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  1. Good to hear from you too, @RogerDuke! I really wish “Dukes” would be released in Blu-ray format...it would be so awesome for picture, color, and sound quality! But, I’m grateful for the DVDs.
  2. Watching this episode again right now...this time on Blu-ray, as before was a DVD. I recently acquired the new/newer Blu-ray set of the original “M.I.” TV show...and I have to say I am mesmerized by the quality of Blu-ray, even compared to DVD—especially with older shows & movies! I’ve done this with Miami Vice and Charlie’s Angels too, and I’ve not been disappointed. I plan to get the Blu-ray sets of Knight Rider and Magnum p.i. soon, as well. Now...what we need is a complete series Blu-ray set of Dukes of Hazzard!!! It’s still fun and cool seeing Sorrell Booke play such a different character...amazing actor!
  3. Yeah, I can’t remember exactly where I watched the interview with John Schneider and Tom Wopat...it might have been YouTube, or one of the older interviews as bonus features on one of the season DVD sets, or somewhere else online? I just remember them laughing about how they grabbed one of the General Lees (when they weren’t supposed to) and took off on a joyride through the rural filming location...which was also used some for “Little House”. They specifically mentioned the blind school, and that they somehow damaged part of the exterior of the building used for that. It could very well have been the Lake Sherwood location.
  4. Saw this on my Google feed earlier...found it rather hilarious! Hope the link works! https://www.fresnobee.com/news/nation-world/national/article260638232.html
  5. I’ve heard in interviews with the ‘Duke Boys’ before, that some of the rural scenes were out where Little House On the Prairie filmed as well...and one time when they secretly took one of the Generals for a wild joyride through the area, they accidentally got too close and damaged something on the house used as the house for the blind on “Little House”. Needless to say, producers for both shows weren’t pleased, lol!
  6. True...only the exterior of the building was used in “Rebel”. I’m sure it was probably modified over the years for different shows/movies. There was over 20 years between “Rebel” and “Dukes”. But, when watching the movie I thought I recognized it. But I wanted to know for sure, so I looked it up online. The interiors for “Dukes” I’m sure were soundstages set up somewhere else on the lot. I’m not sure if those were the actual interiors of that building? But maybe they were...
  7. This may have been mentioned before in the past...but, if you ever watch the classic coming-of-age/juvenile delinquent drama Rebel Without a Cause (1955) with James Dean & Natalie Wood, part’s of that were filmed on the Warner Bros lot as well. The police station in that movie, is the court house/police station in “Dukes”.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all Dukes fans!
  9. In Night of the Living Dead, I always assumed the cemetery zombie towards the beginning was just one that had popped out of his grave & was part of the beginning of the whole “zombie apocalypse”. So...where did he/it come from?
  10. I love Halloween and Christmas, too! I also love and have the 1999 film Sleepy Hollow, with Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci—superb movie! I watch it every October!
  11. Me neither. I just love this picture! Thanks for posting it MMan. We went another year without getting a single trick or treater. We just live too far out in the sticks I guess. Our grandkids spent the night Friday so we did give some candy away. No problem—I loved the pic & had to share it! I helped take my nieces & nephew around to trick-or-treat at a few houses...but they were people we knew & agreed to have some kids come by.
  12. It wasn’t as big of an event this year as it usually is...some areas still had trick-or-treaters but no where near as many as usual. I liked the idea of the 01 on the pumpkin, too...kinda cool!
  13. Happy Halloween, from the Dukes and Hazzard County, Georgia! Looks like Uncle Jesse has cooked up a batch of his special pumpkin shine.
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