Bo, I wasn’t thinking this morning when I talked to Miz Tisdale on the phone, and told her that me and Bo are engaged, hopefully for once Maybelle Tillingham ain’t been burning up the lines, we never got around to telling Daisy or Daddy yesterday, you feel like going with me” BL said.
“Sure it's fine,” Dixie replied.
BL turned off on one of the backroads that bypassed town and headed straight to the Duke farm. Bo just happened to be on that same road, going the other way, BL grabbed her CB mic,
“Bo we need to talk,” BL spoke with a bit of urgency in her tone.
“Boy howdy, we sure do. Go on to the farm we can talk there, I’m right behind you,” Bo replied, turning General Lee around.
At the farm BL said as Bo walked over “I think I messed up, I told Miz Tisdale over the phone we were engaged.”
“Darlin that ain’t half our problems, your Daddy came out here looking for you. Seems Miss Lulu came by the cabinet shop and was congratulating him on our engagement that he didn’t know about,” Bo replied.
“Shoot!” BL said.

Dixie could help let the slightest giggle out at their problems.
Bo asked, "What's so funny?"
"The fact that the problems are ya’lls and not me and Luke for a change."
“Cute Dixie, you could try and help us figure out what to do,” BL fussed.

Dixie glanced across the yard, "Well, first you likely need to go talk to Daisy. If you can get her on your side, see if you can get your Dad back over here to talk."
Bo frowned, "If we're gonna talk to Daisy or Uncle Jesse, we got to go to the Boar's Nest."

“He may just take Bo’s head off and MINE, once he sees that I’m ok,” BL said.
“Great,” Bo said, rubbing his neck.
“We’ll try, we don’t really have any other options.” BL said then asked “are you going to the Boars Nest too or do you want to go home and rest? You’ve had a kinda busy afternoon. If you want to go home, I'll try and get hold of Daddy to meet me back here.”

Dixie said, "Luke should be along shortly, I'll ride along and meet him there."

“He’ll likely fuss that I’m not at home with you, while you rest but ok, you know what you feel upto better than anyone, I’m doing just like I said I would, I said I’d stay with you until he got off work, I didn’t say where at,” BL grinned.
“And ya’ll talk about my logic,” Bo said, shaking his head.

Both girls shot Bo a look. 
"BL if you want to ride with Bo, I'll follow you in your car." Dixie offered.

“Alright thanks” BL said, getting in General Lee.
They set out for the Boar’s Nest, Dixie followed behind General Lee in BL’s GTO. When they got to the Boar’s Nest, they went in and Bo went to the table where Daisy was giving Jesse another beer,
“Daisy we need to talk when you can take a break,” Bo said, part of him was afraid Daisy was going to fly off the handle and pour beer over his head instead of hearing him out.

Dixie had taken a seat with Jesse waiting to see this play out. "Can I have an iced tea, Daisy, when you get a chance?"
Jesse said, "Did you get off early today or have some sort of a holiday?"
"No, I called in." Dixie hoped she wouldn't have to explain all the details at least until Luke got there.

“Sure Dixie, give me just a minute, “ Daisy said, giving Bo a look as she went by.
Daisy brought Dixie her iced tea, then plopped down across the table from Bo “I’m listening, so start talking,” Daisy folded her arm across her chest.

Bo took a deep breath, looked around to make sure no one else was listening, "Yesterday I left the farm planning to propose to BL. Then Rosco got behind me, a tire blew, I was arrested, Rosco found the ring and wanted to charge me with stealing it. I had to tell him and Uncle Jesse why I had it. BL heard most of it. Lulu Hogg heard her accept. Rosco finally let me go and we went to Sunset lake where I could propose right. When we got back to town Luke, Cooter, BL and I had a few too many for us to drive home. All that is why you didn't know before anyone else.

"You mean Cooter was told officially before me?” Daisy looked just plain hurt now.
“It’s not all Bo’s fault, Cooter got told, I told Dixie and she got all excited, the windows was open and I guess the guys heard her get loud and we had to tell them, what was going on when they all came charging in the house,” BL said, hoping to make Daisy feel better, hurting her feelings was not what BL nor Bo had intended.

Daisy couldn’t stay upset, she took BL’s hand “it’s gorgeous and looks just perfect on your hand, welcome to the family officially, you are like Cooter and Dixie, you’ve always been an honorary Duke,”Daisy said, getting up to give BL a hug.
“I’ll drink to that,” Uncle Jesse said, raising his glass.
Just then Luke came in with Scrapie, Cooter was right behind them.

Luke came over to the table and kissed Dixie, "I thought you'd still be at home."
Dixie stood up slowly and said, "Walk outside a minute with me."
Luke motioned a waitress to bring him a beer to the table on his way as they walked outside. 
"Do you want to let them all in on this tonight? I went to see the doctor today." Dixie explained.
Luke asked cautiously, "The other tests were right?"
Dixie beamed, "Yes, it's official. You're gonna be a Daddy in April."
 He picked her up and swung her around in a circle. Sitting her back on the ground gently, they engaged in a very passionate kiss.

Luther pulled in about then and although him and Luke had been getting along since Dixie and Luke got married, displays like this still got to him. Getting out of his truck, he shut the door a little harder than he meant to. Approaching the couple Luther cleared his throat, Dixie and Luke…separated. Luke said, "Luther, ... come on in, ... I'll buy you a drink."

Luke and Dixie followed Luther back inside, Dixie said “sit with everybody else Dad, we got something to tell all of you.”
Break’s over I gotta get back to work or Boss’ll dock my pay,” Daisy said getting up.
“Daisy give us just a minute this won’t take long,” Luke said and so Daisy sat back down.

