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Davenport Family Reunion:Shes Back!!


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After Lori and Luke were done before the equipment was put it turned it to a live Kareokee night as someone suggested that Luke and Dixie sing one. Dixie hadn't made it to Nashville, hadn't tried. But, she often sang with Luke on nights like this at the Boar's Nest. When they were teens Jeb Duke had a band and often seeked help on songs with a lot of bass in it before his voice got deeper. This is how Dixie had so many opportunities to sneak sips of Luke's beer that she was holding for him. The crowd was loving. It seemed as everyone in Hazzard had sung something. When someone asked Luke or Dixie to sing. On nights like these it ususally wasn't hard to get them out of their chairs. Dixie felt that she couldn't hold a candle to Lori but the crowd was insisting. When she got up she asked the table what they wanted to hear. The answer had been a song that Luke wrote for her years ago but the song was never sang until after they were married. Dixie smiled. It was time for a little revenge! When she went up to the band she told them the song. SHe knew Luke would know it before his cue to come in. The music began:

Luke started the song off perfectly:

Your mama used to worry about that big muddy river

Honey do your remember?

You let the screen door slam when you stepped off the front porch

Then your mama calling don't be late

And I'd hear your daddy holler "Son she's my only daughter"

You'd stick your nose in the honeysuckle down by the gate

I could still hear your mama calling "don't go near the water"

We fell right in

Went over our head

But we didn't go near the water

Nothing beats the young and sweet

And the nights got hotter and hotter

We were sure enough getting our feet wet mama

But we didn't go near the water

We'd hear the rocking chair squeaking

As you sneaked up the back stairs

Mama waiting like a grizzly bear

Had to get the honeysuckle out of your hair

But in the morning light

You'd look her right in the eye

It wasn't a lie

We didn't go near the water

We fell right in

Went over our head

But we didn't go near the water

Nothing beats the young and sweet

And the nights got hotter and hotter

We were sure enough getting our feet wet mama

But we didn't go near the water

Your mama used to worry about that big muddy river

She should've worried about me

'Cause we were sure enough getting our feet wet mama

But we didn't go near the water

Didn't go near the water

Didn't go near the water yeah *******

The crowd were crazy and wanted them to do more. Dixie declined gracefully. "Luke it's getting late. I was on my way to tell you I was heading home when they wanted us to sing. I'm just a bit tired. You know the drill. Guess you can expect that for a couple months anyway huh?"

Luke replied, "Ah, ....... yeah, ...... I'm sorry bout you feeling tired. Let's talk in the morning before we spring this on everyone."

Dixie replied, "My tougths exactly. But, I know Uncle Jesse and Daisy know or at least think they do."

Luke replied, "Yeah they are good at that. I'll catch Bo home. Take my truck." He gently kissed his wife as she left for home.


Dixie really didn't want to leave but she was tired. She didnt' know which worse being tired or being sick, but she was lucky with Jesse Allen and only got sick a handfull of times. She went out to Luke's king cab truck and started for home.


Luke returned to the table.

Cooter asked, "Where did Dixie get off too?"

Luke replied, "She went home. Said she was tired."

Beth heard bells ringing loudly. Dixie drank Diet Cokes and was tired. She had also thougth she'd heard her in the bathroom a couple times sick. 'Oh, Lord!' she thought.


Back at the Duke farm, Uncle Jesse looked to Little Luke, "Son, sometimes two people just can't get along well enough to live together no matter how much they love their children. I'm sure with your Mother's last show being tonight that they will both help you understand more about why they ain't together. But, I will tell you this, I know they both love you. Ok?"

"K", said a sleepy little Duke.


*******This was actually a Sammy Kershaw hit but for the story purposes, Luke wrote it.

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Lori smiled as she liatened to Dixie and Luke sing, she knew what Dixie was doing and it didnt bother her any. She watched as she left and wondered why. Lori got up and walked to the table were Luke and the others sat.Everyone looked to her and smiled,"Great job Lori."

