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  1. Good question. All I ever head once was there was some kind of markings on the dashboard (I believe LEE1 had something). I'm not positive of this tho' and I don't know if all of the cars got any special ID#s.
  2. Hi Charger, Welcome to HNet! I moved your post to the cars and parts section since it relates to the wheels so I apologize for any confusion. I'm not versed enough on the wheels myself to answer your question but hopefully one of our HNet members is and can help ya out.
  3. KHEE! Congrats! I dunno what tickles me more, that you 1) Wrote about Boss n' Rosco or 2) You procrastinated on thinking on it much and then turned in a winning essay. That's something Brian would do! (and Brian thinks he's a bad influence around here... LOL) No pressure on typin' up that gold medal essay...
  4. Howdy bop! Welcome to HNet! Not sure on the Canadian version of DOH toys. Perhaps one of our members will see this and give you some idea. Glad you joined us!
  5. As much as Robert Culp would have liked to have been a novelist (he did try to write one once) he was not. He was an actor.
  6. I think 6pm EST is a good idea. Since we have so many folks on here who cover darn near every time zone on this planet, (and them some of us old timers who just can't stay up real late ) that should be a good time to start. And yes, poor Hoss was about banging his head against the wall over tryin' to figure your name. By the way Scoot, I still can't believe you've never heard of Robert Culp...
  7. Hey y'all, Hoss and I are in the chat room right now. We're talkin' about weather..........
  8. Nice! I like them all, really like the planet with the rings. Stare at that long enough and I realize I am but a speck in the greater scheme of things... Deep Thoughts by MaryAnne. LOL
  9. Welcome back!! Had wondered where you were at. Nice to see you back!
  10. LOL Timing is everything!

  11. You're just a good ol' girl, never meanin' no harm... :)

  12. First of all, yeeehaw that TNN is comin' back! Second, MeTV is on frequently in my house. And I even get to watch it on my lunch hour at work. LOL. Tho' as much as I like Frank Cannon if I don't get back to going for walks on my lunch hour I will LOOK like Frank Cannon before it's over with... And lastly, I'm amazed that as we sit here in 2012 with digital cable, satellite tv and all, that we can still talk of having rabbit ears for the tv... LOL
  13. We've no doubt you're not that mean of a person. However, despite what Roger said, I always favored a little arm twisting to get folks to join up. So kudos for making your friend join. LOL
  14. Just to clarify tho', we have no mirrors on the ceilings or pink champagne on ice...
  15. He's felonious...my old friend... (Where are you driving Midnight Cruiser? )
  16. I appreciate that. And I'd say we are some of the finest idiotic acting folks you'll ever meet!
  17. It's been awhile since I've settled down to read a book but some of the last books I read were some of the novels by Stephen Cannell. They read like his TV shows, great stuff!
  18. This is true and the strings would be frayed. And then Brian would have to chime in with his frayed knot joke...
  19. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I've enjoyed this thread. Khee! Yessiree, you can't find a more experienced staff on any website, anywhere. Khee!
  20. Thank you all! I had a good day today for having a birthday on a Monday. LOL In that case I am closer to my shoe size than my actual age.
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