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  1. HossC


    Silva is asking why Bo and Daisy's outfits never appeared in the show. My guess is that like the picture of the General Lee that you posted earlier, this was an early publicity photo before the final costumes were decided. Bo and Luke had a couple of different outfits in the Georgia episodes. La mia ipotesi è che, come l'immagine del General Lee che hai postato in precedenza, questa fosse una delle prime foto pubblicitarie prima che i costumi finali fossero decisi. Bo e Luke avevano un paio di abiti diversi negli episodi della Georgia.
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  2. HossC


    This was probably an early publicity photo, and maybe they hadn't decided to say that the doors were welded shut. You'll see that there's also no number on the door. Questa era probabilmente una delle prime foto pubblicitarie e forse non avevano deciso di dire che le porte erano saldate. Vedrai che non c'è nemmeno un numero sulla porta.
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  3. HossC


    The above question is: Hello everyone but why is General Lee's door open?
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