Luke looked at Dixie, giving her the "floor" so to speak, " I know ya'll know that I called into work today. Since I was off, I decided it was a good time to go see my doctor about some birth control, .... as it turns out, ... I was a little late doing that." She beamed as Luke pulled her just a bit tighter.

“Oh my gosh,you’re pregnant?!” Daisy half asked, half stated.
“Well I always said Bo and Luke getting married and having kids was like hogs producing beef,” Jesse said beaming.

Dixie nodded 'yes' to confirm any doubt Daisy may have. 
"Oh, my Lord. I know you've had beer recently..." Daisy was thinking back to some of the orders she had served the bunch. 
"No, no, Daisy. I ain't." Dixie said. 
Luke confirmed, "No, she ain't. All that tea and soda has been hers."
Daisy was already seeing booties and bonnets, "We're ya'll trying for a baby this soon?"
Luke couldn't help a slight grin.
Dixie replied, "Well, we weren't not trying."
Luther mumbled something under his breath as he got up from the table and stormed out.

BL watched Luther storm out and remembered that her and Bo still had to talk to her father.
“Bo, I think we better go straighten Daddy out now,” BL said, not real thrilled with the thought because Clyde wasn’t likely to be over the moon when he heard why Lulu Hogg knew his daughter was engaged before he did.
“Alright Darlin lets go, he can meet us at the farm,” Bo looked at Jesse, he wanted a mediator there incase Clyde tried to pull a Luther.
“Are you coming Uncle Jesse?”
“I’ll be along directly,” Jesse replied.
Bo and BL went out but this time BL got in her own car “I got to pick up Sadie, then I’ll be right there.” Bo nodded, heading back to the farm, calling Clyde on the CB enroute, while BL headed for town.

Luke noticed Jesse didn't seem to be in too big of a hurry to head to the farm as he continued to sip his beer. "You ain't gonna let them deal with Clyde alone are you?"
Jesse gave Luke a look that said, 'don't be ridiculous' then replied, "No, but it's good to keep Bo on his toes."
Luke couldn't help but laugh at his uncle's antics. "Right. Are you feeling up to going out for a bit?"
Dixie knew that Luke was itching to take Scrapie out to the farm, "I'm good."

Bo beat BL to the farm by a good 5 minutes, when she drove up he was pacing the porch like an expectant father did in the old westerns, when it was time for his wife to give birth.
Sadie bounced out of the car and ran around the house, jumping up on the porch. BL came around the house and up the steps onto the porch.
“You're going to wear a hole clean through, if you keep that up,” BL said.
Bo hugged BL close, kissing the top of her head then he kissed his finger, touching the tip of her nose, then he captured BL’s lips in a passionate kiss.

After Jesse and Luke finished their beers, they along with Dixie got ready to head out when Daisy called to them, "Hold up just a minute. I traded shifts. I'm going too."
The four and Scrapie got in the various vehicles and made their way to the Duke farm.

BL heard Luke’s truck then Jesse’s followed by Daisy’s car,
“They all came for moral support or a show,” BL said.
“My bet’s a show,” Bo replied as Cooter in the tow truck arrived, he’d had a quick tow job to do before he came.
“Judgment day is nigh, are you ready?” Bo said, as Clyde came up behind Cooter.
As Clyde came up on the porch, Jesse came out the front door, “howdy Clyde.”
“Now Daddy, just let us explain…” BL said before Clyde decided to throw a fit.
“We didn’t exactly tell Miss Lulu we were engaged,” Bo said.
“Then how exactly did she find out before I did, that my daughter was engaged?” Clyde asked calmly.
“She wouldn’t have if Rosco hadn’t messed things up,” Bo replied.
“How’s that?” Clyde asked.
“He was chasing me, said I was speeding, I was going 55 like the speed limit says, General Lee blew a tire, Rosco caught me and arrested me.” Bo said.
Clyde looked at BL, he’d told her that just because Jesse had raised Bo right didn’t mean he was as good as she thought.
“Arrested? Boy that’s a habit with you, ain’t it,” Clyde said.
“Daddy just listen…” BL said.
“Clyde let the boy finish,”Jesse said gruffly.
“As I was saying, Rosco arrested me, he found BL’s engagement ring in my pocket so tried to charge me with grand theft ring,” Bo said.
“Show him sweetheart,” Bo said to BL then to Clyde as BL held out her hand,
 “it was my mama’s,”
“Uncle Jesse came to bail me out and Rosco showed him the ring. I thought he’d listen to Uncle Jesse but he didn’t. By now I was getting frustrated, BL was waiting for me at the lake or so I thought. I told Rosco, I’d been on my way to propose, I looked up and BL was standing there...” Bo stopped to let Clyde process all that.
“How did you know he was in jail?” Clyde asked BL.
“I called her on the CB,” Cooter spoke up, none of the occupants of the porch had known he was there.

Luke reminded Clyde, "You know how Rosco is Clyde. Neither of us has to do anything to be arrested by him."

Clyde nodded ‘yes’ “You still haven’t said how exactly Lulu was first to know,” Clyde repeated his original query.
“She came downstairs at the jail a couple minutes behind BL and heard Uncle Jesse tell Rosco to let me out of the cell so I could propose and give BL her ring. After Rosco let me go, I took BL to the lake and proposed properly,” Bo added the last, so Clyde wouldn’t think it was just a spur of the moment act and that he’d put some thought in it, to make it perfect.

Clyde looked at BL, "You accepted?"

“Yes and I want to wear Mama’s wedding dress,” BL replied.

Clyde knew it had been BL's plan since childhood. He nodded, "Yes, Dear. I know. But, there's no rush."

Nodding BL said “We don’t want a long engagement,” 

Clyde replied, "Well, a year or so is a proper engagement. Unless, there is a rush?" He looked right at Bo with that question.

