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  1. can anyone tell me how you get a avatar. i have tried many of times but i still have not been able to. thanks for all replies!!!
  2. thanks for the reply lotsheep22. but i have decided that i don't need that photo. thanks anyway!!
  3. i was wondering in the first few episodes of the dukes i think that enos is kinda cute. anyone agree?
  4. thanks for the reply kate25! it is very much appreciated!
  5. I know that in season 2 on the ep The Runaway Daisy gets her Dixie Jeep. But on one of the eps on season 3 daisy has her Yellow Car again. Does anyone know why?
  6. The brown haired girls name was Tinker Churchill. (Bo's G\F)
  7. I was wondering if anyone had a picture of Bo and Tink in the episode Mason Dixons Girls. Thanks for all reply's!
  8. As for me it is: 1- Bo duke 2- Daisy Duke 3- Luke Duke 4- Enos Strait 5- Uncle Jesse
  9. I agree Daisy Duke Rox Bo is the absolute BEST!!!!!
  10. I have always liked Bo much better. Luke is cute but not near as sexy as Bo. I agree with you 100% DixieRose_00!
  11. I agree with you DixieRose_00 Bo is by far more sexier than Luke!
  12. Donna Fargo and Buck Owens was also on one ep
  13. It said i was Daisy (thats good)! It said only 15% of the people who took the quiz got the same results. AWESOME!
  14. My favorite Bo quote is: Bo: "I swear Luke if women were birds you'd date a buzzard! Luke: "You'd date a crane NO MEAT!" I think that is from the ep. One Armed Bandits.
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