She nodded sipping on her beer, first beer she drank since Jesse Lukas' birth. Cooter looked to Beth and them and nodded, as it was getting late fer him as well. Everyone got up as well and left. cept fer luke who looked to her and smiled."You did a great job."

Lori smiled and said,"Yea you wasnt bad yerself."

Luke looked to her and down at his hands. "Listen, uh..... I was wondering Lor, are we actually going to tell them bout our highschool romance?"

Loro nodded,"Yea, itll help them understand why me an you love each other and arent IN love with each other."

Luke nodded,"Ok, were do we began?"

Lori looked to him and...........

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Lori looked to him and replied, "Well, if I remember this correctly, I was right after you and Robin had split up. I think..."

Luke finished, "The year or so I was out ta get what I could from who ever was available? ....... you really want me to tell our five year old that???" He looked at her, "Why can't we just tell him that we once loved each other but weren't on love with each other. Couldn't live together and wanted what was best for him." He glared at her, "And you can never hold it over my head or say that I didn't do my part with him financially, anyway. Whether you let me know him or about him is on YOU, but I paid what was order upon my insistance, whether you needed it or wanted it.

Lori ...............

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Lori shook her head,"Luke it cant be that gosh dang simple!!"

She set her beer down and rubbed her head,"Luke....hes gonna wanna know anyways, and we're gonna have to bring it up sometime or another."

"APPARENTLY you dont remember highschool, too much do you?" Lori spoke

Lori said,"No, I wasn't after Robin was, I was beofre, WAYYY beofre!"

Luke winced at her tone,"Im sorry!! geesh!!!"

Luke looked to her,"Go ahead then and tell me, considerin im lost!!"

Lori punched his arm,"You dummy!!"

I remember, unlike yuo, like it was yesterday............


"Wke up Lori!!!"

Dixie said trying to wake up her cousin beofre she was late for the bus. Lori rolled over and smacked Dixie, groaning, Dixie..................

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Dixie said trying to get Lori up to catch the bus. This was the first day back after Chirstmas vacation. "Lori, how are ya gonna get up next year an hour earlier for high school if you can't get up now??" Dixie asked.

Lori pulled the covers over her head and attempted to go back to sleep.


The Duke farm was another scene totally, Luke had milked the cow and goat, feed them and the chickens and washing up for breakfast.

Jesse reminded him, "Luke Bo's still has choirs to do before breakfast and school."

"Yes, Sir." Luke replied. He had left his cousins choirs for him too. Any other time he'd have at least helped but last night Bo refused to go to bed and now didn't want to wake up. Luke headed off to try to get him up. THis was the part about Christmas vacation that Luke hated most. Trying to get Bo back on schedule!


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Lori groaned and and threw the covers off,"Im up! im up!!"

Lori trudged into the bathroom to shower, the water was cold!


Cooter jolted up from the breakfast table and ran for his room, as Lori came out wrapped in a towel,"Ill beat yer brains in boy!!!"

Luther walked through the house and grabbed Lori by the arm,"Hurry up young lady, these two are ready, you aint!!"

Lori nodded going in to put on a little white skirt, with a pink tank top, wearing a levi jacket over it. She walked out her hair pulled back and curled. She smacked Cooter as he walked by. Grabbing a muffin for she left, she kissed luther on the cheek and ran out after the bus.

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Loir walked to the back of the bus and sat in front of Luke, she kept on looking over her shoulders at him. Cooter sat with Bo and Dixie sat with Daisy. Lori saved a seat all to herself so her friedn Mylinda could sit with her. Shed hope luke would sit with her. Next stop was Mylinda, come to find out Mylinda was sick that day so Lori had to sit by herself, Cooter kept bugging her,"Lori loves l......"

"Cooter, leave her alone!!!" Luke said as he turned to face him, Lori turned to Luke, "Thanks."


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Lori got up and stepped infront of Luke walking to the front of the bus and getting off.

Lori saw some of her friends and ran to go and talk to them.