Bo had to clear his throat, so his voice didn’t squeak like it had when he went through puberty before he could answer “No sir there is no rush,” Bo said, emphasizing the word no.
“A year!  Daddy that’s a little old fashioned,” BL said, barely keeping an adolescent whine out of her voice.

Jesse asked, "Well, have ya'll even talked about a date?"

“Yes sir, Labor day weekend, we haven’t picked an exact day,” Bo replied.
“Labor day weekend?! That’s less than a month away! You don’t have enough time to get it all planned” Clyde couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Don’t underestimate a Hazzard girl’s planning abilities, especially Daisy’s,” BL said.

Dixie figured she may be able to draw some of the heat away from Bo and BL, "I suppose you are gonna want me in a dress of some kind or another. If that is the case, ya'll don't want to wait three or four months for sure."

“We do, well I do. I want you and Daisy to be my bridesmaids,” BL said.
Why not Dixie”? Clyde asked, looking at his niece.

"I hate wearing dresses and she knows that, but if I got to wear one, I'd at least like to have a waistline." Dixie said, momentarily forgetting that Clyde had not been at the Boar's Nest earlier.

Clyde just looked at Dixie confused.

"Daddy's gonna be a grandpa." She clarified.

“That’s great honey! Congratulations Luke,”Clyde grinned, giving Dixie a hug and shaking Luke’s hand.

“That’s why you couldn’t find me this afternoon, I went with Dixie to the doctor,” BL said, Bo had told her, Clyde came looking for her.

Clyde hummfed, "I bet he was thrilled."
Luke couldn't keep his mouth shut any longer, "He was about as thrilled as you are at hearing about this. It is one of your daughter's happiest events of her life and you both can't just be happy for them."
Jesse said lowly, "Luke."
"I'm sorry for speaking my mind, Uncle Jesse, but I thought when your children were happy that you should be happy for them."

“Luke it aint that I’m not happy for BL, I just want her to not jump into something, she won’t be happy with and want out in a few months or a year or a few years from now.” Clyde said.
“Daddy I ain’t jumping in, I’ve been thinking about what it would mean, a while now. I been making my own mind up, since I was 13. You taught me to stand on my own two feet,” BL said.
“You’ve never made a decision that was a lifelong decision. I need a walk,” Clyde said, leaving the porch and heading away from the house.

BL started to get up to follow her father.
Bo saw Jesse and Luke looking at him. He stood, "BL, let me go." Bo caught up to Clyde between the house and the barn, "I know you don't like me much, but I love your daughter. We make each other happy. I promise no one will ever hurt her as long as I'm around."

Clyde turned to look at Bo, pointing a finger at the blonde Duke boy
“You better not neither, marriage vows say ‘Till death do us part’. I don’t want her to realize ya’ll made a mistake, a few months or a year or a few years from now,” Clyde said.
Bo nodded, “I know Cly….uh Mr. Davenport, Uncle Jesse’s made sure me and Luke knew that since we was old enough to get a girl in trouble.

On the porch, Luke was watching Scrapie checking things out. His nose was to the ground, and he was sniffing for all he was worth.
Jesse asked, "So when are we expecting the little one?"
Dixie decided that being vague wasn't exactly a lie, "April."
Daisy added, "Oh, I just can't wait."

On the porch Daisy’s excitement was bubbling over.
“Do you know what it is yet? Can I feel it, oh I just can’t wait!”
Dixie grinned answering, 
“It’s too soon to know what it is and I haven’t felt anything, so you probably wouldn’t either.”
Around back Clyde was giving Bo the evil eye as he ground out.
“Are you telling me BL’s in trouble?” Clyde felt the question justified after hearing Dixie’s news, BL said she had gone with Dixie.
Bo took a step back in case Clyde took a swing at him.
“What? No sir.” Bo said, adding “we’re getting married because we love each other not “because we ‘have to’,” Bo said.

Clyde huffed, "You just make double damn sure you love each other enough for a lifelong commitment."

“Yes sir we do, now don’t you think we should get back around there and you should atleast pretend to be happy for BL? I know you would move heaven and earth for her, do you really want to spoil one of the happiest times in her life?” Bo replied.

Clyde thought for a minute, then turned to Bo, "Hurt her and you will deal with me." He extended his hand to Bo.
Bo took Clyde’s hand, giving it a firm shake “I won’t hurt her, you have my word on that.” Bo said, the two men went back to the porch where the others were.
Sadie dropped the ball in her mouth at Bo’s feet then barked,
“You want to play?...Go get it,”
 Bo threw the ball and both dogs took off after it.
BL was getting antsy because the two men had been gone so long, finally they reappeared.
“BL, come here for a minute,” Clyde said from the bottom of the porch steps.
BL got up off the swing and went to Clyde,
“I hope you can forgive an old man for acting like a jackass, all I could see was losing my baby girl,” Clyde said, hugging BL.
“You’re not losing me now, anymore than when I moved out,” BL said.

Clyde frowned, "So I should expect you and Bo home by Thanksgiving?" He said in 'fun'.
Once the others saw Clyde was joking they all had a good laugh.
Scrapie and Sadie had got the ball and were heading back to the porch when Scrapie seen or heard something and took a turn toward the barn.
Luke sat up watching.
Scrapie was on a rat, grabbed it, shook it about three times, then brought it up to the porch to show Luke.
"Good job, boy. Give it here." He reached for it and Scrapie grrrred at Luke. "Scrapie." Luke said firmly. Scrapie stood his ground with his rat. 
Luke stood up, "Scrapie. Drop it."
Scrapie did but protested afterwards with a woof! Followed by grumbling. 
Dixie said, "It was his rat."
Luke gave her a look.
"Well, it was." Dixie said. "Good boy, Scrapie! You got it!"
"Yes, you did,  but you got to give it up. Here, let's trade. I keep the rat, you get a treat." 
Scrapie took the treat, but went to Dixie to be petted.

