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John Schneider 1/29 & 1/30 2011 - Canton Hot Rod & Custom Bike Show


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If it's 25 dollars I think I'll pass. I'm more interested in getting my picture taken with him and talking to him for a little while.

Hopefully we'll hear from DaisyMae. We still haven't heard any reports about how things went in Niagara Falls. It would have been nice to see both of them together (John and Tom). I missed it because I don't have a passport and I had to go to my grandson's birthday party.

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Does anyone have an idea of what John might charge for an autograph at this?

Read event reviews from the past 2 years, it ranges from $15 to $25.

Thank you in advance!

When John was at Megacon in March, 2011 in Orlando, FL, The guy he was with charged $20 for a pic. Later, "Froggies" charged $40 to have a pic with John. John, however, is a really nice, humble guy who does not like to "make money" on fans, but can't change rules, of course. Well, my son was taking a pic of me with John, but the pic did not come out on my phone. I waited in line all over again and gave him $20. John said, "hey, weren't you just here?" I told him yes, but the pic did not come out. John made the manager guy actually hand me back $20 because knew I was being truthful. I thought he was amazing. Also, sitting at the table, the people at the convention said JOhn would only sign pics, and you couldn't take a pic with him. But he didn't care, and lots of people took pics with him. Also, right next to hm was, Hercules. He was just as nice and didn't get sticky about signing or taking pic with him. Nice guy, very regular.

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