"Hey guys!! guess who just asked me tothe movies?!!"

They looked to Lori,"Who?"

Lori squealed and said,"Luke Duke!!"

they all squealed and looked to him, luke winked at Lori and smiled. Cooter looked at Luke with looks that could kill,"NO WAY!!!"

Cooter said in a loud tone. Lukejumped,"What?"

Cooter:yuo aint taking my baby couisn on no dates!!

Luke rolled his eyes,"Sure I am, soon as i ask uncle jesse if helltake me and her."

Cooter rolled his eyes at Luke walking off with Bo.

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Lori hung the phone up and quickyl ran to get ready, Dixie stood in her doorway as Lori let her hair hang loose, curling it. Lori was sooo nervouse. Dixie started laughing at her,Lori flew mad and chased Dixie through the house. Dixie screamed,"DADDY!! SHES TRYIN TO KILL ME!!!!"

Luther rolled his eyes, same as Cooter, and went and broke the two up. Lori could hear Uncle Jesse's truck pull up and she got a little wobbly on the knees. Luke went to the door and knocked on it,"Hello Mr.Davenport, im here t'get Lori."

Luther nidded approvingly,"here she is."

Lori had a pretty little pink dress on."Hi..Luke!"

Luke smiled to her and motioned fer her to come on. Luke took her by the hand as they walked to the Trucj, Uncle Jesse smiling.

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And that would be their first date. Lori could still tell you which movie they had watched. Though they had only watched enough of the movie to be able to tell what had happened. The rest of the time they spent necking and she found out that Luke did have a wandering hand or two. But, Lori was able to divert them and keep them half way in line.


"Yeah, Ok, I remember Uncle Jesse took us to the movie then we stopped off for a pizza at the dinner." Luke did remember but was sunk if she asked him which movie it was. He'd taken a lot of girls to the movies for evenings much like this one. "And, I believe that was the night I let you wear my jacket (A denium one much like the one he always wore, but a bit smaller as he hadn't 'filled out' yet.) and you wore it til we broke up." Luke remember that because it was his favorite jacket and it had annoyed him, yet Lori never knew that.

Lori was finishing her beer. Luke's was long since gone. "Ya want another beer before we head out." It just sank in that all the others had left. "I hope you have Midnight with you or we're walking."

Lori said, "Yeah, I sure do."

"I was going to catch Bo home but looks like he deserted me."


At the Duke farm, Lori came in quietly. Jesse was reading in his chair. He answered the question that she hadn't answered, "A little cookies and milk and a story about Luke's first fish -- they were out like a light."

Dixie smiled, "Let me go check on them and change."

Jesse knew she would go check. He nodded. "Want some coffee?"

Dixie replied, "Can ya make it tea? Or I'll get it went I come back?"

Jesse replied, "Hot or cold?"

"If there's any left ice, if not hot is good. You know me, I ain't picky." Dixie said.

Jesse smiled. Indeed he did know her, well, maybe too well. He was expecting her to decline the coffee.

Dixie returned in a long nightshirt with joggers under it. These were her normal 'comfy' clothes. She looked at Jesse and asked, "So ya think I should have dressed up since I have competition in town?"

Jesse looked at her, "Do you really think after all this that she's competition?"

Dixie sighed, "I don't know"

He saw the tears forming. "Honey if you were worried why did you come home with out him?"

"I said I was tired and I really was.. He obviously wasn't." Dixie said taking a sip of her ice tea and curling her feet up beside her on the couch.

Jesse asked, "Is there a reason for your being tired?"

Dixie smiled at him warmly, and said quietly, "I knew you knew."

"Does Luke know?" Jesse asked.

Dixie nodded 'yes', "We went to see Doc today. He said to tell you that you had another Duke on the way."

Jesse looked at Dixie a minute before contining, "Well, that always warms my heart to hear. The more the merrier." He paused, "Luke's reaction."