“Hey BL where ya’ll going to live after you get hitched? Since you are letting my sister and Luke live in your house?” Cooter asked.
Bo looked at BL and she looked back, they hadn’t talked about it yet.
“They can live with us, my smokejumper team does it, I lived with them before I came back to Hazzard.” Luke offered a solution then added his reasoning behind it.
“We’d be at each other's house all the time anyway.”

Dixie nodded. It sounded reasonable to her. "Besides that, four more hands. What better form of birth control."

BL opened her mouth to dispute the assumption, then she thought about the positions of the bedrooms in the upstairs layout. There were only 3 and one was right next to the other and the third was across the hall. These 2 rooms were hers and Dixie’s, making babies was going to be tricky.

"Speaking of home, Luke, do you mind us cutting out pretty soon? I hope to work tomorrow." Dixie said. 
Luke replied, "I don't mind, not at all, but you might have to convince the hunter."
Scrapie was on the trail of another rat that was just out of his reach. 
Sadie had gotten tired watching him and came back on the porch.

Clyde stood up saying “I better head out too, got goats to feed.”
“I’ll be home in a bit,” BL said. Sadie jumped up at the word home from BL but when BL made no move to go, Sadie laid back down on the porch.
Before Dixie and Luke left Daisy asked,
“When’s your next Saturday off Dixie, so I can give BL a bridal shower?”
“Daisy that ain’t necessary, I have everything I need for the house, remember you were there when I bought it,” BL said.

Daisy grinned, "I said bridal shower, not household shower." She wanted to point out that BL may have everything for the house, but maybe not for a marriage, but with Clyde and Jesse sitting there, she chose not to.

“BL grinned back, she understood what Daisy meant and apparently so did Bo, judging “by the silly grin on his face.

Dixie said, "I've got Saturdays off for now unless something changes. Give me the date and I'll make sure I'm off."

“Let me see when Boss will let me use the Boar’s Nest,” Daisy said.
“Talk to Miss Lulu, she’ll make sure you get it whenever you want it,” BL said.
I’m going to be so busy planning and giving a bridal shower, planning a wedding and planning and giving a baby shower,” Daisy said, almost giddy just thinking about it.

Jesse gave Daisy a look, "Daisy, Honey, don't you think the bride and groom may have just a few ideas too?  And, as for a baby shower, that's a little bit away.

“I guess maybe your right Uncle Jesse,” Daisy said, looking at Bo and BL.
“We ain’t been engaged but 24 hours,” Bo said.
“We'll talk about it and I’ll let you know in a couple days Daisy,” BL said.
“Ok.,” Daisy replied

Scrapie was trying to convince Luke that the barn wall needed to be moved for him to get a rat. 
"I have never heard so much complaining from such a little dog. Scrapie, let's go."
Scrapie sounded as if he were talking back to Luke.
"You can get it next time." Luke said. "Truck."
Scrapie recognized that command from conversation. He left the area and headed to the truck but not without 'talking back' just a little. 
Luke opened the truck door and helped the long small dog up into the truck, "Dixie,  come on while I'm ahead here. Night ya'll." Luke called, then helped Dixie into the truck before getting in the driver's seat.
Dixie said her 'good nights' as Luke pulled out, Scrapie looking out the back glass much like a small child would.
Jesse shook his head and laughed at the pup.

Cooter just had gotten a call on the CB from Luther, there was a call for the big wrecker and he couldn’t turn loose so Cooter needed to swap wreckers and go.
“Catch ya’ll later,” Cooter waved out his window as he headed toward town.
Clyde had been sitting in his truck, while Cooter had stood outside his driver’s window now pulled out behind his nephew heading home.

Luke heard Cooter's and Luther's radio traffic. "I hope they forget about me."
Dixie replied, "Me too."

Cooter hadn’t though and thought he might need both wreckers, picking up his CB mic, Cooter called “might be crazy but I ain’t dumb. Lucas Dukas, you home on the Hazzardnet come on.”
“Luke here Crazy C, what’s up?”
“I thought I might need both wreckers and figured since you’re going to town, I’d get you to bring the big guy.” Cooter replied.
“10-4” Loke said, then hanging up the mic added “shoot!”
“I better get going too,” BL said.
“Will you at least stay for supper?,” Jesse asked.
“I can’t Uncle Jesse, thanks anyway,” BL said, giving Bo a peck on the lips.
“C’mon Sadie, time to go home,” Bl said, Sadie jumped up, ran to the car jumping over the side. Bo walked BL to her car, kissing her more deeply, now they were out of Uncle Jesse and Daisy’s sight.
“See you tomorrow beautiful,” Bo said, watching BL.

Luke sighed, "So much for forgetting about me. I'll stop at the garage and you and Scrapie can head on home."
Dixie nodded, "You know, I think I'm getting old. Any other time I'd have raced you to the big truck, but tonight I'm not feeling it."
"You've had a big day. Go home. I'll be along." Luke stopped his truck, kissed Dixie on the cheek and headed for the big wrecker.
Dixie threw her hand up to Cooter and her Dad as she pulled Luke's truck away, heading for home.

Luke took the big wrecker back to the garage after he and Cooter had gotten the bobtail semi and the ‘wide load’ escort pickup truck back on the road. Luke saw Luther was in the office doing paperwork,
“Here’s the keys to the big guy,” Luke hung the keys up on a hook.

Luther looked at Luke, "Are you happy now?"
Luke was sure the question was meant more than its face value, but he answered it that way, "Very."
With that, Luther came out of his seat.
Luke stepped back a step or two.
Luther mumbled something under his breath, then asked, "So when is it due?"
Luke looked his father-in-law right in his eyes, "Dixie said, April."
Luther did the math. August to April added up to eight months, not nine. "That's a might shy of nine months now, ain't it?"
Luke did the math himself for the first time, then replied, "Well, they count by weeks or some strange way now, but you are barking up the wrong tree."

