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  1. Woops. It looks like I made a mistake and I'd better clarify it or I might get cuffed and stuffed by Sheriff Rosco.

    Thanks to DaisyMaeDuke for pointing this out to me.

    If you go to "Answered Questions" on the James Best forum and click on the thread "Question" by Sheriff_Rosco_P_Coltrane, you'll read this quote from James Best that proves he did NOT meet his wife on the set of "The Rustlers"

    "Dorothy and I met when I taught an acting school in Hollywood. Years later, we met again through a friend and we have been married ever since."

    Sorry for messing that up Rosco. *holds hand to ear* Is that a siren I hear?

    very few of the fans will get that one right lol my wife played on one show too I don't think I am in the right room good grief roflmao

  2. I produced two movies for burt. gator and The End. and worked with him dozens' of times gun smoke, hooper, the end, and several tv shows i also directed in his theatre in fla. I never met Elvis.

  3. There is no way Warner bros. have the brains to put together a series that would satisfy the ardent duke fans. the proved that with those stupid movies they made with crappy dilouge and over the hill actors. and a no talent leading stripper. I would not want to work in a show without my little chubby buddy. it would never be the same.

  4. Hi Mr. Best,

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. It is quite an honor for all of us!

    I have quite a few questions, but I think the one I will ask first is on a subject that is dear to both our hearts....our puppies.

    How did your love of dogs begin?

    when I first knew what a dog was. it was love at first bite. lol

    i have three, A beagle and two king charles puppies

  5. Hollywood never made me cry. except a few thousand times.
    In my new autobiographical book you can share with me the

    golden age of Hollywood when it had unequaled world class.

    Real actors and actress, who had glamor, intrigue,

    excitement. I will be the first to admit that even in the

    past, and I mean the glorious hay days of Hollywood, it

    was never all sun glasses and autographs. There is nothing

    but truth in my book as I remember it, and I don't name

    names,unless I experienced or was a part of something I

    think might be of interest to you.

    I never intentional put any thing down about anyone

    unless it is something nice, sweet, funny or just plain

    complimentary to that individual. Unless such information

    is a well know fact, and has been witnessed or reported by

    reliable sources. And I don't mean the Hollywood rag magazines.

    If you do read my autobiography be forewarned, you will

    not find it a shock for shock sake type of book, nor was

    it meant to be. If your looking for that kind of cheap

    sensationalism that you find in most of the "smut

    magazine's" now days. Magazines that continually tear

    down Hollywood to its lowest form in order to sell more

    copies of their lies, and half lies. Just plain garbage.

    Let it be known from the start, I wrote this book for

    those who might enjoy the experiences of my life from an

    orphan from Kentucky, who grew up to become a would be rag

    tag actor who attempted to succeed in Hollywood during the

    time when it was really the glamour capital of the world.

    A crowned queen who at that time was in every sense of the

    word, the real golden era of "Hollywood". It is also about

    how I survived in a cruel town where a dream can be

    fulfilled or broken in a heart beat. I am proud that I had

    the opportunity and the courage to do battle with the

    tigers of Hollywood and win, but I must admit, I still

    have the scars to show for it. If your curious, It's all

    in my book. BEST IN HOLLYWOOD


  6. Warner Bros. love the weak willed. they laugh all way to the bank and even after the movie is voted the worst of the year, they make yet another peice of trash for dvd and call it dukes of hazzard too. upgrade your taste for decent movies. you will be supprised when you come out of the theatre and for once think your money for a ticket was well spent. and not have to justify your weakness.

  7. I know what you mean dukefan. I put off going to see it on the big screen but gave in after a few weeks before they pulled it out of the theaters. I'm not sure why I went. I knew I wouldn't like it but curiousity got the best of me.

    I guess you can compare it to driving up to the scene of a bad car accident while they're putting the victims into the ambulance. You don't want to look because you know it's a horrible ugly tragedy but you just can't help peeking.

    but would you pay to see the tragedy I sure hope not.

  8. curiosity killed the cat, but they have 9 lives, as for us, curiosity is our nature, we just have to see for ourselves....lol
    the money you pay warner bros. to see that piece of garbage only makes them put out more of the same. four letter words and dope smoking pot heads. if people patronize these kind of crap then that is all Hollywood is ever going to turn out. I wonder the taste of the cat somtimes
  9. I am so concerned about Al wyatt Jr. He has been a friend for many years as was his dad. His dad was one of the best stunt men in he industry Al Jr. followed in his dad's footsteps and perhaps even surpassed his fathers greatness. Al deserves your prayers and concern. He was so much the glory and greatness of the series and with total dedication to bringing to the show the most awesome stunts and dangerous thrlls and spills that could have been presented to the fans for their pleasure. He never to my knowledge turned down a stunt no matter the element of risk involved. He was tottaly fearless and on top of that modest and a great guy. to know him was to love the man. and he was that .....one heck of man.

    God love him cause I do.

    james best

  10. Dukes of Hazzard:The Beginning will be airing on ABCFAMILY Channel Sunday March 4th,2007 at 8pm EST so yall better mark your calendars.

    If you all want to see a movie that trashes the original concept of the dukes of hazzar, then by all means go listen to four letter words and dope smokin freaks trying to capatlize on the old dukes and completely shredding the family type series that we spent seven years bringing clean entertainment to our youth.

    Now you know the rest of the story rosco

  11. I am sorry you never got to meet rick in person. I think he is one of the most talented and cheerful actors that I had the privlige to work with on the dukes. He could have left early for a number of reasons. I knowl if you suddenly get ill, or they have you pulled away for some radio interview or any number of reasons above and beyond your desire. I am sure rick loves his fans, as we all do. to neglect anyone is the least of our desires. I know rick and I know it was for a good reason he left early. thanks for understanding. rosco

  12. Have had several roles that were difficult one was ,,,night on a rainbow rebel tv show i had to play a civil war vet. That was hooked on drugs and had to go through withdrawal. Not being a druggie it was a hard show to do. the other one was rolling thunder where I said a bad word and did some terrible things to a char in that movie.

  13. March 14-15, 2009 sees a return of the annual POW Days program at Andersonville NHP, Georgia after a two year hiaitus.

    On the Fox Atlanta interview that John gave the week before the 30th anniversary Dukesfest he said that the first part of the show was shot in Conyers, Covington and Social Circle, Georgia about twenty miles or so east-southeast of Atlanta.

    Well, that's on the way down there to Andersonville from the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC.

    So, can anyone make any recommendations on how to tour the areas where Dukes of Hazzard was shot at the beginning part of the TV show? Is there a museum nearby? Can anyone recommend restuarants nearby?

    Thanks !

    I recently dressed like rosco and drove my patrol car down where we shot the original five shows of the dukes. I visited the old boars nest and uncle jessie's home place and several other locations. I put them on a dvd which you can find on my web page if you are interested.

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