Dixie shook it off and said, "We were pretty sure about what Doc would say, but we haven't talked about it since then. I hope to wait until we do before we tell everyone. Jesse he's worried. You know the finances. We should have been more careful and waited."

Jesse replied, "Finances! Hah! There's been more than one Duke that showed up before their parents finances were ready. Honey there's always enough food in this here house to feed one more, thank the good Lord. Now don't you or Luke worry about that."

Dixie replied, "No we're just suppose to let Uncle Jesse worry?"

"When I'm not able to worry, I promise to give that job to your husband and let him worry not just about ya'lls brood but the entire clan. Deal?" Jesse asked with a bit of mischief in his eyes.

"Now, wait a minute! If he's worrying about the entire clan, guess who'll be worried too??" She acting hurt.

Jesse replied, "That's why I told you not to worry NOW!"

"Jesse Duke you are evil!" she laughed.

"Remember, behind every good man is a good woman." Jesse said. "You are a good woman, Honey, but I hate to tell I had the best." He finished his coffee. "Now, don't you set up all night and fret about him. He'll be along."

Dixie smiled, "He said he'd catch Bo home. I think I'll wait up for just awhile."

Jesse nodded. He knew she'd be on the couch until Luke came home. "Oh, I'll keep ya'll secret, but you can't hide it long."

"I know. Daisy's suspicious too. I was drinking Diet Coke tonight. So I'm sure she'll be full of questions tomorrow." Dixie replied. "Love ya Uncle Jesse."

"Love you all too." he said as he went to his room.


Dixie was almost asleep on the couch when the sound of the General Lee pulling in easy woke her. She smiled and thought, 'Ya think by now they'd know that me and Jesse hear that in our sleep no matter how quiet they come in and that it doesn't phases the kids no matter how loud they bring him in. She was smiling right up until she saw only Bo and Beth come in and shut the door.

Bo saw the questions coming and wanted to duck.

Beth saw it coming and was trying to get out of the line of fire in case Dixie threw anything at Bo.

Bo was the first to say anything, "What did I do?" he asked carefully.

Dixie stated, "Luke? Where's Luke? He was supposed to ride home with YOU!"

Bo's eyes were fully open. He had been sleepy, but he wasn't now. "No one told me that or I'd have brought him. He'll likely ride home with Daisy. I'll call" he said hoping this was enough to get both him and Luke out of trouble. Bo made the call then hung up. "Charlie said Daisy left just behind us. Said she wasn't closing on a night she wasn't supposed to have worked to begin with."

Dixie asked, "Did you talk to Luke."

Bo let out a heavy sigh, "No. Seems he left a few minutes later. He should be here soon."

Dixie knew that Charlie the bartender knew 'everything', "So who's giving him a ride?" She asked a lot calmer than she was right now. Her brown eyes were quickly warming to orange with maybe with a bit of green from the green eyed monster.

"Charlie said he overheard Luke when he noticed we had all left, ask Lori if she had Midnight." Bo did duck as he said this. "He said they finished a second beer and left."

The beer count was good information from Charlie. She'd thank him next time she saw him. At least she knew Luke was not even on his way to beign drunk if he only drank 2 water down beers. She glanced at the clock. "He's got thiry minutes from ten minutes ago!" she said figuring Bo had been home about ten minutes."

Bo sighed. There was no use in even getting comfortable because he would offer to go look for them in now eighteen minutes if Luke wasn't home. He didn't think Dixie stand for it but he'd offer. Sixteen minutes. 'Come on LUKE.' Bo pleaded silently.

He still had ten minutes when Daisy came in. She was wondering why everyone was up Beth nodded and they went to Daisy's room while she changed. Daisy was given the short version as Luke's time was ticking down. They both returned to the kitchen knowing that if Luke wasn't home soon all he-- was going to break loose. When they came in the kitchen everything was silent as the clock ticked down and the temperature of Dixie's eye was going up.