Luke said what he’d said to Clyde earlier when BL and Bo announced their engagement.
It is one of your daughter's happiest events of her life and you can't just be happy for her?”

Luther huffed.
Luke replied, "You asked me if I was happy. I am. My wife, your daughter, the mother of my child," Luke saw fire dance in Luther's eyes. "Makes me very happy. As for Dixie, the way I see it is, she has the life she wanted when she was fifteen. Would it have worked then? Who knows. But you should know, I'll break my back to make sure they have everything they need." Luke was still looking Luther straight in the eye.

Luther worked his jaw, Dixie and it seemed Luke too was going to keep throwing it in his face, what they had done when Dixie was fifteen.

"Look, Luther, I know Dixie could have done better than me, but she didn't. And if I make her happy, can't you just let her be happy? I told Clyde much the same thing tonight."

“All his talk about her being a grown woman and him letting her live her own life is just him blowing smoke and he wasn’t too keen on getting a new son in law? Luther asked.
“It wasn’t that so much as the when,” Luke replied.

Luther snarled, "So when is the big day?"

“They ain’t picked an exact day, just sometime labor day weekend,” Luke replied.

Luther grumbled under his breath, then said, "So we can expect us another baby real soon like."
There was so much Luke wanted to say right then, but he knew if they kept this up, it could end badly, "I'm going to the house."

At Clyde Davenport’s, brother and sister sat on the front porch, BL was snapping green beans and LB was sharpening his pocket knife.
“LB there’s something I want to tell you before you hear it through the gossip mill,” BL said.
LB stopped sharpening his knife and looked at her, asking, ”what’d you do?”
“I ain’t done nothing, it’s what I’m gonna do that’ll set tongues wagging. I’m engaged to Bo Duke,” BL replied.
“Congratulations, when’s the wedding? LB asked, like Clyde he thought it would atleast be a few months from now.
“Labor Day weekend,” BL replied.
“Are you pregnant?” LB asked seriously, if the answer was yes he had half a mind to
 Knock Bo into the middle of next week.
“WHAT? NO, Longstreet B you know better!” BL shot him an offended look.
“Sorry,” LB said, going back to sharpening his knife.

"Sorry, Sis, it's just that I know Bo. I've known him differently than you have and with the wedding date so close, ... and all. I just felt the need to ask. You are my sister and all."

“I appreciate the concern brother but I ain’t naive, I know Bo ain’t no saint,” BL said.

LB nodded. "As long as you are happy and he didn't take advantage of you, then I'm good. Me and Bo are friends, but you are my sister. You just let me know if he hurts you."

“Bo hasn’t done anything I didn’t want him to do. I grew up with a brother and two boy cousins, I think I can pretty much take care of myself,” BL said, grinning.

LB replied, "True, but I want you to know I got your back.”
While Luke was gone, Dixie tried to figure out something that sounded good, was good for her, and yet was light enough that it wouldn't be too much for lunch tomorrow. She was in the middle of chopping sweet pickles, boiled eggs and onion into a bowl of tuna to make tuna salad when Luke came in. 
He had walked the long way around the Square to calm down from his and Luther's conversation.

The morning had been a quiet one when Ellen Sue came in at 12 for her part time job at the post office.
“Afternoon BL, did your father find you yesterday? He seemed upset when he was in here looking for you,’ Ellen Sue said as she put up the wanted posters, BL hadn’t got to yet.
”Yes he found me or well we met up actually, he’d heard something about me,” BL replied,while stamping some outgoing mail with Hazzard’s postmark.
“It must have been bad,” Ellen Sue said.
“It’s not, he was just upset that he heard it from Lulu Hogg instead of me,” BL replied.
“Oh?” Ellen Sue was intrigued.
“I’m engaged,” BL said, holding out her left hand with the diamond ring glinting in the light.

Ellen Sue didn't get out a lot, or at least with the same people, BL did. She had seen BL around the Dukes but hadn't seen her even talk to anyone else. "Engaged? Wow! BL I haven't even known that you were going out with anyone steadily. Engaged to whom?"

“Bo Duke, we’ve known each other since we were kids, dated a little over the years but we got serious over the last year, maybe a little less,” BL replied.

"Oh, wow. I had no idea. I mean, I know he's in here a lot and all, but I never knew either of you were dating anyone seriously. Wow, it was hard enough to believe Luke Duke was gonna settle down, but now Bo, too?"

“Speak of the devil,” BL said when General Lee pulled up out front and Bo slid out the driver’s window.
“Hey Darlin, Ellen Sue,” Bo greeted as he came in.
“Hi Bo, congratulations,” Ellen Sue said, heading for the restroom.
“Thanks Ellen Sue,” Bo replied. Then asked BL “can you, help me later, say about 6?”
“As far as I know, what’s up?” BL replied.
“I told Sherry Tolliver we’d exercise a coupla horses for her,” Bo said.
“Sounds good to me, we need to talk about what kind of wedding we want or Daisy’s going to go overboard,” BL said.
“Ok, I better get going, Uncle Jesse sent me to the hardware store,” Bo gave BL a quick kiss before leaving.

