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Bobbi and Jenyfer got up to go to school.  Christmas Break was coming up plus they had a cheerleading competition. Bobbi and Jen looked for ward to this every year . The Varsity Cheerleaders of Hazzard High worked extremely hard for this day. Jenyfer started to feel ill . She went to the chalk board to explain how she got an answer to a math problem.  When she got  to the board she  collapsed. The Teacher  Miss Wilson went over to Jen and felt her fore head . She told the other classmates she is burning up with. fever. 1 went to get the school Nurse and she came in and took Jen's temperature and it read 103.4 . The Nurse went to call the Duke Farm . Daisy answered the phone and got on the CB to Bo and  Luke to have them pick Jen up from school that she was burning up with a fever and they needed to get her to. a doctor right away.


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The School Nurse took Jen to the clinic and had her lay on the bed in her office and put a cold cloth over her forehead. The Nurse put her hand on her forehead and said she felt really hot and was really burning with a fever. The nurse then called a Doctor and talked to him about it and told her that Jen will need to be admired to the hospital right away . The Doctor informed the School Nurse if Jenyfer was not admitted to the hospital right away the temperature and go higher and it could kill her. The Nurse called an ambulance and the medics took  Jen to the Hospital. The Medics  put an IV in her to help bring down the fever.  

Jen's identical twin sister drove Christine back to the Duke Farm . Uncle Jesse asked were is your sister . Bobbi told her she got taken to the hospital by the medics and had a fever so high she had to be admitted to the hospital. Jesse waited until the rest of the family came home and informed them what was going on . . The Dukes and Bobbi went to go see Jen at the Hospital .  Bo asked the Nurse what room Jen was in . The Dr  who was taking care of Jen told the Dukes and her sister that he got the temperature down but he wants to keep her so he can keep an eye in case the temperature goes back up. the Dukes understood and asked if they could see her the Dr said I sedated her so she can rest but y'all can come back tomorrow during visiting hours. the Dukes and Bobbi went back to the farm to have dinner ,. Then Bobbi went in the room she shared with her sister and did her homework assignments and prepared for a acouple of tests.  

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