Bo knew it was cause since Luke wasn't there, Dixie was staring a hole through HIM. He'd bet that she didn't even realize it at the time but she was. Bo was thinking, 'Luke come ON. I was taking my time and you and Lori drive like I do....' Three minutes left.

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Lori smiled,"Didnt desert ya, just didn't know s'all."

Luke nodded as they brung another round of beer to the table. Lori began to laugh a little to herself. Luke smiled looking to her,"What?"

Lori looked to him,"Member that night, when we got home around midnight?"

Luke shook his head,"Yea, Uncle Jesse tanned my hide, not to metion Cooter and Luther."

Loir laughed,"Yea... Dixie was so mad at me she couldnt see straight."

Luke laughed,"Sounds like her."

Lori looked at her beer,"Yea, youlet me wear yer jacket home that night to, and keep it. I slept in that thing."

Luke laughed and took a sip of his beer.

Lori sighed,"But I knew I wouldn't last long though, I wasn;t like Robin was."

Luke almost chocked on his beer,"Well......that was partyl my fault on that part."

Lori looked to him,"Dont ya think I didn't know that."

Luke looked down,"I guess."

Lori smiled,"But we had another chance, for a loooong time our jr./senior year though didn't we?"

Luke remembered those days, THOSE were the GOOOOD days.

Luke smirked,"How can I forget."

Lori began telling him, Luke hanging on to every word.


Lori got up one morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, it was the beginning of her Jr. year of highschool, another year without Luke she thought. She got up and went to the shower and took a quickie, before Cooter had the chance too. She went in her room and put on a pair of jeans with holes in the knees and a pink tank-top, see through none the less. She put her boots on an dpulled her hair back in a half pontytail, and curling her long bangs. She put some make-up on, not much, you could barely tell. She walked out and sat at the breakfast table, smiling to everyone. Dixie rolled her eyes and said,"Trying t' get noticed?"

Loir threw a muffin at her,"No!!"

Luther rolled his eyes and looked to them,"Girlsss...."

"Sorry sir," they both said in unison. The bus was coming as Lori jumped up from the table drinking her orange juice. She was a fast runner a sshe was the first on the bus, she played softball for the Hazzard County Highschoolteam.She walked on out of breath making her way to the back of the bus, the Dukes hadn't mad eit on apparently.


Meanwhile at the Duke farm, Luke was rushing to get dressed as him and Bo had overslept, He'd been thinking of Lori that morning for some reason. Bo was up and ou the door as they heard the bus go by again,Luke struggled to put his boots on hopping out the door. They ran full speed to get to the bus, when they arrived the doors flung open and both climbed on out of breath.Lori's heart raced when she saw Luke..... Luke looked to her and.....

B.L in the meantime was in the back aggravatin Lori over Luke.

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Luke stopped Lori in midthought, "We can finish this trip down memory lane on the way home. Come on. Remember farm life starts early and I'm sure we're all gonna have our hands full with a couple excited five year olds."

Lori started to say something smart but held back. She knew he was right. Being in a new place Little Luke was going to be up early and bouncing with excitment. "Yeah your right." she sighed.

They went out, got in Midnight and headed towards the Duke farm. They were almost there when they heard a strange noise. It took only a second for them both to realized what it was. They both said, "Tire."

Lori pulled the car over to a level spot near the side of the road.

Luke asked, "Tell me you have a spare and jack?"

"Of course I do."Lori answered, then sighed, "Problem is going to be getting to it. Everything we own is in this trunk."

Luke was sliding out the window, "Guess we better get started moving it, huh?"

Lori could have thought of more pleasant things to do but followed Luke to the trunk.


Bo watch Dixie as time was up for Luke to get home. She walked toward him.

"Dixie I'll go see if I can find them." Bo offered.

Dixie's orange eyes glared at him. "NOT a chance."

Bo asked, "Want me to come with you?" He sure hoped Luke was where he was supposed to be or their might just be a double murder in Hazzard County.

Dixie replied.......................