Dixie, thankfully, had a much better morning and day. She had changed clothes at work and was making the drive back to Hazzard. The temperatures were pleasantly warm. Dixie had the windows down, enjoying the warm breeze as she crossed the County line into Hazzard. 
From the other direction, Luke and Scrapie were also crossing into Hazzard when the CB came to life, "Hazzard garage to Lost Sheep 1." It wasn't Cooter but Luther calling. "This is Lost Sheep 1, go ahead."
"Would you care to take the wrecker tonight?" Luther asked.
That had not been anywhere in Luke's plans, but figured if it kept peace, he could go get the truck and babysit it. How many calls happen on a weekday evening? "I can do that. I'll meet you at the garage in about twenty minutes."
Dixie was monitoring the CB and heard the traffic. "Little Shotgun to Lost Sheep 1."
"Lost Sheep 1, go ahead Little Shotgun." Luke said.
"I'll park at the house if you want to swing around and get me." Dixie said.
"You got it." Luke replied. Then, said to Scrapie, "So much for a cold beer and quiet evening."
Scrapie woofed.

BL got to the Boar’s Nest just ahead of Bo, she planned to have a couple drinks with the others, go home and cook supper and then meet Bo at the Tolliver farm after supper.
“What do you say we mess with Rosco, Sadie girl,” BL put the official USPS vest that she'd made, with assurance from Miz Tisdale that it didn’t violate any regulations.
“Rosco’s just gonna love this,” Bo said, stopping to wait for BL so they could walk in together.
Bo signaled Daisy for 2 beers.

Daisy brought over two beers and a mug of water. "Bo, you didn't order Sadie anything."

“I thought she was driving,” Bo grinned, thinking he was funny. “You have my deepest apologies Sadie, am I forgiven?” Sadie put a paw on Bo’s leg and woofed.

Dixie, Scrapie and Luke came in a few minutes later.
Daisy asked, "One beer, Scrapie a water and Dixie, what will you have?"
"Iced tea with a lot of lemon." Dixie said. 
Luke almost switched his beer to a tea but he figured he'd have one beer and then  switch to something else if they stayed longer. "Where's Cooter tonight?" Luke asked.
Bo said, "He'll likely be along."
"I'm not so sure. I inherited the wrecker tonight." Luke said.

“Maybe all this getting engaged and marrying stuff sounded good and he decided to try it,” BL said jokingly.
Bo nearly spit his beer everywhere. Daisy brought over Luke’s beer and Dixie’s tea, along with 2 bowls usually used for popcorn and pretzels.
“I forgot to get this before for Sadie’s water,” Daisy handed BL the bowls.
“Thanks Daisy,” BL replied, sitting a bowl of water down for each dog.
“I’m off tomorrow, thought I’d cook supper for everybody, to celebrate Bo and BL;s engagement just like I did when Luke and Dixie got married,” Daisy said.

She was met with a chorus of agreements.

Daisy went back to the bar to get another table’s beers when in walked Rosco who immediately spotted Sadie.
“Alright what is the meaning of this?” Rosco asked, coming over to the table.
“What’s the meaning of what, Rosco?” BL asked, looking at the others, all of them were trying to keep a straight face.
“You know what, you ain’t supposed to have that dog in here,” Rosco said.
“Why not? She’s wearing a vest like Scrapie. She’s not running around bothering other customers and she isn’t on a table or even in a chair,” BL replied.

Rosco looked at Sadie's vest. "Oh good grief! A vest! What does a vest have to do with anything? I could dress Flash up too.

”Rosco these vest means something, they ain’t just for dressup. They mean the dog wearing them is a working dog,” Luke said, laying it on thick.
BL had made the vest navy blue, the color used to represent the US mail, it also had a US mail logo patch, making it look as legit as possible. 

"They don't look like they are working." Rosco said.
"Working dog, my foot. What does she do?" He asked.
BL explained that she delivered the mail to people on her route.

“Good grief,” Rosco muttered
“Just what does Flash do? The only time I see him walking is when you take him for a walk,” BL said, a murmur of agreement came from the others at the table.

"Flash is a trained police dog." Rosco defended.
BL replied, "Sadie is trained too."
Rosco looked at Luke, "Rosco don't even go there with Scrapie. The cost of his training alone would probably equal your salary." Luke said.

“Fine but you both better keep those animals under control,” Rosco huffed, leaving to go home.
The dipstick deputy on duty could handle this bunch of riff raff.
BL and Luke looked at each other then the dogs when Rosco said keep them under control.
“How much more under control can we keep them?” BL asked with one eyebrow cocked.
Scrapie was asleep on Luke’s lap and Sadie had laid down by BL’s chair.
“Beats me,” Luke replied.
“Hate to break up the party but we better scoot Darlin, if we are going to get anything done at home before being at the Tolliver farm by 6,” Bo said.

Dixie said, "Ya'll have fun. We'll likely be heading out soon too. This place is going to the dogs tonight!"

BL, Luke and Bo groaned “Dixie, I thought Bo was the one with all the bad jokes,” BL said.
“Sorry couldn’t help myself,” Dixie replied.
They all said their goodbyes and BL stood up “come on Sadie let’s go home.”
Bo and BL with Sadie at BL’s side, went out to the cars. At BL’s car BL took off Sadie’s vest and leash telling her ‘load up’. Bo kissed BL saying “see you in a little while, Darlin.” 
BL replied “see you in a bit.”
BL got in her car, Bo pulled in behind in General Lee, to follow BL until she turned off toward her house, as he often did, just incase she had a flat or car trouble.

Daisy came by the table, "Ready for a refill?"
Luke frowned a bit, "Not tonight. I have the wrecker."
Daisy looked from Dixie to Luke for answers. Seeing none, she asked, "Why?"
Luke replied, "I'm not real sure. Luther radioed me on the way into town and asked me to take it tonight. I figured if it keeps this civilized, I can park it at the house tonight." Luke was implying that he didn't expect a lot of calls for the wrecker, especially since it was a weeknight.

