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  1. I decided I might as well poke my head in and wish everyone a happy holiday season. Life has been crazy for the past year and a half to two years. What's everyone thankful for this holiday season? Heres mine: A little over a year ago, I had a major change which surprised me. About 5 or 6 years ago, my mom told me one of hers and her now fiance's friends was interested in me. I didn't believe her and made up a few excuses about why I wasn't interested (I was actually interested but didn't believe her. My self esteem wasn't the best among other reasons). I
  2. I decided to pop my head in to see what was up after an absence of almost a year and a half (oops!), and with my hotspot out of data and no other Wi-Fi, I had to log in using my Android Phone. I noticed a little issue, and am not sure if it was the site or my phone, but I had a very difficult time finding the login page. I had to bounce between a few non-board/non-thread pages to get to it as the drop down wasn't working on many of them. Strange, I know. CG
  3. I still hang out with Lori too all the time... and I bumped into another user who fell off the radar too but haven't heard from her recently. I'm not at liberty to discuss who, but she wasn't around for all that long. Let's just say she ran into a few problems that no one should have to go through. I never wrote with her, but she did a good job. Hilarous thing was, K and I were using some of the same media, and I'd seen her posts in passing, but hadn't realized it was her. Translation: Some how, there's several of us who ended all ended up in the same fandom that is something other t
  4. Been kinda lurking, but I'm here too... sorta... was wondering what ever happened to ya. Cosmotology eh? I hear it's not too bad a field. I've known a few people in it. It's a field of creativity.
  5. Mufn, I found a page that has no content on it that should have media for downloads... well, there's stuff saying that there should be something on there by crediting someone, but there's no links and no media. The page is otherwise pretty much blank outside the headers and sponsors and stuff. http://www.hazzardnet.com/fun-stuff/dukes-of-hazzard-downloads/ Just letting ya know. :-)
  6. Had a feeling something like this was happening when after a few days of absence, I couldn't log in to check anything. Actually, I couldn't even bring the site up on the 8th. Doesn't look too shabby Mufn. I'm not seeing any errors, aside from the previously mentioned one with the dashboard or user control panel or whatever you want to call it now a days that I haven't checked on recently. Actually Roger, if memory serves right, Mufn has literally been at this for 20 years, give or take a few months... nothing nearly about it. I think. I think the original fandom website, started by M
  7. Not going to disagree, Roger... The fishtailing is a lot of fun to watch... not so much when you end up doing it when you're on pavement when you slam on the brakes to avoid a deer and almost hit the guardrail instead - no damage thank God. Thought my mom was gonna kill me when I told her I had a near accident - her brakes locked up on me when i slammed them on. My car needs brake work done to it so they will not lock like that. There may be some minor bubbles in my brake lines - the car stops and stops well, but the brakes will not lock even though they don't have ABS. My brother drove m
  8. It's more exciting than NASCAR in my opinion, that's for sure, and I think that might have been part of what interested me in the Dukes in the first place - the dirt track racing that was portrayed, but it was portrayed in a way that it sucked a dirt track fan in, even if they only really liked the in person races.
  9. Don't remember which episode - but I'll give it to you - it was, if my memory serves right although this could have been drudged up by fans due to one of their, as Boss put it, Beauty cars - a 440 magnum. It was the only 440 made for that model year. In the big screen one was a Hemi.
  10. Noticing the whole retirement of Jeff Gordon last night got me to thinking... I've never been into NASCAR racing. I've never cared for it. Now that isn't to say that I don't like racing. No, what I grew up with and prefer instead was more akin to Hazzard's answer to racing - the Dirt Tracks. I grew up watching what I believe are referred to as Sprint Cars, racing the mud tracks - in person. I don't care for it on the TV - has to have that authenticity that comes with being there in person with the sounds and the smell of the exhaust and.. *sigh*. I grew up watching stock cars on mud
  11. Yeah, I read that a little while ago. heh, kinda reminds me of the Dukes/Law Rivalry. Different sides, but always willing to help each other out when it came down to it... well, the Dukes were anyway... and Enos... and Cletus... Sometimes Rosco... humm... I may not watch NASCAR - always preferred the dirt track racing and mud bogs for some reason, don't ask me why (heckuva lot of fun to watch in person at our local tracks) but i have always gotten that good ol' boy vibe from about 95% or more of the racers - displayed by Gordon by filling in for old Rival's son (who was also one of h
  12. Alright, this is embarrassing but... I honestly just discovered tonight that Jeff Gordon retired going on two years ago. I discovered it because of a 24 car poster at Little Caesar's of all places... and that car poster had some guy that was not Gordon on it.. I had to do a double take. It was like... when and how did this happen? I honestly admit, I don't follow or watch NASCAR... but with as many old friends as I have who were complete Jeff Gordon nuts... How in the heck did I miss this? I also admit, one of my favorite Country Music Videos of all time features Jeff Gord
  13. I am mostly in agreement with Mufn, so here's my advice as the status of fandoms and fan creations with the production companies are changing: I would consult with Warner Brothers before starting on anything on such a game because they own the licensing rights to the Dukes of Hazzard, but, the only reason I really see them shooting the entire thing down at this point in time is the confederate flag - if you consult them and go through proper channels which would in effect eliminate the licensing issues if they give you permission. Here's my reasoning - I've been hanging out in the Superna
  14. April 1st. Hazzard didn't celebrate April Fool's Day - they Celebrated Empowering Women - aka Sadie Hogg Day. Sorry, this one caught my eye and yesterday being April 1st... For which Episode Bo and Luke coached basketball: The Boars Nest Bears. Alright, here's one of my own (could start a debate however). What type of stock car engine did the General Lee reportedly have, and what size was it? I'll give you a hint: The one in the Big Screen Movies was NOT the same one mentioned in the series, and I'm not talkin' about the one from the movies for this trivia question. Bonus:
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