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Dixie replied taking the keys,"Lets go!!" she stormed out of the house and hopped in the general Bo tagging along. She sped off back towards the Boar's Nest.


Meanwhile Luke and Lori were struggling to pull the clothes out of the trunk of the car. "Jesus Lori what did you pack, the entire house?"

Lori snorted at him,"No, Luke I didnt! I planned on staying a week or so here then Im leaving t' go back to Nashville."

With a small pull and looking to Lori he stopped,"Do ya always have t' leave?"

Lori rolled her eyes,"yes, I do."

Luke groaned,"Lori, come on let Little Luke go to school here like we did."

Lori stopped packing fer a minute,"Let him turn out to have TWO wandering hands like you did then?"

Luke turned red in the face,"Well...no...., but he is a Duke."

Lori rolled her eyes,"Yea bout as bad as being a Davenport."

there had been some clothes laying on the floor of thre trunk Luke wnet to pick them up and put them in a suitcase when he picked up one of Lori's delicates. He turned blood red. Lori saw him and had to laugh,"Lukas!! you know better than that!!"

Luke shook his head finally finding the jack and the spare. Lori pulled the spare tire out, Luke grabbing the jack, they worked on the tire, as they heard the General's tires squeal to a hault.

Dixie stomped out,"Lukas!!!"

Luke jumped up,"What??"

Lori got up and put the other tire and the things back in the back. "Don't worry none Dix, nothing happened we were changing a tire!! my god cant even trust yer own husband or cousin."

Dixie hung her head in shame Bo letting out a sigh of relief.

Luke looked to Dixie,"you dotn trust me?"


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Dixie saw what was going on and it was innocent. She looked at Luke and told the truth, "Sure, Honey I trust YOU. I was just worried about ya'll is all. " But she was thinking that she didn't trust Lori and that she trusted Luke most of the time in most situations but this wasn't one of them.

Bo let out a sigh of relief. "Luke hang on, I'll get the air tools. We'll have this knocked out in no time."

Luke nodded. He was a bit peeved at his wife but didn't want to start anything right now.

Lori just ......

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Lori just shrugged and smirked to Dixie,"You can;t get to me no more couisn, cause I don't care."

Lori climbed in the Midnight Rider starting her up. She sat there with her arm propped on the window rolling her eyes, when Bo walked to the window and gave Lori the ok signal she smiled and burned rubber getting the heck outta dodge.

Dixie jumped back alittle cussin at Lori, Luke walked to Dixie and put his arm around her taking her back to the general and getting in.


Lori pulled into the farm and quielty walked in, "Uncle Jesse?? were's Little Luke, Im going to take him to Cooter's and get outta here."

Uncle Jesse pointed to were he was and gently got up taking Lori by the arm,"Dont go, let him stya and get to know his family."

Lori looked to the dear old man and stared him in the eyes,"With all do respect sir, I don't want him to know this family, its ot you and you know who im talking about, Id love fer him to get to know you, cause you WERE my father, but Uncle Jesse, I just....."

Uncle Jesse stopped her, with a small tear in his eye,"I understand, but Lori, He'll want to know his father someday, and he already loves Luke, but please don't hold him back from his family."

Lori looked down,"I don't intend to hold him back, Im not ready fer him to meet his family, he can when Im dead and gone, but not now."

Lori hugged Uncle Jesse and smiled,"I love ya Uncle Jesse and Im glad that my son got to meet his great uncle jesse."

Jesse squeezed her tightly as Luke and Dixie walked in Bo too, they all looked to them and wondered what was going on.

Dixie whispered in Luke's ear,"We need to talk later."

Luke sighed and nodded.

Uncle Jesse looked to Lori and said..........

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Uncle Jesse looked to Lori and said, "It's late Lori, just let Luke sleep tonight and if ya have to go, then you can go tomorrow."

Luke was about to fly off the handle, the veins in his neck had tensed when he came in on the conversation. "Lori it's 2 in the morning. Let him sleep." Luke said standing slightly between her and the boys room.