After a meal of minute steak, gravy, mashed potatoes and fresh hot biscuits BL cleaned up the kitchen and fed Sadie.
“I’ll be back in a couple hours,” BL said on her way out, leaving Sadie crying because BL had managed to slip out without her.
“I’ll believe it when I see you drive up, you have a tendency to come up MIA lately” Clyde replied.
“Horses don’t have headlights, Daddy” BL said getting in her car, heading to the Tolliver farm.
Sherry Tolliver came out of the barn as Bo and BL pulled up,
“Hey Bo, BL  thanks for helping out, it’s tough to get all the chores inside and outside, plus exercise the horses too, since Burl broke his leg” Sherry said.
“No problem,” Bo said.
“Happy to help where I can. Where’s the horses?” BL replied. 
Sherry went back in the barn, leading out a chestnut with a white star on its forehead and a golden palomino.
“The chestnut guy here is Rebel and the palomino is Dolly,” Sherry said.

Luke, Scrapie and Dixie made their way home, parked the wrecker in the driveway and headed out back to let Scrapie run off some energy. 
Dixie cooked pasta with meat and tomato sauce with garlic bread for supper.  She and Luke ate on the back porch to let Scrapie finish his adventures and enjoy the cool evening air. 
Dixie cleaned up their dishes and put the leftovers up for lunches and supper tomorrow, or she would freeze it for another night.
By dark, they all went in and upstairs. Tonight was one of those nights when the newlyweds intended to find out if it really was  quicker for two people to shower together.

Bo and BL were riding side by side, enjoying the cool breeze and break in last week’s high humidity, Bo looked over at BL and asked, “What do you want the wedding to be , like, it’s your day not Daisy’s,”
“I know she wants our day to be special but I just want a simple, traditional ceremony without all the songs during it and the candle lighting, writing our own vows and such. Mama’s dress ain’t fancy, so you don’t even have to wear a tux, a regular sunday suit is fine,” BL replied.
“Sounds perfect,” Bo said, then nudged Rebel with his heels saying over his shoulder "race ya back.”

Luke and Dixie found out the theory that two people could shower quicker together was wrong, at least when you are newlyweds. They had made it back to the bedroom and moved on to some slow love making. 
Afterwards, Dixie had fallen asleep on Luke's arm and he was just about to drift off to sleep when the phone downstairs rang.

Bo and BL were having a great time until Dolly spooked and reared, sending BL to the ground with a startled yelp. Bo reigned in Rebel, going back to see what was wrong, when a riderless Dolly ran past, headed for the barn. Bo saw BL sitting in the dirt.
“Are you hurt Darlin?” Bo asked worriedly, sliding to the ground from his horse.
“No, just my pride, help me up,” BL replied, holding her hand upto Bo.

Bo pulled BL to her feet, getting back on Rebel, holding his hand down for BL to grab and swing up behind him.
BL wrapped her arms tightly around Bo’s middle as they rode back to the barn.
“What happened?” Bo asked.
“I don’t know, she spooked, reared and next thing I knew, I was setting in the dirt,” BL replied, sliding down from behind Bo.
Sherry Tolliver came out of the barn after unsaddling Dolly, returning the mare to her stall.
“BL are you ok? I was worried when Dolly came back alone,” Sherry said.

Luke carefully eased his arm from under Dixie’s head, getting up he headed for the bedroom door, stubbing his toe on the dresser.
“Ow dammit!”     Luke yelped, causing Scrapie to wake up, going into a barking frenzy.
Luke hobbled downstairs, his toe still throbbing with every beat of his heart, each step punctuated with a string of curses.
“Tomorrow we’re having an extension put in upstairs,” Luke said to himself.
Scrapie was still raising cane but had followed Luke downstairs.
“Scrapie hush!” Luke scolded then answered the phone without really paying attention to his words although they’d be accurate soon enough,
“Duke residence, this is Luke.”

Maybelle said, "Luke, I hate to call, but it seems some of those teens in those souped up hot rods done ran Cletus off the road on County Route 7/11."
"Of course they did. Tell him I'm on my way." Luke went upstairs with Scrapie on his heels. "Stay here with Dixie, Fella. I'll be right back."
Dixie barely opened her eyes, "What's wrong?" As she tucked Scrapie in tight beside her. 
"Kids ran Cletus in a ditch. You know, one of these nights, me and Bo need to go teach those kids a lesson that only General Lee can teach them." Luke said, stomping into his boots.

Gloria was sleeping good when Scrapie started barking, she didn’t know a little dog could make so much noise.. Just as she had dozed off, after Scrapie had stopped barking, Luke cranked the wrecker, its loud motor easily heard through the open window. Looking at the clock it said 12:00 am.
“Now what, don’t those hoodlums think anybody ever sleeps” Gloria fussed while Abner slept like a baby.

Luke got Cletus pulled out and the cruiser was basically fine. Luke made a ticket and put it in the clipboard then headed back home. It was just after 2 am when he eased the loud wrecker into the driveway hoping to be done for the night.

Bo had fussed over BL all the way back to Clyde's where he talked her into going back out. So BL, Sadie and Bo had spent the evening up around still site number 3. 
It was pretty late as they neared town on their way back to Clyde's. 
Just as Luke put the wrecker in park, the CB came to life, "Thanks again Luke."
Luke keyed the mic, "No problem, just keep things between the ditches."
"You got it." Cletus said. 
Luke was reaching to turn off the CB when he heard, "Lost Sheep 2 to Lost Sheep 1."
Luke replied, "Go ahead, Lost Sheep 1."

Bo keyed the mic, “what mess did you have to get Cletus out of so late? General Lee and me ain’t moved an inch in oh 4-5 hours, since me and BL parked at still site 3,” Bo asked.
“Some kids ran Cletus in the ditch. We oughta take General Lee one night and teach those kids a lesson,” Luke said.
“That’s a big 10-4,” Bo replied.

From somewhere, low and crackled came the reply. "Anytime old man. You just name the time." 

