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  1. Del McCoury is great. Speaking of the English influence they do a great cover of Richard Thompson's Vincent Black Lightning 1952, and an old English ballad about sailors in the Royal Navy, The King's Shilling. Remember Doyle Lawson when he played with one of the great ensembles of the Country Gentlemen, when they had Bill Emerson on banjo, Bill Yates on Bass and original Gentleman the late Charlie Waller on guitar back in the 70s. They did a great album on the Vanguard label with solid bluegrass covers by people like Paul Simon, John Prine, Gordon Lightfoot and Kris Kristofferson.Ricky Skaggs joined them on fiddle and Mike Auldridge(later a founding member of the Seldom Scene) on dobro for this album.
  2. Sure you will always remember that. What a sweet, wonderful person she is. I was there too but just couldnt face the long lines in the sunfor autographs. But still had wonderful time.
  3. Don't feel like plowing through the whole 42 pages to see if anyone posted these before . If so, my apologies 3 by Britney Spears: "Boys", "Everytime" , and "Lucky"
  4. I went to that site and it had been changed to some anime thing called, didnt look like a place you'd see the DOH
  5. We also lost Doug Dillard who played one of the Darlings. this year.He had been involved with a group called Mayberry Values that did presentations to church and comunity groups. Loved the Dillards music, especially when they were pure bluegrass. Some of the later stuff,not so much. Although they did a fine version of the Beatles "I've Just Seen A Face" on their 4th album Wheatstraw Suite. And their fifth album Copperfields had some good selections too,especially a lovely,haunting acoustic instrumental "Sundown."And one called "West Montana Hannah"-wonder if Miley Cyrus had heard that one and got the idea for her character? Also he did great work with former Byrd Gene Clark in the Dillard and Clark Expedition. He will be missed.
  6. Latest word is that WB has backed down, and said there are no plans for removing the flag. Don't tell that the reaction from folks like us didn't change their minds. "You got to speak out, speak out against the madness"-Stephen Stills. And enough people did. What a nice birthday present for Ben Jones.
  7. Happy Birthday, Ben! And best of all, you get to celebrate it in wonderful Rappahannock
  8. Have just been on my Facebook page where Ben Jones is discussing this topic over at Cooter's Place. A must read for all Dukes fans(and for anyone else who truly believes in Freedom of Expression). Definitely go read it.
  9. Of course all the Dukes' seasons, would not dare to come here otherwise. All 6 of Xena Warrior Princess All 7 of Buffy All 8 of Charmed All 3 The Lost World(really hate that one ended) All 3 Wonder Woman(70s) All but S5 of the original Charlies Angels(only because that one not on DVD) All the Hercules"the Incredible Journey Think I have all the eps of Ramar of the Jungle,about a dozen DVDs from
  10. Ever read George Orwell's novel 1984?This what all this reminds me of,trying to rewrite history,blot events out like they never were. Ben Jones says the same thing in a spoken piece about the flag, our Confederate ancestors, and Southern history on his The Ghosts of Dixie CD. "You can't rewrite history,you can't change the past." (Highly recommend this one btw). We don't even know if someone complained to WB. Sounds like they may have may this decision because someone in a suit said the flag on one of their products was not good for their "image." Its not the General Lee without the flag. I would ask whoever made that decision one question. Exactly how is someone being HARMED by the Confederate flag on a model car? HARMED in some definable sense, not just "offended". They should be informed that this sort of thing is not acceptable in a free society.
  11. Just joined the Hazzard Net and I am a Washington Nationals fan.Grew up following the old Senators, both teams.Really hated to see the original team go to Minnesota and become the Twins as they were improving and the expansion team was always pretty bad except for big Frank Howard and then they split for Texas after the '71 season. Washington has not had postseason baseball since 1933. Cubs fans may lament, but at least Chicago has had post-season teams since then and even a World Series champ,the 2005 White Sox. Washington's only World Series championship was back in 1924, with Walter Johnson, maybe the best pitcher of all time. Like to see the Nats win it all, against the Yankees. It would be tough for me if it is Rangers/Nats as would hate to see this former DC team lose 3 in a row. I have always had a warm spot for the Twins and Rangers,both former DC teams.So happy when Minnesota won in 1987 and 1991. Glad to see the Pirates doing so well.Every time in my life when they have gone to the World Series they have given us a good one. Remember seeing tha '60 Mazeroski homer when I was a kid, the gym teacher let us kids watch it on his TV.Back in the days when the Series was played in the day, instead of after kids bedtimes like it is now. And the great Roberto Clemente starring in 1971,and Willie Stargell in 1979. If not the Nats,be fine with the Reds. Or the Dodgers. Have always admired them be being courageous , for signing Jackie Robinson. And one of my favorite actresses,Alyssa Milano(Charmed), is a fan of theirs, and has written an interesting book about her love of baseball,titled Safe At Home. The AL? A hard choice, like the Rangers but would not want to have to choose between them and the Nats in the Series.