Lori started by him.

Luke put his arm in front of her. "Lori, NO! He's asleep, leave him be until morning or I'll have Rosco out her before ya can wake him. You don't drag children out of bed at 2 am. You said he could stay before he went to bed. If you didn't want him to then maybe you should have refrained from going out partying and been a mother!"

Jesse was watching Luke carefully. He knew Luke was right, but he didn't want Luke to be the one Rosco carted off if he did have to be called.

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Lori stopped dead and stared at him,"You dont let me get MY son, then ill have Rosco out here on YOU for kidnapping and we'll wake everyone up 5 counties over cause we're fighting like the hatfileds and McCoys!"

Lori looked to him,"Why on God's green earth would I even dare stay in under this roof with YOU?!!!!!!!!"

Luke dropped his head,"I didn't say you stay I just said let HIM stay."

Lori looked to Luke with an icy glare,"Get out of my way, Im not letting my child stay here without me around."

Luke looked to her,"Why think I can't be a good enough parent."

Lori looked to luke,"NO!"

Luke swallowed hard his glare softening up from a tear in his eye.

Lori stopped looking to her watch,"Besides, I wasn't the onlyone out partying now was I daddy??"

Luke turned blood red,"Lori yer really pushing my buttons..."

Lori smirked,"Good, just like old times........"

Lori whirled around to Luke,"Besides why should you care soo much bout Little Luke you've got Little Jesse! and another on the way!!"

Dixie walked over to Lori,"How'd you know?"

Lori rolled her eyes,"I aint as dumb as what everyone thinks I am!!"

Luke stood firm,"Because d--- Little Lukas is MY son too whether you wnt that or not, he was MY first son!"

Dixie looked to Luke and swallowed hard. He was right, but she knew that didnt mean he didnt love little jesse or the new arrival, did it?

Uncle Jesse stepped up and raised his voice..............

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Uncle Jesse stepped up and raised his voice, "Now ya both just settle down here! Right NOW! Or, ya'll is gonna wake them up your own self. This is ya'lls fight not them kids! You both need to grow up and do what's right for them. Now, Lori you are welcome here as long as it is my house! You can stay or go, that's up to you, but I agree with Luke here that it's not good to drag kids out at this hour. And, Luke may have been out partying but he had the good scense to leave both his children in my care. You doubt him being a good father. Do you doubt that I'd let anything happen to either them boys while I around? But, I'll not have either of you using them boys as weapons against each other in my house!"


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Lori smirked,"And thats why Im taking Little Jesse Lukas and leaving."

Lori walked in under Luke's arm as she headed in the room to get him. Uncle Jesse hollered at her,"Lori!! Lori dont do it!!"

Luke rolled his eyes and walking in throwing Lori over his shoulder carrying her out,Lori began beating on his back, she brung her foot up and kicked him tween the legs, luke dropped her as he cupped his hands slowyl going down, Lori swept her hair out from her eyes and sighed,"So sorry lukas, but you dont EVER come between me and my child, nor will you stop. none of you will."

Lori looked to Uncle Jesse as he had hurt her by the words he had spoken to her. She shook her head as Uncle Jesse began to speak,"No Jesse, I mean no disrespect, but Ive had enough of BOTH families, and No Jesse I dont doubt that you'd let anything happen to them."

Uncle Jesse dropped his head and rubbed his head, Dixie walked over to Lori and slugged her one. knocking her out, Little Lukas woke up seeing his mother and his father in the floor,"Whats going on he asked?"

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Dixie started towards him, when Beth nodded that she'd get him. She walked into the room and closed the door to comfort the child.

Luke was up and headed to the phone.

Bo looked to Jesse with concern.

Jesse nodded, 'no' to leave him alone.

Bo knew it was about to hit the fan.

"Rosco, this is Luke Duke. Can you come out to the farm? Lori Davenport is out here and we're having a bit of a disagreement." Luke explained. This is another situation he didn't stop to think completely through.

