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Status Updates posted by Susan

  1. Hi Roger. I just wanted to check that you got my last message to you, yesterday. My internet decided to drop out just as I sent it, so I'm not sure if it went through. :( 


    1. RogerDuke


      Um I guess I didn't get it. 

    2. Susan


      Drat! I'm sorry.

      Ok, basically, I've put up another piece on the role-play thread. It's not very long, and I do apologise for taking so long, but I've had some personal stuff going on and this went completely out the window! :( (Along with my brain!)

      Also, I see that Garrett Duke is back, and I know you've written with him before, would you like to invite him in  or just leave it between the two of us? I don't mind either way. I'm just flattered to be asked to join in.

       I think that was everything I had to say, and I'll try and speed up my writing next time. I'm sorry. I know it's a pain waiting on somebody who's taking forever to get back to you!


  2. Thankyou! I like it myself, and I'm glad you do, too! :)

    It's actually part of the picture from the pack of an old DoH action figure.


  3. Thanks, Roger! All the best people are called Susan, I've found! :D

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