  12. FINALLY getting around to posting about my Hazzard Homecoming adventure. I really enjoyed reading Katie's account of her wonderful time. This was my first time at a Dukes event although I had visited the Cooter's Place in Sperryville when it was open. You see, this was a homecoming for me too.I grew up in Rappahannock County in an area called Goid Brown Hollow(hence my handle here), between the towns of Washington and Sperryville. I moved back to Rappahannock at the end of June and am still busy getting re-acquainted with my roots. It is a lovely place indeed, and little changed since I was growing up there, no signs of urban blight and commercialization,no malls, no fast food franchises, etc. Where can I start to describe what a wonderful two days?What was the best thing about it? Already thinking about next year's,can't wait .Do hope there is one, please Ben. One thing I have to comment on is the people attending.What a wonderful crowd! All ages and appearances.Older people who looked like they grew up working hard at a blue collar job, young guys with tattoos and mohawks, teenage girls who looked like they might enjoy attending a Lady Gaga concert, little kids, familes, couples,bikers, people in costume, a diverse lot. And they all seemed to have one thing in common.They all seemed to be having a good time, no one looked bored. And so-well behaved for such a huge crowd. I saw no one who looked like they had been drinking, or heard any cursing or such.Katie, sorry about your bad experience in line, guess there'll always at least one jerk anywhere you go . And not knowing who Ralph Stanley was! As to Ralph Stanley it was good to see him for I am afraid we will not have many more chances. He looked very frail. But his voice still sounded the same as ever. Performing since 1946- I was not even born then, and I am no longer young! All the music was great, both days. Had never heard Stella Parton before. And Lisa Meadows with the Garage Band has a terrific voice.And getting to hear Tom and John do solo numbers, wish Catherine had done one as well. An unforgettable and moving moment was when Rev. David Clanagan gave the blessing or invocation before the Sunday gospel sing. For those who were not there and do not know, he is an African-American and a friend of Ben's. So much for the silly argument that has been made that the Dukes represent racism because of the flag on the General Lee.But I shall not go farther into that issue. I did not feel up to standing in the sun in those long lines for autographs, so maybe thats something I can hopefully do next year. The Civil War cavalry re-enactment was very interesting and so was getting a chance to talk with the members afterward. My own great-grandfather served with Company D, 7th Virginia Calvalry, and it us possible he once camped at this place. According to Ben , Stonewall Jackson's troops camped on this very spot during the campaign of the summer of 1862, when much of the action of the war took place in this part of the state, culminating in the Second Battle of Bull Run. Another pleasant surprise was when buying fries at the Amissville Volunteer Fire Department stand. one of the people there was a classmate in high school and is now the President of the fire company. Good food and reasonable as well as delicious. A nice quesidilla from another volunteer fire company's stand the first day , a cheeseburger from a local church's stand. And need to mention great weather, no storms, and none of the extreme heat we had earlier this summer. There was something here for everyone, whatever you liked the most ,Dukes-related, Whether the music, the stunts, the tons of souvenirs(wish I could have afforded to buy a lot more), the wrestling, the wonderful assortment of General Lees and other vehicles, the cavalry event, the things for kids like the water slide, whatever. We all who were there owe a great big thanks to the cast, to Ben and Alma, to the stunt people, the musicians, and anyone else involved with the show who gave so generously of their time. And to the sheriff's department who while they seemed to have few problems to face, gave us their time and cheerfully and professionally went about their duties.And they looked like they enjoyed the show.As did we all.
  13. I was so delighted to find this place, an active forum for the Dukes and their fans. My nic is for the Gid Brown Hollow in Rappahannock County, Va, where I grew up. I have recently moved back there, just in time to attend the Hazzard Homecoming, which I will say about on that board. As many of you of course, Rappahannock is where Ben Jones now lives.Fisr met him back some years ago when he was making his run for Congress from Va. Glad to be back home, glad I made it to the Homecoming.and delighted to find this site.
  14. Welcome to the HazzardNet!