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Daisy's shotgun wedding, lulu's gone away and welcome back bo n luke

In welcome back bo n luke, I loved it when boss and rosco are shocked to see bo n luke, and daisy giving the boys a welcome home hug, In daisy's shotgun wedding, I loved it when daisy was saved by bo and luke,

In lulu's gone away, I loved the fight scene

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One-Armed Bandits

Mary Kaye's Baby

Repo Man


Swamp Molly

Luke's Love Story

The Big Heist

Limo One is Missing

Deputy Dukes

Money to Burn

Route 7-11

Days of Shine and Roses

Gold Fever

The Rustlers

The Meeting

Road Pirates

The Ghost of General Lee

Dukes meet Cale Yarborough

Hazzard Connection

Witness for the Persecution

Granny Annie

People's Choice

Arrest Jesse Duke

Duke of Duke

The Runaway

Follow that Still

Treasure of Hazzard

Officer Daisy Duke

Find Loretta Lynn

Jude Emery

R.I.P Henry Flatt

Soutern Comfurts

Carmival of Thrills

Enos Strate to the top

The Hazzardville Horror

And in this corner, Luke Duke

The Late J.D. Hogg

Uncle Boss

Baa, Baa White Sheep

Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane

The Great Santa Claus Chase

Good Neighbors, Duke

The Legacy

Duke vs. Duke

My Son, Bo Hogg

To Catch a Duke

Along Came a Duke

Bye, Bye Boss

The Great Hazzard Hijack

The Hack of Hazzard

Mrs. Daisy Hogg

Double Dukes

Diamonds in the Rough

Coltrane vs. Duke

The Fugitive

The Great Bank Robbery

Sadie Hogg Day

10 Million Dollar Sheriff part one and Part two

Goodbye, General Lee

Cletus falls in love

Dukescam Scam

The Sound of Music-Hazzard Style

Shine on Hazzard Moon

Pin the tail on the Dukes

Miz Tisdale on the Lam

Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke

Big Brothers, Duke

Farewell, Hazzard

Lulu's gone Away

A Baby for the Dukes

Too May Roscos

Brotherly Love

The Boar's Nest Bears

Boss Behind Bars

A Boy's Best Friend

Targets: Daisy and Lulu

Twin Trouble

Eno's Last Chance

High Flyin' Dukes

Heirless Daisy Duke

Dead and Alive

Play it Again Luke

Undercover Dukes part one and two

Close call for Daisy

The Ransom of Hazzard County

The Fortune Tellers

Cooter's Confession

Happy Birthday, General Lee

Welcome, Waylon Jennings

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke

Robot P. Coltrane

No more Mr. Nice guy

The Dukes in Hollywood

Cool Hands, Luke and Bo

Go West, Young Dukes

Cale Yarborough comes to Hazzard

Danger on the Hazzard Express

Sittin' Dukes

Sky Bandits over Hazzard

The Haunting of J.D. Hogg

When you wis upon a Hogg

Strange Visitor to Hazzard

Enos and Daisy's Wedding

Opening night at the Boar's Nest

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Season 1 High Octane, Limo 1 is missing, Repo Men, Daisy's Song

Season 2 Ghost of the GL, Days of Shine and Roses

Season 3-don't have the DVDs yet-not very familiar with this one(I really am looking forward to seeing Carnival of Thrills and My Son Bo Hogg)

Season 4 Nothin But the Truth, Goodbye GL, The Law and Jesse Duke

Season 5 Welcome Back Bo and Luke

Season 6 Dead and Alive

Season 7 Cool Hands Bo and Luke, Happy Bday GL

Overall, is I could pick only one, it's HIGH OCTANE!

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so far I ain't seen no one who picked my favorite episode!! it's Swamp Molly!! i love the part where they were taking target practice...

(the script may not b that accurate but o well)

(Bo draws back the dynamite tipped arrow,at the outhouse) after it blows up Uncle Jesse runs outside & says "Who in the heck would blow up an outhouse?!?!"

Bo:"I was just tryin' to make studs outta the dynamite &..."


by the time Luke was hollerin' at Bo iwas like::rofl: That was so funny!

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LOL! That's a great episode! That was hilarious when Bo accidently blew up the old outhouse - the response he got was great! I can watch that part all day and still find it funny! ;)Also enjoyed the end when they were trying to blow up the "ice cream" truck and Luke got the dud instead of the real thing. Rosco shoving the truck into the pond and Boss crying over the guns inside! "Swamp Molly" was a great episode - one I haven't seen in a long time - but can watch it over and over and still find it funny - like most Duke episodes. :)

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My favorite ones are:

"Baa, baa, white sheep" because Abraham Lincoln Hogg is so cute!!

"Happy birthday, General Lee" because it shows the General's story.

"Go west, young Dukes" because I love that old western movies atmosphere..

"Enos and Daisy's wedding" because it's the most romantic episode, and in my mind I like to think that Enos and Daisy finally get together and they become the most beautiful couple of Hazzard!

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ok...I have so many favourite but the best have to be

Happy Birthday General Lee

Goodbye General Lee

Go West Young Dukes

Cool Hands Luke and Bo (it's so interesting to see the boys actually get jailed properly)

Baa Baa White Sheep

Brotherly Love (Bo and Luke's relationship really gets put into perspective here when you see how close they are and how much Luke and Jud's relationship is lacking)

Dr Jeckyll and Mr Duke


Carnival of Thrills (goes without saying)

UnderCover Dukes

Welcome Back Bo and Luke (marked the end of a very dark age for Dukes)

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