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I got one for ya. To some people this might sound gross, but it taste really good.

Peel and dice some potatoes and then fry them in a large, deep skillet.

Make sure there is plenty of room left in the pan to add stuff.

Get at least one can each of the following:

cream of mushroom soup

vegetable beef soup

(you may or may not need more than one can, it depends on how many potatoes you used. You should have equal amounts of everything)

one or more packages of eckeridge sausage or any worthy equivalent

Cut up the eckeridge sausage into small pieces

Add the sausage and the soups to the pan of potatoes.

Sprinkle in some salt, pepper and garlic salt according to taste.

Thoroughly mix everything together and heat till everything is hot throughout.

An older member of my family came up with this when I was a kid and it was really good. I remember when we used to mention making it to friends and neighbors a lot of them said it sounded awful. But then we would invite them over and let them try some (without telling them what it was) and most of them liked it a lot. They'd go back for 2nd and 3rd helpings and want to know how to make it. Point being, please try it before you judge it.

10; 4, I'm gone!

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