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  1. Thank you for your kind words and I did have a great birthday I went to the county fair and got myself a funnel cake. Well my mom bought it but anyway it was great.

  2. yup I'm doing good hope you are too.

  3. Lizzy's just very scared and very worried.

  4. sorry about taking so long to answer I was croping some pics

  5. She thinks that when they killed Artemis it took part of her as well

  6. she's freaked because she thinks the exorcism has changed her. That she can't handle everything

  7. no only you can delete your posts.

  8. hey that last post on ashley and jack's shouldn't be there. Trevor's not introduced until Ashley and matt's

  9. you know I'm not quite sure what to do with how upset people seem to be over this one liner thing. part of me just wants to pull out and say forget it and another part just wants to continue on and a very small piece of me wants to try what they're suggesting.

  10. and by the way Lizzy handed Molly to Luke before she went with Daisy to the jail. She didn't want to take a five year old there.

  11. so why does jimmy's parents want the kids?

  12. what's going on between Clay and Sam again? I've completely forgotten.

  13. i gtg see you...saturday most likely. school then work then a football game tomorrow.

  14. Possibly but...I think he was doing it because Alex promised to help him find his birth parents.

  15. Lizzy's mom had brown eyes. Just like Dawn does.

  16. a few months. Lizzy gave him the last name of Duke but his adoptive parents gave him Carter.

  17. The name Lizzy gave him was Trevor Kyle but the name his adoptive parents gave him was George William

  18. not sure. He might just leave that for salena.

  19. No, he's just trying to get out. he wants a fresh start. He's still going to provide for his boys but...he wants something new.

  20. Hey I should be on around 1230 or 100 eastern if you want to hang around till then.

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