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  1. This is why I love ya'll so much. I did admittedly forget a bit about the Dukes, but it wasn't because I wanted to. I've been managing life with my daughter and getting down time and everything else, but Dukes still holds a place in my heart, as do ya'll! <3

  2. RogerDuke

    You put a big smile on my face!

    Welcome home.

    Congratulations on having a daughter.

    As you can see things aren't as active here as they once was but you coming back is a big help to turn it around!

    Thank you Roger! I have missed you so much! You were always like a mentor to me, seriously, and I loved talking to you and thank you for the welcome back. And yes Kasey is my little pride and joy. It may make you smile more when I say that she loves the Dukes XD For a two year old, she might not understand but she listens and she literally giggles when she watches the Dukes! (Don't we all?) But again thank you for the welcome, and yes it may not be as active but times change and so do people BUT I still love this place and you and everyone else.

  3. Garrett Duke

    Welcome back Daisy! I have missed you and seeing your post. This post brought a smile to my face. So glad to see you back and hope to see you around. Congrats on Kasey Lee...what a beautiful name. Of course, me being a NASCAR fan...thought of Kasey Kahne who is a driver for my favorite team. Sorry...that is just how my mind works. HA. I bet she is just a bundle of joy. I work with two year olds at the local day care and that is a fun stage. It can be challenging at times, but it is worth it. Enjoy every minute of it...they are only little for such a small time. Congrats again!

    Glad to see you back!

    Thank you Garrett, so much! It brought a smile to my face just to see this place again, and it amazed me when I found the link. It's so surprising when I found this place again. I was like.. "I think it's really time I try to get into the swing of things." I watch Dukes still and will just always love it! And thank you! Kasey is so sweet, and trust me I get sooo many compliments on her name haha. I love it and haha, honestly I watch NASCAR too and Kasey Kahne is not her namesake but I love the name so I'm glad she shares it with such an established racer!

    Oh yes she is a bundle of joy, happy, and smiley. But like most kids she does have her down days. I don't wanna sound bad and I love her to death, but they don't lie about terrible twos! Haha XD At all... like.. it's a real thing I think XD But she's usually bouncy and happy and while she can be a bit random and loud (she gets that from me.. XD), she brings joy to my life just as the Dukes do <3

  4. Hahah thank you. I just know I used to be very out there (still am XD) but I always enjoyed walking to you and you were such an amazing friend to me <3 I loved talking to you and I hope we can talk more! I really hope to make a comeback! and yes things change a lot! My daughter keeps me going and I love her more than the world.

    (I would love to give pictures.. but after all these years I still don't have a camera.. >.< Something I need to invest in.. right?)

    And P.S. I still love and will always love Daisy and Enos! <3 I haven't written many Duke themed things.. but I do plan to write something with them now that I'm back, hopefully!

  5. Thank you very much! I hope I can stop by regularly too! I really missed this place!

    And the meaning behind Kasey's name (I almost did name her Daisy...haha..): Kasey is because I love K names..and my name is Kristen, so I wanted to continue the K trend. Lee, her middle name comes from my great grandmother, my dads grandmother, Rosalind Lee Wall.. and MAYBE the General Lee ;) So I kinda did keep it within Dukes culture!

  6. WOW... umm.. all I have to say is I can't believe I found this place again. Honestly I was looking something up about the Dukes cause I got bored..and found the link. But I'm sure you all remember me. But.. I still love the Dukes of Hazzard. I still, after a few years watch with my dad. I now live with my dad, still in Texas of course. I have changed a lot..and will be 19.. well this month! I have missed ya'll and I know I've made a lot of come back threads. But I think I really wanna start coming back again, because this place always was so welcoming.

    I've matured a lot. No more crazy random LOL's and crazy things ya'll used to get from me or anything like that. I've actually gotten a lot better at writing and RP too, and have made my own RP sites (not Dukes of Hazzard... but honestly if I could do that some how that'd be awesome.. it'll be in the thought pile.) I have a job, I have a child now. I had her when I was 17 (long.. long story.) Her name is Kasey Lee Wall! And she's almost two! But I honestly hope that I will be able to come back here and chat and make friends again <3

  7. Thank you! And yes I did enjoy it a lot! And no I just went with my friend and her boyfriend. It was amazing anyway.

    And I'll totally keep you posted on my barrel racing. Right now I'm training for our local rodeos coming up this summer.

  8. I'm back now. I completely missed this place. My life changed a lot while I've been gone, and I've gone through a lot of changes myself. I'm almost at the end of my junior year in high school and I'm 16 now! I remember I signed up here at like 13! Seems so long ago. I even have already been to my Junior Prom, as well as getting my barrel racing career going again.

