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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all Dukes fans!
  2. In Night of the Living Dead, I always assumed the cemetery zombie towards the beginning was just one that had popped out of his grave & was part of the beginning of the whole “zombie apocalypse”. So...where did he/it come from?
  3. I love Halloween and Christmas, too! I also love and have the 1999 film Sleepy Hollow, with Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci—superb movie! I watch it every October!
  4. Me neither. I just love this picture! Thanks for posting it MMan. We went another year without getting a single trick or treater. We just live too far out in the sticks I guess. Our grandkids spent the night Friday so we did give some candy away. No problem—I loved the pic & had to share it! I helped take my nieces & nephew around to trick-or-treat at a few houses...but they were people we knew & agreed to have some kids come by.
  5. It wasn’t as big of an event this year as it usually is...some areas still had trick-or-treaters but no where near as many as usual. I liked the idea of the 01 on the pumpkin, too...kinda cool!
  6. Happy Halloween, from the Dukes and Hazzard County, Georgia! Looks like Uncle Jesse has cooked up a batch of his special pumpkin shine.
  7. Yes...I chose my username from the 1977-78 Dodge Monacos used in the show (for Rosco’s, Enos’, & Cletus’ patrol cars), although 1977-78 Plymouth Furys were used as well. A 1977 Dodge Monaco was also the “signature” car used by Fred Dryer in the cop show Hunter, which I’m also a fan of & am a member of a fan-site for it. So, I’ve used ‘Monaco’ as part of a username before, too.
  8. Yeah, I’m not wild about the Dukes fighting amongst themselves, either. I realize it happens in most families at one time or another...but I was always glad when they worked it out and moved onto another episode where the Dukes were fighting bad-guys from outside Hazzard, together.
  9. I love every episode, too (except for the alien one ). I liked Boy’s Best Friend, and the majority of the episode I enjoyed. It was just the bad voice-dubbing that I found strange.
  10. Cartoon characters can sometimes be voiced by different people/sexes/ages, etc...as they’re fake & often supposedly humorous characters to begin with. But, when it comes to real life and a real-person episode of something, if you’re going to dub someone’s voice you’d hope it’d sound halfway realistic. But, the voice they used for Boy’s Best Friend was weird & creepy...like an old lady trying to sound like a child/little boy.
  11. True...but the voice used for a cartoon character worked for that. The voice used for Danny Cooksey’s character in the “Dukes” episode did not!
  12. Possibly...but either way, I still don’t understand why they dubbed Danny Cooksey’s voice with the weird one they did? It sounds creepy...like it’s an adult trying to do a little girl’s voice, but they use it for a little boy. It does not come across believable or “right”. I’ve seen/heard Danny in many other things back then, and he didn’t have a “bad” or unusable voice, so not sure why the dubbing was done?
  13. Adding a side-note: this episode also guest-starred Richard Bull (‘Nels Oleson’ from Little House On the Prairie)...and he’s not the loveable Nels in this!
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