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  1. Yes...I chose my username from the 1977-78 Dodge Monacos used in the show (for Rosco’s, Enos’, & Cletus’ patrol cars), although 1977-78 Plymouth Furys were used as well. A 1977 Dodge Monaco was also the “signature” car used by Fred Dryer in the cop show Hunter, which I’m also a fan of & am a member of a fan-site for it. So, I’ve used ‘Monaco’ as part of a username before, too.
  2. Yeah, I’m not wild about the Dukes fighting amongst themselves, either. I realize it happens in most families at one time or another...but I was always glad when they worked it out and moved onto another episode where the Dukes were fighting bad-guys from outside Hazzard, together.
  3. I love every episode, too (except for the alien one ). I liked Boy’s Best Friend, and the majority of the episode I enjoyed. It was just the bad voice-dubbing that I found strange.
  4. Cartoon characters can sometimes be voiced by different people/sexes/ages, etc...as they’re fake & often supposedly humorous characters to begin with. But, when it comes to real life and a real-person episode of something, if you’re going to dub someone’s voice you’d hope it’d sound halfway realistic. But, the voice they used for Boy’s Best Friend was weird & creepy...like an old lady trying to sound like a child/little boy.
  5. True...but the voice used for a cartoon character worked for that. The voice used for Danny Cooksey’s character in the “Dukes” episode did not!
  6. Possibly...but either way, I still don’t understand why they dubbed Danny Cooksey’s voice with the weird one they did? It sounds creepy...like it’s an adult trying to do a little girl’s voice, but they use it for a little boy. It does not come across believable or “right”. I’ve seen/heard Danny in many other things back then, and he didn’t have a “bad” or unusable voice, so not sure why the dubbing was done?
  7. Adding a side-note: this episode also guest-starred Richard Bull (‘Nels Oleson’ from Little House On the Prairie)...and he’s not the loveable Nels in this!
  8. Recently got the complete series of the crime/detective show Mannix, starring Mike Connors. It was on from 1967-1975 (same years/seasons as Ironside, which ironically I just got done watching, as well). I’ve never seen Mannix until now, so I’m enjoying watching it for the first time! But, watching a late first season episode from spring of 1968 (“Delayed Action”), and Peggy Rea (‘Lulu Hogg’) is guest-starring! Here’s a scene-clip I found online:
  9. They referred to it as Hazzard Cab Co. in the episode, I believe...but the decal on the side says Tisdale Cab Co. I’ve never really noticed that before.
  10. True, but it’s fun recognizing it...Hazzard or not. And we can always appreciate & enjoy it being showcased in almost every episode of DOH!
  11. I love & have Charlie’s Angels, Dallas, and A-Team, too—as well as Wonder Woman, that I discovered the Hazzard square in an episode, lol! I wonder how many other TV shows have used the square over the years?
  12. Awesome trivia! I did know about Carter being in the 05 movie (although I haven’t seen it & don’t want to), but didn’t realize the premiere dates of the two episodes were the same!
  13. Awesome...I thought I recognized the courthouse, gazebo, and even a couple of the store buildings around the square! “W.W.” was also filmed at Warner Bros Studios, so it wasn’t too big a leap to think the same square could have been used in both. That’s hilarious about the woman you knew also named Linda Carter (with an ‘i’)...bet she got teased about the name a lot (although actress Lynda is obviously with a ‘y’), especially back in the W.W. days! Lynda Carter still has one of her W.W. suits/costumes, and according to her can still fit into it!
  14. This possibly might have been stated before if it’s true, but I think a 1979 episode of Wonder Woman (season 3’s “The Starships Are Coming”) used the ‘Hazzard Square’ (Warner Bros. set...not the real-life Georgia location) as a small town Diana Prince/W.W. has to go to, to investigate UFO sightings/abductions. FYI...this comment has nothing to do with the town square, but if you happen to watch this episode, it’s pretty bad...Lynda Carter was amazing as Wonder Woman (and other episodes are WAY better), but the plot of this one is beyond stupid! Anyway, the square looks like the Haz
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