“How about Saturday night,” Bo keyed the mic saying.
Before Luke could respond with agreement, Cletus cut in,
“Now fellas ya'll know racing in Hazzard County’s against the law. Bo I don’t want to arrest ya so close to your wedding.”
BL wondered how Cletus knew when the wedding was, the wedding announcement hadn’t been put in the paper yet.
“I don’t want you arrested either,” BL said.

Luke was tired of cleaning up messes these 'kids' had been making around the county. They were reckless and needed stopped, but he was wise enough to take Cletus's warning. "Ya'll take this off the air. We're at the Boar's Nest most any evening if you snot-nosed brats are old enough to come inside." Luke said, keying the mic.

“Or brave enough to talk face to face,” Bo said.
“Booo,” BL said.
“What?” Bo replied.
“On the air may not be the best way to have this conversion,” BL said.

“What do you suggest?” Bo asked.
“Let’s go see Luke and Dixie. I really don’t want to sneak in at 2am, you and Luke can talk freely too,” BL replied, Bo made the turn toward Luke and Dixie’s instead of Clyde’s.

Bo replied, "Lost Sheep 1 leave the door open. I'll be there in a few."
Luke clicked the mic in acknowledgement, cut the radio off and headed inside.

Gloria’s sleep was once again disturbed as General Lee rumbled from across the street as Bo parked in front of the house.
”Good grief now what,” Gloria huffed.
“Daddy’ll probably have a fit tomorrow but I ain’t calling this late neither. Come on Sadie,” BL said, climbing out the window then reaching back in for Sadie.
Sadie smelled Scrapie’s scent in the yard and trailed him to the door. BL opened the door letting Sadie in. Luke watched Sadie head upstairs nose to the floor.
“She’s hot on the trail,” BL replied to Luke's unasked question, in the meantime Sadie had tracked Scrapie to Dixie and Luke’s bedroom all the way to the bed, jumping up to continue following the trail. 

Dixie turned over without opening her eyes. When she felt Scrapie jump up she expected him to be greeting Luke. Just then she felt a wet, warm tongue lick her from chin to nose. Opening her eyes she was greeted by Sadie. Scrapie decided now was a good time to playfully bite Sadie who bit him back then the two took off in a barking chase with both dogs now having a case of the zoomies!

“Life is going to be interesting with those two living in the same house, when me and Bo move in,” BL said leaning against the doorjamb.

Luke opened the back door to let the two romp in the back yard and hopefully settle down.

Gloria heard the dogs yipping and yapping in the yard as they chased each other around the back yard.
“That’s it, enough is enough I’m calling the police,” Gloria stomped out into the hall, doing just that.
“Sheriff’s office, deputy Cletus Hogg speaking,” Cletus said..

“Deputy this is Gloria Kravitz, I want to make a report,” Gloria replied.
“Ok, what do you want to report?” Cletus asked, ready to write down the complaint.
“Those Duke and Davenport kids! Starting at midnight it’s been one disturbance after another. That blamed dog Luke brought home, started barking its head off, then Luke left out in that loud wrecker,” Gloria complained, Cletus cut in before she finished.“That was my fault ma’am, I needed pulling out of a ditch.”
“Then that boy with the orange car came not long after the wrecker returned, now the dog Luke brought home and that Davenport girl’s that helps her deliver the mail, have been barking for the last ten minutes, maybe you can quiet them down,” Gloria finished her rant.
“Yes ma’am I’ll get right on it,” Cletus hung up with a sigh and headed out to his patrol car.

Sadie and Scrapie had both found a human to snuggle. Sadie was with BL, and Scrapie had followed Sadie upstairs, so he was under the covers snuggling Dixie.
Bo and Luke had kicked their boots off and grabbed a beer ready to discuss the young trouble making punks when there was a knock on the door. 
Before Luke could get up Scrapie and Sadie were at the door barking. 
Luke firmly said, "Quiet." Both dogs hushed before Luke opened the door a bit to see Cletus standing on the porch but not enough to let the dogs out. "Cletus. Don't tell me you are in another ditch." Luke said.

“No Mrs. Kravitz called to complain about all the racket, ya’ll keep it down will ya” Cletus said.
“We’ll be quiet Cletus, promise,” Luke replied.
Satisfied Cletus said goodbye and left to go on patrol.
“Who was that?” Bo asked.
“Cletus, Mrs Kravitz called and reported us, making too much noise,” Luke replied.
Sadie and Scrapie had gone back upstairs when Luke spoke gruffly to them, Scrapie had crawled back under the covers but it was too hot under for Sadie, so she laid on top with her head on BL’s leg.

Bo asked, "What noise, Luke?"
"I don't know but he's gone. I'd like to finish my beer and maybe get a couple hours sleep before I have to go out of here in the morning." Luke said.

“I got to take BL home to get her car before she has to open the post office and then go on to the farm and do the morning chores. I reckon leaving here and going out to the farm to do them is a routine I best get used to,” Bo said.
“Yeah and you might want to start looking for a part time job at least, so you can still help Uncle Jesse but show Clyde you're willing to work, not just let/make BL support you,” Luke replied. Bo and Luke talked about what to do about their faceless challenger, while they finished their beers.
“Can I borrow a pair of pajama pants?” Bo asked as Luke was going into his room.
“Yeah, hold on,” Luke replied, getting a pair from the dresser.
“Thanks,” Bo said, going to the bedroom across the hall, changing then getting in bed beside BL.

Luke snuggled into bed and wrapped his arms around Dixie with only the slightest grunt from Scrapie, who had to move just a bit. 
"Missed you. What was Scrapie's problem?" Dixie said sleepily.
Luke replied, "Tell you about it in the morning. Oh, yeah, I'm pretty sure Bo is across the hall tonight."
"Um, 'K." Dixie went back to sleep.


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