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NASCAR season 2005.....

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Jeff Gordon ??? Oh Lord please help Garrett Duke through this and show him the way...

I like Dale Jr. and Dale Sr. will always be my favorite driver in NASCAR, may his soul rest in peace. I am also ABG! Anybody but Gordan.

Dang ol' Gordo pulled it off.....and Busch 2nd..... :x .....

Jr had a great run to take the lead. Gordon did a good job of staying up front and doing it at the end. Stewart and Jr had no friends at the end. Johnson blocked Stewart up high into the wall, which is a no-no. and they banged , great save by Stewart. That is 2 incidents that Johnson were involved in ( The wreck with Harvick in the Duel on Thurs) that he passed the blame on. Now JJ is my list of drivers I can't stand....

I guess my picks didn't work out now....On to Cali now, still wishing it was Rockingham though

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Ok y'all rip and pull at Gordon and now you want me to keep my mouth shut? LOL...just joking. :lol:

Just think of it this way...Daytona was just a preview of what is to come from Gordon this year...khee. :wink:

I personally think yesterday's race was a great race, but then again I am biased. I am sure last year when JR won, y'all were estatic...now it's my turn. LOL. :D

And for Jr...I think he did pretty good. I mean he came from thirtyth spot to first for a moment or two only to be knocked down to third place. Third isn't so bad...not the best, but not the worst by all means.

Then again...all that is of an opinion from a Gordon fan. NASCAR is such a fun sport...not only in the racing but in the chosing of the drivers. Everyone has a different driver to root for...it seems like either you really like a driver or you despise them. It never gets boring...that's for dang sure...lol. :)

-Garrett Duke- :D

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Never said that anyone had to root for Jeff Gordon. :wink: Once again, just expressing my opinion...again. LOL.

California should be just as interesting. Me personally, I think Gordon has another great shot at winning or being in the top five at least. This'll be his season...I can feel it. :D LOL.

-Garrett Duke-

#1 Gordon fan and proud of it :)

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Alright, I changed the title of this thread to Nascar season 2005....Daytona is over and racin' has started ....Let's keep this thread going for the whole season , if our Mods let us. Maybe our Mods could open up a new section of just racin'? just a thought..

I hope there will be no bashing because of what drivers we like . Some friendly nudging is OK...LOL...NASCAR is a family sport and let's keep it that way around these parts .


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:D Sounds good to me about the NASCAR thread...I could talk Jeff Gordon...uh I mean NASCAR all day if given the chance. LOL.

As far as who's the man of NASCAR really is...I trully think you both are confused and have it WAY WRONG. Because....


-Garrett Duke-

#1 Jeff Gordon fan and proud of it :D

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Wow... Brian an i have a common interest in a race care driver. Interesting...

Im a fan of the Earnharts, but I aint so much a fan of Jr. I dont like the man himself, but his Father was the best. But since his fathers gone, I'd have to give Jeff Gordon alot of credit, I like him too.

Thats is... when I get time between all the other things I do to following racing anymore. :-(


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