"KEW! Kew! Kew! I'll be right there! Yes, indeed!" Rosco was no longer mad at being woke up. He was up and on his way hoping to maybe arrest a Duke!

Bo was thinking quicker than Luke and his conclusions weren't looking good. He went over to Lori and was going to check her out.

Luke hissed, "Don't wake her up!"

Jesse looked at Luke. "She needs to wake up. Get me a cold towel."

"I know." He sighed, getting a clean dish towel wet, "Just didn't want to deal with her before Rosco gets here.

Dixie was standing back watching them try to wake Lori up when Rosco skidded in. She went to the door and opened it.

Rosco came in took one look at Lori who was still out. "Alright Luke Duke your under arrest! KEW! Kew! Kew! I love it! I just Love my job!"

Jesse spoke up, "Just hold up there a minute Rosco!"

Dixie cut Jesse off, "Rosco if you think Luke hit her, you are mistaken. I did!"

Rosco was a bit surprised.

"Get her awake and ask her. I'll just go get dressed, OK" Dixie said.

Luke looked at her, "Dressed?"

"Well, I don't really want to go to jail in my night clothes." Dixie turned to leave.

Bo gave Luke a look that said, 'Jumped the gun didn't you.'

Rosco asked, "Ok, can someone tell me what she done to get knocked out?"

Luke was more than happy to, "I called you because she didn't have enough scense to leave Jesse Lucas sleep here til morning after letting him stay with Jesse all evening. She wanted him woke up at this hour."

Rosco agreed, "Well, that ain't good but it's not illegal. Did she hit anyone or anything?"

Luke stretched the truth a bit but said, "Well, when I tried to block the doorway she pushed me out of the way."

"So she put her hands on you?" Rosco clerified.

Luke replied, "Yes."

After getting her awake, Rosco told Lori, "Miss you are under arrest for battery on Luke Duke."

Lori said, "WHAT?!?! I'm the one hurt!"

Rosco asked, "And who hit you?"

Lori replied, "Dixie."

"That's what she said. She'll be going with us." Rosco explained.

Dixie returned to the kitchen dressed in casual clothes. "I'm waiting on you Rosco."

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Lori got up and jerked her arms away from Rosco pushing pass Dixie and slamming the door shut going out to the cop car and opened the door and set down cuffing herslef with cuffs that were already in there. Rosco looked around as Lori was already gone and in the car, Dixie waited on Rosco as he cuffed her and walked her out to the car. Jesse Lukas run into the living room with tears streaming down his face looking to Luke and the others,"WH....WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY MOMMY?!!!!! I THOUGHT YOU PEOPLE WAS NICE!!!!"

Luke looked down at the fear struckened, angry child,"Son, im sorry but yer mother was going to wake you up and we didn't..........."

"I want mommy and I want her now!!!!!!!!!!"

Uncle Jesse looked to Luke with a 'ohh boy' look on his face.

Luke looked down to him,"Well thats going to be hard considering shes gone right now, to get straightened out."

Jesse Lukas set down in the floor and began to cry, Jesse walked over to the scared boy and picked him up rocking him, "Tomorrow we'll take you and see her, if ya go to sleep right now you'll see her sooner."

The little boy nodded dozing off. Luke walked over picking him up and carrying him to the bedroom, laying him in the bed, rubbing back his soft curls.


Meanwhile at the jailhouse Lori and Dixie were fighting a battle all on their own.

Lori looked in th efamiliar cell,"Home sweet home."

Dixie snorted at her. Lori rolled her eyes,"Look don't talk to me I wont talk to you, go tit?"

Dixie nodded as she didn't feel like hearing her start her mouth. Lori stretched out on the bunk,"How long this time Rosco, 30 days...a year??"

Rosco snorted,"Not that long, just until you calm down."

Lori smirked,"Alls I wanted to do was get ym kid away from that place can ya blame me?"

Rosco looked to her,"Well no."

Loir nodded,"Alright then."

Dixie meanwhile........

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