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  1. you can jump on one of my stories if you want to.

  2. What is the Dasani's first names?

  3. Lizzy was asleep and she had woken and she gets worried about her little but those guy followed them there.

  4. okay what is the whole thing about Molly disappering a dream of Lizzy then.

  5. Angel is upset and misses her husband and kids right now.

  6. I wander what Clay is up to right now.

  7. How is Lizzy and Daisy or the police going to find Julie now.

  8. do get even because they think Julie, Lizzy and Daisy were bad parents.

  9. that's good but they got Angel and Clay at their secluded Atlanta house right now.

  10. I'm going to Richmond, Virginia on Thursday morning and won't be on until Monday and what do you think of Trevor being so gutsy now.

  11. I won't be back till Monday.

  12. I wander what Lizzy is thinking right now about how Trevor just voltunner without even thinking now.

  13. You was thinking the samething as well.

  14. I'm glad that Ashley is okay but what about Matt.

  15. Poor little Ashley she walked in on a bank robbery and they knew who she was and got kidnapped as well.

  16. I'd borrowed that movie last year.

  17. Hey there I am here what's going on right now.

  18. Sounds good but she died during the Swine Flu outbreak in "Ashley and Jack's Baby"

  19. Make something up for me then.

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