    Other minimal changes such as getting my ears pierced for a second time, new hair styles and experimenting with makeup have gone down but over time I really never lost my love for Dukes of Hazzard. Even when I manage to slink away from it..Something..Though I'm not sure what yet, pulls me right back in. Maybe its Bo and Luke? *Giggles.* I don't know..But I really have missed this place and I feel like maybe its time to come back to a place that was my second home that I could escape from when things got tough.

    I have missed ya'll and love all of ya'll! I'm glad to be back!

    (Oh P.S. If you wanna see prom pictures, you can totally message me!)

  9. "Sure what's going on?" Bo asks touching her hand. Lizzy slowly pulls away and Bo looks a bit hurt. "What's wrong?"

    "I...There are things I want to ask. Things I want to know but I'm not sure where to start." Lizzy says.

    "Ask me anything." Bo says.

    "Do you really love me?"

    "With all of my heart and soul." Bo says.

    "And the baby?" Lizzy asks.

    "Probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me."

    "And if I had to leave?"

    "I'd follow you to the ends of the earth."

    "Even if I didn't want you to?"

    "Only way I'd stop was if you didn't need me to." Bo says.


    "I'd marry you in a heart beat. Not because of the baby or because of the pressure but because I love you that much. I just wish you would trust me a bit." Bo says.

    "I don't know I still feel like something's wrong." Lizzy says.

    Bo wrapped his arms around Lizzy's waist, but not tight enough to hurt her. "Everything is okay. I won't leave you. I don't want to, and I'd follow you anywhere. I'm being completely honest, too. I love you. This will be okay."

  10. "Sleep beautiful I'll get her." Bo says climbing out of bed. After a quick diaper change and feeding Bo gets Tessa to fall back asleep and then goes back to bed himself.

    A few days pass and finally Belle is back on her feet and feeling better than ever. Things had fallen back into a routine and Bo was still contemplating the offer.

    Bo was fighting with him self. He didn't want to leave his family. Everything had just fallen back into balence, and he didn't want that to be ruined. At this time, Bo wished he'd had some type of advice.

  11. Yes I live! lol..I can't thank ya'll enough for the welcome back. Its really good to be back. I also have to thank you Lizzy. Life gets crazy but sometimes we just gotta find a way to get through it. I'll be hoping to see ya around the boards my self.

    P.S. MaryAnne- Yes your right! No one, especially me and I'm sure lots of others, can stay away from this place for too long.

  12. Its so awesome that the Dukes are back! I'm so happy that they are. I kinda missed them, especially because mostly I could only watch them on Youtube or when my dad pulled out his DVD's, lol. Anyway, this is the greatest thing to happen to TV in my opinion!

  13. I know I've been gone along while. I tried not to slip away but once school started that kinda went down the drain. Anyway, I'm getting my Dukes vibe back, if that makes sense! Not that I ever lost it. I just caught caught up! Anyway I'm back and hopefully can stay that way this time and not let school and other things overwhelm me too much.

  14. "As long as he doesn't hate me for leaving him or think it's a stupid thing to do because it's gonna be right after I give birth." Lizzy sighs. "But then again what say does he have in my life anymore. He got me pregnant and he left me. And now he's trying to be nice about it but...I don't know I guess I just get the feeling that he feels trapped that I did this to him." Lizzy says.

    Daisy just hugged Lizzy. "I know he doesn't feel trapped. I heard him..He wants to be with you, and he wants to be a family. I know that he loves you." She just looked at her. "But what ever Bo thinks, I'm always here to support you and plus I know you'll be back. We've always been inseprable." Daisy smiled again and hugged Lizzy again.

  15. "You remember that photographer from the pageant?" Lizzy asks. "He sent me a letter in the mail. He wants me to shoot a layout for one of the top woman's magazine in the country. The only problem is, it's a month after I give birth and he says it has to be shot in Macon. That's a hour south of here. I'm not sure I'll be ok with it but I want to do it."

    Daisy smiled. "Whatever you do, I'm here for you, and Bo will be, too. We both know he will. Enos'd do the same for me." She just looked at her best friend, and smiled again. "Don't worry were both going to be okay."

  16. Bo flipped off the TV then picked Lizzy up taking her back down the hallway to their bedroom. "Are you sure?" Bo asked gently.

    "Of course I am." Lizzy answers pulling him to her.

    "Are you worried?" Bo asks sometime later.

    "About what?" Lizzy asks.

    "The baby and where we go from here." Bo says.

    "No. Because I will always have you." Lizzy says.

    Bo smiles. "Good. And I am glad that I'll always have you."

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